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Friday March 6, 2015
10:00 AM Sam in the Morning with Jen
11:00 AM On the Couch
Dr. Michelle
12:00 PM

Two Chicks Talkin' Politics
Susan Olsen & Sheena Metal (R)

1:00 PM The Jeanie Brandes Show
Jeanie Brandes
2:00 PM The Mother Love Show
4:00 PM A Comic's Life Radio
Sandy Stotzer & Billy Batz
5:00 PM Turn On to Tech
Jeff Levy & Bonnie Jane Bentley
6:00 PM Drinking Dirty in Jersey
Cris Finley & Cassie Finley
7:00 PM On the Air Empowered Communication
Dr. Pat Allen
8:00 PM Sports and Life
Cameron Datzker
All Times Pacific Standard Time


Friday March 6, 2015
9:00 AM You Are The Money
Wes Hall (R)
10:00 AM Combat Radio
Ethan Dettenmaier
12:00 PM Max & Friends
Max Tucci (R)
1:00 PM Talk It Out!
Dr. Debra & Coach Kelli (R)
2:00 PM FLO Guitar Enthusiasts
Jeff "Flo" Floro & Scott Sill (R)
3:00 PM In Our Times
Cheryl Lubin
4:00 PM State Of The Arts
Michael Sterling & Paul Stroili
5:00 PM The Sheena Metal Experience
7:00 PM

Up On Medicine
Jeff Levy & Bonnie Jane Bentley

8:00 PM Crime & Punishment
Larry Levine & Bruce Cameron (R)
All Times Pacific Standard Time

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FLO Guitar Enthusiasts

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