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Wednesday 8:00pm - 8:59pm
Saturday 10:00am - 11:59am

(formerly Smooth Saturdays with Aysha )
As of 10/7/2017 Jack Cohen has  teamed up with his current co-host super Sax Man and renown national recording artist Will Donato to create a Smooth Saturday with Aysha replacement titled “Inside the Music with Will and Jack” . This show broadcasts live in stunning HD Video out of the LA Talk Radio Video Studio in Sherman Oaks CA every first and 3rd Saturday morning from 10AM to Noon PST and it can be watched on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Like Smooth Saturdays with Aysha we will feature live interviews of renown recording artists (2 per show) , we will play their album cuts on air and they will perform live in studio. Will and Jack can’t wait to share the new show with you.

Thursday 11:00am - 11:59am

In our youth obsessed world, this quintessential generation-X radio/.comTV show propagates the real truth: That life, and true success, start after the age of 40.
In the first chapter of our lives, ages 0-39, we learn about ourselves. In the second chapter, the chapter from 40-80, we transform from quite caterpillars into awe-inspiring butterflies. Martha Stewart, Diane Von Furstenberg and Samuel L. Jackson are just some of the shining examples of people who harnessed the powerful core of who they were and then coupled it with the 40+ years of life experience they had, in order to really produce magic.
 The show's mission is to remind the 65+ million American gen-Xers that "you're true, meaningful life starts after 40, because that's when you're actually wise enough to do something significant with your life". LA40, with Katerina Cozias focuses on engaging, enlightening and entertaining audiences with light fun banter as well as with inspirational and motivational messages including, “it is never too late”, “don’t be afraid of change”, “the best time is now” and “heck, just do it already!”

Sunday 4:00pm - 4:59pm

Exciting, Pragmatic, Revealing and Funny, Metaphoric Radio. Playing out life's daily issues, through people dressed in pseudo personas.
Naked Radio is: Metaphoric Dialogue of values dressed as Garments that influence how people live... We offer alternative Garments best suited for a path that leads to Greatness.  

Naked Radio's Mission: Strip the Garments of despair and failure from the hearts of mankind and offer alternative Garments that complement one's true Purpose... [suggesting Garments of restoration, forgiveness, sobriety, peace, creativity, healing, encouragement, esteem, affirmation, confidence, strength and love.]

Naked Radio showcases people our Fans and Listeners love to hear from as Live in Studio Guest: Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes, Music Artists, Spiritual Leaders, Activists, Important World Events and Breaking News of People, Places and Things  making today's headlines.

Tuesday 8:00pm - 8:59pm

Cannabis and Porn from California. Sixty Stoned Minutes of Funny, Nasty Talk!

Tuesday 7:00pm - 7:59pm

LA After Dark With Abby Cubey is an exciting and creative Video and Radio variety show. Filled with interesting topics, exciting celebrity guests and very significant issues affecting our life, love and interweaved with Abby’s magnetic, charming and engaging personality.
“After Dark Radio with Abby Cubey” was originally aired on LA Talk Radio in 2012 where she aired many successful shows with artists, national authors, comediennes, sports legends and topical issue people, that touched the hearts of the huge fan base. This same vision will be followed with many new surprises and the most current and topics that are meant to entertain and stimulate a diverse and wide variety of viewers and listeners.
Another main focus is our reach out to our audiences for greater participation on the phone and maybe through video interaction to encourage the sharing of the thoughts of our fans and their feedback. We will have topics that are commented on and suggested by our viewers and listeners. Of course, there will be a roster of great guests for all to enjoy.
We have a special offering that is new and different form the last run. This is called the Abby Cubey Foundation where Abby is gathering funds and support for medical, education and food for children globally. This has been given accolades by US and International spokespersons. We’ll show pictures and videos of these wonderful activities with gratitude to all the donors and affection for those who are helped.
Of course, Abby’s music will also play an important role in the show and much like the great days of variety on TV like Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Sonny and Cher you will hear many of her compositions and renditions of other artists that can be found on her YouTube channel.  You will be the first to hear her upcoming studio recordings too.
Not to give too many surprises away. We may see you in your neighborhood, when Abby will be After Dark in the neighborhoods on the USA to interview the fantastic people she meets in person.

Tuesday 1:00pm - 1:59pm

Cat and Kaehler LIVE talk radio, a podcast you don’t want to miss!  Hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell, the woman behind the blog CatherineGraceO and former NBC Today Show fitness correspondent and "Better Living Expert" Kathy Kaehler.  Cat and Kaehler  features NYTimes best selling authors, entertainers, fitness experts, lifestyle experts, fashion bloggers, creators, moms and those who inspire all with a common focus…to FIERCELY  empower women of all ages through the lens of midlife.

Tuesday 5:00pm - 5:59pm

Movie Reviews & More is your one stop media source for the latest in movie reviews from a different angle.and in depth interviews with the stars that make them.If you want Unigue information about the stars and Questions outside of the usual fluff,then Movie Reviews & More captures just that.An inside look,outside the usual format of Entertainment reporting to the essence of your favorite films.
To really understand me, it is important to know I LOVE drum and bugle corps. It's my passion. I'm a “drum corps nut”. The connection I feel to the Drum & Bugle Corps translates into the enthusiasm I have for life. 

Monday 11:00am - 11:59am

Table for 5 with Annette Ortiz Mata and Felicia Grigsby is a live talk show where you will be informed, educated and entertained. It is where you will hear many points of view. We will have two additional guest and our fifth guests will be our listening audience. It's where the everyday man and woman will be discussing everyday issues. Hot button topics, current events, personal opinions, an hour full of lots to hear! We will chat it up, mix it up, blend it up. It will be our journey and your voice. Real women, talking about real life topics. You will always have a seat at our table. So join in on the conversation...WE ARE Table for 5.

Table for 5 Audio Show Archives

Wednesday 12:00pm - 12:59pm

Women have been changing the trajectory of the music business for years by rewriting the rules for success, paving new roads to making money, and changing the world with their songs. Join artistic entrepreneur and guitarist Ezina LeBlanc each week as she interviews today’s top female guitarists, passionate songwriters, multi-million selling artists, and other creative change agents.

Thursday 12:00pm - 12:59pm

Dr.Theo Kousouli’s BE A MASTER® Radio & Web show is a live weekly one hour event, with your two dynamically fun hosts; Dr. Theo Kousouli and Bridgetta Tomarchio. Together with their invited guests, which include prominent thought leaders, authors and celebrity entertainers, they help their audience get a better handle on their life challenges, while educating and informing through common sense logic, tough love and satirical sketches. Tune in for all the fun LIVE every Thursday 12 noon PT, 2CT, or 3ET at and all social media IG: @BeAMasterRadio @DrKousouli @RealBrigetta