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Bridgetta Tomarchio


Growing up in the entertainment industry, you may recognize Bridgetta from numerous tv shows, films, and international modeling campaigns, yet Bridgetta has always been drawn to helping encourage others to be their true self, and to stand in their power. She has also been on air for over 7years with LA Talk Radio.
From her career as an actress, model, tv/radio host, Bridgetta has quite a variety of a fanbase. Bridgetta specializes in conscious communication, soul recall/alignment, and uncovering patterns. As a Life Coach who is a certified HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) and 500 hr CYT, Bridgetta uses NLP, past life regressions, energy healing modalities, angel guidance, massage, meditation, breath work, nutrition, herbs to uncover the root cause of disease in order to realign the body, mind and soul. Her foundation is based on gratitude, intuition, connection, and compassion.
Bridgetta is in the midst of writing her new book, life coaching & teaching, and guiding tours for Sacred Soul Tours. She also runs a successful Event Planning/Marketing/PR firm as she is a guru in that realm.
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Adam Teipel


Adam Teipel lives to blow things up; Adam is a conscious Senior Business Executive, High Performance Coach, and one of the world’s first Reconnective Healing Associate Instructors, who inspires and empowers you to create a new reality that you, your family, and entire tribe will love, igniting real results for realizing your full potential.

Adam Teipel writes, speaks, and educates about how anyone can escape mediocrity to achieve peak performance and new levels of balance in career, health, relationship and overall life. His insatiable obsession with human potential and performance is the catalyst that has driven him to continually thrive in the corporate world, as an entrepreneur, and a thought leader in the fields of energy healthcare and change.

 From a young age Adam steeped himself in the various practices, rituals, and mindsets that evoke the change and growth that the most successful figures of our time utilize. He incorporates the best practices from each of these in his own daily life and with the myriad of teams, audiences and private clients he coaches.

 He is currently finalizing the creation of a new, cutting edge online educational platform that will be the catalyst for everyone who wants to experience real shifts, changes, and transformation in all areas of life. The best part of what Adam will reveal is how simple it is for all of us to become overnight masters!

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Thursday 3:00PM - 3:59PM
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An inspiring show that teaches people how to be "Soul Sexy" in their own lives through living out their truths. We teach through funny skits & scenarios, energy & emotions, and through our many celebrity guests who are sexy souls in their own fields.

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