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Uncommon Conversations is a weekly radio program with Host, Maryam Zar, about the issues of our time. Big or small, sexy or mundane, generational or timeless, some events shape our time and loom large in our minds. These conversations craft the world we live in and help give our thoughts texture, open our eyes to new perspectives and make us consider points of view we never thought we could.

Uncommon Conversations seeks to bring forward unique guests and engage with them to have the kinds of conversation we all wish we could have around our coffee tables. We will engage community voices and seasoned pros to discuss the common issues that touch our lives, but in uncommon ways that brings depth and perspective to the issues we all grapple with.

Whether its parenting or side-walk vending, global politics or humanitarian tragedies, local conversations can have global impact and they can shape the way we live. What we narrate as a generation at our dinner tables shapes the world that unfolds in generations to come. Let’s be part of crafting that future, by taking the time to have the uncommon conversations we all crave.

Tune in Thursdays at 11am. Be part of the narrative that shapes your life.


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Tuesday 3:00pm - 3:59pm
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Uncommon Conversations
Maryam Zar
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