Starting Your Own Podcast

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If you live in or around LA, consider yourself lucky. Because you are within reach of an awesome radio station that is one of a kind. This is where dreams come into existence!


WHETHER YOU ARE just beginning or already have a regular podcast, you want a pleasant broadcasting environment, devoted human support, and immediate exposure to an audience that actually listens.

LA Talk Radio, with over 12 years of Internet broadcasting experience and having produced hundreds of thousands of shows, is the ultimate solution to making your radio dream a reality.

Sit at the host chair with the console next to you, get behind the mic, and invite your guests for a conversation, in person, around the table. Think of all the people listening to you simultaneously as the fun is streamed live to every device in the world!

And if you want to go beyond audio, your show can also be streamed live in video from our green screen Video studio. With your choice of graphics and virtual sets, your show will sound and look gorgeous.



LA Talk Radio Host your own show


All our shows can also be streamed to Facebook Live and YouTube Live, where you and your guests can share the live feed to your fans and followers and receive real-time comments.

In a world that is now saturated with podcasts, most of them amateurish and of questionable quality, you want to stand out! You have to stand out. Otherwise, who is going to find and listen to you? LA Talk Radio gives you immediate exposure to a built-in audience and ample opportunity to build your listenership.



Be professional. Focus on quality. Be interesting and entertaining. When people take you seriously and see you take yourself seriously, your podcast has infinitely more chances to succeed!

Join us now and get on board. We’re going places, and so will you.

Click “Start Now” to send us a quick email describing what you’re interested in, and we’ll contact you immediately with all the information you’ll need to launch your podcast now.

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