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Jim Christina


Jim Christina is certainly no stranger to the entertainment world. For years he played with a popular acoustic vocal group in the Seattle/Tacoma area in Washington State. The band Sundown became a name in the field until Jim moved back to Southern California. In 2008 Jim began writing a series of books about an Arizona Man Hunter in the 1880’s which has now snowballed into 11 novels and coming. With titles like “Requiem for an Appaloosa”, “The Dark Angel”, “Contraband Cowboys”, “Taggert” and “Still Waters”, any lover of western stories would appreciate the realism and grit these novels contain. Having been a frequent guest on ‘Around the Barn’ with Bobbi Bell and Nancy Zee, Jim quickly picked up on the tempo and immediacy of live radio. So, with conversations with Bobbi Bell to join him as Co-Host and Russ Aveson (no stranger to talk radio either) to come in as occasional guest host, he decided to launch “The Writer’s Block” a series of conversations with writers of fiction, non fiction, music, poetry, history and, well pretty much whatever people write and for what reasons. Wanting to keep the format loose and fun, Bobbi and Jim opted for a relaxed format to allow the writer to express themselves in their own way, with Jim and Bobbi steering the course. Jim and Bobbi think this is a wonderful opportunity to allow writers their say, the audience to learn what makes the writers tick and let the public know where they are going in the future.
Books available at Outwest Boutique & Cultural Center,, Barnes & Noble, and, all on-line book sellers.

Bobbi Bell


No stranger to co-hosting on radio, Bobbi Bell, was part of the “Around The Barn” Saturday morning team on Santa Clarita’s KHTS Hometown radio for several years. Currently, you can catch her on “Campfire Café” every Thursday at 12:00pm (CST) with host Gary Holt. They cover the equestrian lifestyle as well as western and country music on Bobbi joins host Jim Christina as his side kick on “The Writer’s Block,” a longtime dream of Jim’s. Bobbi is passionate about the written word and how it is interpreted in prose, poetry, on screen, and in song. She is passionate about the American West and how its story has been told- the truth and the myth, the landscape, the people and their stories, the cultural arts and the West as portrayed by musicians, writers, authors, artists, designers, craftspeople, weavers, potters, jewelers, and filmmakers. Bobbi and her husband, Jim Bell, are so committed to presenting the West to a worldwide audience that they developed the OutWest Creed for their "brick and click" OutWest Boutique and Cultural Center: 1. To Bring the Mystique of the "West" (fact, fiction & legend) to a the marketplace 2. To Introduce artisans, musicians, and makers of specialty products to a worldwide audience 3. To nurture a dream of all those who see an inspiration for today from traditions of the past. Presenting the power of the written word, each year, OutWest organizes The Buckaroo Book Shop, a Community Partner to the annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival. Over 20 authors are available to chat with readers, sign books, and be part of panel discussions and interviews. They continue to present new authors’ works through their ongoing “Rendezvous With A Writer” events. Vice President of the Western Music Association California Chapter, Bobbi enjoys meeting songwriters and musicians who have a love for the music of the West - including Western, Folk, Roots, Americana, Bluegrass, Swing, and Rockabilly and she actively seeks venues and ways to promote their music. Since 2009, with her husband Jim, they have hosted evenings of live music captured on film by their community's local media center, SCVTV. Known as SCVTV Presents The OutWest Concert Series, these intimate live acoustic music concerts have been enjoyed by audiences throughout the world through SCVTV's website. Bobbi is excited about joining Jim Christina to give listeners the opportunity to hear from talented, engaging, and thought provoking authors, poets, and songwriters of all genres. Tune in every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (PST) to Writer’s Block with Jim and Bobbi! Have a question for Bobbi? Contact her at

Bob Brill


Bob Brill is an award winning journalist who is best known as a radio personality and newscaster at KNX1070 News Radio and as a National Correspondent for the UPI Radio Network. He’s written eight books and has debuted his fourth book in his “Lancer; Hero of the West” series called “The El Paso Affair.”
Bob’s memoir; “Tales of My Baseball Youth; A Child of the 60’s” is one of his best-selling books and he writes a blog dedicated to baseball in the 1960s. You can find all of his books at
A native of Pittsburgh, PA, he grew up in the San Fernando Valley, attending Sylmar High School and is a screenwriter and short film producer. He is currently in development of a western film based on a feature script he’s written.
Bob also hosts and produces a podcast called “Interesting People with Bob Brill,” in which he interviews people from all walks of life with a story to tell. He also writes a blog for the show. Bob’s charitable work is centered around his involvement with the DEA Survivor’s Benefit Fund. You an find all of Bob’s project and story at He is on Facebook, Twitter (@bobbrillla) and Instagram (The Bob Brill).

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Thursday 7:00PM - 7:59PM
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The premise of The Writer's Block with Jim Christina, Bobbi Bell and Bob Brill is to talk to writers of all ilks and get their thoughts, ideas, how they come up with their stories, lyrics, poems, etc. Dig into their heads in a looser format and certainly not scripted. All writers are welcome from novelists, non fiction, poets, musicians and historians, All are welcome. For booking email

Show Archives

May 2019


My and Russ' One on One interview with writers Chera Thompson and Neal Johnson was a hoot. Both great folks, good writers and a lot of fun to talk to. Their book, A Time to Wander, is a semi autobiographical look at their time at Kent State in Ohio during the turbulent early 70s. Give a listen.


Bob and Had a lot of fun with writer J.M. Landels last Thursday. Not only is she a great writer of fantasy fiction, but, she lives it herself, in that she is a swords woman and equestrian to boot! Don't miss it on LA Talk Radio, you can catch the interview right here!


Our interview with writer, Hermi Hanlon was interesting, to say the least. Writing as Eve Wing, the novel, Chasing Butterflies, NYC is definitely an adult novel. The heroine spends a lot of time chasing and capturing men, all the while heading in a direct course foe her death. Told with a certain angst, Butterflies is worth the read, but be warned, the sory is realistic and the sex scenes steamy!


We had a ball last week with just the crew of The Writer's Block talking about anything and everything.

April 2019


Russ and my interview with writer Jack Hersch last evening was, to say the least, informative. Jack's narrative of his father's escape from a Nazi Death march, twice, was compelling radio and even better book. Give a listen.


After a false start, our show took off last evening with a great political writer and story teller, Barry Solloway. His book, 'Who's Killing the Liberals' is a terrific read, a true page burner. Give a listen right here, at LA Talk Radio, The writer's Block.!


This week's guest is a must hear. Not only were Bob Brill, Bobbi Jean Bell and me in the studio all at the same time, but our guest was the phenomenal writer, John Hegenberger. John's character, Stan Wade has found his way into a new book, Short Fall, and his new Sci-fi books, Oxymoron, and Pandora Block.


Juni Fisher was our guest on a special Writer's Block last evening. From award winning singer/songwriter to a new novelist, Juni tells a story that captures one and throws them into another time and another place. We were honored to have her on with us and a visit by our travelling Bobbi Jean Bell IN STUDIO! Give a listen.


Our interview with returning author, Patrick Brown, went as expected. Patrick is such a nice man and a terrific writer, chronicling life which isn't always as we think it should be. Give a listen!

March 2019


Our interview last Thursday with singer/songwriter and author Mike Blakely was a blast! A dedicated performer and writer, Mikes music and books transcend the current and can and do transform the listener and reader into a time of long ago.


Our conversation with writer, Irene O'Garden was like talking with one of my own siblings. Coming from a dysfunctional 50s family, like a lot of us were, it's easy to understand the need to connect later in life. Listen in and see if you don't agree.


Our interview with performing western artist, composer, singer/songwriter, Judy Coder last evening was a lot of fun. Not only is Judy multi-talented, but has a sense of humor and a great willingness to impart her knowledge forward. Thanks for a great show!


Author, songwriter, and performer Jim Jones joined us on the Writer's Block radio show. We chatted about his newest book "Lights of Cimarron" and his music which, by the way, has developed some intricacies not normally seen in the western day music scene. Give a listen, then pick up Jim's latest CD and be quite pleasantly surprised.

February 2019


Russ an I had a lot of fun with new Writer, Chuck Redman last evening. Chuck's book, A Cottonwood Stand tells the story of old and new Nebraska in a way most people would never imagine. Give a listen!


Our special interview with Detective Tom Lange abut the Laurel Canyon and the OJ Simpson murders last evening on The Writer's Block One on One show was extremely informative and most certainly, an eye opener.


Last evening we inaugurated writer Carol Graham Pereira to the world of live radio when she guested on the Writer's Block. A very charming and open guest, she spoke candidly about her time with her husband, Helder, as he fought a twelve year battle with cancer. A fascinating read and one definitely recommended for folks interested in knowing about California's Dying With Dignity law.


Like we say, it's always fun having a return writer on The Writer's Block and Jack Adler was no exception. Jack has a way of transporting you to a different time and place. See for yourself. His current book, The Sperm Farm, is selling on Amazon and all on-line booksellers. Give it a try!


It's always fun welcoming past guests back to The Writer's Block and last nights guest is no exception. Michael Brady is a great writer of the spy craft and espionage set in various locations featuring a protagonist named, Michael Brennan. Pick it up and give a read, Into The Shadows: Assassination Corps.

January 2019


Our fun interview with writer J.T. Bishop was a lot of fun and after all the problems we had getting her on the show, it turned out to be well worth the effort.


After finally cornering writer, Peter James, Russ and I had a great conversation with him from England. Peter is an exceptional writer and one that belongs on the top shelves of book stores. If you haven't read his novel, Absolute Proof, you need to. Wonderful read and chock full of surprises.


Last evening's Writer's Block Special show was not only fun but we got to talk to two quite lovely young women that publish an on-line monthly magazine, Vivid Arts Magazine. Very well done and some beautiful photography. Go check it out at These two women are destined for big things!


Our interview with writer Howard Kaplan was a great example of a fine writer willing to share experiences and ideas with others. If you have the opportunity, check out the film, The Damascus Cover, on Netflix and Hulu, written by said author, Howard Kaplan.


Dawn Greenfield Ireland is a lot of things, but one thing she is not, is boring. Being a writer, publisher and editor has given her a unique view on all aspects of writing. For you new writers out there, it would be an experience to listen to the show, learn a little something and enjoy an enjoyable conversation.


Our conversation with ex-pat writer, Ken Becker was a trip through the 60's and 70's. Ken is a terrific chronicler of days gone by and his life as an Ex-pat now living in Canada. Give a listen.

December 2018


From the best of "The Writer's Block" : Thursday the crew from 'The Writer's Block' spent the time reminiscing about Christmas' past with our families. It was a fun and happy hour for us. Listen and see what we felt.

Thursday, December 24th we will broadcast an encore presentation of our Christmas show and December 31st we will be broadcasting an encore of our show broadcast on December 10th  with Heidi Gilbert. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and no matter your religious beliefs, a wonderful holiday season. We will be back in the studio January 7th with Henry Parke joining us as we interview Craig Johnson, the creator of the Longmire Mysteries.


Thursday's program with author Stanley Goldman was exceptional. We had a lot of interest in his book, and in his struggles writing it. Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream, was an exemplary example of a first book going big time and we not only applaud Stan Goldman in his success, but also, thank him for the privilege of giving him his first media interview on his new book.


A studio malfunction and a late start does not stop these intrepid radio hosts from completing their appointed rounds. Bob and my guest, Ken LaSalle was a hoot for his third visit. Along the way, Ken dispensed several tid-bits of experienced writer knowledge, and mixed in with folksy humor, the show turned out pretty darn good except only the right channel is working for sound...old board I guess.


For 50 minutes of fun, you can't beat last evening's edition of The Writer's Block. Our guest was Johnny D. Boggs and not only was Johnny a great guest, but a terrific writer and story teller as well. For a new writer, Johnny gives some great ideas, and for us old writers, we'll be stealing his ideas!

November 2018


Thursday's show showed just what talk radio is all about. Our guest, Jim Jackson was a lot of fun, and our special guest host, Eric Heisner, just completed the madness. Give a listen and have as much fun as we had Thursday evening,


From the best of "The Writer's Block" : Our interview with writer John Sandford last Thursday was nothing short of terrific. Cordial, charming and down to earth, John Sandford delighted all in the studio and, I'm sure. all the listeners our there that listened in live.


Last Thursday's show with writer Wes Rand in the studio was a lot of fun for all. An interesting and terrific guy, Wes is the writer and creator of the western series featuring Evil Stryker. His latest book, Payback is Hell, is an outstanding example of modern western writing with a twist. Tune in and give a listen!


Our nonsensical show last Thursday with writer Henry Parke was a lot of fun for everyone. Henry is the quintessential blogger, screenwriter and all around nice guy.


Our interview last week with writer Axel Howerton was informative and a lot of fun. After all, who doesn't like talking about the mafia, and he is a publisher as well with Coffin Hop Press.

October 2018


Ross and my interview with writer, Eleanor Kuhns was, if nothing else, highly informative and extremely interesting. Her knowledge of writing and the early New England Settlers is something everyone should read about


Bobbi and my interview with writer Ruth Ramsey last evening went splendiferously! Ruth is a great lady and quite the author. Her book, Candle of Dreams, is gaining some traction and you owe it to yourselves to give a read!


A small taste of last Thursday's frivolity in the studio with writer, Jackie Carr. Good guest, great conversation and an enjoyable read...what The Writer's Block is all about! Listen in and see for yourself!!!


After two faulty starts, we finally got an interview started with writer Steena Holmes. Her newest book, The Forgotten Ones, was a study in guilt, insanity and familial lies, leading to revelations no one could have guessed. Her writing is snappy, coherent and sometimes full of innuendo.

September 2018


My interview with writer and world class photographer, John E. Marriott turned out to be a fascinating look into wildlife photography by a terrific photojournalist. John's new book, Tall Tales and Long Lenses, is chock full of amazing wildlife photos and chronicles his ascent into photography, then into the wild! Give a listen and you won't be able to stop


Apparently civility takes many forms and this week was no different. Writer, Dr. Lew Bayer's book, The 30% Solution, led us down the path to being and feeling better about ourselves and our situations in the work place, and apparently, ex-wives.


Our conversation with writer Johnnie Bernhard last evening went as we had hoped. Our listeners got a lot of information and more, some wonderful insights into an award winning writer.

August 2018


This Thursday's guest, Claire Fullerton, was, as usual, warm, gregarious and a lot of fun. Claire's book "Mourning Dove" reflects life in Memphis society in the 70's and early 80's and most certainly gives us insight into the lives of the gentried class in the latter part of the century. Clair is always welcome back to The Writer's Block and we hope she visits often!


Last evening's interview with writer, Miranda Oh was not only fun, but this lady has energy to burn. And guys, she's single, however, I should warn you that first date she want you to read her books to see if there will be a second foolin.


Our conversation with writer, entrepreneur, psychologist and mom, Laura Lovett last evening was not only informational but a lot of fun as well...had her phone not died, it would have been a bit longer, but, things happen on live radio. Suffice to say, Laura was delightful, ready to take on the motley crew at The Writer's Block and getting ready to start Happy Hour in Hawaii.


The writer, Jenna Greene, is not only a writer of renown, but a gal after our own hearts. Her comments regarding her writing style and process were not only lively but a lot of fun. And, it appears, she writes drunk and edits, sober. Our kind of gal...and quite possibly the best admission we have ever had on The Writer's, we know she was kidding, but hey, it's all good time...


Our conversation with writer Tony Phillips was a lot of fun. Tony is smart, articulate, fun and a terrific writer. His conversation regarding his writing process was spot on and, he even took time to tolerate our inane nonsensical banter.

July 2018


Last Thursday was very interesting in that Russ and I talked about one of my books, "End of Line" and writing in general, Bobbi Jean called in and we spoke about the show and writing and ended the hour late...oh well. Give a listen right here at LA Talk Radio!!!


We were fortunate enough to have as a guest this week, writer Tosca Lee. Her book 'The Progeny' and it's sequel, 'Firstborn' are hitting the racks and flying off of shelves across the nation. This New York Times best selling author has it all. Great story telling, humor, and a huge desire to please the [readers that enjoy her books. Give a listen!


Writer Philip Donlay always brings fun, excitement and great stories to the show and this show was no different. His new book, "Speed the Dawn" is a thriller of the first kind. Set in Northern California, the novel sets the story and the scenarios ablaze with action and actual fire. This is a novel you can't miss. Check out his show here.


Our conversation with writer Edward Willett this past Thursday was fun, educational and occasionally, somewhat nonsensical.

June 2018


Being with Bob Brill in the studio as a co-host is always a treat, but having him as the featured guest is and can be terribly dangerous. Bob is one person that can go several different directions at once, and oft times does. But, a fun evening as all the Writer's Block family was there to join the festivities...including the old stand-by...Almond Tequila!


Our interview with writer Michael Brady last Thursday opened a whole new world to us not involved in the intelligent services. Michaels writing is concise, clear and easily readable with a story line unlike most others


Our interview with writer Thomas E. Simmons ( Tommy ) was not only fun, but educational in ways we never expected. Taking us on a journey from 1864 to 1916, he introduced us to a great old southern family and to some wonderful characters! Give a listen!!!


Our interview with writer John Arthur Long was as expected, full of high school angst, and the travails of High School staff that don't always have the answers. His book, "The Mean" gave us a look into the minds of not only the students, but faculty as well...well written and highly readable. Give a listen!!!

May 2018


Thursday's interview with writer, Roy Griffis, (Griff to his friends) was a lot of fun. Not only is Griff a terrific writer, but as Bob said, "It's hard to write a protagonist that's a different sex as the writer, yet Griff Pulled it off wonderfully. Hos series "By The Hands of Men" is a terrific look at turn of the century England and Russia during and after WWI. You can listen right here!


This show was special in that it not only showcased a previous host on the show,, but took a look at an author finishing another authors work after a death. A fascinating show, including the widow of the original writer and the editor of the work. Richard Paolinelli was, as usual, smart. fast and intelligent in his explanations of the process...give a listen!


Thursdays guest on the Writer's Block was local author, Ryter Rong discussing her book, "Ireland Calls My Name". A great journey into Ireland, Barbados and America of the 1600's, showing us a side of our history and culture few knew. Give a listen, discover for yourself, the wonderfulness of Ryter Rong's book and her early American history!


Last Thursday, the folks at The Writer's Block had the honor of interviewing writer and attorney, Wayne Avrashow. A compelling book about a rock star running for the senate. Gripping and extremely interesting. Give it a read and give a listen to the show.


Our interview last evening with Florida attorney and writer, Mike Papantonio was a lot of fun. His book, "Law and Vengeance" is a great read with wonderful characterizations and a plot that just doesn't let go.

April 2018


Bruce Olav Solheim is, if anything, a true believer in paranormal activities. Bruce's book, available the end of June (tent) is chock full of paranormal stories and scenarios fit to make things go bump in the night.


Our interview with writer John Sandford last Thursday was nothing short of terrific. Cordial, charming and down to earth, John Sandford delighted all in the studio and, I'm sure. all the listeners our there that listened in live.


Our interview with writer Karen E. Lee Thursday evening was a wealth of information regarding marital abuse and how it can and does affect thousands of women yearly. Her book, The Full Catastrophe, A Memoir, was a fascinating read and highly informative, although because of the subject matter, a little hard to read, mostly because we don't, as a society, like to think we can and do behave that way. Give a listen right here...learn what a lot of folks already have, we are the best at what we do!!


Our interview with writer John Leonard Pielmeier last evening was a total blast. Not only is John a wonderful writer, but his reading of a passage of his book, Hook's Tale, was nothing short of terrific!

March 2018


We had an absolute hoot last evening with writer Peggy Wheeler and her husband Steve. A great writer and super guest, she's welcome back any time!


If you enjoy YA novels, Urban Terror or just things that go bump in the night, listen in on my conversation with author Kelly Charron.


Another fun evening with a talented, interesting and extremely thoughtful writer. From Sandhill Island to the forested mountains of Oklahoma, Peggy Chambers always leads us on a merry chase of extraordinary fiction!


Our conversation with writer, Erin Pringle last week was a lot of fun. Not only is Erin a terrific writer, but has a sense of humor and, was a wonderful guest! She is, of course, welcome back when ever she can visit!!!


Our interview with writer Bianca Marais last evening was an absolute treat. She is fun, intelligent and an outstanding guest. To catch the entire gist of her interview, you just have to go to our podcast from last evening and hear for yourself.

February 2018


Russ and my interview with writer Sharon Weil was interesting, fun and very informative. If you have yet to read Sharon's book, Changeability', it's a book you may want to pick up.


Thursday's show was laugh fest with writer, Melissa Carrigee. Melissa writes children's books, has been a literary agent and has a small publishing business on the side. An absolute delight to talk to.


Our guest on Thursday, author and traveling nurse, Ankit Shukla certainly gave us something to think about. His book ascribes several ways of looking at your life entirely different than most people do now. His philosophies are rooted in personal experiences and a genuine desire to help. Give a listen!


Well, errant phone numbers and technical difficulties not withstanding, our discussion with writer John Biggs was pretty good after all. John was a pretty good sport and our own, Bobbi Jean, tried her best to hold Richard and me together

January 2018


Last evening's conversation with new writer, Mark Reynolds offered a lot of insights, of which, new writers should pay attention to. He has run the gamut is now just getting comfortable with accepting critics and reviews.


Our conversation last evening with writer Peter Gajdics was, unquestionably, informative, educational and highly interesting. Peter is a writer of some note and authority when putting words down on a page. Try his book, "Inheritance of Shame". you will be amazed and, most assuredly, not bored.


Our conversation Thursday with Publicist Mickey Mikkelson was extraordinarily fun and informative. Mickey has, what very well could be, the fastest growing Publicity Firm in North America. His knowledge and expertise are great and he is a great guy to know if you are an author. Creative Edge is his business, and publicity is his forte'!


Bobbi, Richard and my conversation with writer Rick Ferguson last evening was a delightful dive into the world of political, military and election intrigue that, to this day, stains our country and others with the continual double dealings of some most powerful people.

December 2017


Last evening's conversation with writer, Eric Anderson was, to be humble, entertaining, informational and scary as hell. Eric's take on the middle east in his book, Osiris, is terrifying to say the least!


Last evening's chat with Richard's and my guest, Jack Adler was informative, fun and greatly reminiscent of a front porch chat, about WWI. Both ex newspaper people, Richard and Jack chatted like old friends. A great show and Jack is welcome back any time we have a spot for him!


Thursday's Writer's Block was special in that it Was Bobbi Jean's final in-studio broadcast. She will still be with us, however, she will be broadcasting from Albuquerque, New Mexico. So we had some old friends call and had a great hour chatting with "Old Friends".


Bobbi and my interview with writer, Marina Fontaine last evening on The Writer's Block was fun educational and highly enlightening, that is until we got disconnected. But fortunately, our interview was pretty much done except for the thank-you's and wishes of goodwill.

November 2017


Bobbi and I had a wild and wonderful conversation with Science Fiction writer, Robert J Sawyer. Robert is a writer with an uncanny ability to reach to the masses and bring a confusing story complete clarity so even dolts like me can understand it..


From the best of "The Writer's Block": Last Thursday, Bobbi and I hosted Joe Herrington, poet, yarn teller and author of the fabulous book, 'Tekoa'. We spent a wonderful hour with Joe and several times he had us in stitched with his stories. Give a listen, I am fairly certain you won't be disappointed. 


Bobbi's and my conversation with author Stephanie Osborn this Thursday was remarkable. Stephanie is the real deal when it comes to Science Fiction, talking about wormholes, nebulas, black holes and space travel. If you haven't picked up one of her books, you owe yourself a treat! We read 'Tour de Force' and it just screamed by...a wonderful read by a wonderful story teller...


And yet another fun informative evening with the cowboy twins, Eric Heisner and Al Bringas. They always bring a bunch of fun and mirth into the studio and last evening was no exception.


​Bobbi and my discussion with writer/attorney Price Ainsworth was a lot of fun and very informative. Price's first novel, "A Minor Fall" was released in June and is already garnering great reviews, go check it out at:

October 2017


Russ and I had a great conversation with author and artist Rochelle Wisoff Fields last evening. An informed writer and unique historian of early 1900's Russia and the US. Giver her books a read!


Bobbi's and my interview with writer and novelist, Parris Afton Bonds was unique in that Parris is quite the prolific writer (45 novels) been interviewed by Charlie Rose, had kudos on Nightline and is a New York Times Best Selling Author, and she was nervous about being interviewed on our little show. Well, Parris was a delight and more than welcome to come back when she wants to! Give a listen!!!


​My and Henry Parke's interview with author Katie Salidas was not only a lot of fun, but Katie has a terrific sense of humor and knows just how to wrangle a story to make it terrific!!!
Her vampire stories are well written, well thought out and most certainly entertaining! And, by jingo, she is welcome back any time she wants to be on the show...


​Bobbi and my conversation with writer, Adam Dreece was a lot of fun. His novellas, The Wizard Killer Season One and Season Two were nothing short of amazing ass far as fantasy books are. His writing is crisp,, creative and very descriptive. We look forward to Season Three, Four and Five!

September 2017


Russ and I had a great conversation with Canadian writer, Suzy Vadori. Suzy is a writer of young adult fiction and one hell of a story teller. Her book, The Fountain, gets deeply into the minds and actions of young adults and reminds us, as readers, of the angst we suffered in that particular time of our lives


Bobbi's and my conversation with writer KJ Howe last week was not only informational, but highly entertaining as well. Her knowledge of K&R (kidnapping and retrieval) is outstanding and the great part is she is still learning all she can about it! Tune in and give a listen.


Bobbi's and my conversation with writer Sarah Johnson last evening was a lot of fun. Sarah is a writer that will capture your attention and force you to continue turning pages in the genre with which we immersed ourselves, horror.


This weeks show focused on agents, publishers, editing and the like. Our panel included Richard Paolinelli, Jeff McArthur, Claire Fullerton, Kathleen Rodgers and JR Sanders. The conversation was lively and very educational for a lot of folks. Give a listen!

August 2017


Bobbi and my conversation with writer, Mike Bond last evening was, to be blunt, exceptional. Mike is a multi talented writer and poet. His work is spot on with correct facts and terrain. His knowledge of historical fact can not be argued or matched. Kudos to Mister Bond!


Russ and my interview with writer and all around good guy, Craig Johnson, was nothing short of a lot of fun! We spent 50 minutes talking about Craig's new book, 'Western Star', his writing, character development and just plain stuff. You have to listen to the podcast, you, most certainly, will not be disappointed!


Our conversation with writer, Chuck Walsh, last evening was, if anything, chock full of fun and laughter. Chuck is a fine writer, and, one that is extremely capable of descriptive paragraphs that put you in the middle of the action. Pick up his book, "Black Mingo Creek" when available, you will see what we mean!


Bobbi and my conversation with writer, Patrick Brown was not only fun, but informative and lively, to say the least. Patrick's storytelling skills certainly lend tons to his novels and quite frankly, Patrick will be a welcome permanent addition to my library.


This Thursday's conversation with Caroline Giammanco was as promised, interesting, informative and personal as only Caroline can make it. A great guest and one we would like to have back on the show when her next book is completed. Bobbi Jean was a bit sick, so, Richard Paolinelli subbed for her and the show, as it is supposed to, went off without a hitch.

July 2017


As promised, Thursday's show was a hoot. Gary Phillips is an outstanding author, writer, creator and an all around good guy; not to mention, a great guest on The Writer's Block. Gary's insight and imagination has and will continue to baring us creative and enjoyable materials for a long time to come. Gary is always welcome back on The Writer's Block! So, come back Gary!!!


Following our Writer's Block traditions, last evening's guest, Jeff McArthur was fascinating and informative. Jeff's new book, 'The Great Heist' is a wonderful, true story of the largest bank robbery in the US to date with over 2.7 Million in cash and negotiable bonds, translated to today's money, we are conservatively looking at over 32 million.


As promised, Thursday's interview with writer, Maggie Espinosa was a fun, 2 cent tour of the missions of California. Maggie did the Mission Walk for 800 miles visiting 21 Missions in California over a year's time and her stories are plentiful, fun, informative and highly human!!! Give a listen!!!


Thursday, The Writer's Block hosted writer and Rock & Roll historian, Chris Dormant. Chris has written a book entitled; "Bright Midnight" and it is screaming off of shelves all over the United States. The book has been called the DaVinci Code for Rock and Rollers.

June 2017


Thursday's show featuring C. Courtney Joyner and Henry Parke, went off about as we expected. An evening of fun, reminiscing and just good old plain conversation. Court and Henry are great guests and good friends to not only the show but both Bobbi and me as well. Give a listen!


Thursday's visit with Eric Heisner and Al Bringas was as it always sis. Fun, informative and well worth the hour. Eric is a terrific author and screenwriter, and Al Bringas, well let's just say, Al is far better than a rudimentary artist. He is phenomenal!!! Check out the podcast!


Last evening's interviews with playwright Chelsea Hickman and writer, producer...well you know, Michael Druxman was informative, fun and chock full of nuts! It's what the Writer's Block is all about!


Bobbi's and my conversation this Thursday with singer/songwriter Doug Figgs was extremely interesting. Not only does Doug work long hours every day as a farrier (horse shoer) but also finds time to write, produce and perform in award winning albums and songs within the Western Genre of music. A remarkable man and a very fun interview.!


Our conversation with writer, Travis Norwood last evening was an experience into the unknown. Travis is a very gifted storyteller, and one that will go a long way in the Sci-Fi world...remember...shameless self promotion!!!

May 2017


Thursday's interview and discussion with writer, Peggy Wheeler was fun, informative and and a little bit insane. Her book, The Raven's Daughter, is garnering terrific reviews and rightly so.


Thursday's visit with writer Eliot Parker was fun, informative and highly educational. Eliot is an extremely intelligent and well spoken author easily displayed by his writing and presentation of his written materials. Eliot is welcome back to the Writer's Block any time he has something new to share.


Bobbi's and my interview with writer, Ona Russell last evening was fascinating to say the least. She is quite a story teller and her new book, Rule of Capture was certainly no slouch!


This week guest host, Richard Paolinelli and me interviewed author and child advocate, Bracha Goetz. Bracha is a Harvard graduate and a doctor, yet opts to help children to realize their potential using children's book platform. We had a great conversation with her indeed. Here is the link, give a listen

April 2017


This week, the Writer’s Block hosted writer Kathleen Rodgers. This is Kathleen’s second visit to the show and as before, she lent a great time and valid, thoughtful conversation to Russ and me. We sincerely hope Kathleen returns as a guest on the Writer’s Block in the near future.


Last evening's festival with author Margaret Brownley and Western Musician, Almeda Bradshaw was a perfect example of what the Writer's Block is all about. Both women were super fun and quite informational. Almeda with her insights on women in music and Margaret with her writer's insight on women in the west and a woman's view of times of old. A great show, give a listen!


It's all about the creative process behind the songs of Utah based Mary Kaye Knapheus and stories of local storyteller Joe Herrington on tonight's show. Award winning singer/songwriter/performer Mary Kaye shares songs from her newest CD, "Ride A Wide Circle." Joe performs several of his original stories. The following week they performed together opening the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival with an evening of music, poetry, and storytelling.


Guest author Lynette Grace Powell joins host Bobbi for an engaging conversation about her book, "Keep Walking." Based on her life's journey, Lynette reveals how she had faith, lost faith, and then found faith again. Part memoir, part motivational "Keep Walking" is a thoughtful and inspiring read.

March 2017


Thursday, Guest host Richard Paolinelli and I interviewed Oklahoma writer, Ruth Ramsey on The Writer's Block. Ruth is an outstanding example of a true writer for the people. She writes from her heart and from the souls of the folks of small town Oklahoma. We certainly hope she continues her path.


Thursday's show featured writer Amanda Matti and her new book, "A Foreign Affair" Amanda was an exemplary guest, bubbly, intelligent and very informative. Here is the link for the show... give a listen and you'll see what Russ and I found out last night, Amanda is amazing!


Bobbi's and my conversation with Jack Struble, author of "Major Violators" was a total hoot-fest. Jack is a wonderful guest and a great guy to talk to.
Tune in next week for another stimulating conversation with an exciting novelist, Amanda Matti, author of the spy thriller "Foreign Affair".


Bobbie's and my conversation with Dr. Reggie Padin last evening was fun, informative and a little different than what we are used to, but, suffice to say, he was fun, interesting and an extremely intelligent guest full of information and several ways to get out of our Dumpster Moments.


Bobby and my conversation last evening with Rosa Walston Latimer was not only fun, but highly informative as well. Who knew the Harvey Girls were so diverse, yet so alike during their hey-day...Rosa is most certainly invited to return to The Writer's Block when her new book comes out...

February 2017


Russ and my interview last Thursday with writer Jodie Cain Smith was fascinating in that Jodie is a writer that encompasses what a writer strives to be. Direct, a good story teller and a continual student of her craft. Even though her interview was plagued by phone issues, (mostly the host) she came off great and was a total trooper during the entire interview. Give a listen.


Thursday, writer Philip Donaly repeated his performance with another visit to the Writer's Block. Phil's stories captivate and enthrall the readers, myself  included. Listen to the podcast and find out why Phil is a favored guest.


Thursday, we hosted writer Richard Paolinelli to the show. Richard is always a great guest and just has a way of offering his unique perspective to the genre and to the craft.
Richard is a breath of fresh air and is certainly welcome whenever he wants to be on the show.


Thursday, Bobbi and I had one of our favorites on The Writer's Block. John Hegenberger joined us for an hour af lively conversation and some good insights into his new book; 'Starfall' yet another Stan Wade romp throught the world. Listen in and we are positive you'll understand why john is one of many favorites on The Writer's Block, right here on LA Talk Radio! 

January 2017


Last evening, Russ and me interviewed writer Lori Spangler on her book; "Miles of Memories: One Woman's Journey to all 50 States" Lori is a force and we had a wonderful time talking with her about her memories, travels and traveling as a young woman by car, bus and plane by herself. Check out her interview.


From the best of The Writer's Block: This evening Bobbi and me interviewed Judge Douglas McCullough here on the Writer's Block. The Judge wrote a book titled "Sea of Greed" the story of the capture and trial of Manuel Noriega of Panama for smuggling thousands of tons of Marijuana and other drugs through Panama into the United States. Judge McCullough was the federal prosecutor on the case and was the one that personally prosecuted Mister Noriega. A page burner book and dynamite interview with the Judge. Take a listen, won't you?


My conversation with Gary Williams last evening was not only a lot of fun, but informative as well. I know know, as do our listeners, everything there is to know about cowboying, the real way, with dogs, good horses and savvy as to what you are doing. Check out Gary's book, "Lessons from the Range" and tune in weekly for new authors, new folks, great conversation and good friends only at LA Talk radio; The Writer's Block!


Bobbi's and my conversation with Michael Druxman last evening on The Writer's Block was not only a lot of fun, informative, but also a total hoot for everyone there or with us. Michael is a multi-talented writer of everything from screenplays to novels to autobiographies, biographies, true crime, plays, music...the list goes on. We were honored to have Michael with us and hope we can get him back someday soon.

December 2016


From the best of The Writer's Block: Last evening I had a wonderful conversation with playwright Chelsea Hickman. Her new one act play, "Mercy Meal" will, most certainly, grow on you. She is a wonderful writer and very knowledgeable about her craft. Give a listen to her interview. New playwrights especially can pick up hints and tips from Chelsea.


From the best of the Writer's Block: Thursdays guests, Eric Heisner and Al Bringas, creator and illustrator of 'Return to Bravo', and 'Wings of the Pirate'. Check out the pod cast. Al and Eric always bring their own special brand of fun to the show and we welcome them whenever they are on.


Our interview with Paul D Marks last evening was a lot of fun, informative and, to say the least, interesting. Paul is an outstanding writer and an ace storyteller. Let's hope we can get him re-booked for next year!!!


Thursday, Bobbi and me interviewed a prolific writer based in Michigan. Maris Soule has written 25 romance novels and recently been turned towards mysteries and suspense with her Crow Novels and her latest, 'A Killing Past'. Maris was a wonderful guest and gave us a lot of information about herself, her writing and the change from Romance to Mystery Novels. Listen in, the link is right here on your right and you'll see what we enjoyed.


Our conversation with writer Michael Sprankle last Thursday was a total hoot. We were having a few issues with our phone connection but in all, it turned out to be a fun and informative interview. Click the LISTEN button and hear what everyone had to say! Including me and Bobbi!

November 2016


Russ and my conversation with writer and artist Rochelle Wisoff-Fields last evening was not only interesting, but, extremely informative as well. Rochelle is a fascinating writer and wonderful artist ans it was an honor for her to be with us in studio. Here's the link to the show...listen in and see if you don't agree.


Last evening we had  prior guest join us o The Writer's Block. Author Richard Paolinelli rejoined Bobbi and me for a terrific evening of conversation abouot his new books, and, publishing with or without agents, etc. A fun informative evening and we look forward to having Richard back with us in 2017.


This evening Bobbi and me interviewed Judge Douglas McCullough here on the Writer's Block. The Judge wrote a book titled "Sea of Greed" the story of the capture and trial of Manuel Noriega of Panama for smuggling thousands of tons of Marijuana and other drugs through Panama into the United States. Judge McCullough was the federal prosecutor on the case and was the one that personally prosecuted Mister Noriega. A page burner book and dynamite interview with the Judge. Take a listen, won't you?

October 2016


Last evening I had a wonderful conversation with playwright Chelsea Hickman. Her new one act play, "Mercy Meal" will, most certainly, grow on you. She is a wonderful writer and very knowledgeable about her craft. Give a listen to her interview. New playwrights especially can pick up hints and tips from Chelsea.


Bobbi and me had a great conversation with writer Caroline Giammanco about her book, "Bank Notes: The True Story of the Boonie Hat Bandit". Caroline was refreshing and quite interesting in her take on Missouri Justice and the way it is extremely unfairly meted out within the system. Tune in and give a listen, this isn't just a story about the crazy old cat lady...This writer has a definitive story to tell, and may I...a cautionary tale of injustice.


Tune in and give a listen to our conversation with author Philip Donaly we guarantee you will have a great time listening to Phil's take on the adventure story, flying, and writing. Enjoy!!!


Last evening's conversation with author Ken LaSalle was a lot of fun, informative and quite interesting in that we got into things not usually covered in The Writer's Block. But, that's the whole idea of the show, hearing from writers what we normally are not privy to.

September 2016


Last Thursday, The Writer's Block was honored to host writer, Casey Tefertiller to the show. Casey is the writer of the definitive tome on the legendary lawman, Wyatt Earp. A wonderful and charming guest, we encourage everyone to log in and listen to the podcast.


Thursday we had a great conversation with Larry Booker an author from Vermont. Not only are his books captivating, "McGrath's Detail" and McGrath's Murder". Larry is a great guy and highly knowledgeable. He is welcome back any time to The Writer's Block.


Another Texas author, Jeanne Skartsiaris joined Bobbi and me for a wild ride through Dallas and the environs. A fun gal and a fine tuned writer, Jeanne has all the earmarks of becoming a top-notch author and we welcome her back any time!!!


Our conversation with Steve Carver and Court Joyner Thursday night on The Writer's Block was nothing short of fantastic. Steve's photography is something to really dig into. His use of lighting, subject and theme is outstanding. His Coffee Table Book, Unsung Heros and Villains of the Silver Screen will be available mid 2017 and believe us when we say it will be a book definitely worth purchasing for your home.

August 2016


The Writer's Block hosted Texas author Kathleen Rodgers to our show. A fun evening and an informative one, and, we learned Kathleen stalked her agent Jeannie Loiacano before actually signing with stuff.


Last Evening, The Writer's Block hosted writer Robert E. Hirsch to the show. Along with guest co-host, Sheena Meta, we had quite the conversation with Robert about the Dark Ages and the settings for his series of books featuring his character Tristan de Saint-Germaine. Give a listen right here on La Talk Radio.


Last evening's guest, Jackie Boor was a marvelous addition to the Writer's Block family. Her narrative of her great grandfather's life and death in the guise of "Tom Logan: The Honorable Life & Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman" is not only a remarkable read, but Jackie Boor is a top notch teller of the story. Her family should be proud with her endeavors as Bobbi and me are thrilled that she joined us on The Writer's Block. Also, a surprise was in store as well as past guest Carolyn Howard Johnson called in a chatted for a bit. Never a dull moment on The Writer's Block.


Thursday The Writer's Block welcomed writer Gerald Dooley / Bob Cole. Bob has written a series of books challenging the mind with facts and scenarios not well known by most people about the black culture in the south. Interesting writer and certainly an interesting guy. And closing out the show is an old friend, C. Courtney Joiner talking about his new Shotgun book. In all, a pretty good fun show.

July 2016


Thursdays guests, Eric Heisner and Al Bringas, creator and illustrator of 'Return to Bravo', and 'Wings of the Pirate'. Check out the pod cast. Al and Eric always bring their own special brand of fun to the show and we welcome them whenever they are on.


The Writer's Block hosted writer and Poet Peter J. Streitz in studio. Peter is a prolific poet and a writer of extensively written novels. Think a novel of 500,000 words. A great speaker and fun guest, Peter shared stories of his poetry, his strange educational situation, and his rejections, also reading a hand written rejection letter. Peter is most certainly welcome to return to The Writer's Block and keep us apprised as to what's going on with him. 


Russ and Bobbi had Carolyn Howard-Johnson as a guest on The Writer's Block. Carolyn is the author of the Frugal books for writers and they are a fascinating and quite informative series along with Carolyn which is also fascinating and quite informative. In fact, look for a "Frugal Minute" by Carolyn as an addition to The Writer's Block Show. Look for this feature to show up in September or October.


Bobbi and me had author and screenwriter Tina Field Howe on the show with us. Tina is an extremely generous writer and spends hours developing fantasies we can all buy into. Along with being a writer and screenwriter, Tina is also quite the illustrator and her books are full of her sketches and thoughts. Give a listen! 

June 2016


Bobbi and me hosted writer and all around good guy, Drake Vaughn to the Writer's Block. Drake is an /author or unique caliber as he takes things from the norm to the unknown in 25 pages or less. his books, are to most, thought provoking and full of, "This could really happen." 


Thursday Russ and me welcomed writer David Vizard to the writer's Block. David is only on his second book, but what books they are. Full of fun, intrigue, and suspense. His story crafting is superb and his writing keeps the reader enthralled from first to last page. We thank him for joining us, and look forward for Dave to re-book for 2017!


The Writer's Block team was in studio and we discussed just about everything we could,, up too Bobbi rereading some of the old comments of writers and their experiences with writer's block. Henry Parke called in and informed us of his blog, and what will be coming up in his world. Also,, Bobbi and I are booked on Sam Hasson's morning show on the 28th. Should be fun, the last time we were there we had a ball!


Gerry and I hosted writer Peggy Chambers. A wonderful writer and certainly one that keeps your attention with her page burner,"Secrets of Sandlot Island" Her process is different but very interesting and her style we all envied. She was in her grandparents old recliner...good on you, Peggy. Keep those books coming.


Thursday, Bobbi Jean and I hosted writer, Jeff McArthur on The Writer's Block. I was an interesting and fast paced hour that was over much too soon. If you haven't heard of or read Jeff's book, "Two Gun Hart", it's highly recommended if you have a historical interest in prohibition, the Capone family and the 1920's and 30's. Jeff is welcome back any time, and we hope he accepts our invitation. We also has a surprise call-in by author Eric Heisner, all in all, a great evening indeed.

May 2016


Thursday, Russ and I hosted writer, author, nurse...and so much more, Serita Stevens to the Writer's Block. It was a gas. We had a great time and the information she put out was invaluable. Her book; "Against Her Will" is a must read for all ages over age 10. Pick it up!


Thursday, Bobbi and I, for our one year anniversary, hosted writer, blogger, poet, equestrian, and all around great gal, Gina McKnight on the Writer's Block. The conversation was light and fun but very informative as Gina is a wealth of knowledge where blogging, poetry and children's books are concerned. Make sure you listen to the podcast, it's really worth your hour.


Thursday night, in studio, we, well, actually Bobbi had author Sue Detisch writing as Blake S. Lee. Her novel, "Rest Now Beloved" is a fine example of writing, and her commentary was fresh, exuberant and enjoyable. Sue is a pleasure to speak with and we hope to see her again on the Writer's Block show.


Thursday, Russ filled in for me so he and Bobby Jean interviewed author John Hegenberger about his new books available now at Amazon. Along with John, actor Joanne Baron  called in and discussed a play opening soon in Santa Monica. Give a listen, Not being on, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

April 2016


Thursday, Bobbi and I enjoyed writer JB Hogan on the Writer's Block. A great insight in his process, his stories, poems, prose and short stories. Jerry has been a friend of our Facebook page, The Writer's Block Radio Show. We hope you enjoy the podcast and don't forget to like us on Facebook, LA Talk Radio as well. 


Thursday, Russ and I had writer Richard Paolinelli as a guest on The Writer's Block. Richard is a refreshing speaker and a knowledgeable writer of several genres.His book about the history of football in Turloc, California is filled with stories and anecdotes of football programs current and past. His fiction is descriptive and interesting. It certainly keeps the reader justified in finishing the book. In all, a great guest and an invitation to return whenever he wants to. 


Thursday Bobbi and I had a wonderful conversation with Ken Dunn,, founder of the Readers Legacy and forum and on-line service dealing with authors and their works. A fascinating man, Ken is making it happen for thousands of authors and writers o all genres. We also spoke with Bob Brill of ANX 1070 radio about his books and the Cowboy Festival in Newhall's William S Hart Park in Old Town Newhall on April 23-24, 2016.


Tonight Bobbi and I had a very interesting show. First we had a word for departed friend, George Brownley, then the book extravaganza at USC this weekend, then author Douglas Sandler joined us for a half hour talking about his new book, Bad Memories. Then, we moved on to Henry Parke and his western blog, the Cowboy Festival April 23rd & 24th, and then  very welcome surprise, author and friend, Dale Jackson called in to chat. A busy night on The Writer's Block. 

March 2016


Thursday, on The Writer's Block, Bobbi and I hosted writer Ed Protzel on our show. We spoke of his book, The Lies that Bind. Bobbi called in from Chicago and Ed was in Missouri so it was an interesting hour coordinating everyone, but we managed and the hour went by quickly. Ed's s pretty smart guy and his book ws pretty damn interesting. Check out the podcast to hear the show.


Thursday, Russ and I welcomed writer, wine aficionado, western historian, president of the WWA (Western Writers of America) and all around great gal, Sherry Monahan to the Writer's Block. For me, and I am sure Russ as well, it was an informative and interesting conversation about the Earp wives, brothels, dance halls, saloons and just generally the straining to get cosmopolitan in the 1800's. Sherry is a very informative writer and most certainly kept Russ and I captivated.


Thursday we welcomed South Carolina writer, Chuck Walsh to the Writer's Block. It was an informative and delightful evening with both Bobbi and me learning something. Chuck would be welcome back anytime to our studio.


Last Thursday we had a twofer. Both Ken LaSalle and Candace Wade were in studio with us and we had a ball. Candace loaned her unique spin on life and writing as did Ken and a fun time was had by all and, Ken LaSalle will be joining us again in October. Make sure you check that out as well.


Thursday, Bobbi and I had, in studio, writer, attorney and gadabout, Jack Martin. Jack is he author of several Civil War novels along with a new series featuring a great new character Harry Bierce an FBI agent with a past and a secret. Listen in, not only to Jack but to all the other great authors we have had the past year. 

February 2016


This evening Russ Aveson and I interview Jeanne Charters a new writer for the Loiacono Agency. Her book "Shanty Gold" was a definite hit with both Russ and I. We really enjoyed speaking with Jeanne and had a ball going through the plot of her book and made her give us a few tidbits from her upcoming novel, "Lace Curtains". 


Thursday, Bobbi and I hosted Susan Sherayko on the Writer's Block. Susan is an extremely spiritual and encouraging writer. Basing her book on her and her husband's devastating destruction of their home, Susan took the experience and used it to broaden her spirituality and the chance to share what she has learned to others. Her book is "Rainbows over Ruins" and it is a fascinating look at the metamorphosis from living in the moment to making all fit into the puzzle. If you get a chance, pick it up, for a cerebral read, it is a fascinating study. 


Thursday Bobbi was sick, so I took the helm by myself (whew) and interviewed a very prolific writer, Johnny D. Boggs. He was a treasure trove of fun conversation and information. 57 books, folks, 57! This is a man that is welcome on The Writer's Block any time...


Bobbi and I had a wonderful conversation with Literary Agent Jeanie Loiacono last evening. Jeanie is knowledgeable, funny, and a literary prize in the publishing world. And, she has a dynamite website for her company which is stop in and visit her company, get to know her and her associate agents and find out how to submit a manuscript. You virtually cannot go wrong.

January 2016


Russ and I had a whizz-bang conversation with last night's guests, Mark Stephens and Jillian Boyd. We were laughing so hard, I think I broke something. Their pilot, "Welcome to our Mansion" is a hilarious look at Florida's trailer population, with emphasis on the witty, wily family portrayed. 


Bobbi and I had quite a chat last night with writer/historian Troy D. Smith on The Writer's Block. Very informative hour and, for a bonus, Troy has a great sense of humor and is extremely knowledgeable about a lot of things. We hope Troy will come back and visit with us again. 


Thursday, Bobbi and I hosted old friend, writer Bill Wilbur and Rey Ramirez to the Writer's block. A lot of the evening was spent chatting about Bill's book,, Saragosa being readied for film. We spoke of crafting a story and specifically crafting a story on the fly. Bill is known for taking objects and scenarios and crafting them into a short story right in front of you. All in all, a fun informative evening.


Thursday we had as a guest Craig Johnson, the creator of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, the main character in the TV series "Longmire". Craig is a wonderfully creative and honest write, extremely easy to interview and a ball to talk to. Craig gave us the real skinny on what he does, how he developed Walt Longmire and how he developed Walt Longmire's world. Craig is welcome to come back any time he wants. Thanks for a great evening, Craig.

December 2015


Thursday the crew from 'The Writer's Block' spent the time reminiscing about Christmas' past with our families. It was a fun and happy hour for us. Listen and see what we felt.
Thursday, December 24th we will broadcast an encore presentation of our Christmas show and December 31st we will be broadcasting an encore of our show broadcast on December 10th  with Heidi Gilbert. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and no matter your religious beliefs, a wonderful holiday season. We will be back in the studio January 7th with Henry Parke joining us as we interview Craig Johnson, the creator of the Longmire Mysteries.


Thursday, Bobbi and I hosted Heidi Gilbert (H. Schussman) for an hour of fun, conversation and good times, Heidi is an extraordinary writer and blogger and it was a true pleasure having her and her husband, Joe, in studio with us.As far as we are concerned, she is welcome back any time. And for her, Heidi, great job for your very first in studio interview!


Last Thursday, Bobbi and I hosted Joe Herrington, poet, yarn teller and author of the fabulous book, 'Tekoa'. We spent a wonderful hour with Joe and several times he had us in stitched with his stories. Give a listen, I am fairly certain you won't be disappointed. 

November 2015


This evening, Russ and I had a great evening with Troy Andrew Smith. Cowboy poet, cowboy, writer, screenwriter, actor, wrangler, (whew). An insightful and fun hour. Troy is the real deal when it comes to everything cowboy. Thanks a billion, Troy.


This evening, Russ and I had a hoot talking with Henry Parke and John Hegenberger. John's latest book, "Spyfall" is a great romp through Hollywood and Europe in the late 50's. It's no secret the hero's name is Stan Wade, could just as easily been Sam Spade, although i think that one is taken. Thanks to John and Henry for giving us another great evening of conversation.


Thursday, Bobbi and Jim hosted a wonderful cowboy poet, performance artist and equestrian trainer, Andria Kidd and her producer for Afirm Records, Christine Law. Not only is Christine a bang-up producer but, a musician in her own right and, an avid breeder of Frisian horses. The hour flew by and we talked about and over many subjects, both women being extremely intelligent and interesting.

October 2015


This Thursday, Bobbi and I hosted Gary Phillips, writer, screenwriter, pulp writer, business man and extraordinary gentleman on our show. It was, to say the least, interesting, informative, lively, educational and just downright fun. Gary is a master storyteller with an incredible eye for detail and story substance. Along with Gary, our friend, Henry Parke joined us for the last few moments to give us a heads up on the western scene around LA, talked about a new western being shot in Simi Valley and what he is up to. Henry will be joining us every other Thursday for a brief visit, about his western blog.


Thursday, Russ and I interviewed author D.K. Christi. her book, "Ghost Orchid" is being reissued October 31st and she was eager to talk about it. Not knowing anything about orchids, Russ and I were astounded at her knowledge of the Ghost Orchid, it's mysticism, history and beliefs. In all a fun conversation and extremely informative. Incidently, "Ghost Orchid" is a great read!


Bobbi and I hosted writer Claire Fullerton to the Writer's Block. Claire is an outstanding writer and is welcome here whenever she wants to come back. Her ideas are insightful and well thought out, and her sense of humor is great and we laughed a good deal of the show. Give the podcast a listen, it's a lot of fun.


This evening we had Pamela Malz on with us for a captivating hour of conversation and a lot of information never previously discussed on The Writer's Block. Pam is intelligent and a load of fun to talk to, with a definite invite to return any time.


Thursday, Bobbi and Jim hosted western singer/songwriter, author and all around great guy, Jim Jones to the program. The studio was lively as we tackled about every subject but politics and religion (which we will never do anyway). Jim is a great guest and a lot of fun to spend an hour with.

September 2015


Thursday Russ and I hosted author, columnist, blogger and just all around Missouri nice guy, Missouri's own, Patrick M. Shanahan. It was a lively discussion over the course of the evening.


This Thursday we hosted longtime friend, actor, author, producer and western historian, Peter Sherayko to the Writer's Block. Peter is full of ideas for writing, authenticity in western movies and life in general. It was a great hour, full of fun and interesting conversation.


Thursday, Jim and Bobbi Jean hosted Oklahoma author John T. Biggs, an interesting and insightful writer, John proved to be a great guest on the show.The discussion hover around nd frequently returned to the spiritualism of the Native Americans residing in Oklahoma..."where the wind goes sweeping down the plains..."


This Thursday, we welcomed Dr. Charlotte Laws into the studio for an hour of fascinating fun conversation. Not only is Charlotte educated and smart, she's also fun, sassy and full of life. We thoroughly enjoyed having Charlotte with us and maybe next time, I won't screw up the board or forget to go on the air...geez...

August 2015


Thursday evening Russ Aveson and I hosted The Horse Sluts on the Writer's Block show, and what a hoot it was. These women are certainly full of spunk, creativity and wonderful advice for the older sets. An evening of hilarity talking to them with Russ and I frequently belly laughing out-loud. Give a listen to the won't be sorry.


This Thursday, Bobbi and I welcomed Science Fiction writer Todd Embry to the Writer's Block. We had a fascinating conversation with Todd about his myriad professions ultimately driving him to get serious about writing, and writing Science Fiction in particular. Todd is also a short story author and a poet...oh yea, he's also a graduate with honors from Le Cordon Bleu Academe'. An interesting fellow and one we will not soon forget. Thanks Todd!


Bobbi and I welcomed Arizona writer and film historian Charlie Le Sueur to our show. Charlie is very knowledgeable about western silver screen cowboy history and has penned two books, one about the early silver screen heroes and one about the transition to television in the late 40's early 50's. An interesting hour and one that shouldn't be missed by fans of the early western film genre.


Tonight we had a fascinating author with us in studio. Wayne Diehl joined us for a delightful hour of fun, discussion and a lot of call-ins. Wayne is a very interesting man in a guy for all guys sort of way.Suffice to say, it was a terrific evening.

July 2015


This Thursday we hosted Henry Parke. Henry is a screenwriter,budding columnist and the writer of Henry's Western Roundup, a weekly blog to keep interested parties up to date on what's going on in the western community. And, a surprise call in by C. Courtney Joyner which has collaborated with Henry on a recent commentary or two,, or three. In all it was a fun night and we look forward to having Henry back with us.


This Thursday, Russ and i interviewed in studio a prolific and somewhat erstwhile author of Science Fiction, Westerns and Western Science Fiction, Ed Erdelac. Ed's books are full of wonderment not normally found in other novels of this genre, if there are others of this genre. His Merkabah Rider series follows the trail of a Hasidic gunfighter with no name that travels the west in search of a renegade teacher that destroyed his mystic Jewish order. A great read along with all of Ed's other creations. 


This Thursday we welcomed John Bergstrom, western musician and singer songwriter into the studio for an hour of western music, songwriting insight, history and just a great conversation all around.


The Writer's Block interviewed the shows creator and host, Jim Christina. We spent time chatting about writing, character development and writing music. The hopur flew by land Jim's wife, Gerry joined in the festivities along with Bobbi's husband, Jim, continuing to hold up the wall.


This Thursday, Bobbi and I spent a delightful hour with Janet Squires. We chatted about her background, what she's working on now, her accomplishments, her ideas on writing and writers. She will be welcome back anytime she wants to come.

June 2015


Russ Aveson and I hosted writer and cowboy DB (Dale) Jackson. At least when we finally found him (wink). A great conversation, and some great questions were asked and answered. 
Dale is an honest and forthright writer and ita shows in his works, his attitude and demeanor. Good Show!


Last evening was spent with author J.R. Sanders. We chatted about his work, his new book, his thoughts on publishing, writing, Facebook and many more spects of the writing game. An enjoyable evening and quite informative to both Bobbi and myself. Thanks JR for a great evening.


Thank you to our guests tonight, Al Bringas and Eric Heisner! We enjoyed a lively conversation about their book "West to Bravo," Western film, the writing process, the creative process, and the future of Western film. Eric and Al are certainly invited to come back for another hour of fun.


The Writer's Block hosted Margaret Brownley. Margaret gave us an insightful hour of stories, ideas, history and anecdotes referencing her years as a New York Times Best Selling Author. A wonderful evening. We thank you, Margaret.

May 2015


We had Joyce Fitzpatrick with us and she gave us a spirited evening of chat, laughter and insight into her reasons for doing what she does.


Court Joyner. Screen writer, novelist, western heritage writer, magazine writer and all around good guy. We spoke about what got Court into writing as a profession, current projects and what direction he is going now. Good fun evening.