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Your Host, Russell Edmond has spent over 25 years in the hospitality industry, beginning his career with Marriott International in hotel operations before  moving into the sales arena and becoming a relationship building  Director of Sales and Marketing. Russell then went to the other side as a Hospitality Entrepreneur, he now consults in the Hotel & Meeting space, which includes being the CEO of the Russell of Hotels Group, and Oh did I mention he was a Veggie-Foodie? Yes! Always looking for good non-meat eats!

Show Description: 

We talk about everything Hospitality - from Hotels to Influencers and everything in between. I will feature guest Interviews  from Hospitality Professionals who will share their experiences. The guests I interview will be people from hotels, tourism bureaus, food & travel Influencers who will share experiences from their careers within the hospitality industry.

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Guest: Victor Simmons, Ace Hotels

October 2020

September 2020


It's show #76 - Listen & watch as Russell discusses Leadership, Self Development & Your Brand during these Covid times. It's always #HospitalityUnplugged


On today’s show, my guest is Ms. Kat Von B, international traveler and social media content creator. She will share her recent experiences staying at a 3, 4 and 5 Diamond hotels during Covid. What’s different? Which hotels did she recommend? Listen to find out! It’s #HospitalityUnplugged

August 2020


Check-Out today's show #71 & guess who's a Partner/Sponsor of the Hospitality Industry's #1 Radio/Zoom/Facebook Live show? The Origin Hotel with locations in Colorado, Lexington & Raleigh. Topic of the day is Zoom Etiquette - "just because we can, doesn't mean we should" It's always #HospitalityUnplugged It's On Air with Russell of Hotels


What is the “New Normal” for the Hospitality Industry? Join me and my guests Michelle Carlen of Alignment Advising & Peter Miller of Strategic Database Research, Inc and find out. It’s a very Lively Discussion, it’s my 70th show and it’s #HospitalityUnplugged.

Ms. Michelle Carlen, Founder & President – Alignment Advising
Email: michelle@alignmentadvising.com

Mr. Peter Miller, President & CEO – Strategic Database Research, Inc
Email: peter@strategicdatabase.com


Tune in for show #68 as Russell of Hotels discusses what every Group Rooms Contract should contain moving forward. The significance of Herman Cain from Russell's days in College. It's definitely #HospitalityUnplugged

July 2020


Check-out the episode #65 of LA's #1 Radio/Zoom/FBLive show,  On Air with Russell of Hotels. Topics Include: How to get the most out of LinkedIn & are Hotels actually hiring? And what words can be used in place of "pivot"? It's #HospitalityUnplugged


5 ways you can optimize your LinkedIn profile 


1. Be Relevant

In order to make yourself or your business seen, you’ve got to engage more, post more, share more, and comment more. Are your content and brand relevant for your target audience? Use hashtags or create specific hashtags that are relevant to your industry and desired niche. Tag others who are within your industry and more likely to share your content and engage in the conversation. Be mindful of using rich media, posts with images get  twice as many comments as text posts , and videos are  five times  more likely to get comments! 


2. Flaunt Your Skills

If you’re looking to connect with more like-minded people, or are searching for a new job, your skills have to be at the forefront of your profile. In September 2019, LinkedIn launched a tool on its platform called “LinkedIn Skill Assessments”. It’s a way for you to show off and validate your skills in order to stand out from the crowd. 


3. Create a community

Encourage engagement! The easiest way to do this is with a call to action such as a question or poll. The more conversation and buzz surrounding your content, the higher it will be ranked across other’s feeds. Start connecting with others who work in the same industry as you or live within the same community as you, and then start to branch out. Participate in LinkedIn Groups or create your own, create conversations that will buildmeaningful connections and relationships. Create inspirational and helpful content that isgeared towards the main reason people turn to LinkedIn-to get a job, to get a better job, or to grow their professional networks.


4. Be Genuine

LinkedIn is all about being personable and relatable. According to  LinkedIn , authenticity is key. “Genuine conversation around real experiences spark better and deeper conversation,” explains Pete Davies. “Better conversation, in turn, leads to a stronger community and connection.” Don’t be afraid to share vulnerable experiences and hardships that in turn made you a better person. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable or voice your opinion on “touchy subjects”. Although LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform, that doesn’t mean you can’t be authentic and yourself. Openly talk about your failures, mistakes, frustrations, and goals. Often times, we find that when people are genuine and honest, they expand their reach and connect with more people.


5. Optimize with LinkedIn Analytics

Use LinkedIn Analytics to understand how and why some of your posts are performing better than others. Is it because you posted it at a certain time? Or used a specific call-to-action? Was it a link used or someone mentioned that boosted your post? Whatever the case may be, learn from it and replicate it.


On Air with Russell of Hotels Show #64. What is Location Based Marketing? And how can it assist Hotels, Restaurants & Destination Marketing Organizations with their marketing campaigns? Join me and my guest Mr. Walter Moore of Ribbon Consulting to find out! #hospitalityunplugged


Guest: Mr Walter Moore

Company: Ribbon Consulting

Email: walt@ribbonconsulting.net

Phone: 623-224-5989

Website: www.ribbonconsulting.net

June 2020


What's the #1 Radio/Zoom/FBLive Show in LA? The "On Air with Russell of Hotels" show. Check out today's 63rd show as I discuss My hotel experience from Friday & How to Win Guests Post Covid 19! What are their Travel Habits? It's #HospitalityUnplugged


I welcome Amani Roberts a Creative, DJ, PodCast Host, Professor & Author. We discuss his book, DJ Means Business: One Night Behind the Turntables Can Spin Your Companies Success! Hotels are opening, so what is Marriott doing about cleanliness? And what is the Global Cleanliness Council? Watch and find out! It will be #HospitalityUnplugged.

Guest: Amani Roberts
Email: amani@amaniexperience.com
Website: www.amaniexperience.com

May 2020


Award Winning, International Travel Journalist Jeanette Ceja joins Russell today. Travel Journalist versus Social Media Content Creator, what's the difference? Why aren't hotel companies partnering with essential companies to cross promote their brands? Listen to hear my thoughts.
Email: travel@jetsetwithjeannette.com


Check-out Tuesday (May 5th’s) “On Air with Russell of Hotels” Radio show as I interview Justin Honeysuckle COO & Nathan Kauffman CMO with TendedBar an unique & innovated concept that's more than a place for a cocktail. How can their product reduce TouchPoints, Increase Revenue, Assist with Loyalty Programs & give to your Favorite Charity too? Tune in and listen! Collaboration & Connect with Russell of Hotels. tendedbar.com

April 2020


Check-out Tuesday's show with my guest Aimee Beardsley, Director of Sales at the Origin Hotel Red Rocks in Denver. How is she keeping her Brand Relevant? What was the determining factor which allowed her hotel to stay open? What has this situation taught her? These are a few questions I asked. Check It Out! Its #HospitalityUnplugged


Check out today's show as I welcome Ms. Kat Von B aka The Traveling Greek & Kiera Reilly of Planes Trains & Formula One Racing, two travel bloggers/Content Creators as we discuss the current world situation and how it's affecting their businesses. It's definitely #HospitalityUnplugged 

March 2020


Please check out Tuesday's show #51 On Air with Russell of Hotels live radio show. 1st time using Zoom/Facebook Live. Thank you to my guests Michelle Carlen, Founder of Alignment Advising, Michelle Avery Murphy, Chief Groovy Officer of Avery Murphy LLC & Samuel Thompson, VP of Marketing & Partner with Sync Meeting Management for an AWESOME show!! It was definitely #HospitalityUnplugged & Unrehearsed!! We discussed how CV19 is or has affected our businesses and what we are doing to make sure we continue. It's about the hotel/hospitality & meetings industry. It's about sharing our stories. Special thank you to show producer Ronen at LA Talk Radio for making it happen and letting the show go a little over my time! It's appreciated.

Guests Info:
Ms. Michelle Carlen, Alignment Advising 
Email: michelle@alignmentadvising.com

Mr. Samuel Thompson, Sync Meeting Management
Email: sam@syncmm.com

Ms. Michelle Avery Murphy, Avery Murphy LLC
Email: michelle@averymurphy.com


Please check out today's show #50 as I ask "Now What?" What are we doing now? Day Use room, what's that?? What are 12 ways of becoming a better Sales Person? It's gonna be #HospitalityUnplugged


Check out this weeks On Air with Russell of Hotels radio show as I interview Mr. Jim Sichta Chief  Operating Officer with Broughton Hotels its a must  hear as we discuss some of todays issues that affect the Hospitality Industry today and in the future! #HospitalityUnplugged


Check out Today's On Air with Russell of Hotels Radio Show - Live from the Wayfarer Hotel located in Downtown Los Angeles. My guest today is Stephen Medel, Vice President of Business Development for Pacifica Hotels. As always the show promises to be #HospitalityUnplugged!!

Guest: Mr. Steve Medel
Email: smedel@pacificahotels.com
The Wayfarer Hotel - wayfarerDTLA.com
813 Flower Street, Los Angeles 90017
Pacific Hotels - pacificahotels.com

February 2020


On today's show, I will interview Ms. Michelle Carlen, Founder & President of Alignment Advising a business & professional development consulting firm. What was her path to becoming a Creative? And how can she assist in the areas of Professional Development & Business? Well, you have to tune in and check it out! It will be #HospitalityUnplugged.


Guest: Ms. Michelle Carlen

Company: Alignment Advising

Email: michelle@alignmentadvising.com

Phone: 805-233-7626

Website: alignmentadvising.com


Check out today's On Air with Russell of Hotels live radio show. What are Sales Manager's pet peeves when it comes to 3rd Party Planners? Listen and find out! It’s #hospitalityUnplugged.


Please join me for todays show as I talk about Industry News and “So you want to be a General Manager Huh?” What does it take to be a GM… It’s #HospitalityUnplugged

January 2020


Today is the 1st year Anniversary of "On Air with Russell of Hotels" Radio Show! We have aired 42 shows & I have interviewed 21 guests! Listen to Today's show  as I will interview myself. Find out how I started in the Hospitality industry and who has helped me out along the way. It's definitely #HospitalityUnPlugged #Podcast


Please join me for the 1st show of 2020 as I welcome my guest, Mr. Samuel Thompson, Partner & Vice President of Marketing for Sync Meeting Management. Samuel will discuss his hotel career and the "Aw Ha" moment when him and his partners decided to begin their own meeting planning company. It's definitely #HospitalityUnplugged!!

December 2019


Check out today's Special Holiday Show On Air with Russell of Hotels as I interview Financial Advisor Chris Bush we talk about Life Insurance, 401ks, Mutual Funds & Rollovers, of course, we discuss it with the Hospitality Industry in mind but this info is irelevant to everyone!! It's Hospitality Unplugged!


Check out the latest On Air with Russell of Hotels Live Show! I'm Live from the Westin in Long Beach, CA. I discuss the importance of Relationships and Appreciating your clients. Entrepreneurs - Know what you're good at and do it! And last but not least, Entrepreneurs and Hospitality Professionals - is your Financial House in order? It's Hospitality Unplugged!!


Check out today's On Air with Russell of Hotels radio show as I talk about my Vegan Thanksgiving meal, Who's On Blast and why 65% of Americans would pick one hotel over another. It's Hospitality Unplugged!

November 2019


Check out this week's show as I interview Ms. Marie Koury, the Founder of Meetings Collective. She discusses the purpose and the need for Independent Meeting Professionals to share resources and how Meetings Collective can be that resource! Planning an overseas meeting? Marie has a few tips. Hospitality Unplugged? You bet it is!!

Contact Info:
Marie Koury
Email: marie@themeetingsoracle.com


Check out todays On Air with Russell of Hotels!  It's #HospitalityUnplugged as I talk about  - after the Trade Show's, the Sales Missions, Sales Calls, and Client lunches now what? Are we working to gain that ROI?? Just asking. 



Russell Edmond




Check out today's On Air with Russell of Hotels Radio Show as he welcomes his guest, Mr. Dev Dugal, Director of Sales at The Guest Book. Dev speaks of his career as a computer nerd and how he became involved in the Hospitality Industry.  He also explains in great detail what The Guest Book is and how Independent & Boutique Hotels can benefit from being a part of The Guest Book family.

Contact Information: Mr. Dev Dugal, Director of Sales The Guest Book

October 2019


What a great show today with Ms. Sarah Dandashy! Sarah is an Award-Winning Concierge who knows LA like the back of her hand. She discusses how she began her career as a Concierge and how she gained over 60,000 followers on Instagram. Is she an Influencer? What exactly does it take to be a great Concierge? Tune in and check it out!

September 2019


Listen or watch today's #OnAirwithRussellofHotels Live radio show. Today Russell will discuss "What to ask on a Job Interview" & "The Commission Affect, a year later."



Today's Show is the 1st of the 2nd Season for On Air with Russell of Hotels Live Radio Show. In this show Russell talks about what he was doing while the show was on hiatus to include: A pre-cruise stay in Vancouver, BC to a 7-Day Alaska Cruise to Two days spent in Anchorage to his 3-Week Task Force Assignment as a General Manager in Monterey, CA to the Meetings & Incentive Forum in Chicago. Yes, Russell of Hotels has been busy! Please reference websites below.









July 2019

June 2019


Join me as I Interview Mr. Amani Roberts of The Amani Experience, which is a Music Entertainment Company. We will discuss why he attended Scratch Academy and why it makes him a better DJ. No, I didn't forget to ask him about his career progression with Marriott and his being a General Manager at the age of 23 or why he left left the Corporate world to get into the Creative world. He's a College Professor at Cal State Fullerton too? Yes, there is a lot that makes up Amani, so please take a listen.

Mr. Amani Roberts
The Amani Experience
P: 424-244-1443


Listen to the latest On Air with Russell of Hotels radio show as our Host, Russell discusses Industry news and how Sales Teams can receive more Specialty Market or SMERF business! And it's not how you would think. 


My guest today is Ms. Amanda Berry, National Sales Manager of The Row Reno. Which hotels make up the The Row? Listen to the Podcast and find out! We also discuss what separates Reno from other Destinations and what amenities you can expect when having a meeting at The Row.


Contact Information:

Ms. Amanda Berry

Email: aberry@eldoradoresorts.com

Phone: 775-453-7848



On todays On Air with Russell of Hotels, Russell will talk about Events he will attend this week, Industry News and the Objectives of Tourism.

May 2019


"Branded vs Independent Hotel Digital Marketing with Stephanie Smith"

Today's guest is Ms. Stephanie Smith, Founder & Digital Marketing Matriarch of Cog Wheel Marketing. Stephanie will discuss in detail her entrance into the Hospitality Industry and explains how SEO for Independent Hotels & Brands are worlds apart. Do you have a checklist for Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Creation & SEO? You should! When beginning Digital Marketing campaigns have you considered the end result, what are you trying to achieve? Listen and get the facts!! 

Stephanie's Contact Information:

Ms. Stephanie Smith

Email: stephanie@cogwheelmarketing.com

Office Phone: 540-239-1052

Website: cogwheelmarketing.com


Today's show is remote from the JW Marriott Cherry Creek located in Denver. My guest is Ms. Aimee Beardsley, Leisure Sales Manager at the JW Marriott. We discuss how she began her career in hotels as a Revenue Manager in Southern California and her transition into Sales. We also talk in detail about the JW Marriott and the Cherry Creek area of Denver.


In today's show, our Host Russell discusses the controversy surrounding Expedia, which hotel chain welcomes bookings via OTA's & panic buttons for Housekeepers. Among other topics


On today's show, our Host Russell discusses his last 2 Site Tours , explains some of the hotel sales process & If your Social Media postings are reaching the right people or anyone at all. Russell will also discuss working with Indie (Independent) Hotels versus major brands. And what exactly is #FOMO?

April 2019


Join me for today's show as I interview Mr. Doug Caldwell, Regional Director of National Accounts for Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada. We discuss his unique transition into the hotel side of the Hospitality Industry as well as why Reno is sometimes a hard sell but has the best value for meetings.


Today's Guest is Mr. Victor Simmons, Director of Diversity & Inclusion with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. Victor discusses his path to the Corporate Office for Wyndham Hotels and explains exactly what Diversity & Inclusion mean and what is role is. We also talk about what career accomplishment is he most proud of. 


Email: victor.simmons@wyndham.com



Today' s guest Mariles Krok, CMP ironically began her career at the same Marriott hotel that I began my career, however,  about 8 years apart! We discuss her career progression from beginning as a front desk clerk to her 1st opportunity in Sales with Marriott Hotels. She then transition to Los Angeles Tourism Board and now she is a Director of Meeting Sales with Visit Anaheim a Destination Marketing Organization. Mariles is also a past President of Meeting Professionals International Southern California Chapter.

Contact Mariles Krok, CMP

Senior Director Meeting Sales

Email: mkrok@visitanahein.org

Direct: 714-765-2870



On today's show, our Host Russell Edmond will discuss his attendance at last weeks DestinationCA Conference & TradeShow. He also highlights activities within the Downtown Los Angeles area, which include 2 Breweries and a must see Boutique Hotel which has been revitalized.

Website: russellofhotels.com
Email: Russell@russellofhotels.com


My Guest, Ms. Jeanette Ceja is a Travel Journalist, Travel Expert & Award Winning Bilingual TV Host. We will discuss how she began her career as a Travel Journalist and why she considers herself a “Thought Leader” and not a Travel Influencer. We will also talk about her travels to over 50 Countries.

Contact Info:
Twitter: @JeaneatteCeja
Instagram: jetsetwithjeanette

March 2019


Today I interviewed Ms. Kalhari Atapattu, Director of the Runway Restaurant which is located inside the Hilton Woodland Hills. In the interview we discussed how the Hilton in Woodland Hills was her 1st job ever and how doors continued to open for Her despite not knowing what she really wanted to do. We also talked about Runway’s concept and the importance of Sustainability and using local farmers & bakers. Runway - “ Where beauty meets flavor”



Email: kalhari.atapattu@hiltonwh.com


Join Russell of Hotels as he discusses in detail “Who Owns The Guest” and what Hoteliers can do improve their direct bookings.

Also, new trends in Marketing, have you heard of Wifi Marketing or GEO Fencing?


On today's show, your Host, Russell Edmond takes on random Hospitality Topics like, Working with Influencers, Influencer Marketing, Sales Agreements, Your Brand & OTA’s just to name a few.


My guest today is Jason Will, CEO of Zipkick which is an Influencer Marketing company. In this interview we discuss the very humble beginnings of Zipkick and how it began as a Travel related App to being in a marketing force in 6 continents.

Not to mention the over 150,000 likes & comments on Instagram.

Email: jason@zipkick.com

Website: Zipkick.com

February 2019


Todays Guest is Ms. Cheryl Rogers, Meeting Professional. Cheryl plans Corporate Meetings & Events but that’s only part of her journey. How did she get started? What’s her background? What’s Smart Meetings Rising STAR? Tune in and find out.


Today’s guest is Ms. Lesley Butler, Professor, Educator and Lecturer at the Collins College of Hospitality Management, which is located on the campus of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). Ms. Butler will discuss the History of the Collins College and her transition from the Restaurant Industry into Education. We will also discuss new Food Trends and how the Collins College of Hospitality Management is preparing students for careers in Hospitality Management.


Today's guest is Mr. Joe Titizian who is the General Manager of the Hilton Pasadena.

Joe has over 30 years of hotel experience, beginning his career at the Hilton Warner Center back in the early 90’s. Joe and I discuss his career in detail including his rise to becoming a General Manager, the importance of providing great guest service and what separates his hotel from his competition.

Email: joe.titizian@hilton.com

Hotel Website: www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/california/hilton-pasadena-PASPHHF/index.html


Today's guest is Ms. Rhanee Palma who is the Vice President of Sales & Service for Visit Oakland.

Visit Oakland is responsible for increasing tourism’s economic impact to Oakland through destination development and brand management. Rhanee and I discuss how and why to use a Destination Management organization like Visit Oakland as well as experiences & career within the hospitality field.

Email: rhanee@visitoakland.com


January 2019


Interview with Travel Influencer Kat Von D, also known as the Traveling Greek who specializes in the Luxury Travel space. Kat Von B who has visited over 50 countries, discusses how she became an Influencer after being a Travel Agent for many years. Kat also discusses the importance of Hotels & Tourism organizations of embracing Social Media in this digital age of Marketing & Branding.


Twitter: @travelingGreek

Instagram: travelinggreek


Interview with Nathalie Fintzi, Director of Sales & Marketing at the soon to open Godfrey Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Conversation about opening the Godfrey Hotel and her experiences in the hotel Industry working mainly with Independent & Boutique Hotels. Website for Godfrey Hotel Hollywood. GodfreyHotelHollywood.com

Email Nathalie at Nathalie.Fintzi@godfreyhotelhollywood.com