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Mark Reed


Mark Reed, is a Congressional candidate challenging incumbent Congressman Brad Sherman in the 30th Congressional District of California.  Mark is endorsed by over a hundred national, state and local elected officials and leaders. As a Native Californian, Mark truly cares about what happens to Californians, both locally, statewide and nationally.  He was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from El Camino Real High School in 1975. Mark believes in a strong education so he went on to study Architectural Drafting at Pierce Jr. College. After graduating, Mark married his childhood sweetheart, Nina. He is a dedicated family man with three adult children and 10 beautiful grandchildren.

Mark is also a successful actor, small businessman and rancher who has worked in Business Management his whole career. Mark bought his first company at age 26 and then opened a small retail store. He sold both and bought out his second company at age 32. Mark has sat on the Board of Directors of several companies, chaired many National Committees and served on the Board of Directors of the CAB at KCET. Because of Mark’s Native American heritage, he was elected as the National Representative for American Indians, dealing with the national issues concerning Indians in Media and diversity contracts with the Entertainment Industry Networks and Studios. More than anything, Mark is passionate about his state and about his country.  He has testified several times about vertical integration and consolidation of our media to the Federal Communications Commission.

Mark says; “These actions by media is destroying our ability to receive un-bias reporting of what is happening today in our country.” Along with that, Mark has been actively involved in the Veterans’ efforts to save the VA Sepulveda and West Los Angeles Medical Centers from encroachment by private sector developers (profit and non-profit) and Mark believes that Veteran’s should always come first and the land VA Hospitals sit on is sacred. Mark Reed believes in small government that is truly in tune with the citizens he represents and wholeheartedly feels those who are in government now are no longer in touch with the “everyday Joe”.  Mark Reed is the change California needs.

Ted Durden


Ted Durden was born and raised in North Carolina and moved to Southern California in 1978. He is the youngest of six siblings and father to five. He has been working in the realm of workers’ compensation for the last 27 years, having represented injured workers, employers/insurance carriers, and most recently medical providers.  Ted is a registered Democrat with a decidedly conservative tilt. While he considers himself party faithful, he is not policy loyal, often disagreeing with his more liberal peers on how much influence the federal government should have on our daily lives. He does not believe it is the responsibility of the federal government to solve all of our ills.

Ted also believes that regardless of the political affiliation of the person who sits in the seat of power of the White House, one should pray for his or her success, because at the end of the day, She/he is OUR president. He is also a firm believer in personal responsibility and believes a man or woman’s future is crafted by his or her hands and should be the result of hard work, not handouts. Ted believes in civil and respectful discourse with political opponents, especially in areas of disagreement. He does not believe in the politics of fear, divisiveness, or class. With Steve’s support, Ted started the Voice of Reason, a podcast aimed at bringing subject matters to an ever-widening listening audience that are interesting, thought provoking, provocative, and political. Since the inception of the Voice of Reason, Ted has now been joined by Mark Reed, a politically savvy Republican candidate who has brought his own view of politics to the table.

Show Description: 

A Democrat from the south and a  Republican from the west get together each week to talk about the issues that affect us Americans.

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October 2020


September 2020


August 2020


Tonight on The Voice of Reason a return interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr to discuss Covid-19, Vaccines and the corruption behind it all.

Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden once again have a civil conversation about the issues of the day. We discuss the DNC Convention and the general election this November.


Tonight on The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat we interview Eric S. Taylor owner, founder and CEO of Republic Salons with over 2200 hairstylist in four different states. Eric is with us to discuss the issues facing the industry and how the decisions of our current political leadership is destroying and industry along with so many people trying to make a living.

On the second half of the sho we have returning my good friend Consul General Dr. Hillel Newman of Israel. A historic “ Abraham accord“ peace treat was signed between Israel and UAE, the first peace treaty in just over 25 years of which Dr. Newman helped in the process. We discussed many of the ripple effects of this accord.


July 2020


June 2020


May 2020


Tonight on The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat discuss the issues of the day. We discuss my opponents absence from the district since January. 


We are honored to have  Gordon Chang with us tonight. Tonight we discuss the Communist Party of China’s real global ambitions and what they are doing. He is a Chinese American columnist, blogger, television pundit, author and a lawyer. His books include; The Great US-China Teck War, Losing South Korea, Nuclear Showdown, and The Coming Collapse of The Chinese Economy.

April 2020


Tonight on The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat we have our returning guest Dr. Wen Chen, Biologist, and information scientist on genomics and biological research. Dr. Chen is a public speaker on Chinese Culture, History and Human Rights. We talk about the Masanjia Labor Camp, Torture Methods, and the famous “Letter from Masanjia” written by labor camp prisoner Sun Yi. 

But first Ted and I have a spirited conversation about Covid-19, the continued government shutdown of the economy, politics, my opponent, Joe Biden and more.


Tonight on The Voice of Reason Mark Reed and Ted Durden interview Rosemary Gibson, a national expert on pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare delivery systems. Rosemary is the author of China RX. Mark, through his past interview with Rosemary exposed China’s domination of generic drug manufacturing and China’s control of over 85% of all active ingredients of all generic drugs manufactured worldwide. Mark also exposed America’s dependence on medical supplies manufactured by China.

Rosemary returns to add the pandemic layer to the mix. What are we looking at? What’s the impact? We don’t even make penicillin anymore in this country, do we? Let’s talk about critical drugs to treat people hospitalized with coronavirus does China make some or most of these key chemicals? In her book she predicted “China RX” that if there is a global pandemic and China decides to block the exports of the medicines and supplies, we will be competing with other countries…are we seeing that? What lessons should we take away from this? Is there any appetite for this country to get back to making critical drugs?


Once again we have Dr. Wen Chen, is an information scientist on genomics and biological research. Dr. Chen an expert lecture on the Chinese communist government is here with us to talk about the COVID-19 virus, the Communist Party of China and the human rights violations. We also discussed the cover up Of the COVID-19 virus and the Belt and Road initiative of China for world domination of supply chains. 


March 2020


Reason Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat have a frank conversation about about the Families First stimulus package that was just passed, totaling $2.2 trillion. How this bill focuses on so many things that have nothing to do with the needed help for workers, families and businesses that have been damaged by the government shutdown of our economy. Some of the things will simply shock you and traditional press has not mentioned anything about it.


Tonight on The Voice of Reason we have an exclusive interview with Dr. Wen Chen about China’s Censorship of the Covid-19. We will discuss how the last three pandemic viruses originated in China.


Tonight our guest is the founder of a Libertarian think tank here in California. Avneet Singh did his Masters from University of Oxford, and has more than 15 years experience writing in various domains. He has managed projects and relationships for large publicly listed companies.


Tonight we discuss the new voting systems and the appearance of voter suppression in Los Angeles County. We discuss the democrat presidential candidates and other issues, local and national.

February 2020


Tonight on The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat we air our second episode of The Real Deal, Our Southern Border.
We interviewed Tim Foley, founder of the Arizona Border Recon. An organization that helps gather needed intelligence for the CBP. It’s a fascinating interview the reveals truths you will not hear on the networks or cable news shows.


Tonight on The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat we talked about a wide variety of issues with getting into an argument. Our scheduled taped interview with Tim Foley the founder of Arizona Border Recon had technical difficulties so we will be airing that episode next week. Enjoy this weeks show, we sure did.


January 2020


We talk about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Impeachment.
The most important person you vote for on the ballot is our judges yet they are the least known and receive the fewest votes but have the most influence on our daily lives.

Tonight we have Troy Slaten running for Superior Court judge seat number #145. We discuss the many issues facing our communities and how he will address them.


Tonight we talk about the entitlement mentality and we discuss the impeachment of President Trump.

We have a special guest, Lucie Volotzky Candidate for State Assembly, 38th District.


On The Voice of Reason tonight candidate Mike Garcia of the 25th Congressional District will discuss his plans for the district and answer questions from a Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat 


Tonight we have Rosemary Gibson a National expert on pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare delivery systems. Rosemary is the author of China RX a must read that will open your eyes to the National Security threats that China poses to America.

December 2019


This weeks show is on the lighter side of topics in respect to Christmas. Join us in January our guest include Rosemary Gibson, China RX — Mike Garcia — George Papadopoulos—Congressman Steve Knight.


Opening monologue followed by a discussion with Sandee Everett and Victoria Estrada school board trustees. Topic of discussion with disturbing graphics, the new Sex, Health, HIV prevention and Gender Assignment curriculum in our public schools.


Tonight’s subjects; Civility in politics, Impeachment, The Gang of 14, Study shows you have to earn $204,855 to be happy in Los Angeles, Study shows 660 companies moving facilities out of California many moving to Texas, The CBP seizes thousands of fake ID’s from China headed to New York. #WeAreCD30

November 2019


On The Voice of Reason Mark Reed has an exclusive interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr, on the eve of the 56 solemn anniversary of his Uncle’s assassination John F Kennedy. We will be covering a few subjects tonight.


The Voice of Reason,with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden talking about this issues of the day. Our goal is to find the common bridges that lead to the right solutions to the problems we face as a nation and as a community. #WeAreCD30

We have Matt Pakucko here founder of Save Porter Ranch to discus the Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout.


The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat talking about the political issues of the day. Having a civil conversation about political subjects finding the things we have in common that would result in solutions to the problems we face as a nation and as a community.

Tonight we have the famous Daniel DiCriscio in studio who went through the Clinton impeachment ordeal. Daniel was the hair dresser for Paula Jones and became her spokesperson. His resume is long and successful. Tonight we get Daniel’s perspectives on the political issues of today, the impeachment of President Trump and many others. #WeAreCD30

October 2019


The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat discussing the issues of the day. We cover Jeffrey Epstein, the Democrat candidates for president, can a woman be a president, white privilege, the Syrian Kurd issues and several more.

Our special guest Karen Gonzalez joined us to talk about domestic violence and her organization. #WeAreCD30


Tonight we have two fantastic quests on The Voice of Reason. With Mark Reed and Ted Durden.

Our first guest is Bruce Bialosky, a Beverly Hills CPA and columnist talking about the issues in California. We touched upon business, gas tax and property taxes. There are 41 States with lower property taxes and California wants to raise them once again.

Our next guest is Robert Alleva who fought with the YPG and SDF in Syria. We discussed President Trump’s withdrawal, the Kurds and the population there. A very fascinating conversation.


We were honored to have the Consul General Dr. Hillel Newman of Israel on The Voice of Reason.
We discussed all things Middle East, Israel, Anti Semitic rhetoric. It was a fascinating conversation.


Tonight The Voice of Reason will discuss the impeachment Ukraine scandal and the press coverage.

We have two special guest Nancy Hernandez and Kelly Browne, two moms who have suffered along with their children the fall out from the Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout.

The Voice of Reason hosted by Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat tackling the political subjects of the week with civil conversation. Something that is missing in politics today.

September 2019


Tonight on The Voice of Reason we first talk about the new Ukraine whistleblower scandal. Is it real or is it truly another hoax?

Our special guest tonight is Jack Humphreville a City of Los Angeles Budget advocate, regular contributor to City Watch about the City’s budget policies and goals and DWP. We cover a variety of budget issues in Los Angeles.

The Voice of Reason is hosted by Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat. We embark on political conversation in a civil manner finding the commonality of the hard political subjects.


Join us for an informative show dedicated to the Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout. Our special guest Dr. Jeffery Nordella will be discussing the short term and long term health issues created by the Blowout and there is a lot of confirmed issues.

The Voice of Reason is a show dedicated to civil conversation about the political issues of the day between Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat. The kind of conversation missing in today’s political arena.


Tonight Ted and I will be speaking with two special guest about the hyper-sexualization of our children in and out of our schools.


Great interview with my friend Councilman John Lee of CD12. Representing the North West San Fernando Valley.

Another great example of The Voice of Reason with Mark Reed a West Coast Republican and Ted Durden a Southern Democrat talking about the hard political topics without getting into a battle.

Councilman John Lee answers the tough questions on homelessness, partisan political positions, state politics and Aliso Canyon. Along with mental health care and drug rehabilitation. Councilman Lee came across as a sincere, intelligent, knowledgeable and caring city councilman.
Thank you Councilman John Lee.

August 2019


Topics; Breaking news about new VA benefits; Rep. Omar’s affair with a married man, CHP overtime scandal, Kirsten Gillibrand leaves the race for president, commenting on institutional racism.


Topics of this show include Patrick Bayne stepping down from his company OverStock because of political espionage, San Francisco going over board on PC names for criminals, Democrats threatens the Supreme Court, Congress wants to take actions against Israel for banning Rep Omar and Tlaib and several other topics.


Subjects tonight; Republican John Lee wins CD12, The squad is rejected by Israel, California Anti Semitic curriculum, the Senate threatens the Supreme Court, Epstein’s death. and a Texas Congressman uses intimidation tactics.


The Voice of Reason, Ted Durden and Mark Reed talk about the mass shootings and many other subjects. Tune in every Thursday at 7pm to listen to a Southern Democrat and a West Coast Republican talk about the issues facing our communities and Nation without the partisan ranker.


We discuss the Los Angeles City Council race in the West San Fernando Valley CD12. We also discussed President Trump’s tweets and public statements.

July 2019


We have special guest Lachlan Westfall a self proclaimed Liberal to discuss a variety of topics, minimum wage, immigration, border security and other hot topics.


We have special guest Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan to discuss many topics including President Trump.


We have a lively discussion on Racism in America and the political weaponizing of Racism.