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The Sheena Metal Experience The Sheena Metal Experience is definitely not your mother’s talk radio show.  Combining today's hottest celebrity guests and tomorrow's most irreverent headline-makers, the show is raw, uncensored, and all-Sheena-all-the-time. Using her trademark cutting-edge observation, LA entertainment icon Sheena Metal rips the veil off the human sideshow, exposing Homo Sapiens at their most bizarre -- making you wonder how you ever got by without her. It’s talk radio the way it was meant to be, “Sheena-Style”: unscripted, unpredictable, a little horrifying, and a lot hysterical. It may be Sheena’s show but it’s definitely your experience.

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Music Highway Music Highway with Sheena Metal features the original music of unsigned talent from Southern California and around the world. The show spins your favorite requested indie artists worldwide in between outrageous talk about the dynamics of the music industry and the trials of being a musical artist in the new millennium. The show is unique with a playlist that is 100% listener requested which means that a band’s fans are responsible for picking the show's featured music each week!

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Combat Radio

Combat Radio is a powder keg of explosive entertainment chaos with high-profile guests from the world of Film, Music and Ultimate Fighting! Ethan Dettenmaier is your host each week. Don't miss each sshow because you never know which star will be calling in or in studio live. So listen!

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Dancing with Ghosts Dancing with Ghosts explores those who have crossed to the other side with renowned psychic and healer Rebecca Fearing. Those interested in contacting their loved ones on the other side are invited to call in and participate.

Listen Live Wednesday at 7:00 (PST)
Jack Marino Warrior Filmmaker Jack Marino, a dynamic Bostonian, joined LA Talk Radio in January of 2011. As an Independent Filmmaker and stirring Radio Host, he brings his unique style and panache to his "Warrior Filmmaker Show". Jack has the most distinct signature opening in all of radio that can only be best described as "radio noir". It is akin to listening to radio in black and white. He's interviewed numerous talents from Hollywood both past and present, his more roguish side lead him to do some intriguing interviews with Mafia hit-men, adding an overall "Chandleresque" flavor to his Show. He is guaranteed to keep you interested, and coming back for more.

Listen Live Sundays at 7:00PM (PST)
Haunted Playground

Ghosts, Angels, Demons, Psychics, Elementals, Inter-dimensional Creatures, Aliens, Bigfoot, or the Griffin in your own back yard – nothing is off-limits or too outlandish while on-air with Haunted Playground, anchored by top-rated talk host Sheena Metal and renowned Clairvoyant / Medium Danielle Egnew, both founding members of The Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance.

From today’s top para1234normal experts to the most bizarre phenomenon to the world’s most engaging spiritual people, Haunted Playground has room for everyone on the paranormal kickball team!

Listen Live Tuesdays at 3:00PM (PST)
Two Chicks Talkin' Politics Two Chicks Talkin' Politics demystifies the current sociopolitical topics of the day and provides a non-partisan refresher course in the basics of Humanity 101. Neither Republican nor Democrat, political hybrids, Susan Olsen and Sheena Metal have become “party poopers” who steer away from the far right and the far left like "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". Follow "Two Chicks Talkin' Politics" on a journey that promises to enlighten, entertain and unite people in common concerns and universal solutions.

Listen Live Mondays at 7:00PM (PST)
Sapphire Planet

Sapphire Planet is a meditative scientific journey through the universe, narrated by Jim J. Norris. It combines smooth, relaxing music with a lecture on a different scientific topic each week. For those who want to learn more about science in a fun, painless way.

Listen Live Sundays at 11:00AM (PST)

Cathy Is In

Award winning comedic actress, energetic intuitive and licensed psychotherapist (yes you read that right), Cathy DeBuono combines her talents to bring to the air waves her new weekly radio talk show, Cathy Is In

A "spin-off" of her enormously popular and critically acclaimed video blog, What's Your Problem?, Cathy and her guests accept calls from listeners all over the world who seek to process an issue or gather advice.  Along with her wit, charm and sense of humor - Cathy provides a combination of startling intuition, compassionate tough love and educated, grounded advice to create an entertaining yet profound therapeutic experience unique to any other.

Listen Live Mondays at 3:00PM (PST)
Peace Fund Radio Peace Fund Radio - Making the world a better place through P.E.A.C.E (Protect Educate Aid Children Everywhere.) Each week Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier focus on charity work and and take a close look at both 'Global Need' and ways, methods and organizations on how to help. There is a also weekly celebrity segment and interesting special features from week to week.

Listen Live Wednesdays at 11:00AM (PST)
Fit and Sexy for Life Fit and Sexy for Life is a talk radio show with fitness and health expert Kathy Kaehler.  Each show will highlight healthy living topics from exercise, healthy cooking, celebrity workouts and much more.  Hot topics from how "hot" is hot yoga, beach ready bodies, real food, cooking at home and so many more.  Celebrity guests and experts to lead in depth discussions from eating disorders, taking supplements, organic foods and the latest attention to gluten free and GMO foods.

Listen Live Wednesdays at 1:00PM (PST)
The Tastemakers

Mark and Matt Harris are "The Kings of Swag" and host their weekly radio show The Tastemakers. The Harris Brothers travel the Globe attending luxury / lifestyle / Celebrity events. Through their main business WOW! Creations the brothers interact with the Rich and Famous from Cannes, to Las Vegas and Palm Beach. Every week join the Harris Brothers as they discuss their upcoming events, judging Beauty Pageants and staring in A&E's hit show "Storage Wars."

Listen Live Tuesdays at 11:00AM (PST)

Wake Up Hollywood The hosts of Wake Up Hollywood Nikhil Korula and Eddie Pence have toured across the country, played to some of the biggest crowds around and know all the right questions to ask these new artists that they hand pick for each week’s show. The best part is none of this radio show is scripted and these guys know what it takes to succeed in the industry and have been good friends for years so you can count on leaving the show with a laugh, a good song or a conversation that will make you think.

Listen Live Tuesdays at 8:00PM (PST)
Up On Medicine is your go-to source for the latest up-to-date medical and heath news.   Our goal is to keep you informed on all the options that you have as consumer. Jeff Levy and Bonnie Jane Bently provide you with the latest and greatest in medical technology, procedures, and research.  We’ll cover smartphone and tablet medical apps for doctors and patients.  We’ll give you reliable Internet resources for medical information, products and gadgets. The best part is that we provide you a direct line to the dedicated doctors, health care providers, researchers, inventors and technologists that make it all happen.

Watch Live Fridays at 7:00PM (PST)
A Savory Spotlight A Savory Spotlight on with Sheri Savory and Tina Sansone will focus on Wellness, Travel, Genealogy, DNA analysis, Entertainment… We will discuss everything but politics and religion. We will have guest hosts and interviews with interesting and unique people around the globe.

Listen Live Tuesdays at 10:00AM (PST)
Classic Bikini Divas

On Classic Bikini Divas Saba and Babs will keep you laughing and entertained while you are learning how to keep forever young.

Listen Live Mondays at 1:00PM (PST)

Empowering Your Life In Empowering Your Life Michael Long bring you each week a top guest in a special field, sharing life stories that will empower your life.

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Drug Dealers, Murderers, Rapists, Child Pornographers, and White Collar criminals are are some of the major groups sentenced to Federal Prison. What's is it really like on the inside? On Crime & punishment, Larry Levine and Bruce Cameron offer the insiders' perspectives on these criminals and the crimes they commit. Levine and Cameron provide expert analysis from two opposing viewpoints: Levine as Ex-Con; Cameron as former Bureau of Prisons staff. You never know what will be "jumping off" on the show.

Listen Live Thursdays at 7:00PM (PST)

Hearts of Soul Live with Dr. Carl Robinson Hearts of Soul Live with Dr. Carl Robinson and co-host Gospel comedian Edwin Douglas addresses healthy relationship and identifying toxic relationships in every area of your life.

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Chords & Vines On Chords & Vines Joe Mullenix and Kat Ellis will be showcasing local talent (and maybe a few not so local) at various venues from near and around the Temecula Valley as well as bringing in a few wine experts fora a little "music and wine pairing."

Listen Live Sundays at 2:00PM (PST)
California Connection

On California Connection California natives Bob Lang and Maureen Ennor discuss all things California every Friday afternoon during your drive home. Tune in as Bob and Maureen bring their extensive Wall Street backgrounds and their love of politics and sports to conversations that focus on the every day issues that affect California residents. They also bring on not-to-be-missed special guests with a California connection every week!

Listen Live Fridays at 4:00PM (PST)

Sustainability News and Entertainment Radio On Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm find out who is innovating and creating sustainable solutions happening on the planet – RIGHT NOW!  They are authors, scientists, politicians, the military, oceanographers, CEO’s for Fortune 500 Companies, Athletes, clean technology geeks, our next generation, The right – the left, the sexy the not so sexy, business finance experts, Major league sports, fashionistas, Entrepreneurs, and we’ve even had some rock stars. You are about to hear from some of the amazing innovation disruptors for the planet!  Ever dream of making boat loads of money, connecting the dots, while doing good?  That’s what we do…Hey it’s just a sustainable solution right?

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The goal of the Dr. Michael Whitman Show is to help people by providing greater insight and awareness. Combining compassion, experience and humor In addition to interviewing guests, Dr. Whitman really connects with his listeners in this fun show and enjoys taking calls on the air.

Listen Live Thursdays at 1:00PM (PST)
The Writer's Block

The premise of The Writer's Block with Jim Christina and Bobbi Bell is to talk to writers of all ilks and get their thoughts, ideas, how they come up with their stories, lyrics, poems, etc. Dig into their heads in a looser format and certainly not scripted. All writers are welcome from novelists, non fiction, poets, musicians and historians, All are welcome.

Listen Live Thursdays at 8:00PM (PST)

Whatever It Takes Show The Whatever It Takes Show with Tracey Casey-Arnold is live, hip, informative and edgy in taking the same message to the streets of the global online network! Through our panel of renowned and riveting guest speakers, our goal is to IGNITE the hearts of many and to EQUIP the mind and body with the tools to THRIVE inside out thru HIM!

Listen Live Wednesdays at 12:00PM (PST)
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