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"Show Me the Numbers" is an exciting new radio show hosted by Yael Kagan, blending the intriguing realm of numerology with her extensive background in therapy. As a seasoned clinical hypnotherapist, NLP master, and numerology expert, Yael offers a unique perspective on how numerology intersects with personal growth and healing. Each episode delves into the depths of numerology, unraveling its mysteries and practical applications, while also showcasing how it intertwines with Yael's therapeutic methodologies.With a dynamic format, the show features insightful teachings, engaging explanations, and practical demonstrations of how numerology can be integrated into daily life and personal development journeys. Yael invites guests from various industries to share their perspectives and experiences, providing a well-rounded exploration of numerology's influence in different fields.Moreover, "Show Me the Numbers" encourages listener participation, inviting questions and feedback to create an interactive and enriching experience for all. Whether you're a newcomer to numerology or a seasoned enthusiast, tune in to "Show Me the Numbers" for an enlightening journey into the world of numbers and self-discovery.
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Monday, Tuesday, Sunday 5:00pm - 5:59pm
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Show Me The Numbers
Yael Kagan
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