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Bruce Cameron


Bruce Cameron is a sought after National C-Suite Executive Coach and experienced private practice counselor and life coach.  With over 25 years experience as a Federal Law Enforcement official Bruce brings a unique arsenal of tools to serve high net worth, high potential individuals.  He used his intricate knowledge of interpersonal and workplace communication to help clients overcome periods of crisis to flourish both personally and professionally.  Bruce has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.  He is a certified professional life coach, speaks nationally and has authored several professional publications.

Justin Nimergood


Would your organization benefit from an award-winning, dynamic, passionate, self-directed and self-motivated channel sales leader with a history of fast-track promotions and goal annihilation?

With 10 years+ of experience (primarily at Cisco), Justin Nimergood’s greatest passion at work has always been connecting with, inspiring, and helping other people.
Justin is a High-Energy, Competitive, and Methodical Channel Sales Leader who is well versed in leading cross-functional, matrixed, fast-paced channel/sales teams to achieve measurable growth objectives by fostering robust strategy, tight-knit collaboration, and tactical execution. Justin is approaching his fifth year as the President & CEO of ‘N Good Company, an educational community focused on developing leaders through Business Coaching, Organizational Consulting, and Motivational Speaking/Training.
Currently, Justin is responsible for driving top-line growth for content management/sales enablement software company, vablet! Here, he is excited to build, launch, and grow the company’s channel/sales team and corresponding programmatic framework in order to achieve “market leadership” status within this trending market segment. Prior to vablet, Justin completed a one year consulting engagement with ImagIT, where he for responsible for forging strategic partnerships and alliances with world-class partners to drive the next-generation sales & channel strategy for the company. Justin has also helped negotiate contracts with high-profile clients such as: Cisco, Google, Parker Aerospace, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, and LA’s Promise (to name a few). During this time, he also wrote and published “Intrapreneurship: Changing Business Culture from the Inside Out,” a motivational memoire that details business and sales strategies gleaned from his professional experience and lifetime of mentorship, most notably over a decade at Cisco where Justin led various sales and channel teams building a greenfield territory of <$250K to a territory valued at $100M+ upon his departure. Before Cisco, Justin worked in finance with Waddell & Reed and Morgan Stanley.
Justin holds his Masters in Management & Leadership from Pepperdine University and his Bachelor in Marketing from The University Of Texas at Austin. He currently resides in Orange County, CA with his fiancé, Naomi, and their bulldog, Nala

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Monday 12:00PM - 12:59PM
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The Concierge Coaches Show. Where Positive Change Happens! Bruce Cameron and Justin Nimergood, nationally sought after private and executive business coaches, share their expertise, insights, and experience in the coaching profession with their listeners. Tune in to hear their amazing quest coach speakers from different coaching arena’s across the country. Join us and take a peak behind the curtain at this quickly expanding international coaching profession.

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January 2020


December 2019


Andrew Cruz is our guest. He is an entrepreneur that has developed several very productive revenue streams. As an active duty US Marine, Andrew applies analytic techniques to his business ventures. His unique way of deconstructing a successful enterprise and then developing a list of bench marks to move forward on is intriguing. Andrew describes numerous systems and processes he utilizes in his businesses.  Andrew can be seen on Instagram @ . 


Our co-host this week is Miss Houston 2019 Blaine Ochoa. Blaine described the various mindsets she has had to possess to persevere through challenges to become Miss Houston. She disclosed the numerous accomplishments achieved during her tenure thus far as Miss Houston. Blaine can be seen on her public Instagram @ 


Bruce and Justin provide updates on their respective coaching practices. Both discuss how to promote and scale business for coaching clients. Other techniques useful to client are also covered. Bruce is at and Justin is at 


Amanda Franklin is our guest. She is a Life Coach/Recovery coach based out of the DFW North Texas area. She is the founder of Recovery for the Rest of Us: A community for "the rest of us" who have a loved one either in or out of recovery, or struggling with mental illness, which includes chemical and process addictions. Love, growth, experience, sharing, understanding, and inclusiveness are our principles. Amanda's unique brand and approach to recovery applies to millions who don't use traditional approaches. Please visit :

November 2019


Today our special guest is Neal Williams. Neal holds his CPC and is a life coach/recovery coached based in Texas. Neal has produced a variety of very informative and impactful videos that can be seen on his Instagram and Youtube channel. He shared is powerful story of his journey that got him into his coaching to present day. Check Neal out at Instagram or on his Youtube @


Recovery Coach Kyle returns to the show. This 21 year old Recovery Coaching Phenom talks about how he is building a successful coaching practice. Kyle centers his work with youth who struggle with substance use, vaping and adolescent development. Kyle can be reached at 


Mark Allen is an educator, speaker, consultant, and author who specializes in talent management and corporate universities. He is the author of Aha Moments in Talent Management (published by ASTD Press in 2014) and the co-author and editor of The Next Generation of Corporate Universities (Pfeiffer, 2007), and The Corporate University Handbook (Amacom Books, 2002). He has also written numerous articles in practitioner and academic publications. He was the recipient of the 2017 Global Training and Development Leadership Award given by the World Human Resource Development Congress. In 2017, he was named one of the Top 100 HR Influencers by Engagedly.  He discussed the various aspects of his coaching, consulting, and speaking practice.  He can be found at  .


Bruce and Justin discuss security coaching and consulting. They cover the various coaching processes involved. Aspects of project management, billing and scheduling were also covered. Bruce may be reached at and Justin is @ .

October 2019


From the best of "The Concierge Coaches Show" : Today our special guest is Dona Speir. While she pursued success as a model, she found herself the victim of predatory grooming (by celebrity Bill Cosby at the age of 16), sexual manipulation and abuse. And though her career moved forward, her emotional life was in disarray. Just 4 months after her 18th birthday, Dona checked into a drug rehab. She’d already been abusing alcohol and pills and had recently begun freebasing cocaine. Despite this early attempt at recovery, her alcohol and drug use would continue, on and off, until she was 23.

Sobriety allowed Dona the strength and support she needed to grapple with the demons that had tormented her since childhood. It also allowed her the stability to continue modeling and to pursue a successful acting career.

Since conquering her own addiction thirty years ago, Dona has dedicated her life to helping others. In 2003, she was selected as ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Yellowstone Foundation, a non-profit Women’s Recovery Group of Homes. And in 2005, she founded Lynn House, one of the first no-charge Recovery/Detox centers for women in California. From 2004 to 2006, Dona served on the Board of the W.I.N. Foundation (Women in Need)—a non-profit recovery, education, and empowerment.

Dona currently has published her book: The Naked Truth:The Rise and Fall of Dona Speir. Currently, Dona is CEO of Recovery Coaching Experts, and works as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and Nationally Certified Interventionist. Learn more about Dona here:


Dr. Krisite Overstreet is our special guest. She discussed active versus passive revenue streams and how to scale a coaching practice to meet both personal and professional. needs. Dr. Kristie is a psychotherapist, clinical sexologist, speaker, author, and consultant with 13 years of clinical experience. She assists clients just like you to improve their relationship with themselves and others.  When you focus on personal growth and commit to taking action, you will see every relationship in your life. From personal to professional relationships, the only way they will improve is if you are your healthiest self. Learn to be brave, evolve, and feel more connected than ever.  Through her podcast, blog, articles, therapy, and coaching let me help you create your best life. It's time for less thinking and more action. 


Deni Abbie our special guest. Deni is a certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist that works with clients throughout the DFW Metroplex and Nationally in person, SKYPE or by phone. Deni created a program called POST,  (Positive Outcome Suggestion Technique) that combines Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP. This combination therapy helps speedup successful results. Deni helps clients overcoming blocks, achieving goals and become more self confident. POST works in many different ways to help her clients.

September 2019


Our guest today is Ali Mahmood. He shared his story that began in Iraq and coming to Southern California to pursue is American Dream. Ali's work ethic, attitude and perseverance as enabled him to become one of Southern California's premier eCommerce and wholesale electronics suppliers. Ali is on Instagram @ameno2000 .


Our special guest Mark Coffey has over 30 years experience in commercial real estate, including recently leading the OC office of a prominent Southern California tenant rep brokerage firm for over 10 years. He held senior leadership positions in corporate real estate at a large property & casualty insurance company and a Fortune 100 technology firm. He is a leading advisor to companies and entrepreneurs in high technology, professional and consulting services, medical device manufacturing, residential mortgage, insurance and industrial service firms.  In addition Mark has advised clients on real estate development, land use, entitlements and zoning matters.  Mark saves clients money with expert site selection, lease/purchase negotiations and consulting with construction, project management and property operations.


Our guest today is leadership coach Jim Trunick. The very first place one can start changing outcomes is by analyzing, developing and improving our own skillset. Taking this growth one step further, Jim explores how to better understand others and communicate our needs more effectively through specific exercises and simulations. By understanding the significance of Emotional Intelligence and the triggers that affect us individually, we can better predict and direct our interactions with others. Three CORE areas:

  • Values & Culture
  • Communicating in Color
  • Emotional Intelligence


Bruce and Justin discuss the application of coaching to Hunter Jumper Class equestrians. We cover the mental barriers and fears of riders that may result in unsuccessful classes or competition. Fears of injury and other blocks were discussed. 

August 2019


Our guest is Christine Baumgartner. She helps clients navigate dating and relationship processes. Christine believes your answers are already there-- they lie within you. Her coaching is influenced by her experiences with online dating. She had been coaching for 11 years. Get the perfect catch. 


Today's guest is Cyn Hannah. It is her imission to guide people in making their own lives great, whether that means overcoming obstacles, or taking their situation from good to incredible … or many times, both.  

Cyn believes that everything I've faced in her life has provided her with the unique ability to really stand with people, whether they're committed to making a good life GREAT, taking their life to the next level, or navigating through a tough challenge.

Cyn has a  results-oriented approach that helps her clients get out of overwhelm, stop sacrificing their personal lives and finally enjoy the success, free time and lifestyle they crave. 


Today our special guest is Dona Speir. While she pursued success as a model, she found herself the victim of predatory grooming (by celebrity Bill Cosby at the age of 16), sexual manipulation and abuse. And though her career moved forward, her emotional life was in disarray. Just 4 months after her 18th birthday, Dona checked into a drug rehab. She’d already been abusing alcohol and pills and had recently begun freebasing cocaine. Despite this early attempt at recovery, her alcohol and drug use would continue, on and off, until she was 23.

Sobriety allowed Dona the strength and support she needed to grapple with the demons that had tormented her since childhood. It also allowed her the stability to continue modeling and to pursue a successful acting career.

Since conquering her own addiction thirty years ago, Dona has dedicated her life to helping others. In 2003, she was selected as ‘Woman of the Year’ by the Yellowstone Foundation, a non-profit Women’s Recovery Group of Homes. And in 2005, she founded Lynn House, one of the first no-charge Recovery/Detox centers for women in California. From 2004 to 2006, Dona served on the Board of the W.I.N. Foundation (Women in Need)—a non-profit recovery, education, and empowerment.

Dona currently has published her book: The Naked Truth:The Rise and Fall of Dona Speir. Currently, Dona is CEO of Recovery Coaching Experts, and works as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and Nationally Certified Interventionist. Learn more about Dona here:


Our special guests are Ameen Farreed and Annie Kamyab co-founders of Catering For Corporate. Originally from Iran, both have successfully navigated the waters of challenge to become the successful business persons they have become. Although some competitors are experts in cooking, they are experts on the food as well as amazing customer service.  Ameen and Annie can be booked at 

July 2019


Jose Santana and Bruce Cameron discuss the latest updates on Federal Prison Reform. The recent passage of the First Step Act has created a flurry of interest recently in the recalculation of Good Conduct Time, Compassionate Releases and Reduction in Sentence for Elderly Offenders. Contact these Federal Bureau of Prisons experts at  .


Our special guest is Jamie Bronstein, host of LA Talk Radio's Love Talk Live. Jamie helps clients on their journey to a better you, a better relationship, and ultimately, a better life. Jaime works with clients in person, via phone, through Skype/Zoom, and by way of her “Live Chat” (immediate relationship advice for those moments when you just need some automatic help on the spot.) You can learn more about Jaime and her work on her website,


Bruce and Justin discuss a model on how to provide Executive/Life Coaching on a Cruise Line. Justin outlined a Entrepreneur/Business design and Bruce would you personal / next level / mindset coaching. Both working in tandem is a powerful offering to ship's guests and relationships can continue post-cruise! Justin is found @ Bruce can be found @ 


Special guest Koz Khosravani, President & CTO of Deep Mind Branding. Koz's work focuses on providing internet marketing services to businesses that need a "branding makeover." Koz is a former lecturer at UCLA and has shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins. His model of the keys to attain mental clarity, 1-Giant Step Marketing and Lifestyle. Find Koz @


Luz Arango, owner of Lupita's Market is our special guest. They have been serving the Westlake/LA neighborhood for over 25 years. The Food Policy Council selected Lupita's Market for a remodeling and store transformation. Luz shared her personal stories of becoming an entrepreneur and an important contributor to her neighbors in the Westlake area. 

June 2019


Stephen Breheny is the founder of Sierra Bravo Consulting. He has more than 25 years experience in telecommunications, 23 of which with AT&T. His consulting areas include operations, performance, vendor management, engineering and implementation. His consulting and coaching firm services assist clients with nearly every facet of the telecom industry. Stephen can be reached at 


Bruce and Justin discuss the importance of Golf in the business and coaching fields. Golf seeming is a necessary life-skill where many deals are made and many meaningful experiences are had. They also discuss new versus old techniques for change and being your own change agent. Bruce -  Justin -


Bruce and Justin discuss relationship building and its relevance to coaching. Methods for creating a platform for engaging your "tribe" were discussed. Additionally, interactive video methods were detailed and how this application attracts new clients/customers. For more information: Justin - / Bruce - 


Our special guest: Kristy Klymciw. Her coaching helps women heal from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and weight loss.  she also is a Leaky Gut Expert. The application of healthy eating habits and showing clients how to have a positive relationship with food is crucial. Kristy can be reached on instagram @Kristymariewellness .

May 2019


Bruce and Justin continue to discuss the story arc.  Justin covers how to increase your inner drive and achieve success. Strategies on obtaining success with a blueprint that one can scale correctly. Clients are shown how to document and blueprint their success. The end goal is to be able to create a sustainable success that you can teach and train.


Bruce and Justin discuss core components new sales strategies. Justin outlined the demand waterfall, SLA's and provides a thorough analysis of the Buyer's Journey. Strategies on walking through "the funnel" and hyper-targeting to generate sales and close deals. Justin is found at and Bruce is found at


From an early age Joy Nash was introduced to health and fitness by a childhood friend. She had piles of Muscle and Fitness magazines, which introduced to the fantastic world of Health & Fitness. She read every article and was captivated by how the body could be molded into such a magnificent work of art, as well as keeping the body internally healthy and fit. On Joy’s 13 birthday her mother asked what would she like for her birthday she asked for weight sets. From that day forward her quest to stay healthy and fit began. She became a personal training at the age 19 helping people to transform their minds, body, soul and spirit through Health & Fitness Coaching as well as lifestyle coaching to help them achieve their goals in health and fitness needs. She can be seen on Instagram @Fitness4Joy


Jose Santana and Bruce Cameron discuss provisions under the First Step Act. This Prison Reform of Federal Prison is an exciting new program. Both discuss eligibility of early release for elderly offenders, compassionate release and other offenders that qualify for early Residential Re-Entry placement and Home Confinement. 

April 2019


Bruce and Justin discuss how to grow a group coaching practice. Mentoring and funding coaching school to offering office space to certified coaches with multiple locations are discussed. Methods of maintaining a group coaching practice are explored. 


Coach Elizabeth A. Cantu rejoins the program. She detailed her recent experience with Unleashing the Power Within. Her Fire Walk and application of the 6 Human Needs were discussed. Applications to coaching clients were explored.


Bruce and Justin discuss how to coach Channel Partners. Justin provides feedback to Bruce on various consumption models to providing Risk Mitigation Services on a retainer model (and/or in a consortium). 


Bruce and Justin discuss the applications of Augmented Reality and coaching. We discuss working with teams and business coaching with different cultures. Thoughts on branding were also covered.  


Donna Tadych is our special guest. Her coaching offers a comprehensive and safe way to recognize patterns that lead to habitual brokenness, dysfunction and other negative mindsets. Her Inner Healing Programs are Christ-centered, delving into the root structure of why problems return. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, Donna can gently walk you through the steps of true inner healing. 

March 2019


Bruce and Justin explore sports and how men communicate in the workplace. Men are more likely to communicate side by side whereas women are face to face. We also discuss the art of closing a deal with several touch points. The notion of start locally and grow globally was discussed. 


Crystal Lynn Sanders returns to the show. She detailed her progress with several service lines which include Fairytale Fitness a program where moms and kids work out together. She has a certification program for instructors of F F.

Her next possibility is to expand to larger markets and health clubs. 


Bruce and Justin discuss aspects of developing and maintaining a coaching and consulting practice. Various ways to manage and procure health care, tax preparation and other vital functions of maintaining a business plan are covered. . 


Elizabeth Cantu is our guest. She is a clarity and success coach. Her unique background as a Trauma RN has taught her much about resilience. She imparts these strategies to her coaching clients. Elizabeth has a presence like none other. 

February 2019


Bruce and Justin discuss employee misconduct in the workplace. Bruce discussed his unique approach to coaching executives that are charged or alleged to have perpetrated sexual misconduct in the workplace. Respectful Workplace strategies were discussed.  See more at 


Bruce and Justin discuss the role of data analytics, story arcs and social media engines as tools to harness one's brand. Both shared unique ways in which these are utilized individually and corporately. 


Valentines Week Show: Guest Amanda Franklin CPC shares secrets of positive and fulfilling relationships. Amanda helps us understand our stuck points, creating healthier relationships and communication skills. 


Justin and Bruce discuss coaching techniques in a fast-paced start-up environment. Various cases where coaching techniques were utilized in on-boarding and firing of channel partners and sales force members. 

Justin can be reached at Justin Nimergood  Bruce is at 

January 2019


Special guest Jose Santana, Federal Prison Authority 

Jose and Bruce discuss coaching clients, attorneys and defendant families on the First Step Act. This Act signed into federal law in December, 2018.  Earned Time Credits, more Good time off and extended halfway house/home confinement opportunities are coming for non-violent incarcerated federal inmates. Jose can be reached at  his email is 


Guest Brett Jones shared his experience with investing and real estate. He has meaningfully translated these experiences into his relationship coaching practice. He shared proven strategies, videos, tools that have been built over 25 years of experience to save years of hard work, guess work and to win in marriage, family, investment, inner peace and business. Brett can be reached @


Snapchat Guru/Influencer Winston Hermann details how he was able to fully utilize Snapchat as a social platform as well as a channel generator for numerous income streams. Winston shared his unique methodology for Snapchat. Comparisons and contrasts to other social media platforms were also covered. Winston can be found on Snapchat @ yeboiwinson  or Instagram @ hermannwinston 


Bruce and Justin detail experiences with business coaching. Justin detailed his approach to coaching teams and channel partners for a tech startup. Justin has a unique approach to coaching teams of young entrepreneurs/sales. New Years goal setting was also discussed. Justin is at Bruce can be found at 

December 2018


From the best of "The Concierge Coaches Show" : Today we have special guest Blaine Ochoa. Blaine is a model, singer, and writer. She was the 2017 Miss Houston USA 1st Runner Up. She has a beauty column called Beauty With Blaine and is a featured columnist for Bay Area Houston Magazine and LCA Houston Magazine. She has a degree in Communication Studies from Texas State University and is a Delta Gamma Alumni. Blaine is a professional in the media industry currently doing advertising and marketing as an account executive at KBMT 12 News in Beaumont, TX. She is also pursing a career in the music and entertainment business. She has a passion for traveling, health and fitness and giving back to the community. She enjoys being involved with local charities and organizations. Blaine has coached youth and continues to be an inspiration and role model. She can be followed on Instagram @Blainejanell .


Today we had special guest Ashley Evans, CPC.  Modern dating, love, and relationships do not look anything like what previous generations experienced.  For those of us who find themselves looking for love in a new technology-driven era, it can be nerve-wracking not knowing where to start, or how to go about finding that special love that we seek. Ashley assists individuals and couples in navigating modern dating, love and relationships in order to find the love of their life. Ashely can be reached at Ashley Evans,CPC - Life coach, Love, Dating, Relationships, Dallas 


Emani Vegan Cosmetics is deeply rooted in the transformational journey of its founder, Michelle Doan. Michelle has suffered from cystic acne and sensitive skin her entire life. After trying various treatment programs and different types of makeup to cover up her problematic skin, her condition only worsened.

Founded in Huntington Beach, California in 1998, Emani has been perfecting the art of cosmetics on a quiet scale – Emani is the 20 year secret to healthy, glowing, BEAUTIFUL skin! We aim to be the ultimate LOOK great, FEEL beautiful company, and strive to DO good in every aspect of life. We are rooted in the fact that we are not just another faceless company. It’s deeply rewarding to create products that are solutions for those with sensitive and problematic skin. At Emani Vegan Cosmetics, our mission has always been to make products for our loved ones, our moms, our friends, our daughters, and YOU! 


Today we have special guest Blaine Ochoa. Blaine is a model, singer, and writer. She was the 2017 Miss Houston USA 1st Runner Up. She has a beauty column called Beauty With Blaine and is a featured columnist for Bay Area Houston Magazine and LCA Houston Magazine. She has a degree in Communication Studies from Texas State University and is a Delta Gamma Alumni. Blaine is a professional in the media industry currently doing advertising and marketing as an account executive at KBMT 12 News in Beaumont, TX. She is also pursing a career in the music and entertainment business. She has a passion for traveling, health and fitness and giving back to the community. She enjoys being involved with local charities and organizations. Blaine has coached youth and continues to be an inspiration and role model. She can be followed on Instagram @Blainejanell .

November 2018


Serial Entrepreneur Ryan Condie is our special guest. He shared how to build, grow and scales businesses. Ryan focusses on driving end-to-end productivity that provides optimal efficiency and effectiveness for internal and client operations.


Bruce and Justin discuss current and past coaching cases. The rigors of owning your own practice are also covered. The show finishes with an overview of Close Range Sober/Recovery Coaching. More on this can be found on Bruce's site: 


Naomi Marin is an award winning makeup artist and hairstylist with over 15 years of experience working in the beauty industry. Her expertise is sought by both private and professional clients working in high fashion and editorial work along with corporate professionals. She has been featured internationally in Marie Claire, FHM magazine, Mia España, and worked as a makeup artist and hairstylist at the Primetime Emmy Awards.  Naomi currently resides in Orange County, CA and is actively serving locations across the globe. She can be followed on Instagram @naomimua


Recover Out Loud Llc is brain child of Martha Duke founder and CEO. As a sober mother and woman in recovery she began to realize the stigmas and problems that effect the women in the recovery community. The stigma is real for all parents not just mothers, and there are many fears associated with seeking treatment when children are involved. The fear of judgement, social services, family and partners sometimes feels like a scarier consequence than treatment. She can be reached at

October 2018


During our show with Dr. Christian Perrin, he shared valuable insight and personal accounts regarding how to communicate effectively, how to persuade and influence, and how to create an environment that enables you to be your best self. His experience in mental health and teaching abroad has certainly given Dr. Perrin a unique perspective to coaching. 


Bruce and Justin cover their vision for the show. The genesis for the new line up and how the show will evolve in 2018. More about Justin: he serves in a content management/sales enablement software company, Vablet! Here, he's responsible for driving massive top-line growth en route to "Market Leadership" positioning. If your company would benefit from a high-energy, competitive, and influential channel sales leader with a passion for getting in front of people, constructing global deals/strategic partnerships, and catalyzing multimillion-dollar revenue growth, talk to Justin!


Tiffany Wicks is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, Professional Coach, and the owner of Push Counseling and Coaching. Tiffany holds a Masters in Counseling from Southern Methodist University, and is a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University with her research focusing on rehabilitation for female survivors of sex trafficking.

Tiffany has supported others throughout the lifespan in their journey toward recovery. Through her own experience with  perinatal depression, Tiffany started  Push to uplift women in any stage of motherhood, pre-conception through postpartum. Tiffany is committed to expanding the conversation and access to maternal mental health care. Outside of Push, Tiffany lives with her husband of four years, their two year old daughter and two dogs in Dallas, Texas. She can be reached at 


Bruce and Justin's special guest this week is Marisa Murray. Marisa is a Certified Executive Coach, Author and Speaker focused on unlocking executives' leadership potential to yield superior business results. A former Partner with Accenture and Vice President at Bell, Marisa brings her over 20 years of first-hand experience to her research and consulting on the best practices that support her clients in achieving the outcomes to which they aspire.

September 2018


Our special guest this week is Sylvia Hubbard. Bruce, Justin and Sylvia discuss the need for coaching as an aspect to the recovery process in addiction. Sylvia is the Director of Business Development for Addiction Campuses in the Southwestern US. Sylvia oversees a team of Treatment Specialists who work on the front lines of addiction and help people get into treatment programs by working with families, hospitals and other organizations across the country. She has worked in the mental health and addiction field for the last 17 years covering international and domestic markets like London, Spain, France and South Florida. Sylvia traveled from London U.K. to Miami /Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then to Arlington Texas, where she strives to bring attention and awareness of the effects of drugs and alcohol in the community. With decades of experience marketing products, Sylvia says she finds it more meaningful to offer life-saving treatment at Addiction Campuses. Sylvia can be reached at


Laura Hernandez is certified in spiritual life coaching, Thetahealing® and Heartmath strategies. She teaches how to blend to these energy techniques efficiently to transform thoughts and feelings and create an amazing authentic and powerful life. The benefits to her approach can be experienced in your health, relationships, professional life and really any area that needs transformation. Laura teaches classes and offers private sessions as well.


Bob Johnson, Executive Director of Qual-Tron Incorporated was our special guest. Bob detailed how he coaches government officials, organizations and other security professionals on how to protect their assets. Various applications include primary detection on avenues of approach, outside fence, early warning and the cueing of other systems' equipment to augment and enhance effectiveness. QTI Intrusion Detection - MMIDS, MIDS, EMIDS   and

August 2018


Combat Veteran of US Army, Tony Isla, talks about his powerful intuitive coaching program, offered to Veterans, leaders and emerging adults across the Country. Tony is the real deal, tough, compassionate a experienced Tony can be reached at


Reverse Interview with Piper Broderick, fresh outta Professional Coach Certification training. Piper interviewed Jenni about 'life as a life coach', talking about how she knew this was her calling, how she got started, and how she keeps going.  Piper is launching her coaching business as spiritual development and empowerment coach, aiding clients with introspection, deep healing and activation of their highest selves. Piper can be reached at


Geri England, MS, MEd, CPCC. Geri is an Executive and Story Coach, OD Consultant, author and creator of the Discover Your Story to Success© System. Geri leverages the power of narrative practices, stories and positive psychology to help professionals, leaders and their teams achieve goals. This interview is one that you will not want to miss. Geri can be reached at


July 2018


Executive Health Coach, Elizabeth Sherman shares her powerful personal journey to total health, and how she coaches high functioning executives, and entrepreneurs using simple but sustainable habits that improve performance in all areas of life. Hence, Total Health by Elizabeth Sherman. Gift for listeners: Mention this episode and get a free health strategy call. Elizabeth may be reaced at FB: @totalhealthbyeliz IG: esherman68 . Linkedin: elizabethsherma


Certified Expat Coach, Sara Ottoboni talks about how her personal international relocation journey led her into the coaching field to specialize in helping expat spouses launch business using online social media as the. She talks about the importance of declaring your niche, marketing directly to your niche, and applying tried and true sales and marketing techniques to the latest social media platforms. Sara love to help 'expatpreneurs' and 'solopreneurs' build relationships online with their ideal clients.
Contact Sara at or


Jeff Bullion is a spiritual fitness coach that loves to work with people that have 'tried everything' to achieve results. As a certified personal trainer, and a certified spiritual coach, Jeff helps clients uncover their power within, find unlimited thinking and realize unlimited results. Based in Austin, Texas, Jeff coaches clients face to face and via web video. He can be reached at or his website at
"When your mind is fit, your body will follow."


Special Guest, Southern California's "Millennial Gone Good"- Justin Nimergood. His story is compelling and relevant. He is the author of Intrapreneurship: Changing Business Culture Inside Out. If you’re looking to transition out of a current role, start a new business venture, or simply sharpen your business acumen, Justin could be a great coach for you. While his corporate background primarily comes from technology and finance, He have helped everyone from account managers and executives to students and other coaches (yes, coaches have coaches too). Justin can be reached via his site

June 2018


Special guest is Kyle Lecompte, the youngest credentialed Recovery Coach in the US! He has achieved and maintained a healthy program of recovery without attending 12-step groups. At age 21, Kyle has launched his Recovery Coaching practice. Kyle assists his youth/teen clients build skills on how to achieve and maintain abstinence/ relapse prevention/ harm-reduction/ from alcohol, marijuana and other intoxicants. This level of service where Coaching may be an effective intervention rather than resorting to traditional rehab programs, as a start on the journey to healing.  Kyle can be reached at


Special Guests Ralph Miller and Jose Santana discuss prison coaching/consulting. The core site
Ralph and Jose discuss how they assist attorneys, defendants and family cope with being incarcerated in Federal Prison. Jose and Ralph train Federal Judges as well as Defense Attorneys nationwide. Retaining their services early is very important. They discuss how they can assist with correct classification, designations, and time off programs. Prison reform issues and how they impact inmates and families were discussed.


Special Guest: Holly Moss . Holly is the founder of The Niche Nest. This is a boutique woman-owned business specializing in professional resume and Linkedin profile consultation and interview coaching. With her services, her clients get a let up in today's competitive job market, no matter their niche. Check her out at


Special Guest: Stephanie Rosales. "Stephanie is a former Two Time World Title Championship Fighter in Tae Kwon Doe and a recent graduate from Texas A&M University. As a young entrepreneur, Stephanie meshes business, innovation and fitness together to create a dynamic company called Systems Revolutionized. Stephanie has gravitated toward the idea of being a life coach alongside her personal training company. Stephanie hopes to help others relate to identity, self-discovery, and overcoming personal doubts. She hopes to achieve a fully well-rounded approach to mental, physical, and emotional holistic coaching. Instagram @ripped_rosales

May 2018


From the best of "The Concierge Coaches Show" : We went "deep" on the show today with Spiritual Life Coach, John Harrington! John leads by example, with his commitment to personal growth. John dedicates his life to helping others deepen their connection with the Sacred in the world, nature, and within oneself. He is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Coach Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and Authorized Guide to John of God in Brazil. John currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his fiancée, Cristina.


Today's Guest is Catherine King. She uses Quantum Biofeedback in her coaching practice to facilitate healing in her clients. This helps reduce stress and aligns the body's energy at a meta-level. Her work is noted among pain management consumers. Her techniques train the brain on how to respond to certain pain receptors and various neurotransmitters. Catherine can be reached via


Bruce and Jenni discuss core elements of a coaching engagement. Techniques on how to help clients keep to their goals were covered. Ways to coach specific issue versus holistically were offered. We covered the role of being an "independent contractor" and how that impacts the coaching relationship.


Today our special guest is Paul Ybarra. Paul is a Certified Recovery Coach through the State of Texas. Through his ministry, called Set Free Life, Paul and his wife Hollie, help people break free from the bondage of their past, uncover their true identity in Christ and step boldly into their full potential. Through his energy and vision, Paul offers those struggling with addiction sincere compassion, mentorship, and companionship as they “walk out” this thing called life, and not only walk it out, but move forward in their gifts and passions as well.
His services are provided via webinar, phone and face-to-face. You can connect with Paul though his website

April 2018


From the best of "The Concierge Coaches Show" : Vitaliy Versace was born in Russia and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Versace was involved in sports, debating, student government and school musicals. He left college two credits short of graduating to move to California. Before he became successful at acting and producing, Versace supported himself by driving UPS truck, and working as background actor. Now Vitaliy pours his passion, energy and Christian values into his work. His recent work: Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin" is a documentary to educate viewers on the use of heroin in the East Liverpool, Ohio area as well as other parts of the country and how it has affected the individuals, their families, and the communities. The underlying theme of the film is that there is real Hope to break the addiction to heroin. The film shows incredible promise and will be entered in several festivals.


Betty Ewing Dicken of Dallas, Texas will present the Signature Event featuring a live band, vocal performers, inspiring art exhibits and various other expressive arts activities to celebrate recovery and mental health awareness through the arts. This is the first ever event that invites the community to celebrate the people who have utilized their passions and skills as artists and musicians to further their recovery from addiction and other related mental health issues. Artists and musicians represent a unique population. Many struggle with drugs, alcohol, other addictive behaviors and mental health issues. Although we all know of talented artists that have lost the addiction battle. there are also many that have recovered and use their passions and talents to help others. Signature will celebrate with artists and musicians in recovery.


Shannon Herman CPC joined the show. As a Certified Professional Coach, She provides a service very different from traditional therapy and Eating Disorder Support. Coaching support is offered on many different platforms. A few of these include, but are not limited to phone and FaceTime conversations, your home or preferred place of meeting, or her local Keller, Texas office. Her platforms are truly innovative and so helpful for those struggling with eating issues.


Great show today with Bryan D'Aigle, Life Coach for Young Leaders. Based in Austin, Texas, Bryan coaches young entrepreneurs across the globe that want to create a life where they feel love, gratitude, success and joy on a daily basis. He teaches daily practices to created their ideal life of success and happiness. Bryan leads by example by creating the life he wants to live, which includes, Yoga training, meditation experiences and travel. Bryan can be reached at


Amanda Phan, DD and Certified Coach is our guest this week.
For the past 19 years, Amanda has enjoyed restoring unhealthy teeth to a beautiful, functional and healthy mouth. She has realized that there is a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety that people have to face when they see dentists. She has helped and trained her patients to overcome those negative thoughts. The joy of helping patients to have more control of their feelings and emotions was just as great as the joy of practicing dentistry. However, the mind transformation can last a lifetime where as a tooth transformation may only last for a few years. Healthy and beautiful teeth can make you happier but it does not reduce your suffering as much as a transformed mind . With this realization and passion in helping people, she became a certified life coach and trainer.

March 2018


Special Guest Amanda Franklin shares her journey as a new coach, sharing with our listeners her journey as a therapist, counselor and now life coach. Currently, her coaching focus is working with those who have been or may have been abused by organized religion / religious abuse. Shame and guilt recovery techniques are also discussed.


We went "deep" on the show today with Spiritual Life Coach, John Harrington! John leads by example, with his commitment to personal growth. John dedicates his life to helping others deepen their connection with the Sacred in the world, nature, and within oneself. He is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Coach Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and Authorized Guide to John of God in Brazil. John currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his fiancée, Cristina.


Wayne Fritz, sales coach extraordinaire dazzled Bruce and Jenni with his skills and experitsed. He is xperienced Vice President (Salad Master) with a demonstrated history of working in the executive office industry. Skilled in strategic Business Planning, Customer Service, Coaching, Sales, team building, and Entrepreneurship. Strong professional with a None focused in Business Admin. from Danville Junior College.


John Harrington has a commitment to continue to “go deep” with growth processes, and has a strong empathy for others provide a gentle, safe environment that fosters self healing and personal growth. He is known for having an authentic, open and caring heart. Among the qualities that make him unique as a coach are my intuitive gifts, ability to hold large energetic space for your desired improvements and compassionately challenge you to follow your dreams. Working together with the multitude of tools he provides, clients can enhance and accelerate their ability to enjoy sustainable growth and happiness. John can be reached at sacredlifequests

February 2018


John Paine is a Life Coach, based in Dallas, helping successful professionals create the life they are passionate about. He is a certified Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, based on core energy. John uses his energy to inspire others to achieve the life they want, and to lead people by managing their own energetic presence. Living in the Dallas, Texas area, with his wife Jennifer and twin teenaged boys, John stays busy with his family and his coaching business. John may be found at:


Bruce and Jenni discuss a blended model that counseling and coaching can co-exist concurrently. Another model was discussed how coaching and counseling are utilized consecutively. General differences and commonalities between counseling and coaching were also discussed. Jenni can be reached at J-Hub Consulting – Advancing The Quest For Your Best Bruce can be reached at | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron


Ginna Johnson founded her coaching practice, You Know You Best, as a result of personal health issues, and a professional background as a counselor. As a functional medicine coach she collaborates with clients and practitioners to help clients implement sustainable lifestyle changes to improve overall health. Her passion to help people feel great comes through in her work. She continues to devote time to learn more and more about how emotions, the gut and the brain are all connected so that she can help others understand their power over their own health and well-being. Ginna offers complimentary consultations.
Ginna can be reached at Read more about Ginna and her practice at


Master Trainer and NPC Competitor, Coach Crystal Lynn Sanders is about to publish her 2nd book, which is geared towards kids, to promote fun ways to live healthy! She is also expanding her Fairytale Fit Program to other communities to help Moms and kids stay fit and eat healthy! Crystal is a great example of maintaining a strong mind, body and spirit!
Instagram: fairytalefit
Facebook: fairytalefit

January 2018


Dynamic discussion with executive coach, Victor Ornelas today! Based in Dallas, Texas, Victor is a dynamic executive coach that works with executives and entrepreneurs to help them achieve results by creating a compelling vision, and inspiring employee engagement to achieve the vision. Victor's career spans large organizations like Levi Strauss and Anheuser-Busch, building franchises and starting an award-wining ad agency. With all of this success has come the ups and the downs, which gives Victor the depth of understanding the importance of purpose, vision, energy, goals and habits. He also created a program named Energy Golf. It's experiential golf lessons and energy coaching at the same time. Victor is ready to help leaders that are ready for their next level and beyond. Victor can be reached at and


Natasha Montgomery is a counselor and a coach that works primarily with African American women ages 25-35, giving them a safe environment to be vulnerable, to explore their beliefs, and to remove old limiting beliefs that don’t work for them anymore. And most important, Natasha helps them embrace their new empowering beliefs that empower them to move toward fulfillment. She describes this process as “exercising their belief muscle” to replace old habits with new productive habits. “If we don’t develop new habits to replace old habits, those old habits will creep back in. Natasha holds a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, is licensed as a Professional Counselor Intern in the state of Texas, and is a Certified Life Coach. Website: Email:
Phone: 682-292-8306 Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @mbswholehealth


Lindsay Preston is a multi-certified life coach who specializes in helping go-getter 20 & 30 something women create a life THEY are crazy in love with.
Lindsay’s work helps women feel the way they wanna feel, so they can do the things they want to do in order to live the life they want to live. All of the strategies she uses to help women are based in neuroscience and strengths-based research.
Lindsay has several successful online courses including, “The Life Luvers 21 Day Challenge,” “Become An Unstoppable Woman,” “Become Authentically Awesome,” and her newest course called, “Solidify Your Strengths.”
Within her new “Solidify Your Strengths” course, Lindsay helps women understand their natural, God-given strengths from the extremely popular and renowned StrengthsFinder assessment.
 From this course, women can start to live at their highest potential! No longer will they worry about things like, “Why do I have that annoying habit?”, Instead, they can wake up every day with certainty about who they are, why they do the things they do and how to live their best life. Lindsay’s also has a popular weekly podcast called, “Life Luvers Radio” that has been featured on the “New & Noteworthy” list as well as within the Self-Help charts on iTunes. In her podcast, she delivers free weekly tips on how to create a life YOU love. Lindsay can be reached on her Facebook at


Vitaliy Versace was born in Russia and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Versace was involved in sports, debating, student government and school musicals. He left college two credits short of graduating to move to California. Before he became successful at acting and producing, Versace supported himself by driving UPS truck, and working as background actor. Now Vitaliy pours his passion, energy and Christian values into his work. His recent work: Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin" is a documentary to educate viewers on the use of heroin in the East Liverpool, Ohio area as well as other parts of the country and how it has affected the individuals, their families, and the communities. The underlying theme of the film is that there is real Hope to break the addiction to heroin. The film shows incredible promise and will be entered in several festivals.

December 2017


Sara Ottoboni joins the show. She detailed her coaching practice that services ex-pats.

With bi-weekly sessions, Sara will be with you every step of the way to keep you on track and lead your focus, so yoiu can laser in onto your best ideas and execute them. Often, her clients have a range of concerns, both on the business end, as well as navigating personal and relationship changes. As a Certified Life Coach and experienced Expat Coach, Sara brings you a holistic approach to building your portable career and an expatriate lifestyle you will love. Sara can be reached at


Dr. Jayne Gardner joins us. She shares how she unlocks old belief systems that are self-limiting.  She facilitates grows via:

  • Gain a full understanding of the latest research in neuroscience on how to rewire your brain to tap into an infinite reservoir of energy.
  • Understand and receive specific directions on how to transcend your conditioning.
  • Remove limiting beliefs that can cause you suffering and sabotage your success.
  • Discover the “you” who has been buried underneath years of hurt, grief, pain, tragedies and more.
  • Learn how to dialogue with yourself to replace negative thinking.
  • Become internally located to manifest your most authentic desires.
  • Manage your emotions and heal traumas that may cause unwanted reactions.
  • Connect to your Authentic Self without external influence and LIVE from that sacred space.
  • Overcome external happenings to avoid external chaos or drama; live from a space of intention.
  • Demystify the belief that God is separate from you.
  • See ALL as ONE connected, unified reflection of your inner world.
  • Master your brain: carve out new neuropathways to activate and integrate a new empowered YOU.
  • Leave with a brain oriented around consciousness and positivity.

Dr. Garnder may be reached at


Lynn Dunlap Regan MBA ACC discusses Strengths Based Coaching andCore Clarity techniques. Lynn is passionate about enhancing the customer experience, employee culture, and mobilizing people to action. She is proficient at building bridges between disparate ideas, objectives, and people, which effortlessly inspires teams around a common mission. Certified coach and certified facilitator in Strengths Finder CoreClarity. Her top 5 Talents are:
1. Futuristic – natural visionary who vividly envisions potential possibilities of innovative products and solutions
2. Connectedness – naturally holistic and effortlessly connects people to overarching objectives and missions
3. Input – natural storehouse who is a tireless researcher; thrives on infinite variety and availability of information
4. Ideation – naturally creative and prolific thinking produces never-ending flow of creative concepts, ideas, & innovations
5. Developer – natural mentor who pursues the development of their people and the organization

Contact information: or (972) 839-5257

November 2017


Vernita Steege joins us on the show today. Vernita is a Seattle based Life Skills, Business & Recovery Coach.  Her specialty is working with individuals who are in the process of seeking relief from addictive tendencies who have hit a rough patch that is affecting their quality of life. The goal is to get back on track and start to move forward again. Typical coaching situations include illness, loss, re-defining values, re-entering the work force, re-building self esteem, re-building relationships and Positive Identity Development.
Vernita can be reached at


Bruce and Jenni discuss the craft of Recovery Coaching.
Post treatment and care services can be rendered in the capacity of a recovery coach. Bruce discussed his membership in the Recovery Coaches International. Coaching helps those in recovery find a "new normal."


Jenni Hubby joins us as our new co-host! If you envision the life that you want and you are ready to go for it, then coaching may be the solution for you. Maybe you have an area of your life where you are stuck and want to move forward. As your coach, Jenni guides you through the process to achieve your goals. Areas of focus include: Career: finding your unique path and defining success; Learning & Education: navigating your strategy for success; Addiction Recovery: transitioning to your new lifestyle and purpose; Family of Origin relationships: honoring yourself and others; Changes in marital status: designing your new life; the blended family: step-parenting, co-parenting, custody, scheduling; Relocation: making a new life; Retirement: exploring lifestyle and opportunities; Ill or aging loved ones: honoring yourself while helping others; Loss: navigating grief and recovery; Spiritual: exploring beliefs and faith or


Today Leslie Crawford and Jennifer Morphis from Your Lifestyle Gains LLC join the show. Both share a passion for helping others gain confidence in having a healthier lifestyle.
Leslie is a Registered Dietitian (718805) under the Commission on Dietetic Registration. She is a licensed Dietitian (DT07142) with the Texas State Board of Examiners of Dietitians. Leslie is also a Certified Diabetes Educator (2011-0273) with the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Clinical Dietetics at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, OKC, OK in 1987. As of 2017, Leslie has also become a Clinical Aromatherapy Certified Practitioner. In this year, she also received a certification as a Professional Life Coach through the Life Coach Institute of Orange County which is approved by the International Coach Federation.

October 2017


Patricia Hayden, Executive Coach, is a multilingual global leadership development consultant with extensive practical experience in the field of global communications, organizational strategy and cultural competency development. She collaborates frequently with Marlane Miller, Founder of BrainStyles, Inc. to co-facilitate Coaching and Train-the Trainer seminars. Patricia specializes in partnering with and coaching both U.S. and non-U.S. senior executives and their teams regarding real time leadership and global business challenges in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. She leads a team of consultants and associates, who advise, design, partner with and facilitate face-to-face and/or virtual solutions for individuals and teams desiring to improve their global performance through targeted strategic planning, enhanced multicultural communication skills and effective global relationship building strategies. Home - BrainStyles®


Bruce and Cindy discuss how to quickly navigate through our clients issues, goals and concerns. Being present and in the moment are keys to successful coaching. Mindfulness techniques in coaching were discussed. | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron


Bruce and Cindy cover pricing and packaging of Coaching contracts. Price points and timelines were established. The importance of setting a 90 day contract and how this is a benchmark for successful coaching to occur. Coaching C-Suite executive coaching techniques were also covered in detail. | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron


Jamie Greene is today's guest. Jamie had 4 videos in rotation on MTV and VH1 as well as making numerous TV appearances and live shows while building his private practice in Encino, and none of his clientsever discovering his double identity! With his rock star days firmly behind him, Jamie then built a thriving reputation as a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, mentor and leadership trainer. Jamie developed his flagship “Effective Leadership Training” (ELT) and has successfully delivered workshops to corporations, universities, community groups and rehabilitation programs. He worked with the Latino Alumni Association (LAA) of USC to provide undergraduate scholarship students with extra-curricular courses such as “The Art of Effective Communication”, “Mastering The Competitive Edge” and “The Leadership Tool Kit". Jamie launched his “Off The Couch Program” – A live online journey into discovering your true self – as a platform where he can effectively reach more people, while maintaining the integrity of his personal connection in his coaching work.

September 2017


Bruce and Cindy discuss the elements of a successful coaching practice. The discuss how to prioritize and manage the client book. Setting priorities and integrating life activities into the coaching practice. Successful matricies of direct sessions, and marketing strategies were detailed.


Susan helps her coaching clients deveop practical skills that will prepare them to proclaim God’s Word in such a way as communicates to others that it is breathtakingly beautiful, shockingly intimate, vitally important, and ripe with power unto life transformation. Susan was a professional opera singer and stage director. She has served with Young Life and Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC and recently has grown her life coaching practice to new heights.


Bruce and Cindy discuss what life issues get clients to reach out and retain a coach. The various reasons and life circumstances are explored. From contemplation to action, Bruce and Cindy describe the journey on how to find and select a life coach. | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron ;


Kim Grevler's coaching practice specializes in serving clients who are experiencing self-doubt, anxiety at work or in relationships, difficulty finding happiness and satisfaction, and more. Clients have goals and are afraid to try accomplish them. Theymay have interpersonal conflicts that leave them feeling stuck, misunderstood or taken advantage of. Kim practices as a fully-certified life coach. 
Kim can support your busy lifestyle, all sessions are wireless, conducted over the phone or video chat. Whether you live in NYC or elsewhere, travel for work, or have a demanding schedule, I can meet your needs.

August 2017


Bruce and Cindy discuss ways to market a coaching practice. The various types of social media and traditional approaches to marketing a coaching practice are discussed.


Bruce and Cindy discuss the personal side of Executive Coaching/ Business Coaching. They discuss the struggles clients have with their personal issues that perhaps led to the coaching engagement.  Ways to eliminate destructive behavior are covered.  Bruce and Cindy discuss how to empower clients to transcend up and away from their personal debris. Cindy can be reached at Wisdom Foods  Bruce can be reached at


Today our guest is Victoria Burson.  Victoria is Senior Pastor of MCC Baltimore and Moderator of Board of Directors serving as lead-servant and Senior Advisor in an administrative and operations role. She creates coaching/programming for growth opportunities and connectivity to the various communities in the Baltimore area. Victoria creates space for critical thinking, promoting disciplines for intercultural realities for inclusion. She has the  skills to empower and impact people to reach their highest potential to succeed through training seminars and conferences and project management. Victoria can be reached at mccbaltimore


This week our guest is Genevieve Marion. Her coaching is an integral part to a recovery center - Relive in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Her mission is to show a process of unlocking your body, heart and mind to find the way back to your spirit.  She introduces clients to a life path that encompasses, healthy eating, yoga, and other mindfulness techniques such as vision boards and self-boards. For more information on Genevieve and Relive visit Relive Mex | A Women's Substance and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facility .


Nicole Karslake joins us to discuss her practice's growth strategy and offerings. She detailed the optics of her coaching space, which is itself a major piece of the coaching experience. Nicole remarked on the importance of purpose, self-discovery, confidence, mindfulness purpose and youth leadership coaching. She can be reach at and

July 2017


Anita Reisman is our guest this week. Anita provides coaching retreats in Orange County California. These are powerful. One of her techniques is the Legacy Life Map.  For more information on these retreats and coaching contact Anita at


Joan C. Richardson talks to us about how and why she became an executive coach then a business operations coach.  She helps companies fill gaps in their business structure, teams, processes, and procedures so they can serve their clients and customers, get more business and keep it.  Joan C. Richardson, Business Operations Consultant & Coach at JCR Enterprises, LLC. Visit her website  or call her at (214) 422-3965.


This week we had Jackie Tury. Jackie combines painting with life coaching to produce several really creative programs such as Mother Nurture. She in the beauty and power of art to transform, heal and inspire! She shares this belief and this process with others through her workshops, retreats and coaching services that combine personal growth, spiritual growth and self-discovery with expressive art. Jackie's passion is to help others awaken their mind, body and spirit through art and the creative process, guiding them to experience their own "Artful Awakenings!"

Jackie Tury, MSW, CPC Artful Awakenings artist~dreamer~life coach

June 2017


Today's guest: Nicole Karslake. Nicole is an experienced expert on managing Millennials in the workplace. Nicole shared her insight on how to connect with this next generation of work force. Nicole also has a passion for working with women in various stages of transition.


Bruce and Cindy discuss coaching techniques. Elements of training new coaches were covered. Different formats of coaching, individual and group coaching were discussed. Bruce and Cindy, in their respective coaching practices, assist their clients find answers to their own questions. | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron ;  .


Bruce describes the various types of coaching. He detailed aspects for Executive Coaching, Sober Coaching and Recovery Coaching. Coaches hired by corporations are on the rise. More information about these services can be found at .


Special Guest Vallerie Moore-Belt talks about her coaching practice. A Joyful Life Coaching helps her clients avoid self-inflicted unhappiness. Vallerie can be reached at 562-449-3365.

May 2017


Love architect Debbie Forth joins us on the show today. One on One, Debbie creates specific tools designed to intentionally serve as transformational techniques to building healthy relationship with Self and Others from the Inside Out. Home | Debbie Forth, Love Architect


Bruce and Cindy discuss what types of individuals are attracted to the coaching profession and why. Both provide highlights from their illustrious careers as life and executive coaches. | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron


Guest Robyn Peterson has a large spectrum of skill sets that she has learned through her business experiences, education, and continuous training from around the world.  Through the use of quantum physics, frequencies, and mathematical codes we can offer over 5000 energetic remedies for people, companies, governments and countries. You will feel the difference. Energy Work For Companies | Nationwide | Beyond Consulting   The importance of Executive Coaching was also covered. Why an Executive Coach? |


Special Guest Attorney Mark Astor describes The Florida Marchman Act. This is a legal intervention process helping compel a substance abuser to get court ordered and monitored Assessment, Stabilization and long-term Treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction. The Florida Marchman Act is a civil procedure that allows the friends or family of a substance abuser to confidentially petition the court to obtain confidential court ordered assessment, stabilization and long-term treatment. Our law firm handles all aspects of litigation involving the Florida Marchman Act, and as attorneys representing families Mark ensures the successful implementation and use of this complex law.


David Mayan from Sleep Recovery Centers was featured on today's show. He discusses the vital importance of sleep and provided a thorough overview of Neurofeedback.  His centers can be found at .

Sleep is also vital to recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. .

April 2017


Bruce and Cindy further discuss coaching cases. More wisdom on how to handle personal and professional issues withing the coaching frame are discussed. Cindy Wisdom Foods  and Bruce | Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron


Brian Cuban Part 2:  It is possible to pull out of the descent into the chaos of drug addiction. Restoring love of self, trust, family relationships and career. Brian Cuban, younger brother of Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank Shark, Mark Cuban, describes this descent which took him through two trips to a psychiatric facility and the brink of suicide. How he was able to not only recover but redefine his career as a successful lawyer and ultimately find his true passion in life. Brian Cuban | Author and Keynote Speaker


Guest Author and Recovery Advocate Brian Cuban shares his story of recovery and passion for recovery advocacy. He spoke on his new book: The Addicted Lawyer.
Substance use disorders have always been higher than the societal norm in the legal profession. Most lawyers know someone in the legal profession whose career was either lost or significantly harmed due to addiction. Attorneys and law students like anyone else can be genetically pre-disposed to alcoholism, substance use disorders, depression, eating disorders and even adult self-harm. The stress of practicing law can be an environmental trigger to these issues. The associated shame and fear of judgment can inhibit a lawyer from disclosing these issues until there both physical and employment consequences. Brian Cuban discusses his experiences with mental health issues, both as a law student at the University Of Pittsburgh and practicing attorney in Dallas Texas for over twenty years. Brian discusses his recovery, redefining his career as well as restoring family and passion for life. Brian Cuban | Author and Keynote Speaker


Tori Coghill is our guest. She is a nanny and mom coach. Tori optimizes food choices and activities for children. Her approach helps orient a new relationship around food, oils and fun. Her site:

March 2017


Bruce and Cindy discuss personal coaching strategies. Cindy offered the positive aspects Wisdom Foods . Bruce mentioned how even families and federal defendants benefit from coaching Federal Prison Consulting & Counseling Services .  The business of being a Life Coach was covered.


Guest: Luke Benoit of Luke Benoit Coaching. Luke allows you to walk around the whole life model, which includes Finance, Relationships, Career, Personal Development, Environment, Health, Fun, and Creativity. He sets goals and action plans and then sessions developed according to the needs of the client. Sessions are customized to the individual, and the most current trends in NLP, Faster EFT, and Hypnotism are integrated into every session.


Our guest today was Merry Street. She specializes in Transformational Intuitive Consultations using a combined practice of behavioral-styled coaching, clairvoyance, and a variety of energy healing modalities. Whether you are interested in healing, releasing, or creating a relationship; seeking awareness around your life's purpose or life's choices; sorting out your career, working through financial or health issues; She can help you find courage, strength and peace in challenging times. Home


As an ICF Associate Certified Coach, Joan Wise (our guest this week), is a knowledgeable, experienced and serves as lead trainer for the Life Coach Institute of Orange County. For the past ten years, Joan has worked facilitating Domestic Violence Intervention and Parenting groups that are court-approved. She's been coaching for 17 years and continues to work with couples and families who are in distress and ready to find better ways to relate to each other before damage occurs. Joan's site: Joan Wise life coach couples and families Newport Beach

February 2017


This week our guest is Kelley McElreath, The Survival Coach. The Survivor Coach is an ICF-certified life coach as well a certified Mindset Coach. She specializes in helping people find new meaning as a survivor. She has survived many things. She has lost children, molested as a child, has lost both of her parents, breast cancer, divorce after many years of marriage and an almost successful suicide attempt. Her mission in this life is to help others not only survive but THRIVE in their survival. She has created her own tools to help those who can relate to these things and those who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Kelley's site: The Survivor Coach


This week our guest is Mary Remon, LMHC, CEAP.  In her 20+ year career , she has helped thousands of leaders and helping professionals live happier, more fulfilling lives. Most of Mary's experience comes from providing assistance to employees in academic healthcare settings. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP). Mary is accepting new Life Coaching clients in the Miami area. She can be seen at Home: Mary Remon, LMHC, CEAP


Bruce and Cindy discuss the connections between psychotherapy and coaching ( Our guest Deborah Levine's work includes an Associate Degree in Equine Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.  She is also a Certified Equine-Assisted Therapist and a Certified Professional Life Coach. She has worked for over 16 years in the field of Social Services for the County of Los Angeles, to include working in the following positions: Adoption Social Worker, Trainer and Speaker on Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Clinician for Adults, Children and Families, Veterans and Addiction Recovery ( )


Film producer Renee Roland discusses the demise of Hollywood actors/actresses. Those who become famous too young or too quick, suffer major consequences.  They tend to over-indulge. This is a counterfeit to filling a spiritual void with hedonistic pleasures.  They get to the top and find that nothing is there. Coaching is a path back to a center and promotes growth and maturation. Bruce and Cindy cover how they have helped clients in this station of life.

January 2017


Bruce and Cindy ( ) discuss their concept of "Paired Coaching."  This is where 2 coaches partner and service the same client. This method "moves the dial" quickly and efficiently. Many executives need this level of service in today's fast moving corporate environment. This investment in oneself is so valuable with a huge ROI.  Coaches are here to get the clients achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.


Ana Melikian is the Director of Education for the Book Yourself Solid® School of Coach Training.

She loves to help service based businesses grow. Ana has  a soft-spot in my heart for self-employed professionals who are great at what they do, yet hate to market and sell.

She does her best work with people who are purpose-drivencreative, self-aware, lifelong learners, and determined to walk their talk. Ana is passionate about speaking to organizations who know how important it is to foster a culture of personal growth.
Ana Melikian, PhD - MINDSET ZONE to Get Booked Solid®


Cali Estes, PhD, is a highly sought after Celebrity Coach, Counselor, Life Coach, and Recovery Coach that blends talk therapy with forward and positive change to assist her clients in unlocking their true potential. She offers a unique service of combining holistic modalities with talk therapy that gets to the Root Cause of the issues you are experiencing and helps you simply “Unpause Your Life”. Cali Estes - Who Is Dr. Cali Estes, The Celebrity Coach?


Bruce and Cindy speak with CK Kirtley.  Her journey has led her into the coaching sphere.  She is an accomplished presenter, keynote speaker and author.  She had survived many challenges and brings her experience and hope in a Christian frame.


Bruce and Cindi speak with life coach Wendy Kolar. Wendy comes from an Occupatonal Therapy background. Her expertise is working with parents who have children with disabilities.  This under-served group is able to access coaching services who is an expert in managing children with these challenges.

December 2016


Bruce and Cindy discuss creative coaching with LA area life coach Jen Kleiner. Imago techniques are utilized in her practice. Jen applies her unique skill set to creatives and others in the arts and entertainment industry Home


The importance of Boundaries for coaching clients was discussed.  Executive Coach Bruce Cameron   Why an Executive Coach? - noted methods he uses to assist clients in developing appropriate personal boundaries. Cindy discussed how clients can not violate the boundaries of others Wisdom Foods


Bruce and Cindy interview former Bachelor Contestant Breanne Rice. Breanne discussed her journey with Vitiligo, an autoimmune skin disorder.  Breanne shared many coaching exercises and principles that have enabled her to grow personally, professionally and spiritually. She can be reached via Welcome


Show begins with explaining Transition Coaching. Bruce Cameron Executive Coach - Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron discussed how employees transition from one firm to another and the challenges that are present in this process. Bruce and Cindy also detail many of the differences between male and female coaching clients.

November 2016


Today was an excellent overview of Life Coaching and Executive Coaching. Cindy DiFerdinand provided an excellent synopsis of what coaching is and what it is not. Differences between coaching and psychotherapy and the differences between mentoring and coaching were covered. More information for Cindy is available at: . Bruce Cameron's Executive Coaching information can be found at - Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron .


The skill of coaching young adults was today's topic. Life Coaches Bruce Cameron and Cindy DiFerdinand interview Deane M. Deane shared his journey through numerous college attempts and jobs he's held.  Bruce Cameron Life Coach discusses the unique aspects of coaching clients who are in their 20's.  Developing a stimulating menu of activities is key to motivating these young clients toward personal growth.  Elements of Sobriety Coaching for select clients was also covered .


Today's Guest Melissa Simmons, CPC.  As a Christian life coach, Melissa is  dedicated to empower her clients through God's life-changing word to become all you were created to be! She helps her clients identify and conquer any obstacles that have held you back from achieving God's greats plans for your life.  Bruce spoke briefly about sober coaching and recovery coaching Professional Sobriety Coaching .


Fundamentals of Executive Coaching continue to be explored on the show.  Bruce shared his experiences as a Concierge Executive Coach ( Bruce Cameron - Executive Coach - ) . Cindy discussed some features of her brand of Executive Coaching.  There are clear distinctions between developmental versus problem-based Executive Coaching ( Wisdom Foods ) .


Bruce ( - Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron ) and Cindy ( ) continue to share with listeners the defining points of life coaching versus counseling and consulting. Jenni Hubby a Life Coach from the Dallas Fort Worth area discussed her exciting work with youth.  Failure to Launch and Emerging Adult coaching platforms were discussed. Bruce and Cindy explored the role of developing identity with a teen population. Jenni's Coaching site can be found at J-Hub Consulting – Advancing The Quest For Your Best .

October 2016


Bruce and Cindy introduce themselves to the listeners. They began a brief overview of who may need coaching and how one can benefit from coaching. Caller Margaux shared her experiences with being coached by a life coach. Bruce and Cindy clarified certain points of her experience to the listeners. Bruce included coaching elements found at - Executive Coaching from Bruce Cameron and Cindy offered points from Wisdom Foods .