90 Day Soulmate

Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick


Lisett Guevara holds a doctorate in education, masters in industrial engineering, and bachelors in information engineering.  She has run her own business consulting with fortune 500 companies on quality management systems for the last 20 years.  Lisett helps people see what they can be and facilitates the process to get there. 

Jim Gulnick holds a bachelors of science in electrical engineering, masters of business administration, and doctorate level research and education in industrial and organizational psychology.  He acquires new products and processes, finds the right people, and helps new teams achieve high performance.  

Together they have written numerous books on relationships, business, employee development, and more:

  • 90 Day Soulmate - The process to meet your soulmate in 90 days
  • 90 Day Challenge - 90 day business plan in a book
  • Write Now! - How to publish your book in 90 days
  • E6 Excellence - How to coach and consult employees
  • Serving Clients and Community through International Standards 
  • While Victoria Dreams - The novella sequel to 90 Day Soulmate 

Co-hosts, co-authors, and husband and wife, they have been interviewed and featured in media from Miami to Dallas, London to LA, and Puerto Rico to NYC.  They have helped numerous businesses, individuals, and couples over the last 20 years. 

Show Time: 
Sunday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
Show Description: 

90 Day Soulmate

"The relationship engineers" 

with your hosts, Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick

The show where engineering and psychology meet business and education.

Build better relationships, develop greater understanding, and have some fun. Cut through the emotions and get to the science.  Why do we do what we do and how do we change our outcomes? From current news and studies, to old theories and research, all options are on the table.

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September 2023

Law of Creation * Attraction: create the mission plan * Awareness: recognize opportunity * Action: move with confidence * Automate your subconscious for effortless attainment
Total Quality Relationship (TQR) - E6 * Expectations * Equipping for success * Evaluate key process indicators * Emotional Intelligence and traits * Educate and grow stronger * Engage and Enjoy
The Parent Factor * Our parents, families, and guardians create our being * Human actions are a symptom of programming * Understanding the programming helps communication * Decode and fix trigger points

August 2023

Language Quotient (LQ) * How language makes you smarter * Reading and writing is not natural * Increase your abstract abilities * Better brain function and health
Got Confidence? * Develop self-confidence * Specific vs. general * Genetic and learned * Drama, music, and movement * Unshakable transferable skills
Reasons not to Cheat * Loss of benefits of relationship * High conscientiousness * Costs of cheating * Fear of addiction
How to Get EQ * Recognize the emotion of yourself * Recognize the emotion of others * Understand the situation * Stop the Amygdala Hijack * Logically manage the events and emotions for a positive outcome

July 2023

Vacation Pros and Cons * Catalyst for passion and conflict * Form deep long term bond * Live longer, look hotter, smell better * New experiences create new knowledge
Codependency Rescue Regret * Rescue, reward, resent, regret * Archetypes of codependency * Addicted to rescuing others * How to break the addiction
Archetypes in Relationships * Persona - the masks we wear * Shadow - unconscious desires * The 12 types and their traits * Who you are and who you date
Relationship Development Plans A proven quality process * Relationship analysis * Plan development * Measuring milestones * Improvements and corrective actions
First Meeting Faking * Dating and Interview similarities * Faking types and which are okay * Fraudulent fakers and the dangers * The lies liars lie and why

June 2023

The Secret Impact of Gratefulness * Increased well-being * Reduce anxiety in depression * Positive relationships and communication * Increase speed of healing * Growth of gratefulness colored glasses
The Id and Ego in Relation * How the EGO protects us * The ID and its dark past * SUPEREGO and following the rules * Use your EGO to reprogram thoughts and behavior
Mind Hacks for Self-Coding Challenges of the Mind * Approach and not Avoid * Analyze and take action * Take incremental steps * Set achievable goals
Keeping Healthy Relationships * Self-analysis and confidence * Situational moderated behavior * A maintenance plan for well-being

May 2023

Human Success Measures Differing Success Measures... * Long, healthy life * Social connection and friendships * Financial and daily freedom * Passion for life and vigor * Religious and cultural focus
How to Master Anything * Have a reason * Effort beats genius * 10,000 hours of practice * Break up into small goals * Passive and active with wide variety
Nature vs. Nurture *The Mozart Effect * Stimulation threshold * Your DNA vs your environment * Anyone can become a genius * Neuroplasticity and learning

April 2023

10 Commandments of Communication - for better relationship centered communication * Thou shall have no other relationship before this one * Honor thy father and mother * Do not bear false witness against your partner * And many more...
24 Compatibility Dimensions * Activities and emotions * Super-cooperative and altruistic * Romantic vs. Obsessive love
Relationship Power * Coercive - Manipulation, Overt and Covert * Utilitarian - Transactional, Momentary Value Based * Principled - Empathic Love, Long Lasting Consistency
Fight or Flight * Relationships in the balance * Choosing flight plans * Chemical and emotional paths to infidelity * Fighting for the relationship
What we can learn from Divorce * How commitment and communication impact the relationship * Why divorce is infectious * Fifty shades of breakup * How to stay together from the start

March 2023

Relationship Negotiation * Clear goals and objectives * Leave emotions out of discussion * 6 ways to persuade positively * Work at best case outcome together
Birds of Feather * How to avoid toxic people * Matching wings fly well together * Unique talons support goals * Too invested to make a change?

February 2023

Rescue Addiction * Difference between enabling or helping * Alcohol and cannabis both may lead to addiction * Well-being and happiness associated with success of recovery attempts * Are you addicted to rescuing others?
Unattractive Action * Things that bother us * Average is attractive and for good reason * Mate selection confusion
Emotions change how we perceive reality * Don't make decisions when under emotional duress * Happy is as dangerous as fearful when it comes to decision making * Strive for emotional intelligence

January 2023

Real compatibility * Family and Friends force true behavior * Social interactions provide emotional and personality clues * Values and beliefs, and family and friends reveal true match
Finding the Wrong Match
Kamikaze Practice * The big 5 personality mismatches * How to take a relationship down * Why communication breaks down * Is there hope?
Mirrors, misrepresentations, and illusions of relationships and how to avoid them.
Radio interview that started our on air pathway, 10 year anniversary!

December 2022

Understanding - Love * Evolution, revolution, individualism * Differences make the world go round * Survival of those with the same goal * Keep your enemies closer * Seek first to understand
In Love, How do I know? * Is it lust, attraction, or attachment? * Can you make good decisions while in love? * The chemicals ruling our love lives... * The evolutionary theory of love
Go back to your Ex * Only 15% are successful although 40-50% have tried * Relationship quality the 2nd time * Secrets to the best chance of success * Why humans mate long-term
Are you a reactor, thinker, observer, or coder when it comes to how you react in certain situations? Learn how to have better outcomes by becoming a coder in programming of your behavioral patterns.

November 2022

Travel and Benefits How travel can impact relationships and open new avenues to explore: * Portability and flexibility - ways to stretch your mind and spirit * How to expand horizons and help establish relationship goals * Why exposure to culture, language, and differences in beliefs/traditions can increase your brain power * A method to build communication and relationships with others.
Toxic Manipulation * Natural selection, Nature vs. nurture, Evolutionary psychology * Victim and perpetrator role * Can it be recognized? * Better connections can lead to reduction of programming * Little Albert, Stanford Prison Experiment, and Milgram Obedience to Authority

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