Lizabeth Powell

Welcome, listeners, to a journey where innovation meets practical advice. I'm your host, a multifaceted leader with a Master's in Finance, deeply rooted in the worlds of technology, finance, and real estate. My expertise spans the creation of an AI-based financial trading platform and the development of cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. With experience in Aerospace Technology and a global perspective sharpened by travels to 28 countries, I bring you insights that bridge continents and cultures. Beyond navigating the complex terrains of business ventures and the financial markets, I've mastered the art of buying and selling real estate, both for personal enjoyment and as strategic investments. My adventures have not only been about exploring the world but also about uncovering the secrets of tangible asset growth through real estate. But that's not all. This show is your guide to life's financial milestones—from preparing for college and fixing credit to buying your dream car at the best price and negotiating favorable loan terms. I'm here to share my experiences and strategies. As a seasoned CEO, Founder, Real Estate Broker, and a tech-savvy investor, my mission is to empower you with knowledge. Whether it's leveraging AI for financial trading, exploring international markets, or making informed decisions in real estate and personal finance, I'm here to guide you. But there's more. Our exploration will extend beyond my personal insights. We'll bring in key speakers from various fields—real estate experts to demystify the 1031 exchange, business brokers to navigate the complexities of buying and selling businesses, investment traders to uncover the secrets of the market, financial planners to craft your path to financial freedom, CPAs to guide you through the nuances of tax optimization, and legal advisors to ensure your ventures stand on solid ground. Join me as we delve into the mechanics of financial growth, the thrill of world travel, and the strategies for successful investments and savvy financial decisions. Let's navigate the exciting confluence of technology and real-life applications, unlocking the potential for prosperity and global adventure