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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Jen Golden


Jenifer Golden is a force both on-camera and off but her success didn’t come easily. She is an inspiration to people, both young and old as she reveals intimate details about her life, being cut off by her parents due to financial hardships, as well as picking up the pieces and not only supporting herself, but living the life she wants...on a budget. As a writer, actress, host and self-professed goof, Jenifer’s blog and online videos have put her on the map as one to watch. Jenifer was born in Miami Beach, Florida. Her love affair with hosting began before she even attended school – interviewing her nanny, as well as characters she would play herself. This began a grade school long career of MC’ing and narrating school shows, and performing in community theater with her parents. After attending Dr. Michael M. Krop High School’s theater magnet program, Jenifer attended the University of Miami, where she received a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and B.A. in Theater Arts. While in attendance, Jenifer co-anchored UMTV’s Newsvision and covered a number of stories related to the school, news, and entertainment. In addition, Jenifer was a production assistant for NBC’s coverage of the US Presidential Debate, and Dateline special on teens and sex. The Miami-native’s ambition brought her straight to Los Angeles where she joined enrolled in improv classes at The Second City Training Center, performed in the 8-week run of “Me! An Ensemble Comedy,” and graduated from the conservatory. Currently, Jenifer is cohosting and coproducing Two Drunk Girls, and you can watch Jenifer as on-air co-host for The Art of Life on the Lifestyle Network. Jenifer is also the writer and creator of where she offers commentary on some of the best deals and budgeting tips around, as well as gives her comedic and sarcastic perspective on life, love and all things fun. Her online videos include featured sketches on Funny or Die, YouTube and Some of Jenifer’s charity work includes Dogs Without Borders, the Jewish Federation, and the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
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Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning Sam and Jen bring you an entertaining and irreverent show that mixes a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart conversation. The show features a breadth of fascinating guests, bestselling authors and celebrities. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and smart humor. Call in live and chat with us.    Show Producer: Sara Hasson.  

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November 2015

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August 2015


Today we're joined in the studio by musician Josh Stevens, who sings as well as writes and produces. Check out his new song and find out how music is made.


We invite you to take flight with us. Morning hiccups could have caused a cancellation of the show. We speak to author William Forstchen, who just finished the sequel to his bestselling novel "One Second After." Find out what America will be like if attacked by EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse.) Fascinating, albeit scary, stuff. A Twitter feud between Tinder and a magazine.


An energetic show and a fun guest. Jen's shower startles her in the middle of the night. We're joined in the studio by Indy Rishi Singh, a spiritual and intersting guy that teaches how to clear the mind through Yoga and meditation.


We get to hear Jen's experience attending the seminar conducted by our last week's guest Kyle Cease. But the weekend also brought a disappointing date that we analyze. We also further debate dating apps.


We discuss the fascinating rise of Donald Trump in spite of his crudeness. Our phone guest Lisa N. Edwards calls in from Australia to discuss her work in film and writing. Lisa was a talent agent who turned to writing to escape the burnout. "Can't Fight Fate" is her first of three novels, and promises to be an enjoyable read.


Tonight is the first Republican debate, with 17 candidates vying for the presidency. And, of course, all people can talk about is Donald Trump. Our studio guest, John Mikaelian, returns to tell us about his new book for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Sam introduces Cannabis to a pain patient and the results are mixed. Uber stories. We talk to Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer who has started his training company for security and personal safety. Find out how to protect yourself by attending his seminars, a couple of which are coming up in LA at the end of this month.


We are joined today by young singer Kyra Nicole, an adorable young woman with impressive dreams, and her agent Ilona Europa. Listen to the songs and hear on how a career in music is built.


A conversation about men in LA by female passengers in Sam's car sparks a discussion on dating in this town. We get a call from Casey, our parking attendant, who always has something interesting to say.

July 2015


We are joined by Kyle Cease, who has many theories and explanations regarding personal growth and achieving you goals. Check out his seminars next weekend in LA.

June 2015

May 2015


The plot thickens with Sam's signal light adventure. More talk about Uber.


Herbert Dodell


Renard Cohen


Meredith O'Connor


Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones


Monica Padilla (Danielle Earle)


Cobi Mike (Lauren co-hosts)


David Heath


Lauren Leonelli co-hosts


Andrew Heninger


Taran Noah Smith - Home Improvement


Julien Jorgenson


Jen and Lauren go to see The Price Is Right and live to tell about it. We're joined in the studio by producer-writer Sterling Gates and the star of his new film, Lindsay Sawyer. Their indie superhero filmThe Posthuman Project.

April 2015


We're joined once again by Jen's best friend (they're joined at the hip) Lauren Leonelli for another awesome show. The talk turns to dating and relationships quickly, so there's a lot to learn from this show.


We are joined by Jen's good friend Taylor King for a fun show. Find out why Taylor was given her name. Taylor makes custom gift baskets that are unique. Check out her store Espionage LA, which offers unique, of o a kind gifts.


Riots break out in Baltimore over racial friction on the streets. Should cops be required to wear bodycams? Sam criticizes the president for not taking enough action on ISIS.


Sam is energized when he finally gets some sleep. A strong earthquake shakes Nepal. Our phone guest interviewed Marcia Clark yesterday, but the former LA prosectuor on the O.J. Simpson trial didn't want to talk about O.J. Jen still has doubts that Simpson was guilty. We talk to LA Talk Radio host Judy Goss about her show What Women Want and her illustrious career in modeling and broadcasting.


Sam gives Two Drunk Girls, Jen's video show, a thumbs up. With her friend Lauren, Jen hosts a funny show that can be seen on YouTube. The case for knowing the background of the people you connect with. Do you really know the person you're marrying?


Today is Earth Day around the world. Sam feels he didn't do enough on 420 so he suggests a trip to Colorado. We are joined in the studio by Eric Pearl, who discusses his organization The Reconnection.


Roseanne Barr reveals she's going bilnd. Is it appropriate to take a picture with your kids in the nude? Jen observes Sam has an issue with age. We're joined by LA Talk Radio host Cheryl Lubin, a fascinating woman with an interesting show.


The article about us and LA Talk Radio is published in The San Fernando Valley Business Journal. Today is 420 and the celebration ensues for potheads around the world. Our favorite sushi places, and more.


Jen is concerned that she has some kind of bugs in her home that are biting her. This mystery will probably be solved by the doctor. What do you think about when you're facing death? Jen uses the app Periscope to stream our show in video and we're surprised to find around 700 people watch it live.


We are joined in the studio once again by Jen's best friend Lauren Leonelli, and of course we talk mainly about dating and relationships. Check out Jen and Lauren's show "Two Drunk Girls."


How we book guests. We speak to Frank Olivier of Frank Oliver's Twisted Cabaret Comedy Variety Show, which takes place this weekend at the Magicopolis in Santa Monica. Frank is a multi-talented performer with offbeat humor, and proves to be a lot of fun.


Another guestless show, which we enjoy occasionally, and we talk about numerous fun things.


Getting high on edibles. Sam goes clothes shopping. Lessons on socializing. Weekend stories and more on a guestless day.


We're joined in the studio by new host Diana Dehm who is launching her new show today. We discuss her show,Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio, and the challenges that face our planet and environment.


Another killing of a black man by the police. Blue eyes can now be had for a price. We talk to Israeli-American author Nir Zamir about his service in the Israeli Secret Service and his book "The Killing Rituals" which is a story virtually grabbed from today's headlines. Highly recommended.


Today we are joined in the studio by filmmaker Johne Wayne S. III for a discussion about gun violence and bullying, and his upcoming film "Red All Over" which deals with these topics. Check out their Indiegogo campaign.


This is a special morning for us as we are joined by a writer from the San Fernando Valley Business Journal who is doing a story on LA Talk Radio. Mark Madler tells us about his career as a writer and journalist and we do our best to impress him!


We discuss just about everything under the sun. A fun show.


We have an interesting conversation with Stanley Swan, a funeral director who tells us all we want to know about dead people. Check out his entertaining book, "Undertakings of an Undertaker: True stories of being laid to rest."


Lots in the news, and we talk to radio host Michael Long about his show "Empowering Your Life" with his alternating new co-hostNicola Bird.


We are joined today by Keta Meggett, a young woman who founded "Team Bully Buster" to help young people deal with bullying. With strong ambitions, Keta is making a difference.

March 2015


Our phone guest today is extreme sports pro Dean Potter, who along with his dog Whisper has performed some amazing feats, including climbing rocks without ropes and flying in a wingsuit. Check out their adventures in the movie "When Dogs Fly" now available on Vimeo.


Today we are joined in the studio by the developers of the new appSocial Prenup, which lets users sign digital contracts that agree not to post compromising photos online. Find out how Jonas Partovi and his partner Hannah came up with the idea and their plans for their new app.


We discuss bullying in the schools and the solutions with Anti-Bullying activist and musician Meredith O'Connor, and we play some of her music.


A plane crash in the Alps kills 150 people, including the co-pilot that apparently brought the aircraft down. We talk to psychologistKathryn Foster about what men want and how women can understand them. Check out her book, "The Naked Truth About Men (and Romance.)"


We are joined by the fascinating magician Steve Spill and discuss his experience with magic and the founding of Magicopolis in Santa Monica. This is no small-time trickster. Steve performs some amazing acts of magic.


Dating talk and Jen's newly-discovered app, another plane crash. We talk to life coach Nancy Solari about her story of winning despite being blind, and her show Living Full Out.


A little politics in the morning never killed anyone. We discuss the world's latest threat. Writing and language expert Lisa Doctorjoins us in the studio to discuss her new book, "Accidental Poetry," and her experiences as a movie industry insider.


We are joined in the studio by British radio presenter Anthony Davis, a friend of Jen's who's visiting LA.


We are joined today by Jen's good friend Caitlyn Chase to discuss fashion and style, along with her website and blog, Caviar and Cashmere.


Continuing our discussions on relationships, we debate about priorities and objectives. We also talk to lifestyle coach Andrea Gross about improving your life, and about her books.


Our studio guest today stimulates great conversation about dating, relationships and when to have sex. We talk to Elena Burnettabout her views on how men and women should interact and understand each other. Fascinating show!


We are joined in the studio by Hayley Gripp, an actress, model, and anti-bullying activist. Listen to her heartbreaking story of growing up with seemingly insurmountable challenges, including Tourette's Syndrome.


Today's special edition basically involved drinking Mimosas with our guest Lauren Loenelli, the other half of Two Drunk Girls. We gab about a lot of things and have a blast!


Big controversy regarding the racist chant video posted online by a fraternity at U of O. We're joined by life coach Candace Silvers, also the host of LA Talk Radio's Candace Silvers Radio, who challenges everything we think and say. Get ready for a mind-blowing experience!


Today we talk about numerous topics, including physics and quantum mechanics with our studio guest Rick Rosner, who claims to score very high on IQ tests.


More about Tinder and dating in the digital age. Fun show. We talk to author and speaker Robin Marvel about her story of survival and success against a background of abuse.


We continue to discuss Tinder and how to use it and other dating sites. We talk to Nigel Barker, a judge on America's Next Top Model, a photographer, and the host of The Face. Check out his book "Models of Influence."


Today we're joined by the group that runs the ASDS charity. Headed by Robin Flutterby, an ambitious and engaging Asperger survivor, and joined by her awesome colleagues, Laura, Amber and Jujo.


Netanyahu's speech to Congress, getting pregnant without a partner, and lots more. We talk to Chris Duke, host of "Motorz TV," an auto enthusiast TV show.


We recap the weekend, then we are joined by singing duo "Sleep Machine," Alisha Zalkin and Dan Kalisher. who debut their album "Cover Me in Gold."

February 2015


Washington DC's mayor makes pot legal and the viral dress photo that makes people see different colors. We are joined in the studio by actor Akie Kotabe for a discussion of his movie "Everly" with Salma Hayek.


No guest today, and we cover a lot. Fun show.


Today we were joined by the makers of the film "Waking" Skyler Caleb, Ben Shelton and Meghann Cionni.


Horse racing. Learn everything about it from our studio guest Billy Kock, host of Horse Ownership Experience.


Following the Great Love Debate we discussed last week, we are joined by one of the organizers, makeover and dating expertKimberly Seltzer. Fascinating conversation about dating and the increasingly difficult dating scene.


We are joined in the studio by beauty expert Jodi LaBossiereand discuss what it takes to stay beautiful and feel great, and her book, "In Your Face: The Badass Lifestyle guide for the Empowered Woman."


A fascinating and relevant phone interview with our guest Bill Ratner, who wrote "Parenting for the Digital Age." What is going to be of our kids, who are exposed to so much online?


Can ordinary people make significant changes in the world? Our guest Jonathan Holiday, host of "The Ambassadors of Change," thinks so.


Our studio guests are Eric Lilavois, a creative record producer, and his discovery Austin, a young singer with a lot of promise.


We are joined in the studio by director Hu Wei and producerJulian Ferer, who made the original film "Butter Lamp."


Fifty Shades of Grey mania begins and Jen reviews the film. We are joined by singer Anna Chase, who is competing for the Grammy Amplifier. Click and support her efforts. Her music is awesome.


A baby is born with two fetuses inside. An 11-year-old girl kills a 2-month old baby her mother was babysitting. We talk to Tara Myers, who with her husband Mike is known is the "Kissing Couple." Check out their book "Pink Chair No Underwear: 19 Confessions From One Madly In Love Couple."


The Cannabis Cup experience that didn't happen. The Grammys. Are drones in our future? These and more stories on today's show.


Plus-size models in Sports Illustrated. Rocker Gary Glitter is convicted of child sex abuse. We talk to relationship expert, Dr.Shaelyn Pham about her book "The Joy of Me" and the upcoming Valentine's Day.


Jordan attacks ISIS and the Middle East is boiling. We talk toTanay Jackson, a talented singer who lives in LA and in NYC, and we play her dance song "Addicted."


A plane crash in Asia (again) is captured on video. Jordan hangs two ISIS prisoners after its pilot is burned alive. We talk to Suzy Spencer, who wrote "Secret Sex Lives," in which she chronicles her adventures interviewing Americans about their sex lives.


We're joined in the studio by Brian Howie, the producer of The Great Love Debate, and matchmaker Kate Edwards of The Three Day Rule agency for an entertaining discussion on relationships between men and women. Don't miss the singles event on Valentine's Night.


Post-Superbowl chat and review. We talk to Dr. Nicola Bird about emotional and stress eating, a problem that afflicts many people in the US. Learn about her Self Imaging Therapy (SIT) and how to cope with emotional issues.

January 2015


Various topics. We talk to LA Talk Radio host Michael Long, who is joined every week by yesterday's guest Jessica Haynes on his show "Empowering Your Life." Michael is a radio veteran and has interesting things to say.


In the news items. We also talk to LA Talk Radio host Jessica Haynes about her inspiring story of near-death experience and the struggles she went through. Check out her neat product Socket Saver.


Today we're joined by filmmaker Michael Gier, who is producing the movie "Wounded Warrirors" and is financing it through donations. Listen to discussion about PTSD and our returning troops.


A huge winter storm in the East. We have awesome weather! The best jobs in America. We talk to multi-talented Anicia Braggabout her endeavors as an author, host, fashion and interior designer and more.


Today's news stories. SAG awards. "How We Got to Now?" is a book that fascinates Sam, who discusses glass and artificial cold.


How to win friends and influence people. We talk to a former FBI agent who was trained to profile suspects about his book, The Like SwitchDr. Jack Schafer enlightens us on how to be more likeable and how to read people. Fascinating stuff!


A very short commentary on the president's State of the Union address. How many calories does having sex burn? We are joined in the studio by members of the group We Are Kings & QueensJon Mahan and Andrew Smith.


A popular UK newspaper is rumored to have decided to drop its Page 3 topless photo section. ISIS continues to terrorize. American Sniper and other nominated films, and much more in today's edition.


Discussion of medical and recreational use of Marijuana. We're then joined by horror author Devan Sagliani for a discussion about his Zobmbie novels.


We are joined today by Nick Arnette, a funny guy who also knows how to motivate and lead teams. A comic and a teacher, Nick does a lot of things, including writing books like "The Dude Book" and"Me, We and Glee."


Flogging in Saudi Arabia, commotion in France and the Oscar nominations are some to today's topics.


We're joined by former member of IDF elite unit Aaron Cohen, who now consults and trains people to protect and defend themselves, while also providing bodyguard services to celebrities. Aaron also has a radio show on LA's KFI 640, and wrote a book on his experience in the Israeli army..


Golden Globes recap, Islamic extremism around the world, a woman who didn't know whe was pregnant, movies and more.


We discuss investments and Tony Robbins' new money book. Why some women prefer smartphone apps to help track ovulation over hormonal contraceptives. We talk to Dr. Kathryn Foster about her book The Naked Truth About Men (and Romance), and how both sexes can connect better by understanding how the other thinks and behaves and what motivates them.


Terror strikes in France and we talk about free speech around the world. Everybody is moving to Oregon. Espresso machines and coffee in different countries.


Apple has patented a flexible phone, would you spy on your kids?, and other topics on today's show.


We're joined by Israeli music artist Queen Ofir, who tells us about her growing career in the U.S. and her inspiring love for music and performance. Check out her music on YouTube.

December 2014


Getting ready for New Year's Eve. Happy New Year, eveyone!


Chat and today's events. The big news is the Air Asia flight that disappeared in a thunderstorm.


We recount our Christmas weekend. Then we are joined by the stunning model Katarina Van Derham who is the publisher ofViva Glam Magazine to discuss her career and publishing in the era of digital media. Her glossy magazine is imipressive and unique.


Christmas Eve feels nice and we're joined by Jen's mom, whom we coax to finally talk and participate in the show. She proves interesting and fun. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Great show today as Jen's mom joins us but doesn't say much. We are joined by photographer and filmmaker Steven Lyon to discuss his upcoming film "Something That Matters" on the disappearing rhinos in Africa.


More birthday talk as Jen enjoys an extended celebration. We talk to Nancy Addison, a health and motivation speaker who takes a holistic approach to living a better life.


This holiday season feels great and everything's festive. Various topics today with no guest.


Party stories and today's items in the news. Jen gets propositioned last night and tells about it.


Fake babies are used in American Sniper, and that concerns Jen. We're joined by Tai Lopez, a successful entrepreneur and writer about reading to improve your life and to help you reach your goals.


An early surprise birthday party is thrown to Jen by her friends. Long lines in the stores ahead of the holidays, but Sam learns to be patient and actually wait. A review of the film Exodus: Gods & Kings. We're joined by relationship and dating expert Laurel House to discuss the holidays' effects on dating and her book, "Screwing the Rules."


An actor cooks and eats his ex-girlfriend's rabbit. Torrential rains in LA. We talk to Duana Welch about the science of love, online dating, and her new book Love Factually.


A strong winter storm is moving in and California is bracing for flooding. We're joined in the studio by entertaining celebrity stylistAli Levine.


Jenifer Golden joins the show and we cover the SAG Awards nominations and other events in the news. We talk to Senusal Sharon of about her website which helps connect people for sexual cyber and phone play.


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Today we met Kelsey Bohlen and spent an entertaining hour together.


We continue our auditions with Jenifer Golden for an enjoyable show.


As we audition new co-hosts, I am joined by Ashley Linder for a fun hour.