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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Tory Shulman


Tory was raised in Washington, DC, just a stone’s throw away from the White House (an action she does not condone). Since she was a child, she wanted to perform, and cut her chops doing nightly stand-up at the dinner table. She eventually progressed to UCB improv, Stand-Up comedy and finally moved to Los Angeles and got her SAG card by being a “bikini double” on CSI-Miami and getting shot in the boob.  She quickly moved up the TV chain, becoming the host of “Movie Up” “Movie Mob” and “Dailies” on ReelzChannel.
After ReelzChannel, Tory started hosting “Last Night on TV” for where she had to watch hours of reality TV and recap it in under four minutes. This is the reason she is now fully addicted to The Real Housewives.
Currently Tory is the Pop Culture Correspondent at FOX LA and the co-host on "Sam in the Morning" every weekday on
She currently resides in West Hollywood, California with her husband and two rescue dogs Barnaby and Josie Rose. She performs stand-up weekly at such venues as The Comedy Store, The Viper Room and Flappers. She was just accepted into the World Series of Comedy Festival in Las Vegas.

Show Description: 
Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning Sam and Tory bring you an entertaining and irreverent show that mixes a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart conversation. The show features a breadth of fascinating guests, bestselling authors and celebrities. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and smart humor. Call in live and chat with us. Show Producer: Sara Hasson

Show Archives

June 2017


This is Tory's last day and we have an emotional show, also joined by comedian Kathryn Le.


We are joined by Anne in the studio, and we talk to Kool & The Gang's Sir Earl Toon.


With Tory out, I'm joined by guest co-host Amanda, we talk to grief advisor and brand builder Melissa Hull about her book, "Lessons from Neverland."


Lots of topics to talk about today.


Joining us is comedian Rachel Wolfson for an awesome show.


We talk to grand magician Michael Grandinetti about his unbelievable magic acts.


Tory reveals her future career plans and that she's leaving the show and Los Angeles for Denver. Our guests are Jim Christina and Russ Avison, hosts of The Writer's Block, join us for discussion about reading books, training dogs, and the intelligence of horses.


We are joined by Mark Lipps, president of Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, to discuss his amazingly beautiful ocean community, and their upcoming "A Bite on the Beach" event August 12.


We recap Tory's appearance at the Comedy Store last night. She killed. More politics and funny.


With Kay Brandt sitting in for Tory again, we're joined by entertainment attorney Hillary Jones to discuss her Indie film distribution firm Smith Global Media.


We talk to UK actor Christ Torretto about his struggle as a child growing up in Ireland, and his journey to acting in Hollywood.


Kay Brandt sits in as co-host for an extensive discussion about sex in our culture and how porn has evolved.


With Tory out today, I'm joined in the studio by filmmaker, producer, director and-a-million-other-things champion Jenness Rouse.


On the phone, we talk to the authors of "Wealth Can't Wait," David Osborn and Paul Morris.


We're joined by boxer and mathematician Keith Liddell.

May 2017


Lots of politics, and also hot TV shows.


In the studio are Jim Christina and Russ Avison, hosts of "The Writer's Block."


We're joined by Paula Langer and talk about God and science.


In the studio with us is Siona Thacker, a spiritual coach who discuss Kaballah and souls.


Today I'm joined by guest co-host Kay Brandt and guest Karina Kozlov.  We also talk to Gigi Stetler.


Today I'm joined by guest co-host Cameron Kelly for talk about everything.


Dr. Kent Hovind tells us his views of evolution and creation.


We talk to Pattie Grimm

April 2017


On this wonderfully sunny Monday we're joined by funnyman Craig Shoemaker for a funny and fast-moving show.


Sometimes we just like to talk and talk without a guest, that we are simply brilliant. Friend of the show Casey calls in to chat for a while, and we're ready for the weekend.


We're joined by filmmaker Daniel Brea, who made the film Escape form From 18, tells us about being involved in controversy as his film raises emotions to high levels. Check it out.


Kay Brandt is an awesome woman who writes hardcore erotica and produces adult films. She keeps us fascinated with her story and energy.


It was a matter of time before someone thought of a way to celebrate and mourn breakups and divorces. Annette Westwood is an aweome writer and entrepreneur who wrote "Don't Go In That Room," and launched The Beverly Hills Eulogies."


We speak to judge Herb Dodell about his book, From the Trench to the Bench: Navigating the Legal System & Finding Your Spiritual Path Along the Way. In this book you will find everything you need to cover your ass legally. Check it out!


We're joined today by Nick Arnette, a funny man who trains and coaches using humor.


With Tory out on Jury Duty, I am joined in the studio by the multi-talented Ezina, who has an awesome story to tell and a body of impressive creative work.


We're joined in the studio by speaker, author, and motivator Gabriella Van Rij to talk about her fascinating life story and dedication to Kindness.


Lots to talk about today. We also speak to CBS investigative reporter and author Julia Dahl about her newn novel "Conviction" and the disturbing topic of wrongful convictions in the US.


We are joined once again by friend of the show and co-host of "Answers for the Family" Matt Polacheck for a vivid and fun show.

March 2017


We invite Jenness Rouse, producer, singer, actor who is lively and sociable, and we talk about her events and upcoming concert.


In addition to some great topics, we speak to Bedros Keuilian, an engaging fitness industry consultant who has found tremendous success as an immigrant..


Former child actor Eric Walker, who starred in a Star Wars Ewok movie, joins us to tell us about working with George Lucas, life as an adult, and his love of music. Listen to his awesome instrumental album "Brand New Day."


Filmmaker and actor Blayne Weaver discuses his new film noir "Cut to the Chase."


Atheism, Part 2. We're joined once again by the visiting Brazillian Micael Langer and continue our colorful discussion about attitudes toward those who do not believe in God.


Great music and conversation withour guest, singer Carly Van Skaik.


Brazillian filmmaker Micael Langer joins us to discuss his upcoming documentary, "Godless." Fascinating conversation about Atheism.


Recent guest comedian Cameron Kelly co-hosts while Tory is out, and it turned out to be a fun show.


The host of "Combat Radio" Ethan Dettenmaier joins us with his wife Lota Hadley for funny, lively morning.


Yesterday's appearance by a female comic is followed up today by another one, this time it's Cameron Kelly, a funny young beauty who has an interesting story. We met Cameron at the comedy night Tory appeared in last week, and she is now a friend of the show.


Comedian Jillie Reil, whom we met at Flappers comedy club last week, joins us for a funny morning.


A guestless morning always means a lively conversation about a myriad of topics that often teaches us all a thing or two.


What do we talk about when we shoot the breeze without a guest? Listen in!


We're joined in the studio by friend of the show Leah Gadallah as we get to talk to viral YouTube sensation Kast Away. Cool interview and great time by all!


Today's guest Brigitte Bertrand loves to sing in French and has had a fascinating life. Check out her sensuous music.

February 2017


With Tory out today, I'm joined by the host of "LA40" Katerina Cozias as we discuss making it after the age of 40 and other fun stuff.


This Valentine's Day, we are joined by popular dating and love coach Laurel House for talk about finding love in the right places!


We're joined in the studio by artist/photographer Lynn Doran, who spent time in Africa photographing indigenous people in their element. Check out her book, "Omo," for awesome photography.


With no guest today, we cover a myriad of topics in our own special way.


More amazing news stories, politics, and relationships.


We are joined by Romanian filmmaker Kristof Deak for a conversation about his Oscar-nominated film "Sing."


Today we are joined by online dating expert Julie Spira and we talk about, of course, dating in the digital age. Great show if you're single and looking!


A very fun show talking about anything and everything.


The times we don't have a guest sometimes produce the best shows. Take a listen to more fun today.

January 2017


In the studio with us today was hot actress Mara Marini, who stars in "Parks & Recreation" and in the upcoming "CHiPs" film. What a fun and enjoyable guest she is!


Another fun show without a studio guest. We talk, however, to friends of the show Tommy Bethel and his wife Lois, about their adventures across the U.S.


You just know our guestless shows are awesome. Check out today's!


What did they say today on this awesome show? You mean you haven't listened yet?


We are joined in the studio by the creator of the video series "Riley" Jennifer Cetrone for a funny show.


So many things to talk about, so little time. We also talk to Dr. Holly Parker about her book "If We're Together Why Do I Feel So Alone?" which deals with difficult relationships.


We talk to bestselling author William Forstchen about the third book in his dystopioc trilogy which began with "One Second After," a huge national bestseller. His latest, "The Final Day," continues to deal with the frightening possiblity of an EMP attack on American soil.


We are joined by Wendy Dutwin, a marketing and PR star who tells us about the fascinating industry of making things happen and building a brand.


We're joined today by Internet sensation Darren Knight, who invented his popular character, "Southern Momma," to the delight of a huge following. Find out how to stand out and become a star in your own right.


We are joined by off-road racer Justin Peck, who has an inspiring story of mental health and survival, which he put in his new book, "Bulletproof."


Laura Linda Bradley joins us this morning again, this time to discuss the upcoming season of her web series "The Laura Show," a modern version of Friends, we feel.


With our phone guest missing in action, we go crazy with today's headlines.


Great music and conversation with our guest, singer Raffaela Capp and her awesome music.


We talk to Erin Fogel who calls in from NY, a filmmaker and actress who has released her new film "The Strike," a female-driven comedy.


With Leah Pelka sitting in as guest co-host, we're joined by Sam Alibrando, a psychologist who discusses his book, "The 3 Dimensions of Emotions: Finding the Balance of Power, Heart, and Mindfulness in All Your Relationships."


Today's guest Lee Adkins tells us about his fledgling acting career and aspirations. Leah Pelka joins me once again as guest co-host.

December 2016


With the help of guest co-host Leah Pelka, we are joined by actress Meredith Thomas for a discussion that will teach you a lot about how to make it in the movies.

November 2016


Today we were joined by Clay and Kevin of the original group "The Show Ponies."


We are joined in the studio by Vada, a versatile musician with strong messages in his songs.


We speak to Adi Hepner of the Sheba Medical Center, an innovation leader in Israel that makes simulations for doctors and surgeons.


We are joined by filmmaker Isaac Medeiros and his stars Jeff Shea and Glen Baggerly to discuss their film "Cold Chains, Hard Hearts and Bloody Hands," a spaghetti western that promises to be awesome!


Election Day. Everyone is excited to go out and vote, and we discuss the possibilities awaiting this country.


We are joined by Richard Bacon, host of National Geographic Channel’s original series, "Explorer."


The host of "The Writer's Block" Jim Christina joins us again for an interesting show.


No guests but lots of fun and interesting stuff as we approach Election Day.


We are joined by the beautiful Katerina Cozias, the host of the new show "LA40," and we discuss life after 40.

October 2016


Today is Halloween and we get funny and scary.


Jennifer Hill is the host of "Get Yourself the Job" and she comes in to discuss careers and other spritual stuff. Very entertaining.


We're joined today by comedian Samantha Hale for a funny morning.


Travers Beynon, the Australian "Hugh Hefner," arrives with his entourage, five beatiful women who include his young wife. This fascinating guy has the money and the fortune to show for it.


We speak to Kenji Gallo about his book about his life in the mob, and about his program for Parkinsons patients, called Rock Steady Boxing.


WIth Tory out today, I'm joined by guest co-host Melissa Hill, and guest Matt Polacheck of the Betty Ford Center for a fun show.


Relationship and makeover expert, Kim Seltzer, who is also a Confidence Coach, talk about dating and her upcoming singles event.


Filmmaker Greg Travis comes in to talk about his film noir "Dark Seduction," a detective/vampire story.


Various topics and news.


We talk to William Forstchen about his new book in a series, "The Final Day." The story follows survivors of an EMP attack and evloves into a perfect dystopian epic.


Merilee Kern calls in to tell us about new apps and innovations in technology.


Actor Stephen Oyoung joins us and tells about his experience with martial arts and stunt work in film.


We are joined today by the hosts of "Answers for the Family" Allen Cardoza and Matt Polacheck and discuss addiction and human trafficking.


We chat about a million things.


We talk to Jake Heilbrunn, a 19-year-old who's had to battle a skin condition and depression, and who wrote "Off the Beaten Trail."


We talk to actress Rebecca Metz about her FX "Better Things" role and the role in Showtime's "Shameless."


Today we're joined by the members of the band Sleep Machine Alisha Zalkin and Dan Kalisher.


We talk to the founder of Hungry Fan, Daina Falk, who wrote "The Hungry Fan's Gamday Cookbook" about "tailgating" at home.

September 2016


We're joined in the studio by TV producer, writer and Director Caytha Jentis from the newly released Amazon Prime show "The Other F Word" about 40+ women.


We speak to motivational speaker, author and coach Divya Parekh about how to get more out of life.


More enlightening political discussions and debating following the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We talk to Merliee Kern of about new gadgets and apps to help you with fitness and wellness. Really cool stuff.


With no guest today, we discuss heavy politics in such a civilized manner, it's refreshing--if we do say so ourselves. It is the evening of the first presidential debate, and we get into the spirit.


Our musical guests Sally Champlin and Bob Henley III bring in some of their awesome music and talk about collaboration.


We are joined today in the studio by a special guest, a former host of LA Talk Radio's "Hard Knocks," stuntman and adventurer Rick Avery. Rick has worked with the greatest Hollywood filmmakers and stars, and has written a must-read book, "A Life At Risk."


A Model with a Famous Ass and Fitness Coach, Osa Sjoberg was in the studio today. She is also the Author of The Booty Chronicles.


Today we talked about dating and the Great Love Debate with Katie Kopa


Author Iman Llompart called in to talk about her book, "Dark Rage."


We talk to former NFL Star Terrell Fletcher about overcoming obstacles and winning big, and his new book.


Hosts of Vivation Radio, Suzy Q & Jim D were with us this morning.


Personal Fitness Coach, Dustin Conrad joined the studio this morning.


Andrei Duman is an aerial photographer who has accomplished a lot in his life, and his story his nothing short of amazing. He opens his new photo gallery in Woodland Hills Sept. 16.

August 2016


We had Web Series Producer, Ashley Bornancin in our show this morning.


Singer, Amber Ojeda stopped by our show today.


Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Dadvand was with us this morning.


Elisabeth Dale, from the "Bra Zone"  will be in today.


On today's show Filmmaker, Dylan Sanford will be in the studio.


Joined today by Jorge Valdes-Iga, Filmmaker.


From the movie The Big Swim, Filmmaker Kat Green and Actress Kimberly Leemans will be with us this morning.


Filmmakers Rob & Avery Clyde will join us this morning.


We'll be talking to Filmmaker Mageina Tovah on our show this morning.


British Actress Afsaneh Dehrouye will be with us today talking about her latest projects.


On today's show Monster Motivator Dave Daley will be talking with us this morning.


On today's show Felix Beilharz will talk about how to be a Social Media Expert.


We're joined by Filmmaker Fred Thomas Jr. today!


Today we were joined Jessica Bunevacz, author of "The Polished Woman" and Dating Expert.


With Tory back in the co-host seat, we find out a bit about her, chat some politics, and then we are joined by the hosts of "Answers for the Family" on LA Talk Radio, Allen Cardoza and Matt Polacheck. We discover the reality behind runaway teens, addiction, and finally recovery. A very inspiring, interesting, and entertaining show.


Join me and guest co-host candidate Tory Shulman for a fun ride, along with our guest, actress and travel expert Lucy Butler.

July 2016


Today guest co-host Katerina joins us for a cool show, as we feature the creator of a new TV show Len Rosen.


Along with the second finalist for the co-host seat Brenna Rhea, we're joined in the studio by the founder of "Models of Diversity," Angel Sinclair.


We're auditioning finalists for the co-host seat. Discover Anna Petrova as she joins me for a fun show.


Lots of funny things to report following our much needed vacation. In the studio we're joined by Billy Murray, founder of badass talent databse "Hosstyle."


We are joined in the studio by the maker of the film "Grandma's House" Kimberly Zulkowski.


Canadian Mark Bradac tells us about the American band who uses the same name as his band, "Teaze."

June 2016


Friend of the show Leah Pelka joins us for a heated show this morning.


We talk to composer Megan Cavallari about her work in film scoring.


We are joined by Jim Christina, host of "The Writer's Block " radio show on LA Talk Radio.


We talk to Sam's new favorite writer, Douglas E. Richards, about his new book "Game Changer." A fascinating interview about various technological and neuroligical developments.


Our studio guest today is Sheri Savory, host of "Savory Spotlight" on LA Talk Radio. We discuss genealogy and ancestry tests through DNA.


We talk voiceovers and animation today with our guest Jonathan Holmes, who was picked by Spielberg to voice one of the giants on Disney's "The BFG."


Our studio guest is visiting from Vegas, and we complied with his request to make his dream come true and appear on a radio show. He's known as "Lil Rheuk" and he sings his own music.


We talk all things Cannabis with our studio guest Jim Baudino of "Merry Jane," a destination website for Mariuana connoseurs, founded in part by Snoop Dog.


Repeat guest, dating coach Laurel House, joins us to discuss dating mistakes, and her new E! show for singles.

May 2016


We're joined by singer Kelsey Lamb for a fun show.


Today we spend the morning with the stars of "The Laura Show" Laura Linda Bradley and Christopher Dietrick.


The "Classic Bikini Divas" Saba and Babs come in to talk about their radio show and about being fit and sexy late in life.


We're joined by actor and radio host Adrian Paul to discuss "The Peace Fund."


We talk to former former mercenery Sean McFate about modern warfare and his book "Shadow War."


Cherie Thibodeaux joins us as the next co-host on the show and you'll agree she's perfect! We talk to Kimberly Palm about her book, "Conquering Stress: The REAL Fountain of Youth!"