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Adam Teipel lives to blow things up; Adam is a conscious Senior Business Executive, High Performance Coach, and one of the world’s first Reconnective Healing Associate Instructors... Read More

Alan Lee is an improvisation genius. He is also an actor. You can catch Alan Lee hanging out at the Comedy Store weekly. He appeared on Last Comic Standing and he is currently... Read More

Alexa Polar is an award-winning Writer and Director, she was born in Lima, Peru. She was raised in Long Beach, California. The only daughter of six, to parents Roberto and Carmen Polar. Alexa... Read More

Allen Cardoza is a licensed private investigator with 30 years experience working with families dealing with "at risk" youth. 

Having escorted thousands of teens to... Read More

An adult superstar since the '80s, Amber Lynn is symbolic of a California born-and-bred, rockin' wild child - blonde, bold and smokin' hot.

Amber and Ginger were sometimes... Read More

SAM and ANDREA bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio.

Raised in the Midwestern United States, Andrew received his B.A. in Composition and Literature from Pepperdine University and currently resides on the West Coast. A 15-year veteran of stage and... Read More

I am a proud Latina. I am Puerto Rican from The Bronx, NY (which makes me a United States Citizen - wink!) My experience being bi-coastal has brought a lot of range to my life and has expanded my... Read More

Nigerian American fashion designer/ multimedia editor Ayo Shittu speaks her mind about the entertainment industry and trending topics in our world. She is a 10 year industry personelle since 2009... Read More


Take Me Higher

With inviting, optimistic song titles like “Up So High” and a highly anticipated new full length
album called Take Me Higher on Innervision Records,... Read More

Pastor Charlton L. Davis is affectionately referred to as "BIGG" by "The Twins." The moniker began as a joke, but now he graciously accepts it as an acronym: "... Read More

The Barbi twinsShane Barbi and ... Read More

Billy Koch was first introduced to the world of horse racing when he was six years old. In fact, his family claims he learned to read by... Read More

Bob Brill is an award winning journalist who is best known as a radio personality and newscaster at KNX1070 News Radio and as a National Correspondent for the UPI Radio Network.... Read More

No stranger to co-hosting on radio, Bobbi Bell, was part of the “Around The Barn” Saturday morning team on Santa Clarita’s KHTS Hometown radio for several years. Currently, you can catch her on “... Read More

Bridgetta has made her way to the top as an International Star, and she was the 2013 Harley Davidson Cover Model. Bridgetta was widely known for her late night... Read More

Known worldwide as a Model, Film/TV/Radio Personality, Bridgetta has graced the front of many magazine and film screens but has used her stardom as a pathway to teach others to live their lives to... Read More

Growing up in the entertainment industry, you may recognize Bridgetta from numerous tv shows, films, and international modeling campaigns, yet Bridgetta has always been drawn to helping encourage... Read More

Bruce Cameron is a sought after National C-Suite Executive Coach and experienced private practice counselor and life coach.  With over 25 years experience as a Federal Law Enforcement official... Read More

Small town girl Carmen Rene moved to Los Angeles in 2006 fresh out of high school with dreams to take the fashion industry as a Buyer by storm. Coming from Eagle Creek, Oregon, she was excited to... Read More

The two things people say to describe me is nomad and renaissance man, and in good  ways. I just think i enjoy world and all the wavy people in it.
Well the nomad in me is the spirit... Read More

Catherine Grace O’Connell is an LA Talk Show Host, Journalist, and Inspirational/Lifestyle Influencer with a mission to empower women of all ages. After 54 years of being silenced... Read More

I am an Alchemist dedicated to raising the vibration of this planet by empowering life-lovers to heal themselves! It is my mission to help you understand and heal aches, pains and injuries so we... Read More

Charlotte was always the performer in her young years. Dancing, singing and performing was what she did until sports caught her eye and she began to pursue her swimming career.... Read More

Christina R. Silva, founder of CRS Productions & Camies#2Civies (501c3) is a United States Marine Corps Disabled American Veteran Advocate and Meritorious Mast Recipient. Christina serves as a... Read More

Former TV anchor for KTTV and talk show host at KABC and KFI in Los Angeles. Moderator of “The Devil’s Advocate” nationally syndicated personality program. He has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show... Read More

Cindy DiFerdinand is an experienced Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Educator, and professional Life Coach for C-Suite executives, businesses, start-ups and individuals.  With 30 years of... Read More

​Indie violinist, fashionista, curator and host Crissy J is not your average artist, but an ambiance...

Coming straight from her roots & setting the vibe with her sexy... Read More

Hi, I am Danielle Victor. I like long walks on the beach, lol just kidding. But I do like walking on the beach but not for long periods of time. I am a retired reality TV personality, for now. I... Read More

Dave made his way to Hollywood after receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Morehouse College. He credits college friend Morris Chestnut with giving him his introduction to Hollywood. Dave currently... Read More

Dave Cohen is a Southern California native. He grew up in Topanga Canyon and has appeared in multiple television and radio commercials. You may have also heard his music in the So... Read More

David Hernandez has been a Community Advocate for over 20 years. For 25 years he worked as an insurance adjuster which trained him in investigating and analyzing issues, strengths that have helped... Read More

Born and raised in a suburb of Boston, Deanna always dreamed BIG! She was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she graduated with a BA in... Read More

"Dr. Debra" Mandel, aka "The Love Warrior," is a nationally renowned psychologist, author, and TV/Radio personality with twenty-plus years experience. Combining wit, wisdom and... Read More

MENtality Show Host.
With a Bachelors Degree in Communications/Sociology this comedian, actor and voiceover artist has also been a professional life mentor for past 11... Read More

Dr. Deena C. Brown is an internationally best-selling author, speaker, and leadership coach. Dr. Brown’s clients affectionately call her “The Catalyst” because she makes $hift Happen.  In 2017 Dr... Read More

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin is a psychoanalyst, author, speaker and internationally-recognized expert in weight, food and body image issues.  Her personal experience with these issues gives her a... Read More

Dr. Theodoros Kousouli is an Intuitive Mind-Body Holistic Healer, author and speaker with a thriving practice in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Kousouli does radical life enhancement & transformation... Read More

Dr. Tongie Scott, a.k.a. “Dr. Tongie”, is a medical doctor who has chosen to forego practicing medicine the “traditional way” to focus on teaching Kingdom Principles that have... Read More

Doctor Michelle Cohen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, television and radio expert and talk show host. Her experience as a doctor of psychology in her private practice office... Read More

Dr. Pat Allen, an expert in the fields of relationships and effective communication has been wowing audiences at the Odyessey Theatre in Los Angeles for over 40 years. Every... Read More

Dr. Victoria C. Arcadi (aka Dr. Vicky to her patients), graduated from UCLA in 1972 with a BA degree in Psychobiology, and then graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in... Read More

Eddie Conner is a Soul Intuitive, Radio Host, and Author sharing his psychic insight and Universal principles across North... Read More

Originally from Virginia, Eddie Pence now resides in Los Angeles. Currently co-hosting "The Steel Chair Slamcast" on the network and "The RAW After Show" on Afterbuzz... Read More

ETHAN DETTENMAIER After starting out in the mail room at Warner Bros. Studios, he landed a position with Bel-Air Productions and Producer Steven Reuther (Face Off, Pretty Woman) and has since ... Read More