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No stranger to live radio, Bobbi Jean Bell joined host Jim Christina as his side kick on The Writer’s Block for all seven seasons, from 2015 – 2022. An avid reader, Bobbi is passionate about the creative process and the written word in all its forms.

Currently, you can catch her on her weekly OutWest Hour Radio Show featuring Western, Western Swing and Cowboy Country music and Cowboy Poetry every Saturday 4-5pm (MT) on Placitas, New Mexico Community Radio station or on demand at

Along with host Gary Holt, Bobbi interviews guests from the worlds of Western Music and Equestrian Lifestyle with all shows airing live and on demand at Named the International Western Music Association 2018 and 2019 DJ/Radio Program of The Year, Campfire Café, and Saddle Up America air every Thursday 12:00-1:00pm (CST).

Jim Bell


Jim Bell, along with wife Bobbi Jean, is the Founder of OutWest Shop. In their brick-and-mortar store, they sponsored many author events under the banner Rendezvous With A Writer. As Bobbi became a radio host and DJ, he worked alongside her becoming her biggest fan! Witnessing the fun she had on live interview shows, The Writer’s Block and Equestrian Legacy’s Campfire Café
and Saddle Up America, he quickly decided to “throw his cowboy hat into the ring” and join her at the microphone of Rendezvous With A Writer.

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Thursday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
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Hosts OutWest Shop’s Bobbi Jean Bell and Jim Bell chat LIVE with creators of the Written Word. Unscripted. Entertaining. Informative. Tune in to enjoy live conversation with our guest about their latest project and the creative process. The guest may be an author, poet, songwriter, screenwriter or blogger. Those that support the wordsmith are included too like literary agents, publicists, publishers, editors and more! To inquire about appearing on the broadcast: 



We are passionate about the American West. The truth and the myth. We are Purveyors of Fine
Western Goods. We scout for unique and distinctive apparel, accessories, home décor, and
general merchandise that reflect Western lifestyle. We hunt for artisans and craftsmen who are
inspired to create “decorative art you can wear” based on their own love for the story of the
West. We round it up and bring it to you.

Originally based in Santa Clarita Valley, CA we now call Albuquerque, NM home.
As husband and wife, we have more than 50 years of retail experience in apparel, accessories,
home décor, and jewelry. For several years Bobbi Jean was on staff at the Autry Museum of
the American West working directly with visitors and curatorial staff. During her years there she
was involved in the operation of Visitor Services, the Museum Store and store event planning.
The years at the Autry Museum exposed us to the complicated, compelling, and engaging history
of the West and those that create inspired by their own vision of the West. Presenting these
artisans, musicians, and authors became our life's calling. Hence, OutWest Shop, was born!


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Show Archives

June 2024

Episode #89. Award-winning author Kimberly Burns joins hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell to chat about her two historical books. THE MRS. TABOR and THE REDEMPTION OF MATTIE SILKS. Tune in for an informative and engaging conversation about these two Western women and the way they chose to "make it in a man's world" - 1890's Denver and beyond. Both books are based on true stories. Baby Doe (Mrs. Tabor) seeks her fortune the best way she knows how- marrying a rich man. Madam Mattie Silks makes her fortune catering to Colorado’s gold and silver millionaires. We talk in-depth about Kimberly Burns' research, their lives, the similarities between "then and now," and why historical fiction is an important genre.
Episode #88 Guest Author Teresa H. Janssen Award-winning author, Teresa H. Janssen, joins hosts Bobbi Jean and Jim Bell in an engaging conversation about her debut title The Ways Of Water. Among many topics, we chatted about her writing process, her joyful experience accepting a major award, and the backstory to this memorable book. About The Book: This coming-of-age novel takes the reader on an unforgettable journey with a young woman whose life is shaken by world events—economic boom-and-bust, world war, and pandemic. Set in the early twentieth-century Southwest, where water means everything, it is a poignant testament to the meaning of family and the strength of the human spirit.

May 2024

Episode #87 Guest Author ANNE SCHROEDER DO YOU REMEMBER YOUR FIRST LOVE? We read Anne Schroeder's new release, CROSSROADS IN CORTE CASA and are excited to talk about it with the author! The owner of "Esquivel's" cantina challenges his 7 customers to each share the memory of his first love. Believing no man forgets his first love - he offers "A free drink to any man convinces me this is not true," Dear Reader, the men share their stories in ways you will not forget! --- Bobbi and Jim It is a passionate tale of change and redemption... unfolding against a backdrop that spans Zihuantanejo, Mexico City, the Arizona border, and California. Crossroads in Casa Corte gracefully navigates multiple storylines, embarking on a journey of one’s willingness to change in the name of inner peace.
Episode #86 - RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES! Guest Author ADAM SIKES Just turned the last page of THE UNDERHANDED...what an Espionage Thriller! As one expects...twists and turns, unexpected events, heart pounding action, and Jim heard me often say, "WHAT?!" and "OH NO, NOT POSSIBLE!" That's what we're talking about this week on Rendezvous with a Writer with thriller author ADAM SIKES talking about his books THE UNDERHANDED and LANDSLIDE. Plot, action, characters, murder, mayhem ... and more! Join us and read them now!
RODEO IN THE BLOOD! Join our guest author JIM OVERSTREET for an entertaining conversation about rodeo events and competing on the rodeo circuit. After we read A MONTANA RIVALRY and A MONTANA INHERITANCE we can freely admit that we've got "Rodeo In The Blood!" Jim Overstreet shares the backstories to these books, the characters, writing dialogue, and developing the series.
Guest Author R.G. YOHO (Bob to his friends) joins hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell for an engaging conversation about his work as both an author and songwriter. We'll learn the backstory to the song, "Ride For The Brand," a co-write with Jim Jones and take a listen. An in-depth discussion of two of his books - the Western fiction page turner BITTER WATER and the non-fiction, captivating study of THE NINE LIVES OF CHARLES E. LIVELY -THE DEADLIEST MAN IN THE WEST VIRGINIA-COLORADO COAL MINE WARS follows. Both are engaging reads!
Episode #83 - STORYTELLING THROUGH WORDS AND MUSIC HENRY PARKE - Film Editor for True West Magazine and author NANCY ELLIOTT join hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell. Henry shares news of the latest on the Western movie and TV frontier. Then we welcome Featured Guest, author Nancy Elliott. We know Nancy as a multi-talented singer/songwriter/performer and fashion designer - now we meet her anew - as an engaging prose storyteller! What a compelling tale she presents in this new book AUTUMN'S ON ITS WAY! In this in-depth interview we hear 3 of Nancy's songs, learn how these songs inspired the story and what we can expect next. About the Book: Set in Arizona's dramatic, diverse landscapes of tall Saguaros, Ponderosa Pine, lush mountain meadows, and the secret caves and canyons of the Mogollon Rim, "Autumn's On Its Way" is not a bodice ripper, nor a shoot'em up, it's the story of a woman's realization of her physical, spiritual, and emotional capacities and reemergence into life after tragedy. It's a love of life story, brim full of legend, mystery, family relationships, adventure, near-death escapes, and an esteemed cast of supporting, real-west characters, including Mangus Colorado, Cochise, Lozen, Juh, pirates, privateers, and Italian royalty.

April 2024

Episode #82 APRIL GOES OUT WITH A BANG! We dodge bullets and crashing waves of water in DEATH UNDER THE DELUGE written by our talented guest, author C.M. WENDLEBOE. The author of several book series, we talk about his 'Spirit Road Mystery Series' and the newest title Death Under the Deluge. Tune in to find out what inspired this story and its title, what role did two Lakota Code Talkers play in the action, and what are some tips for authors writing mysteries? ABOUT THE BOOK: A corpse is found lashed to a submerged cabin under the Missouri River just south of a Sioux Indian reservation… A corpse tied there perhaps seventy years ago… A corpse shot and tied there just before the river was flooded over a resort island first discovered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition… FBI Agent Manny Tanno is assigned to assist local law enforcement in the decades-old homicide. Suspects abound, including the owner of a trucking company and a long-dead Lakota Code Talker for the Army in World War Two. And dangers abound as a deputy sheriff also investigating the case is murdered. Manny’s life is threatened as he’s repeatedly attacked, barely escaping death himself. Will he survive to solve the cold case and the killing of the young deputy sheriff? Is there a chance he can find the killer of the deputy? Or any chance the murderer of the floating man is still among the living? Manny must dodge bullets as he works to stay alive long enough to catch the killers.
Episode #81 WE ARE TAPPIN' OUR TOES TONIGHT! Tonight we spoke with ALEX DORMONT from the HOT TEXAS SWING BAND. We enjoyed great music and chatting about the history of Western Swing, the backstory of the band and the songs we played, and Alex's songwriting process. Check out their New Album - GOTTA MOVE. Alex Dormont is the Band Leader, Songwriter, Arranger, and Bass & Vocals of The Hot Texas Swing Band. You'll recognize their song, "Hot Texas," as it opens and closes every Rendezvous With The Writer broadcast! With one boot in Cowboy music and the other in Swing, the Hot Texas Swing Band is riding the trail previously blazed by artists such as Bob Wills and Asleep at the Wheel. Backed by a passion for traditional Western Swing, the Hot Texas Swing Band pushes the genre forward with Rockabilly, Latin beats and original material for high-energy shows that have critics and fans raving.
Episode #80 WE READ, WE COOK, WE EAT, and WE TALK! HENRY PARKE - Film Editor for True West Magazine and Culinary Historian SHERRY MONAHAN joined hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell. Sherry's True West column, "Frontier Fare" always covers a taste of the West. We chatted about her newest book SIGNATURE DISHES OF AMERICA and her earlier one, THE TOMBSTONE COOKBOOK. (We created dinner from three recipes in this fun cookbook.) These are cookbooks...and so much more! Think of each recipe like a book's character...learn the backstory, what made the recipe popular in its time, and its legacy today. Then...get cookin' or as Sherry Monahan suggests, "Forks Up!"

March 2024

Episode #79 - Guest Author BRIAN ANDREWS WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH FOUR MINUTES? Another book we just couldn't put down....!!!! Eagerly we awaited for tonight - 3/28! So...time travel is possible!? BRIAN ANDREWS from the writing team of ANDREWS & WILSON is back with us! On this visit, we talk about FOUR MINUTES -the #upcoming release by #AndrewsAndWilson (available April 2nd-#preordernow!) FOUR MINUTES is the latest brilliant techno-thriller from the #1 internationally bestselling duo behind the SONS OF VALOR series. It is said that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, but what if you remove the one thing no one can control: Uncertainty about the future?
Episode #78 - Author JEANNE COONEY joins hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell for a second helping of IT'S MURDER her fun cozy mystery series. Tonight we chat about her newest title, IT'S MURDER, YOU BETCHA! A QUIRKY MURDER MYSTERY WITH RECIPES. Set in Northwest Minnesota in February, sisters Doris and Grace return to solve the murder of Lars Carlson - the so-called boyfriend of their good friend ninety-years young, Rose. As expected, the story is filled with good humor, twists and turns...and the three major food groups - hot dish, Jell-O, and bars (with a few M&Ms)! This title releases April 16, 2024 and is available to pre-order now.
Episode #77 Guest Author Candace Simar Award-winning author CANDACE SIMAR joins hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell for an engaging conversation about her latest book SISTER LUMBERJACK. We follow a cast of unforgettable characters in a Minnesota logging camp during the winter of 1893. Obstacles abound. Will they survive the harsh and dangerous winter? Three lives intersect at Starkweather Timber, a haywire logging camp, where everything goes wrong. Trouble follows SISTER MAGDALENA, a jolly nun who struggles with rules. A giant of a woman, she is sent to sell hospital tickets to lumberjacks working the forests of Minnesota. It is dangerous work. The jacks call her SISTER LUMBERJACK. Widow SOLVEIGH ROGNALDSON is left alone with heartache and a mortgage. Though she feels too old, she musters courage to strike out on her own. She has to save the farm by herself. She has no one else. Bottle fever has NELS JENSEN by the throat. Swindled out of his summer’s pay, he heads to the logging camps of Northern Minnesota, only to discover he is blacklisted at reputable operations. He is neither a thief nor a liar, but he cannot prove his innocence.
Episode #76 - March 7, 2024 Guest Host TOM SWEARINGEN chats with Cowboy Poet MARK MUNZERT. Tune in for an entertaining and informative conversation about the roots of cowboy poetry and what inspires the poems of both these talented poets. MARK recites several of his favorite poems.

February 2024

Episode #75 Hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell chat with Featured Guest the award-winning JIM JONES! A Western/Folk Singer/Songwriter, Author and a native Texan who hangs his hat in New Mexico, Jim's songs and books are about the West … cowboys, horses & cattle, cattle rustlers, the people and land, rivers and mountains, and the beauty of the Western sky. Jim has produced twelve Western/Folk albums as well as six Western novels, a novella and a Children’s Book Series in the Western genre. Jim joins us to share insights into just three of the ways he tells stories - the written word, original music, and now film.
Episode #74 AUTHOR MARTHA BURNS JOINS US! Award-winning author Martha Burns returns with her new book, ACROSS THE NARROWS. Releasing February 27, what a privilege it was to read it in advance! Martha's storytelling has been called "addictive," "poignant," and "engaging." We agree! ABOUT THE BOOK: ACROSS THE NARROWS unravels as a sweeping family saga, centered around a tragedy that shapes the del Palacio family's destiny and leaves little room for forgiveness. With themes of love, loss, and resilience, this poignant novel explores the transformative power of forgiveness and the pursuit of one's own identity in the face of adversity.
Episode #73 WE MET CHARLIE AND SUSAN IN BOOK #1 - WHAT'S NEXT? We enjoyed chatting with E. JOE BROWN about his newest title, A COWBOY'S FORTUNE. This is Book #2 in the Kelly Can Saga. "The cutthroat world of big oil is very different from the life of a humble cowboy, but if anyone can succeed among all the treachery and danger, KELLY CAN!" It's 1919 and Charlie Kelly has married the love of his life, Susan, and together the newlyweds hope to grow the business empire that Susan's father, Walter Kramer, built. Charlie's dream of starting his own oil company becomes a reality, and Susan takes over the leadership of the Kramer Group, Together they set out to follow their own dreams, to expand their business interests, and to forge their legacy. Join us for an engaging conversation about these characters, their vision for their future, big oil, and ... what comes next!
Episode #72 - Featured Guest - Author, Screenwriter, Filmmaker and Film and TV Editor for True West Magazine, HENRY C. PARKE joins us to chat about his newly released (February 6!) book THE GREATEST WESTERNS EVER MADE AND THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THEM. If you like Western films, and TV, you will relish and savor every word of this book. Your memories of favorite Westerns, stars, character actors, directors, and writers will be refreshed AND you'll want to revisit them with new eyes. If you have NO interest in the Western...Henry's insights and engaging writing will change your mind. He writes with an expert's eye as he has filmmaking and screenwriting experience. You'll be notating the films you've just gotta watch!
Episode #71 - February 1 - HENRY C. PARKE, Film Editor for True West Magazine, kicks off the show with his monthly "Henry's Western Round-up" report of all things happening on the Western Film Frontier. Returning guest, award-winning author MANUELA SCHNEIDER, joins us to talk about her newest projects - MUSIC, FILM and TWO new books THE MEMOIRS OF MADAME MOUSTACHE: GROWING UP TO BE A GAMBLER and THE UNKNOWN ENEMY both are highly entertaining and available now!! Manuela shares the backstories to these newest projects, prepares us for what's coming (lots and lots of books!), and where she'll be in the USA this spring and fall!

January 2024

Episode #70, We enjoyed a lively and animated conversation with award-winning author DEBORAH SWENSON about the first two books in her DESERT HILLS TRILOGY. Jim read Book #1 - TILL MY LAST BREATH and I read TILL MY LAST DAY. Question - What are these stories...Thriller? Mystery? Time Travel Adventure? Romance? Historical Fiction? Answer - Read them both and decide for yourself! While I was inhaling Book #2, Jim was turning the pages of Book #1 just as quickly. Join us for our chat about the books' inspiration, characters, necessary research and the joys of writing and reading and ... what's next!
Episode #69, Author GENCY BROWN joins hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell to chat about her newly released book A RIGHT FINE LIFE! Written in the tradition of a memorable country ballad, but with a twist, A RIGHT FINE LIFE takes the reader into the dreams and daily life of a talented yet struggling country musician, Randy Walters. Gency knows her way around a touring musician's life and captures singer/songwriter and performer Randy Walters' world authentically. Join us for a lively conversation about music and writing tips for a "right fine" book!
Episode #68. Returning guests, True West Magazine Film Editor, HENRY C. PARKE and award-winning author MIKE TORREANO, kick off 2024! Hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell catch up with them both. HENRY recaps what's happening in the world of Western Film. MIKE shares the backstory and author insights into his newly released historical fiction title FIREFLIES AT DUSK, already an award winner. This coming-of-age story, set against the backdrop of the Civil War, has moved readers and is receiving rave reviews.

December 2023

Episode #67 - What happens when two award-winning word wranglers share an hour of conversation? Magic! Poet TOM SWEARINGEN steps in to guest host this broadcast with his special guest author, singer, songwriter, and musician MICKI FUHRMAN. Together, they explore the mysteries of how lyrics and songs are created, (when is it similar to writing poetry - if it ever is) what inspires great songwriting - and storytelling. Along the way, MICKI shares stories of growing up in the South and the West, songwriting insights, why she loves driving the I40, and what is expected of an author (hint - they should take a journalist approach - report the truth - in their own words). This is an illuminating and entertaining show with a few surprises including Micki's live performances and readings AND a special "Happy Birthday" to absentee host Bobbi Jean Bell's Mom. What a way to close out 2023!!
Episode #66 Featured Guest Author ANN PARKER joins hosts JIM and BOBBI JEAN BELL to discuss her latest title, the multi-award winning THE SECRET IN THE WALL, Book #8 of her popular SILVER RUSH MYSTERY SERIES. The year is 1882 and the location is "The Paris of the West" - San Francisco. What happens when a typical remodeling job - breaking through a wall to connect two adjacent boarding houses - reveals a skeleton with a glass eye and a canvas bag of gold coins?? Is there a connection to the San Francisco Mint and Alcatraz? Protagonist Inez Stannert and a cast of engaging characters, set out to solve the mystery. Tune in for a fun conversation! ANN shares the backstory to the series and this title, insights into her research process, how she meets her characters and more!!!!
Episode #65 Featured Guest Author ERIN PRINGLE joined hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell for an engaging conversation about her newly released book of stories, UNEXPECTED WEATHER EVENTS. Each story takes place against a wintery background with characters deeply involved in life changing experiences. Trust author ERIN PRINGLE to take your heart and soul into unknown territory and bring you out on the other side with a deeper understanding of life's unexpected events. She shares the inspiration behind these stories and her own unique perspective on writing and life.
#64 Featured Guests HENRY C. PARKE and LYNN DOWNEY What fun hosts Bobbi and Jim Bell had chatting with their guests HENRY C. PARKE and LYNN DOWNEY! Tune in for True West Magazine's film editor, HENRY PARKE'S latest news about Westerns on Film and TV, and an important announcement! LYNN DOWNEY shared engaging backstories about two of her books. Firstly, we chatted about LEVI STRAUSS: THE MAN WHO GAVE BLUE JEANS TO THE WORLD (did you know 2023 is the 150th Anniversary of the patent of the blue jean?). Then, we talked about her historical fiction novel DUDE OR DIE, the second book of her "H Double Bar Dude Ranch Series." And...find out what they are reading now!

November 2023

Episode #63 Award-winning Guest Author CHRIS MULLEN joined hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell to chat about ROWDY: WILD AND MEAN, SHARP AND KEEN, the first book of his six book ROWDY Series. If you enjoy adventure stories packed with fast-moving action, unexpected twists and turns, engaging characters set in the West, then this book (and series) is for you! From the first to the last page, you'll be captivated by ROWDY and you'll look forward to...the next book! Chris shared backstories to the setting, the characters, and the adventures. Tune in to find out how ROWDY and Chris met, where his favorite places to write are, and what's coming in 2024!
#62 Guest Author GRETCHEN CHERINGTON returned to chat about her recently released memoir THE BUTCHER, the EMBEZZLER, and the FALL GUY: A FAMILY MEMOIR OF SCANDAL AND GREED IN THE MEAT INDUSTRY. In 1922, George A. Hormel-founder of the multibillion-dollar company Hormel Foods--fired Gretchen Cherington's grandfather, Alpha LaRue Eberhart, after a decade-long embezzlement scandal. Was he, as rumors suggested, complicit? Cherington digs deep to understand what really happened one hundred years ago--and to make sense of her complicated legacy. Gretchen's in depth research led to insights never before revealed. This book reads like a suspenseful mystery...was her grandfather the "embezzler" or the "fall guy?"

October 2023

Episode #61 - Dr. BARBARA KOLTUSKA-HASKIN joined us to chat about her award-winning book HOW MY BRAIN WORKS: A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING IT BETTER AND KEEPING IT HEALTHY. Have you ever walked into a room not remembering why you're there? Perhaps you've found yourself struggling to find the perfect word - usually a simple task, but frequently a challenge? In an easy to read and understand format, neuropsychologist Dr.; Barbara Koltuska-Haskin provides practical information about how the brain functions and what we can do to improve brain health and function. I know two things we need to do...get more sleep and eat healthier!
The writing team of SUE BOGGIO and MARE PEARL authors of the recently released critically acclaimed novel, HUNGRY SHOES, joined us tonight. So much to talk about...their long lasting friendship, the Beatles, collaborating, and the inspiration behind their powerful story, "Hungry Shoes." Tune in to find out what "hungry shoes" refers to and meet Grace & Maddie and the cast of unique characters that make up their world. This is a compelling story that will move you to laughter and to tears...may these characters be with you for a very long time!
Guest Host, award-winning cowboy poet TOM SWEARINGEN, is joined by Special Guest award-winning Singer/Songwriter and Playwright CLAUDIA NYGAARD. Tune in for their conversation about Claudia's songwriting process AND the backstory to her first ever musical play production.
Jim and I read both books, the first two of a three book trilogy SEVEN TINE RANCH series, by our guest CARMEN PEONE. Her books are compelling reads - inspirational stories of hope, healing and horses. Important issues Carmen addresses include MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women), domestic violence and abuse. She writes inspirational stories of hope, healing, and horses...sprinkled with a good helping of romance. BROKEN BONDAGE successfully launched October 3! We chatted about Carmen's writing career, the inspiration behind this engaging series, AND what she did to prepare for, and execute, the book launch. Carmen offers resources for more information on MMIW and Domestic Violence and Abuse -

September 2023

Join us and our guest poet GAYLE LAURADUNN for our discussion of her award winning book of poetry ALL THE WILD AND HOLY: A LIFE OF EUNICE WILLIAMS 1696-1785." Who was Eunice Williams? What was it about her story that compelled Gayle to research her for 12 years? Are you familiar with the events of February 29, 1704? That's the date of the infamous Deerfield, Massachusetts Massacre...the attackers appeared to be Native American and killed 48 villagers, wounded many more, and took 112 captive including the entire Williams family. Eunice Williams was 7 years old at the time...she lived to be 89...a remarkable life. Through Gayle's pen, Eunice shares her story, in her own voice...finally. JOIN US!
What happens when two talented authors decide to write together? They discover their interests, knowledge, and writing styles complement each other. The result is nine books! Welcome to MAVERICK HEART, Book One of the six book WILD COW RANCH SERIES, and the world created through the imaginations of writing team NATALIE BRIGHT and DENISE F. MCALLISTER! The story opens in Georgia and quickly travels to Texas as the main character, Carli Jameson, finds herself with a life changing dilemma. With a cast of engaging characters, unexpected twists and turns, and two landscapes demanding Carli's attention, the story is a reader's delight. Natalie and Denise share the backstory to MAVERICK HEART, Book One of the WILD COW RANCH SERIES. Along the way they answer questions about character development, ranching, story arc, and their process of writing as a team.
I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures. ---Geronimo - as per author W. Michael Farmer Multi-award winning author, W. MICHAEL FARMER, has a passion for the history of the Western frontier. Combining 15 plus years of research into 19th century Apache history and culture and his own Southwest living experience, he fills his stories with a genuine sense of time and place. We chatted with Michael about his newest book TRINI! COME! GERONIMO'S CAPTIVITY OF TRINIDAD VERDIN. The year is 1886, based on an actual event we follow Geronimo and his small band of Apaches as they travel back-and-forth from the U.S. Arizona Territory into Sonora, Mexico evading capture by both American and Mexican troops. Through the eyes, and first person voice of 12 year-old captive, Trinidad, we see Geronimo up-close and personal - as leader of his family and his people. Author Michael Farmer takes us on Geronimo's journey through the mountains - ambushing, raiding, running, resting, and refueling - doing all he knows to do to stay free. Trini is quick to understand what she needs to do to survive yet stays vigilant for the opportunity to escape. Michael shares the rich backstory to this actual historical event, shares insights into his research and writing process, and provides tips for writers.
It was a full house in the studio! Kicking off the show, True West Magazine Film Editor HENRY PARKE shared the latest news on what's happening in Western film and TV - including his recent interview with the movie Tombstone's starring actress Dana Delaney. Cowboy poet, DARRELL ARNOLD and singer/songwriter western musician TOM HIATT joined us to talk about their recent collaboration - the western music album "5" From The Heart Of The West." Together they chose 5 poems from Darrell's new book of poetry, THE BARD IN BOOTS, and Tom set them to music. The result is an entertaining album featuring the final lyrics based on these poems with music and vocals by Tom Hiatt. When does a poem become a song? How does the poet and the musician collaborate? When do they know the poem has become a song? We listen to 3 of the songs and hear Tom and Darrell provide their back stories.

August 2023

WHO DUNNIT IT? That's what every mystery reader wants to know! Author JEANNE CONNEY shares the story behind her humorous, entertaining, and puzzling cozy mystery, IT'S MURDER, DONTCHA KNOW?. The first book in a new 3 part series, Jeanne's cast of characters in a small northern Minnesota town will charm and beguile you. But which one is the murderer? Could it be one of the victim's ex-girlfriends? Sisters Doris and Grace, (think Lucy and Ethel) along with their 90 year old friend, Rose, are on the hunt to find his killer. And, we're right alongside them! Jeanne shares insights into her process of crafting a cozy mystery that is both light hearted and serious. Her characters confront life's daily challenges (think aging) as they undertake the serious task of bringing the killer to justice. It's a great read!
Award winning author KATHLEEN MORRIS joined us for a lively discussion about her latest novel GOLDDIGGER: THE LEGENDARY NELLIE CASHMAN. Jim and I have spent time in Tombstone, AZ (one of the many mining towns she lived in) and often saw her name in museum label copy - but couldn't find out much about her. Finally, Kathleen Morris presents this remarkable woman's story to the world! A full and interesting life led by a woman who grabbed every opportunity that came her way - and created opportunities wherever she traveled. Even the whisper of a new mining strike grabbed her attention - she itched to go! Kathleen Morris writes Nellie's story in the first person and we, the reader, feel like we are riding along beside her through each of her adventures. Kathleen provides many tips for writers too as we discuss research and other challenges in writing the story of a historic personality.
New York Times Best Selling Author PARRIS AFTON BONDS joined us to chat about her newest Romance Thriller ANSWERING THE CALL. With her 70th birthday looming, main character, Lauren Hillard, awakens each morning wondering if there isn't an easier way. One day, in the shower, she hears a clear call to adventure - walk away from the comfortable but mundane routine of her life and move to Mexico! With a sense of urgency, and feeling of excitement, she makes the move. More than adventure awaits!!! You must read this book! Follow Lauren into Mexico - an exotic place - where she finds both danger and romance!! Tune into the broadcast to hear Parris read aloud, share the inspiration behind the story and share insights into her writing process. This is another enjoyable Rendezvous between a best selling writer and her reading fans!
“We’re the Flying Cutterbucks,” Daddy announced into the shiny cigarette lighter he’d pull from the dashboard, pretending it was a microphone. “Sit back and enjoy the ride.” Author KATHLEEN M. RODGERS joined us to chat about her fourth book, THE FLYING CUTTERBUCKS. Set in 2016-2017 with deep roots in the early 1970s, the story is told through the lives of five remarkable women, the men in their lives, and two lovable dogs. The Land of Enchantment - New Mexico - is the book's setting with action happening in the fictional town of Pardon, the Pardon Air Force Base, and the historic and charming town of Las Vegas. Set against the 2016 Presidential Campaign, the women - Aunt Star and Lupi, and the Cutterbuck gals- Mom Jewel and daughters Trudy and Georgia continue their lives under an umbrella of loss that includes divorces, unexpected deaths, and grieving for a husband and father - fighter pilot Shep Cutterbuck - missing in action over Vietnam since 1972. This is an engaging story of the power and forgiveness of love - love demonstrated in unique and unexpected ways. Pick up The Flying Cutterbucks and Soar!
This week we are CELEBRATING! It is our ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW, and we are joined by True West Magazine film editor HENRY PARKE and award winning author MANUELA SCHNEIDER. HENRY PARKE shares all the latest Western film and TV production news. With the 30th anniversary of the movie Tombstone being celebrated this year, look for his interview with actress Dana Delany in the October 2023 issue of True West magazine. MANUELA joined us from her home in Germany! Manuela has had a long time love affair with the American West, especially the history of silver mining and mining towns like Tombstone. She has written several books, including the one we chatted about tonight ARMA DEL DIABLO: THE COLT OF DESTINY. What's the backstory? Question: Is there a connection between Johnny Ringo and the Devil? What's the story behind the Colt 45 with serial number 222? What's the connection between a Benedictine monk and this unique firearm? This book drew us in and you'll enjoy it too!

July 2023

Author Peggy Chambers returns to the show along with Jim and Bobbi and her guest, The Rev. Dr. John Toles, author of the "Father Anthony Savel Mystery series!" It was interesting and engaging talk between 2 authors and 2 readers. John shared the backstory to the series, the joys and challenges of writing mysteries, and what he's working on next. He provided some tips too. Tune in!
Do you enjoy "hard boiled detective" stories? Have we got a series for you! Meet Los Angeles based private eye, NATE ROSS. The year is 1939, he's hired to determine the truth behind a father's death - was it suicide or murder? Written in the first person, we ride along with Nate as he uncovers the clues...along the way we meet a cast of unforgettable characters set against the backdrop of steamy LA. You'll turn the pages quickly...except when the prose is too delicious it demands to be read aloud! Tune into our conversation with author J. R. SANDERS as he reveals the backstory to the Nate Ross Series and Nate's latest case BRING THE NIGHT!
Children's book author and illustrator SANDI WRIGHT joins us to share the backstory to her "Santa Fe Sam Series" including the books "The Adventures of Santa Fe Sam," "Sedona's Search" and "Albuquerque Gerdy." Each book has a compelling main character and story line, and each one comes to life with the MAGIC of Augmented Reality! Don't know what AR is? Join us!
Two guests tonight - HENRY PARKE brought us up-to-date with the latest news on the Western film and TV front. Returning true crime thriller author, FRANK WEBER, spoke about his newest release, "The Haunted House of Hillman- H2OH" #frankweber Do you believe a house can be haunted? Was there a house in your neighborhood with that reputation - even though you knew you should stay away - it called to you again and again to come "visit?" This story just won't let you go! Frank shares the backstory to this 'grim thriller."

June 2023

The international bestselling thriller writing team of Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson - known as ANDREWS AND WILSON - chatted with us about their most recent book DEMPSEY, part of the popular TIER ONE Series. We talk about their successful collaboration writing process, what inspires the series, the power of strong, engaging characters so much more!
WHAT A GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Two award-winning storytellers took center stage tonight. Guest Host Poet TOM SWEARINGEN chats about songwriting and writing with multi-SPUR winner singer/songwriting and author JON CHANDLER. Engaging, entertaining, and educational - Tom and Jon share their insights into the creation of story...and, as you know, Story Is Everything!
Award-winning author PAT WAHLER joined us for a lively and engaging conversation about two of her books THE ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE: A NOVEL OF ROSE O'NEILL, CREATOR OF THE KEWPIE DOLL and I AM MRS. JESSE JAMES. Both books are written in the first person, inviting the reader to live their experiences up-close-and-personal. Wahler, a native of Missouri, was compelled to write the stories of these two Missouri women. She shares the back stories to each book - what inspired her to write them, what surprises she uncovered in her research, and provides book launch and writing tips. We had fun reading both books ... so will you!
Author DAN BATSON shares the backstory to his heartfelt and engaging memoir recounting the years his wife Donna and he shared. MORNING takes us from their days falling in love, starting their careers and family, and finding their place in their community. Dan captures personal moments of their lives in vivid detail - words are like painterly strokes upon the canvas. Although they both share a deep faith, when cancer takes Donna, Dan is left adrift - drowning in his grief - faith shattered. Yet his story continues. Through his pain God reveals His never ending transformative love and Dan's faith is restored. MORNING confirms what we know - the darkest time is just before sunrise and every morning is a new day to embrace.
Good friends joined hosts Jim and Bobbi Bell, it was like "old home week." HENRY PARKE, western movie film editor for True West Magazine kicked off the show with his monthly round-up of the latest western movie and TV news. No stranger to radio, BOB BRILL, former co-host of THE WRITER'S BLOCK, joined us for a lively discussion about three of his books: FAN LETTERS TO A STRIPPER: A PATTI WAGGIN TALE, his first mystery THE TATTOO MURDER and the latest in his western series LANCER HERO OF THE WEST: THE BROKEN BOW AFFAIR. Each of these books has an interesting backstory, Bob shares the inspiration behind each and what his plans are for their futures. The first is already a podcast series and a film may be on the way. The second and third titles have sequels in the works.

May 2023

Author TEDDY JONES joined us for an engaging conversation about her latest book, "MARVA COPE," part of her "Jackson's Pond" book series. A story of one woman's search for a place to call home, for a close friend, and for a community. Marva Cope is that woman and we follow her story from youth to her fifties, traveling back to where her story begins to the current day. TEDDY JONES shares the backstory of the series, of "Marva Cope" and some of the key characters, and shares a bit of "what's coming next!" Join us!
Hosts Jim Bell and Bobbi Jean Bell talked with Vince Pinkerton, the author of "THE DEVIL PLAYS SIX STRINGS" and "THE DEVIL AND THE DANCE HALL GIRL" Tune in to hear about the backstories of these books, what inspired Vince to write them, and get an inside look at some of the major characters...especially the Devil himself, Mr. Give.
Do you watch the weekly drama series "Fire Country?" Jim and I were engaged reading Linda Strader's first hand account of her summers on the front lines fighting wildfires. Tonight we chatted with her about the daily life of a real wildfire crew member. LINDA STRADER is one of the first women hired on a fire crew with the U.S. Forest Service. A naive 21-year old in the mid 1970s, she discovers fighting wildfires is challenging- but in a man's world, they become only one of the challenges she would face. Join us!
Author JOHNNY D. BOGGS was our Special Guest tonight on RENDEZVOUS WITH A WRITER. Jim and I prepped for our conversation with Johnny by reading the book we discussed - AMERICAN NEWSPAPER JOURNALISTS ON FILM: PORTRAYALS OF THE PRESS DURING THE SOUND ERA...and watched many of the films he describes. This book is full of fabulous information...and movie titles...and we can't read a page without wanting to watch the films mentioned! Tune in for our entertaining conversation!

April 2023

KAREN JONES, author of THE SUMMER OF GRACE, shares the inspiration, back story, and insights into the major characters of this compelling coming-of-age story set in the summer of 1951. Many of the characters. locations, and scenes are inspired by her personal experiences visiting family on their farm during her youth. Tune in to meet Brown Hound, Great Granny Jane, Miss Emily, Jane, and Grace. And get some writing tips too!
Thank you to Host Tom Swearingen and his guest Miska Paget for their engaging and entertaining conversation about Cowboy Poetry! Both are award-winning poets and Miska treated us to live recitations. There are several "you heard it here first" moments as Miska shared exciting news about her soon to be released first children's book. a new album in the works, and...a collaboration (or 2) with songwriter Dan McCorison!
Tonight's guest, Chris Enss, is a New York Times Best Selling author, a scriptwriter and comedienne who has written for television and film, performed on cruise ships and on stage. Her passion is for telling the stories of the men and women who shaped the history and mythology of the American West. We chatted about her two most recent books: THE WIDOWED ONES: BEYOND THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLEBIGHORN and STRAIGHT LADY: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MARGARET DUMONT, THE FIFTH MARX BROTHER.
Featured guest, award-winning author MELODY GROVES, joined us to chat about her 2023 Spur Award winning book BEFORE BILLY THE KID: THE BOY BEHIND THE LEGEND. She shares many little known facts about Billy's early life including his family background, and the many talents, interests, friendships, and life changing events that created the "outlaw" we've come to know. Engaging conversation and "must read" book:

March 2023

Award-winning MARTHA BURNS, author of BLIND EYE joined us. This is a riveting story anchored by a New Mexico landscape and populated by characters living in a rural, and somewhat, sparse community. Kirkus Reviews "This bruising story is less a murder mystery than an unflinching look at a culture and community." Martha shares the story behind the story, the characters, and why it's an important story to tell.
Is there a connection between O.J. Simpson, the Post Office, and real people working real jobs? There is! The connection is THE LOCKHART WOMEN - Brenda, Peggy, and Allison of Huntington Beach, CA. Award-winning author MARY CAMARILLO joined us to chat about these women and the choices they make. The story opens in 1994 with the main characters witnessing O.J. Simpson "making a run for it" in his white Bronco. CAMARILLO weaves an authentic, and at times, nearly heart-wrenching. story of these three women - each one searching for love and their place in the real world of the 1990's and beyond. Tune in for the novel's backstory, writing tips and more,
RANDI SAMUELSON-BROWN returns with her newest title ON THE FRINGES: A CLAIRVOYANT, A MINING SWINDLE, AND A FRESH START. Judge a book by the cover? In this case, YES! It is as riveting and entertaining as we hoped it would be. What choices does a suddenly single woman have in 1896? Maude Montgomery, gifted with the second-sight, is trapped in a bad marriage to a confidence man who leaves her stranded in Nevada. Her choices are simple - return to the East or....head for the gold camp of Cripple Creek. What does she do? And...what's the story behind the skull on the cover? GRAB THIS BOOK and tune into the podcast to find out!!!
Tune in for an engaging and entertaining conversation with guest ERIC H. HEISNER - screenwriter, filmmaker, movie ranch owner, and author - Eric shares the backstories to his most recent novels - A Neo Noir Comedy - CITATION FOR MURDER and a movie ready Western ABOVE THE LLANO. Along the way we talk about life in LA in 1996, life in the Texas Hill Country in the mid 1870s, writing in the present tense, crafting dialogue and...developing a movie ranch! Tips for writers and more!
We had a full house tonight! HENRY C. PARKE, Western Film Editor for True West, kicked off the show with the latest Western film news. DEBRA THOMAS, our featured author guest, joined us to chat about her first award winning book LUZ and the backstory to her soon-to-be-released AND highly anticipated new title JOSIE AND VIC.

February 2023

Guest author, GRETCHEN CHERINGTON, joined us for an engaging conversation about her book, POETIC LICENSE: A MEMOIR. At age forty, with two growing children and a new consulting company she'd recently founded, Gretchen Cherington, daughter of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Richard Eberhart, faced a dilemma: Should she protect her parents' well-crafted family myths while continuing to silence her own voice? Or was it time to challenge those myths and speak her truth? We chatted about the inspiration behind her memoir and some of the family stories revisited and reclaimed. Thinking of writing a memoir? This show is for you!
Our special guest, LA award-winning filmmaker and author MICHAEL WOHL, shared the back story to his engaging memoir IN HERSCHEL'S WAKE with us. What's it about? A trio of estranged siblings are forced to work together as they schlep to an obscure, obstacle-laden island when their hippie, fugitive father dies unexpectedly. Michael shared candidly and openly how and why he wrote the book. And he even read aloud! This memoir is storytelling at its best! And as we say, "STORY IS EVERYTHING!"
Our featured guest was author Carol Van Den Hende A multi-award-winning author, she pens stories of resilience and hope. Jim read the newest title, "Blooming Orchid" and I read her first book of the 3 part series "Goodbye, Orchid." We talked of the lives (and decisions) of main characters - Phoenix and Orchid, the rich cast of characters surrounding them, the challenges of writing a series and the books' award-winning designs.
Join hosts Bobbi Jean Bell and Jim Bell and our guests. "True West" Western Film Editor, Henry Parke, joins us with his monthly "Henry's Western Round-Up" reporting on all the latest Western movie and TV news. Featured guest author Mark C. Jackson is a singer/songwriter and the award-winning author of the "Tales of Zebadiah Creed Series." We listened to a song of his and chatted about Book 3 of the series - BLUE RIVERS OF HEAVEN. Tune in for the answers to these questions - What happened in 1836? Who is Zebadiah Creed and was there a plot to assassinate Sam Houston? Mark C. Jackson - website - BLUE RIVERS OF HEAVEN -

January 2023

HAVE YOU EVER MADE A DECISION THAT BOUND YOUR FATE TO ANOTHER'S AND FOREVER CHANGED YOUR LIVES? Author JOHNNIE BERNHARD writes the story of two such characters - strangers - a 73 year old Anglo Widow and a 14 year old Mexican Girl, who must decide to either follow the law or their conscience to survive. This timely novel is set along the I-10 corridor of Texas, home to saints, demons, and victims of cartels and human trafficking. Join us and guest award winning author JOHNNIE BERNHARD for a lively conversation about this important novel that needs to be included on your reading list! Johnnie Bernhard's website - Purchase HANNAH AND ARIELA -
WHAT FUN WE HAD CHATTING with our guest ROBERT BURKE WARREN! Editor of CASH ON CASH: INTERVIEWS AND ENCOUNTERS WITH JOHNNY CASH, Warren enlightened us about the backstory of how this book came to be and how he chose the interviews included. Written with love, Robert's introductions to each interview are engaging, entertaining and often thought provoking. If you thought you knew Johnny Cash...think again! This book will leave you, like it did Jim and me, with a renewed interest in the man - his life, loves, family, friends, and eager to increase our Johnny Cash music collection! Purchase the book -
Western Mystery writer MIKE TORREANO joined us for an entertaining and insightful conversation about writing his latest Western Mystery, the award winning WHITE SANDS GOLD, but with a plot that twists and turns, with unexpected action and revelations...well...we didn't want to spoil this page-turning mystery set in 1890 Las covered additional topics including his writing process, character development and crafting dialogue, the Code of the West, and got his answer to our question "Do Westerns still matter today?" Take a listen! MIKE TORREANO WEBSITE - WHITE SANDS GOLD -
Looking for a great read? Enjoy the combination of Thriller/Mystery/Romance and True Story? Look no further than author FRANK F. WEBER'S book series! We chatted with Frank about his newest thriller title BLACK AND BLUE. It was the First Thursday of the Month so our good friend HENRY PARKE, Western Film Editor of True West Magazine, kicked off the show with his latest "Henry's Western Round-Up News." We kicked off 2023 with a BANG! Take a look/listen! Frank F. Weber - Henry Parke -

December 2022

MAKE 2023 THE YEAR OF SOMETHING BIG! Author, Dream Builder and Transformational Life Coach, SUSAN SHERAYKO joined us for the final 2022 broadcast. Together - we looked forward to 2023! What about you? Stuck in a rut? New dreams but no idea how to launch them? This show is for you! Susan shares the back story to her book RAINBOWS OVER RUINS - part memoir and part a primer on how to go for your dreams!
Author Susan Compo joined us for a lively conversation about her two biographies WARREN OATES: A WILD LIFE and a "film biography" EARTHBOUND: DAVID BOWIE AND THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH. She shares the stories behind both books, the challenges and joys of research, and news of her current writing project WEST OF SHEPARD: THE LIFE AND WORK OF SAM SHEPARD. Tune in for writing tips and insights. Opening and closing music "Hot Texas" provided by Alex Dormont and the Hot Texas Swing Band.
Tonight's RENDEZVOUS with WRITER STEPHEN MCGUIRE was engaging! Who knew chatting about painful childhoods, vicious serial killers, and running for political office could be so entertaining...dare I! Tune in to hear author Stephen McGuire share the back story to his newest book FRACTURED POWER and his writing process. He knows how to spin a story told through the lives...and deaths...of engaging characters. Read with a light on!
WHAT FUN WE HAD WITH GUEST CHILDREN'S AUTHOR BARBARA ALT! Author of the three book series including ROSE, LILY and VIOLET guest Barbara Alt shared the engaging back story to each of these titles as well as her writing, editing, and graphic design process. Fully hands on, if you're thinking about writing and self-publishing you'll enjoy her insights.
It was a full house tonight! Henry Parke, Western Film Editor for TRUE WEST brought us up-to-date with the latest news of Westerns on the big and small screen. We invited award winning Cowboy Poet Tom Swearingen to come back as a "guest host" and he brought along two friends - award winning wordsmiths, poets, and songwriters Doris Daley and Doc Mehl. They all shared great writing/creative tips for wordsmiths and songwriters - so insightful and authentic. We heard 4 of my favorite pieces - from Doris - "April 1881" and "Three Quarter Time" and from Doc "A Quilt In Northern Nebraska" and a writing collaboration with Doris - "Simple Pleasures." Take a listen!

November 2022

If it's the First Thursday of the Month then we Rendezvous with HENRY PARKE, Western Film Editor for TRUE WEST Magazine, to catch up on the latest news of Western Films and TV. Author of the new book, "A COWBOY'S DESTINY," E. JOE BROWN joined us for a lively conversation about writing, blogging, book tours, and more! RENDEZVOUS WITH A WRITER - WHERE WRITERS AND READERS MEET - STORY IS EVERYTHING!

October 2022

Something "magical" happens when two authors get together and chat about writing and the writing process. Author GENCY BROWN takes the lead and discusses INDELIBLE LINK with author JUNI FISHER - one on one, writer to writer. Attention Readers - JUNI FISHER'S novel INDELIBLE LINK grabs you from page one, word one and will not let you go. Attention Writers - why did Juni set the book in New Orleans, was it challenging to write the story in two different time periods. what is it about the circus that captured her attention, and what's the connection of addiction-a monkey-and tattoos? RENDEZVOUS WITH A WRITER is where Writers and Readers Meet, and Story is Everything. Join us for this engaging, informative, and entertaining conversation!
Featured Authors PEGGY CHAMBERS and RENE GUTTERIDGE joined us for a lively and engaging conversation about writing - scripts for feature films like FAMILY CAMP, book to Hallmark movie - MY LIFE AS A DOORMAT - and the novel NEVER THE BRIDE, a collaboration of the authors Rene Gutteridge and Cheryl McKay. There's a discussion about the benefits of attending author conferences like WriterCon, and why a "writer pause" can be beneficial to the creative process. Visit Peggy Chambers - Visit Rene Gutteridge -
Episode #10 - Critically acclaimed author DEANNE STILLMAN joined us for an engaging conversation about two of her books. First we talked about "Desert Reckoning: A Deputy Sheriff, a Mojave Hermit, and the Biggest Manhunt in Modern California History." Then we discussed "Blood Brothers: The Story of the Strange Friendship Between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill." Deanne Stillman's website:
Episode #9 - Our Featured Guest is award winning Oregon Cowboy Poet Tom Swearingen. Through his original cowboy poetry, Tom tells stories of the people and land of the American West. Named the “2019 International Western Music Association Male Poet of the Year,” Tom’s book “Reflection,” also an award winner, was named the 2020 IWMA “Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year.” Tom and his wife, children’s book author Carla Swearingen, can often be found riding their horses in Oregon’s backcountry. Tune in to hear Tom share the back stories and recite several of his original poems. Check out his website for upcoming performance dates, contact information, and to order his book and albums:

September 2022

We welcomed guests JENNIFER HERRON and BOBBY MARQUEZ. Known as "The Voice With A Smile" Jennifer Herron is a member of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame, DJ and an Emmy nominated journalist and award winning radio host and publicist. For writers and performers, she'll share tips about how to raise your visibility, what a publicist can do for you, and how to prepare for interviews, One of her clients, award winning singer/songwriter BOBBY MARQUEZ shares the backstories to a couple of his songs and we learned about his songwriting process.
Claire Fullerton, an award winning author, writer, and book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books was our Featured Guest. Tune in for an enlightening, entertaining, and educational conversation about what it means to be a "Southern writer," the backstory to her newest book Little Tea, and insights to her writing process.
Award winning poet, author, journalist, columnist, and ranch chef DEANNA DICKINSON MCCALL joined hosts Jim and Bobbi Jean Bell. We talked about ranching, writing, creative partnerships, and the recipe for a great cookbook. She recited three poems from her poetry book "Split Reins" with illustrations by JaNeil Anderson. Along the way, Deanna shared writing tips and the benefits of belonging to a writing group like Western Writers of America (WWA). Opening and closing music "Hot Texas" provided courtesy of Alex Dormont and the Hot Texas Swing Band.
Bobbi Jean and Jim chatted with two guests this week. Choose the link to hear or see the conversation with guests True West Western Film Editor HENRY PARKE and author, songwriter, performer, and storyteller JIM JONES. HENRY delivered his up-to-date state of the Western appearing soon on the big and little screens as well as news of publishing on the Western front. JIM shared backstories and tips on his creative process with an emphasis on his Wrangler award winning song - a co-write with Deanna Dickinsin McCall and her husband Dave - OLD HORSES AND OLD MEN and his latest Jared Delaney Western Series title - HALO MOON. Thanks to Alex Dormont and the Hot Texas Swing Band for our opening and closing theme "Hot Texas."

August 2022


JAYNE JAUDON FERRER is an author, poet, and speaker who both entertained and enlightened us with the backstory to her popular website and her recently published first novel HALEY AND THE HOT FLASHES. Tune in for our conversation about the book's cast of characters, their relationships, and their situations, how Jayne found her publisher, and her suggestions for new writers and poets. It's a fun book and a fun conversation!

Opening and closing music, "Hot Texas," courtesy of the Hot Texas Swing Band. 


Tune in for our conversation with Featured Guest JOE HERRINGTON - author, poet, and storyteller. In the first half of the broadcast Joe shares the roots of his passion for story - both recited and written. We chat about storytelling live as well as his books TEKOA and TEKOA: THE BOOK OF SECRETS. In the second half we hear Joe recite his moving piece, The Greatest Generation. Joe Herrington shares "pearls of wisdom" throughout - including this one - "live life richly and fully, experience its ups and downs, explore, wonder, and seek the answers to earth's mysteries - these experiences lay the groundwork for great stories!"
Opening and closing music, "Hot Texas," courtesy of the Hot Texas Swing Band


Tune in to find out about Randi Samuelson-Brown's new book BRAND CHASER: DARK RANGE WESTERN MYSTERY SERIES BOOK ONE! We chat about the Lost Daughter Ranch, characters Emory Cross, Lance Cross, Dirge, Terry & Dave, and Cade. There's talk about branding, brand inspectors, motorcycle clubs, and even purple sage! She shares pearls of wisdom for writers including her take on writer's block, when and why she writes...and...we had FUN!


Music "Colorado Calling" and "Flow Rivers Flow" courtesy of JIm Jones

Music "Hot Texas" courtesy of Alex Dormont and the Hot Texas Swing Band


Episode #1 - Our guests are C. Courtney Joyner and Henry Parke. Courtney is an author, screenwriter, and a gentleman who can chat about Hollywood, Westerns, Horror, the craft of writing, and the ins and outs of publishing all in one breath! With humor, enthusiasm, and high energy Court is passionate about the Written Word and encouraging those who write. Henry Parke is the Western Films Editor for True West, joins in the fun! Tune in to find out how these two met, what they enjoy about writing and film, and listen closely for a pearl or two of writers' wisdom! Opening and closing music. "Hot Texas," courtesy of the Hot Texas Swing Band.
OutWest Book Shop Spot - Music "Flow Rivers Flow" courtesy of Jim Jones