Dr. Pat Allen


Dr. Pat Allen, an expert in the fields of relationships and effective communication has been wowing audiences at the Odyessey Theatre in Los Angeles for over 40 years. Every Monday Dr. Allen gives her talk to an audience of fans and skeptics, and she wows with her Avant garde style, political incorrectness, and the hard truth about ourselves and our relationships, getting laughs and even tears along the way.
Dr. Allen has 42 years to hone her craft by helping men and women learn to express their wants and needs with integrity and honesty, and to recognize and avoid the damaging ploys of intimidation and seduction.
Dr. Allen is often heard saying “Some of the things I teach about male/female relationships have often been called politically incorrect….but they are scientifically accurate. And they work.” And if her success rate according to her students and clients is the measurement then what she does really works!
Call in and see if communicating with Dr. Allen can start you on your road to the goal of committing yourself to a lifestyle of love and authentic communication in all your relationships, in your families and careers, in order to strengthen your relationship skills and enhance your self-esteem and success in life.