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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Shari is an actress, writer and lover of lots of things. Mostly people. She hails from the east coast (evident from her large hoop earrings) via miami and nyc but is now calling Los Angeles “home” as she can occasionally be seen sporting designer purses she cant afford, giant sunglasses, and ordering coffee drinks that takes 15 minutes to say all while strategically seated peering over her laptop trying to look artsy pretending she is writing something worthwhile hoping to actually get discovered as an actress.

Shari is working towards starring in her own television sitcom because she really enjoys making people smile. The idea of taking people out of their everyday lives for a short period of time to bring them laughter and joy motivates her. The television talk show is also on the checklist as well.

In the meanwhile, you can find her silliness and her random thoughts on life in video blogs, status updates, and  is thrilled to now force people to listen to her on the radio.  Shari is overjoyed for this opportunity and wants to thank LA Talk Radio for allowing her the chance to talk like a dirty whore on air all the while under the guise of spreading love and peace.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00am - 10:00am
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SAM & SHARI IN THE MORNING serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and call in live and chat with us on the air. Listen to Sam & Shari Every weekday at 9:00AM PST

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November 2009


We prepare for Thanksgiving and Shari is planning her own TV talk show and sitcom. Drea calls in to say that she and Shari are having a womance, and that Oprah should share her wealth, but Sam begs to differ. We talk to Stanley Bing about taking it easy at work and his book "How To Relax Without Getting The Axe." This is Shari's last show, and we thank her for her amazing contribution to the show and wish her all the best!


Oprah is retiring and Shari's most serious competition for talk show domination is out of the way. The American Music Awards, and reviews of Carrie Underwood, Lady Ga-Ga and Jennifer Lopez. We argue about tipping again. Shari goes on a disappointing date. Sam drives to Palm Springs to say hi and to come back after an hour. We speak to Joe Peacock about his book "Mentally Incontinent". Later we are joined in the studio by Adam Glasser, aka Seymore Butts, who wrote the book "Rock Her World", and we talk about sex and porn till we beat the topics to death.


Crying in movies, Shari's potential soulmate may have to wait till next year, and the Bee Gees are Sam's favorite. The new word of the year and FaceBook posting. We speak to author Garrison Wynn about his book "The Real Truth About Success." We are joined in the studio by members of the comedy group City Hall, Luis and Chris.


We are talking about stupid self-made videos and changing the world. A new idea for electric cars. Sam does some self-analysis about his trip to Israel. Shari has a gross dream about chickens. A stranger hits on Shari while she waits in line. Talk of orgasms, ejaculation and being in a relationship with a porn star. We are joined in the studio by Melissa and Pat, who wrote a couple of silly humorous books.


Running a read light and loitering on the street brings Shari closer to law officers, and she gets fliratious. She drinks early in the day and sleeps through a terrible movie. We talk to the authors of "Working For You Isn't Working For Me" about dealing with bosses. Sam remembers bosses that made him crazy, and admits he has issues with authority. We are joined in the studio by musician/actress Trish Vogel.


Back from vacation, we are filled with stories from Israel and NYC. Sam takes pictures with FaceBook friends in mind, and does not go into the wax museum in London, then gets grossed out by the ever-popular KFC. Traveling alone and killing time on long flights. Shari is enamoured with NY cops and firemen and discovers NYC is the soulmate she's been searching for. She gets accosted by a stranger on the sreets of New York, and visits the Great White Way.

October 2009


Sam is asked to bring Shari a Londoner back from his upcoming overseas trip, stupid Jew jokes, and Shari is off to NYC. Gay bars, breaking up, and Sam's experience working for Debbie Reynolds. How Twitter is like hiking, and listener Tommy tells how his poetry and inspirations have affected a sick woman. We are joined by musician Jeff Phillips, co-host of LAGenX.


On being late and making a music video in your car. Not too strange for Shari. We make a listener's head spin with frank talk, and he attacks his wife (intimiately, of course.) We learn a lot about Twitter from the author of "Twitter for Dummies" Laura Fitton. We are joined by Brenda, the host of Prof Brendi, who is always fun and interesting, with a lot to say.


Two of Shari's best friends Heather and Becky sit in and tell us all we want to know about Shari. We talk about negative body obsession with author Sarah Maria, whow wrote "Love Your Body, Love Your Life."


Shari's imaginary soulmate gets in the way of her sex life, but she really had to turn down a foreigner in the bar. Empathic Intuitive Pamela Beaty sits in and enlightens us on the soul's purpose and journey, and discusses her book "Why Am I F'd Up?"


After crashing from a caffeine high, Shari does a stupid thing (it's a long story.) Windows 7 hits the shelves today and we suddenly talk about operating systems. We spoke about cremation and scattering ashes with author Jesse Kalfel, who wrote "So You're Cremated. Now What?"


Sam is "Love Buggy" this morning, and Shari fantasizes about Italian men. Sam recounts fighting back a bully in high-school. Shari's "friend" has a sex dilemma. Sam insists guys are content to "hide the salami and make a deposit." Allie, a homeless young woman abandoned by her family, speaks out about a system that has victimized her, in addition to gut-wrenching abuse she has had to endure. (To extend Allie a helping hand, write her at


We start off with Shari's wish for an espresso machine and who will clean it, and continue to dogs that hump. Shari adamantly isn't dating then explains sushi. Our studio guest Danielle loves to talk about sex, and we don't mind.


Sam recounts his weekend out of town, and Shari gets amorous in front of an ironic billboard. Growing up in Vegas in the '70s, and a restaurant's back room with a bed and Cuban cigars. We discover fascinating facts about Elizabeth Tayor from author William Mann who wrote, "How To Be A Movie Star." Shari explains "The Dash" when her aunt calls in from Florida and gives us another perspective on her "virginal" niece.


Shari wants to be treated equally to former co-hosts and considers she may be an attention-whore. She also has conversations with some undefined beings she calls her soulmate. We talk to bestselling author Deborah Tannen about her new book "You Were Always Mom's Favorite!" where she discusses the challenges facing sisters in the family. Listener Richard calls in and tells us about sex at 80. Shari finds herself an unaware mentor for a listener in Switzerland. Fraternity hazings, men with cats.


We're both in a great mood and living in awe. Shari is concerned she talks too much, and makes funny generalizations about gays. Sam doesn't know how to take compliments but then has advice for himself. Shari talk about her mole and Sam reluctantly agrees to play a song he'd written. Shari's friend Reese sits in for the second hour and the laughes abound. Listener Blue calls in and gives us psychic readings while driving.


Sam gets bored at a party and reads a book, which Shari thinks is insulting. Shari is in disbelief about a surprising discovery. Shat is she attracting? Later, we speak to author Andrew Pessin again, this time about his book "The 60-Second Philosopher," a small book with fascinating nuggets of wisdom.


Robert is Shari's friend and he sits in on the show, telling us about living in the wilderness. We find out how they met and the nature of their relationship. What follows is a story of personal transformation. Answering nature's calls in the woods. We talk to author Robert Wright about the the evolution of religion, about which we writes in "The Evolution of God."


Shari uses dirty water to wash her clothes and calls it a fun morning. We're joined for a segment by TJ McCormack who gives his opinion on Obama's Peace Nobel Prize, when suddenly Shari's mom calls in. We speak to author Josh Richman about his book "What's My Pee Telling Me?" Extensive talk about relationships. Shari's mom tells us about rediscovering God. Shari has an idea for raising a million dollars.


Shari has no hot water, but she won't let it stop her from manifesting a great day. We later discover she's acutally an angel. Extended discussion about tipping. Two great guests, sex expert Tamara and her companion Greg, prove to be smart and funny.


Shari is trying to shake her habit of texting in her car, but stilll has a long way to go. Sam is relegated to the position of Shari's support staff before he knows what hit him. Shari discovers she has turned into her mother. We catch author Karen Salmansohn on a NYC street and discuss relationships and her book "Prince Harming Syndrome." Shari is romanced by a guy from another country and Sam assures her she'll soon have a line of guys trying to woo her. Later, we talk to Mad Michael Hughes who will attempt a rocket jump over the Colorado River.


Shari is told by an astrologist she is going to have twins and begins to plan motherhood. We learn about Slovania from European listener Miha. Studio guest Adrian Colesberry discusses his new book "How to Make Love to Adrian Colesberry."


Shari talks freely about her weight, and it develops into a deep conversation on abuse and courage. We are later joined by Neil Zlozower, author of several photo books of famous rock bands, and we talk about sex, drugs & rock 'n' Roll.


Sam survives a car accident, and Shari spills her coffee doing a good deed. David Letterman admits he has had sex with people in his staff, finding himself a victim of extortion. Shari dreams about earthquakes and Sam stars in the dream. We talk to Andrew Pessin about his book "The God Question", fascinating views on God by philosophers throughout the ages. Our studio guest Elyse, a NY musician brings in her killer music and tells about recording her own album.


We are joined by Ellie, an Iranian-born teacher who is into fashion and music. Boob size and botox are some of the topics, but we also talk extensively about life in Iran, then about teaching, mixed religions and race,

September 2009


We are joined in the studio by Becky, a fun woman from Chicago who enjoys talking freely. Shari has things bought for her, but won't declare anyone a Sugar Daddy. British gang memebers don't carry guns, and UK men are not well-endowed, according to our guest who lived in London for a year. Author Lise Eliot talks about how gender differences are affected by the way kids are raised, featured in her book "Pink Brain Blue Brain."


Two great studio guests add to the fun, with Jaime the model/singer from Florida whose optimism is matched only by Shari's, and LA Talk Radio host Jeff Rector who talks about science fiction and his desire to finally settle down. Shari gets invited to a Cougar party, then we talk about our favorite sci-fi films. Jaime astounds us with her astrology.


We are joined for the entire show by Renada, a tattooed, pierced, cool hairdresser from Canada, who turns out to be a horny lesbian with a great sense of humor. Shari learned all she knows about Canada from South Park, and our guest fills in the gaps. Sam tells of his near-death experience on a solo flight, and Shair jumps out of a plane. We talk to Sharry Edwards, an expert on voice profiling who claims to be a mutant! Actor James Marshall calls in to corroborate Sharry Edwards' claims.


Studio guest Jacqueline joins us for the entire show, telling us about the difficulties of being an actress, and proves a good sport with our unexpected sex talk. Dating in LA, hot dogs, masturbation, and cunnlingus. But there is a lot more to the show. Lots of laughter guaranteed.


We discuss Shari's rosy outlook on life but she rants anyway. Sam relates when it comes to complaining. Shari gets a psycho text from a stranger. Colorado listener Chris calls in to tell us about being an altar boy and the effects of the church on him. Shari's dabbled in phone sex but dropped it. Our studio guest, We talk to Neil Zlozower about his new photo album "Motley Crue." MILF adult film star Erica Lauren tells us about getting into porn at 50.


On Shari's first official day as co-host, Kelli sits in again for another hilarious show. The first hour is almost entirely saturated in sex, and you probably never thought sex talk was this funnny. Listener Tommy from NY called in to tell a hot story of giving a massage to a lesbian couple. Later, Eddie Conner of the show Hi-Frequency Living makes spirituality fun and proves very funny.