Anything Goes With The Gorgeous Miss Ibarra

Crystal Ibarra

My name is Crystal Ibarra I'm a latina comedian. I'm always at flappers comedy club. laugh factory. I also do MMA muay thai,judo jiu jitsu ,boxing ,kickboxing. I Love to hike I have a lot experience in relationship especially with egotistic narcissist. I'm also a caregiver. I'm a Single mother of two girls that i put both in College all by myself and I'm proud of that. I recently worked with magic Mike from blood in blood out i was on america's got talent. I majored in radio broadcasting.
Show Time: 
Sunday 7:00PM - 7:59PM
Show Description: 
In my talk show i want My audience to be comfortable and never be embarrassed to ask questions we speak about everything and if they have questions i'll find the answers I'm far from Perfect,i've been through a lot it made it out of the ghetto. I have experience with being in relationship with the egotistic narcissist, Experience with drug,sex,escorting Gangs, Nursing. I had to change my life for the better now I'm into buddhism humanity,growth, change knowledge. I want them to know that people do change but you have to want it.But we should be able to talk about anything and any questions without feeling embarrassed or judgment i have no filter in my mouth. I do stand up comedy and most of my comedy is based on true life my life. A single mom of two girls that i put in College that I'm very proud of all by myself. I'm streetwise and book Smart I'm well experienced in many categories i am a very confident woman it has no shame and never gets embarrassed of anything if i can do it all over again i would do the same thing. Not change One thing because without I would never got the lesson i needed to learn from my trial and errors. So pretty much i just want them to know that we talk about anything strippers sex drugs relationships kids dogs colleges anything with no judgment and no embarrassment