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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Stephanie Reibel


Stephanie Reibel, co-host of LA Talk Radio's Sam and Stephanie in the Morning, is a transplant from the Midwest. Growing up in Chicago, Stephanie always loved performing and knew she would one day be doing it profesionally.

She loved the arts as a kid and studied dance for many years. After moving to Los Angeles, she quickly immersed herself in the acting community. She's guest appeared on popular shows such as 90210, Monk, Two and a Half Men. She's also worked on various indepedent films and curently can be seen on the web series, Rose By Any Other Name.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
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SAM & STEPHANIE IN THE MORNING serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (10-11AM PST), Sam and Stephanie bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and even some cool music. Call in live and chat with us on the air.

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September 2011


Our last show together. All great things must end. Stephanie can't understand why Sam would like to live quietly in...Nebraska. We warm up to Nancy Grace. When actors become singers it's not always a good idea. Office movies.


The Kardashians are on Stephanie's mind. Snooki stars in Anderson Cooper's The RidicuList. Red Light districts around the world, but Stephanie is geographically confused. Shopping and men don't go together. Is lingerie ridiculously expensive? Who spends $300 on a pair of jeans? Human feet are being washed up. Britney Spears: not so cute anymore? Sam gets a massage but isn't impressed. Nude beaches. Stephanie announces she is leaving the show.

August 2011


A sushi discussion opens the show. Sam wants to move to Nebraska and live the quiet life. What has Kevin Costner done lately? Stephanie judges some actors harshly. We disagree on Mel Gibson. The Goth subculture. Niagara Falls. Sam recalls a close call while flying solo. What special powers would you want?


Unbelievably, Stephanie watches reality show Bachelor Pad. We're blown away by the new celebrities on DWTS, Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono. Ellen DeGeneres. We wonder what Chaz's new genitalia looks like following the sex-change operation. Evangelical conservatives as presidential candidates. How to deal with other people's anger. Late night TV hosts. Germany wants to impose prostitution tax. Who is the criminal, the prostitute or the john?


A sushi discussion opens the show. Sam wants to move to Nebraska and live the quiet life. What has Kevin Costner done lately? Stephanie judges some actors harshly. We disagree on Mel Gibson. The Goth subculture. Niagara Falls. Sam recalls a close call while flying solo. What special powers would you want?


Weather is the biggest topic of small talk. More information about dogs. Stephanie thinks she's screwed up but Sam reminds her everybody is. Mark Walberg. Vegans. Getting college degrees that you don't use.


The video games we like. Nobody works in LA. Stephanie philosophizing about whether ants smile. An earthquake on the East Coast seems minor to Californians. But hurricane Irene is looming. Living in Florida. Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO. Reminiscing about Johnny Carson and about Seinfeld.


The former IMF chief sees the charges dropped against him when the accuser has lied. People hoarding snakes? We are joined in the studio by David Branin and Karen Worden, hosts of Film Courage. We discuss moviemaking and the film industry. David and Karen tell about hosting their radio show for over 2 years and how it has affected their lives. Sam's experience at Chippendale's years ago after we bring up male strippers.


Sam wants to talk about the battle for Libya but Stephanie prefers Kim Kardashian's wedding. We philosophize about spirituality. Sam started reading the book "Inside Scientology" and he explains the origins of this mysterious religion. Are doctors medicating kids unnecessarily? Can parents predict what their teenagers will get into? Being vulnerable makes Stephanie choke up. New additions to the Oxford dictionary. Sexting is ubiquitous.


When women talk and men don't listen. Sam started a book on Scientology. Our reading habits. Foreign accents are ranked. Apparently, dogs can smell lung cancer. Stephanie needs a bigger car for her huge dogs. CAT scans. The controversy over circumcision. Stephanie is afraid of sharks. Christine O'Donnell walks off on Piers Morgan. Obama's lack of leadership.


The cleanliness issue when living with dogs. Stephanie wants to lose her voice. Huh? Casey Anthony's parents are going on the Dr. Phil show. Too many reality shows. Stephanie's dad calls in. Jersey Shore stories. Brain-eating amoebas. Stephanie likes to smell faces. The graphic images the government wants on cigarette packs are controversial.


Fiat is bringing back its 500 model and Stephanie had a gig in NYC presenting the car. Our enthusiasm about NY. Stephanie humors a couple of teenagers who hit on her. A homeless man has sex with a woman who fainted on the street. When people take their own lives. Housewives of Beverly Hills. Flight attendants and waiters. A heated debate about tipping.


Sam keeps amazing himself. Imagining other people masturbate. Money as an aphrodisiac. Sam discovers he's self-sufficient with his wife away. News stories we don't care about. When kids behave like old people. Finding people on Facebook who have the same name as you. Stephanie thinks she should write a book but doesn't know on what. Bad actors. Lindsay Lohan is up to no-good again.


Managing your family. Managing your social life. Stephanie believes in unconditional love. Hear how she relates to her siblings. Everybody wants to have an ass like Pippa's. Boob jobs. Moms that dress like their teen daughters. Stephanie's dating stories from high school.


Managing your family. Managing your social life. Stephanie believes in unconditional love. Hear how she relates to her siblings. Everybody wants to have an ass like Pippa's. Boob jobs. Moms that dress like their teen daughters. Stephanie's dating stories from high school.


London is burning with riots. Stephanie can't stand cops. Still. More reality shows that entertain her, and Asian tourists that made her day. A polygamist is going to jail for having sex with teenage girls. Why people are fascinated by Lady Gaga. A Dirty Dancing remake? Sharks can be frightening.


Terrible economic news to start off the week. The US government's credit rating was downlgraded and the stock market falls. Stephanie likes gambling. Stepahine expains "Entourage" to Sam. Watching movies and eating popcorn. Taking care of kids and dogs. Are there gay animals? U.S. Navy SEALs are killed when their helicopter is downed by the Taliban. Which is a worse punishment, a life sentence or a death sentence?


A new season of Jersey Shore satisfies Stephanie's hunger for reality shows. Project Runway and Big Brother are also guilty pleasures of ours. How hackers can make your Macbook explode. Serial killer Ted Bundy. Famous robber D.B. Cooper is back in the news. How acceptable and ubiquitous smoking used to be. Seeing scary movies at a young age can screw you up. "PortaPotty" stories. The economy is taking a turn for the worse. Investment bankers.


Stephanie feels that guys in their 20s have much growing to do sexually. We talk to Natasha Burton about her book "The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags," which is a funny guide to dating for women. We have a thorough discussion on relationships. Sending erotic pictures. Stephanie is featured in an interview in Queer Magazine. A discussion of gay marriage and the children that grow in gay families.


A "performance art piece" involves naked people on Wall Street. We are joined in the studio by funny comic Ro DelleGrazie. The issues women deal with when peeing. Striking differences between NY and LA. Ro explains NYC to us. Jersey Shore. Both women are geographically challenged. Police stories.


The government has averted a disaster by finally voting to raise the debit ceiling. The Bachelorette is finally over. It's shark week on TV and we discuss those killing machines. Going on a cruise. Casey Anthony is ordered to return to Orlando for check fraud. An 11-year-old girl goes missing and her body is found in the river. A new sex tape from Kris Kardashian?


Does fried chicken go with a syrupy waffle? Some people think so. Chinese businesses. Some people's fascination with feet. The things people will do to enhance sex. An explanation of Project Runway. Stephanie works a booth at a YouTube convention. How videos go viral. Dealing with drunk people. Expensive weddings. The leading movies in the box office. Cocaine smuggling. Apple has more cash on hand than the U.S. government.

July 2011


Sam is thinking of vaginas this morning. Listen to the Camel Toe Song. Stephanie explains Mormon rites of passage and tells a weird story. Women control the sex. Women in Hollywood who had work done, like Demi Moore. Larry Flynt offers Casey Anthony $500K to appear in Hustler. Will she do it? Fifty percent of men asked said they'd leave their spouse if she got too fat. Stephanie shares her experience with anorexia. Caller Jim from Pittsburgh thinks women should care about how they look. Sam surprises Stephanie by posing like a runway model.


"Breast Ironing" in Africa. The scary mask of Casey Anthony is sold on eBay for $1 million. Ann Coulter continues to shock. We are joined in the studio by Combat Radio's Ethan Dettenmaier for a funny hour. Guys with big trucks: are they compensating? The debate on whether Stephanie should date for money continues. Funny '70s T-shirts. Peter Gabriel.


Hugh Hefner's former fiance is throwing him under the bus. Stephanie would love to have been part of Lord of the Rings. It's not easy being an actor in Hollywood. Actors who appear the same in each of their movie posters. Being impressed by humankind. Have you ever practiced standing on a podium and pretended you won the Olympics? Stephanie has. Mormonism and polygamy. How kids grow up to be spoiled adults. Friends with benefits. Prostitutes and their johns. Leslie Nelson in Airplane.


Living near the beach and going to a tanning salon. Stephanie is still a talented baton twirler. High-school love. Would men be offended to be viewed as sex objects the way women are? Stephanie is hooked on The Bachelorette. Dating discussions. Another politician is in a sex scandal. Late-night TV hosts. Stephanie is not impressed with the Mona Lisa.


Sam has a brain fart on a trip out of town and overshoots his destination. Stephanie cites Dumb & Dumber. Sam is a big Segway fan. Sam finds a new pastime on Facebook. Amy Winehouse dies in London at 27. Terrorism in Norway by a home-grown murderer. Strauss-Kahn's sex abuse accuser goes public.


Comic-Con is coming this weekend to San Diego, and all the nerds are expected to descend on the city. Karaoke can be painful to listen to. Stephanie likes to play in the balls at Chuck E. Cheese. How to remember things you forget. We have a trick for falling asleep. Stephanie goes to a Buddhist meeting and lives to tell about it. Naturally, the conversation turns to Scientology. Tom Cruise rambles on to Matt Lauer on a clip we play. Are doctors too quick to prescribe medications to children? A mother admits to having sex parties with minors.


Spending time at church or synagogue when you're not into it. Our listener Reese has something to say about it. Is Paris Hilton not hot? A fat asian kid sings opera. More on dating websites where people exchange money. The T. Rex was also a rock group, not just a dinosaur. More music talk. Sam is addicted to the reality show Big Brother.


Dog talk? Duh. Small dogs and their temperament. J. Lo and her husband are divorcing, not that we really care. The aftermath of the Casey Anthony trial. We talk to author Bruce Cameron who wrote the tear-jerker "A Dog's Purpose." A skydiver drops his iPhone from 13,000 feet and the phone survives! Have you heard of the virutal currency Bitcoin? The Murdoch scandal turns funny. Stephanie fantasizes about a huge food fight. Stephanie's father calls in with a funny story. Who should pay for a date?


Carmageddon, Schmarmageddon. Nothing happened in LA traffic on the weekend and the traffic was amazingly light. The chaos did not materialize. We talk again about the website that offers dates for money. We are joined in the studio by Stephanie's friend Fay Wolf, who is also her co-star on the web series and a promising musician. Hear the details of Fay's upcoming performance and listen to a couple of her tracks. Fay likes spiders and wants a tattoo of one, and she is raising money for her next album.


How will the traffic be this weekend when they close the busiest freeway in the nation, the 405. Standing in line for the new Harry Potter. Boy bands are back. Sam admits to being addicted to "Big Brother." Casey Anthony will be leaving jail Sunday. Do women carry more baggage? Dating tips for men. Stephanie recounts her experience appearing in a game show. We find out about a dating website that takes bids for dates. Will Stephanie date for money?


We discuss the upcoming "Carmegeddon" this weekend in LA. ER's star Noah Wyle visits the station, and Stephanie wishes she could have met him. The new and final Harry Potter film. Snooki is publishing a second book. GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachman's husband wants to cure gays. Polygamy in America. Stephanie would like to become a polygamist, having 5 husbands. What will become of Casey Anthony when she leaves prison.


After a day away, Stephanie is irritated with the movie "Horrible Bosses." Netflix raises its prices by 50% and everyone is pissed off. Sam runs Windows on his Macbook Pro and is happy with it. A woman drugs her husband and cuts off his penis. You've got to hear this. Find out what Stephanie's favorite movie is.


We are having withdrawals now that the Casey Anthony is over. We explain what the proposed "Caylee's Law" means. Facebook and Zuckerberg. The way anonymous sex was before cellphones. Gift giving is pointless when the recipient doesn't like what you get them. Stephanie's childhood obsession with pigs. We play some funny clips of celebrity impressions and YouTube videos. Listen to Natalie Portman speak Hebrew. When girls get abducted and abused. The crazy rules in prison.


Sam meets the Lakers girls at a Bar Mitzvah and gets turned on. Stephanie admits to having used men for sex. The British Royals are visiting LA. Listener Miha from Slovenia tells us about Eastern Europe and how funny we are. Google+ is a social network that will be launched soon. Stephanie's father calls in to give us his take on the Casey Anthony verdict. Stephanie fantasizes about being on "The Actor's Studio."


We are joined by Vanessa Taylor, a dating coach who wrote a book on texting and dating called "Text. Love. Power." She bonds with Stephanie over Chicago. Go figure. Do women overanalyze text messages? Vanessa gives ample etiquette advice for dating using text. Stephanie thinks men are stupid and women are crazy. An interesting theory indeed. Vanessa recommends that women who want a commited man should play hard to get. We call into Sophie Venable's show which is taking place in the next studio. Are strip clubs and Internet porn considered cheating?


The Casey Anthony verdict is delievered and we discuss the surprising outcome of the trial. Real Housewives othe Bible? It's for real. We speak to Noel Biderman, CEO of the website "Ashley Madison," about providing a platform for people who look to have affairs. The site is controversial and Noel explains his view. We continue to debate the topic of extramarital affairs.


Stephanie, with no A/C at her house, finally gets relief from the sweltering heat in the air-conditioned studio. Did you hear what Casey Anthony's lawyer called her in court? You won't believe it. We are joined by two Brits Dave and Alan who have just completed a road trip in the US. We discuss their various stops and learn a bit about obscure places.


Former IMF leader Strauss-Kahn is released when issues of credibility of the accuser arise. We continue to analyze the trial of Casey Anthony as both sides are resting. We play the terrbile music video of Countess Luane of the Real Housewives of NY. We talk to Keeffe Griffith, an actor who just starred in a strange comedy about adult babies called "Mommy & Me." MySpace is sold at a great loss for News Corp. When musicians try to recreate their success at a later age. Allowing your career determine your self-worth. More about Disney. The Royal couple of is visiting north America.

June 2011


We prepare for 4th of July fireworks. The funny practice of "planking." The business of pawn shops. How fads spread. Casey Anthony's lawyers are late to court. People who have public conversations with their dogs. Online flirting can lead to real-world cheating. We talk about Ashley Madison, a website designed for those who are looking to cheat. (We'll be talking to the site's CEO next week.) Stephanie has no desire to go to the Playboy mansion. Why diet drinks are ineffective in losing weight.


Sam is annoyed by the gardners that wake him up in the morning with their noisy, polluting machines. Stephanie recounts being bullied in middle school. We talk about Stephanie's Thirst Project. We then speak to Tiffany Current, who wrote "How to Move In With Your Boyfriend." The closings of bookstores are depressing. Is an ebook reader in your future? The happiest places in the world. The connection twins have.


What it's like to spend time with the family. More about the most stupid show on TV "The Bachelorette." The Real Housewives of wherever. Stephanie would not marry Howard Stern. Al Yankovic who? When your dad introduces you to cool music. Which one of us would go to "Burning Man." Stephanie's issues with Nancy Grace of CNN. More on Casey Anthony's trial. Stephanie needs a big food fight. Violent video games and the Supreme Court's decision.


Stephanie doesn't want to settle down with an artist. Sam feels she needs the spotlight on her. NY made gay marriage legal. Are the gay pride parades too flamboyant? Sam reminds Stephanie of the implications of marrying a woman. The ugliest dog and cat in the world. Casey Anthony is found competent to continue her trial. We get to hear Stephanie's recount of Rosemary's Baby. When the elderly are abandoned in homes. The popularity of soccer around the world. Bristol Palin releases a tell-all book.


Bar Mitzvahs and the reason people have them. When girls reach puberty. Kim Kardashian announces her ass is real. The flood of reality shows and their viewer appeal. Celebrities and facelifts. Gangs that exploit girls for prostitution. A wanted mobster is captured in Santa Monica. What's "racketeering?" We momentarily don't know. Stephanie gets emotional about the Holocaust.


Getting up is hard to do and we have theories. We play a clip of pilots caught with their mics on putting their foot in their mouth. Anderson Cooper has something to say about it. Llindsay Lohan fails an alcohol test while on probation. We talk to Stephany Alexander who wrote "The Cheat Sheet" and runs the website that exposes cheating men, WomanSavers. We talk about infidelity and the differences between men and women. Drugs and sex. Casey Anthony's parents do not believe their daughter is innocent. Abuse in the foster care system.


Why Stephanie prefers grown dogs to puppies. Food leftovers. We play a clip of Anderson Cooper's RidicuList about the 51-year-old actor who married his 16-year-old girfriend. This is hilarious. A famous designer is being tried in France for racial remarks he made. When fans turn on their celebrities.


Somehow, Sam has been talked into clothes shopping and now he has new stuff. New graphic labels have been chosen to be displayed on cigarette packs. Stephanie likes the smell of...faces. It makes her drool, but Sam thinks this is canine behavior. The Casey Anthony trial continues. A 51-year-old character actor marries his 16-year-old girlfriend. We talk about the "Jackass" movies after one of the stars Ryan Dunn gets killed in a car crash.


Sam gets distracted on his weekend trip, but it was good distraction. Something about a lot of hot women walking around the hotel. When drunk women think they're sexy. Another weird turn-on is revealed by Stephanie. What about older women who dress like teenagers? Stephanie and the girls go out to a strip club. We need to find a rich man for Stephanie who will take her to Hawaii. More than you care to know about the Kardashians. Jerry O'Connell visits our station and we discuss him and his wife Rebecca. A new reality show with Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. Farrah Fawcett on David Letterman. Stephanie's father calls in to explain The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.


Sam having an Oprah-style book club? Jennifer Lopez is "contemplating" continuing American Idol. What is she thinking? Oprah wants OJ Simpson to confess to her. Stephanie has a theory about the gayness of certain celebrities. Larry Flynt has offered Anthony Weiner a job. Stephanie wants the world to understand her and treat everyone equally. Her friend Seth calls in to discuss "The Thirst Project" which Stephanie is a part of.


Nobody works in LA, and that results in heavy traffic. At least that is Stephanie's version of how things are. Life as an actor is uncertain. Hugh Hefner's life and the deal with his playmates. Congressman Anthony Weiner finally resigns amid all the pressure. Arnold Schwartzenegger's maid and illegitimate son. When people have abstract conversations with their dogs. Very expensive cars.


Hugh Hefner's wife-to-be calls off the wedding a few days before the ceremony. Justin Timberlake loves to smoke pot. The types of movies we like, and films that scared us. When your kid is mentally ill. Stephanie has already picked her kids' names although she's far from having ones. At least for now. The Casey Anthony trial continues after the prosecution rests. What Stephanie has to offer a prospective mate. Are men funnier than women?


Stephanie likes Woody Allen, but Sam not so much. Find out where Stephanie was proposed to. We are joined in the studio by Reese Golchin, a friend of the show. We talk about Peter Gabriel, golf games, and stupid people who go to Egypt. Reese reveals that congressman Anthony Weiner follows him on Twitter. Powerful men and sex scandals. Reese discusses the Fulfillment Fund mentoring program he takes part in. We discuss bullying of kids.


Astin Martin is coming out with a small car. Is that a great idea? Why SUVs are safer today. When your man asks you to have a boob job. When you're not into school and don't like college. OJ Simpson is an ass. Sam doesn't think he'd survive in prison, and Stephanie is fascinated with prisons and mob films.


We both dislike Las Vegas, but Stephanie has a gambling story. We play the new viral video of a chick who cries when she talks about cats. A funny CNN clip about Weiner. What constitues cheating? Facebook stories. The Casey Anthony case continues. Comedian Tracy Morgan is in hot water for gay remarks. Are kids of gay couples at a disadvantage?


Is it really funny that Shania Twain fell during the CMA? Stephanie thinks so. Playing musical instruments. Marrying a rock star. The case for large families. How kids grow up now. Apple...Mac, who cares what you call it, but it's a great company. How much Apple is worth and commentary on their products. Find out about the new iCloud from Apple. An explicit photo of congressman Weiner is circulating online. And his wife is pregnant. They do strange things in India. Stephanie is fasincated by India; Sam is not.


Really bad news: The Dutch are banning tourists from entering pot coffeeshops. More reality show junk. Hollywood is a small town. You've got to watch what you say and to whom. A woman gets her arm sleeved with tattos of her Facebook friends. Trying to give away a dog. Sam's stupid neighbor bangs his car into the garage gate. Bullying and hatred of gays.


A new sex scandal in NY, this time with congressman Weiner, who admitted to sending lewd pictures of himself on Twitter and lying about it. What constitutes cheating. What constitues sex. Stephanie lets slip that she has hot gynecologist fantasies. Sam is puzzled by tattoos and piercing. Stephanie is obsessed with fat Asian kids. We both like video games. Do video games lead to violent behavior in children? Blacking out after drinking.


We congratulate ourselves about our listeners around the world. Stephanie admits to having a wicked temper, while Sam admits to having had a short fuse in the past when it came to driving. Nobody walks in LA. Relationships are transactions. Why polygamy makes sense economically. Bernie Madoff and his crimes. Stephanie wants to visit a prison, and Sam suggests Alcatraz. The movie No Strings Attached is not realistic.


John Edwards is in deep trouble with the law, facing up to 30 years in prison. We are joined in the studio by Stephanie's younger brother Billy and his wife Lauren, who are visiting from Chicago. Women expect men to be funny and to make them laugh. Why? Billy is a basketball coach and Lauren is a reality-show nut. Suicide Doctor Kevorkian dies. Lauren is determined to find celebrity homes while in LA. Stephanie's father calls in to straighten out his kids. Did you know the song "Cecilia" is about a prostitute? Some great things about Chicago.


When you have guests from out of town. The show turned out to be mostly about sex after we talk to our guest Nicole Daedone about her book "Slow Sex", which shows women how to improve their orgasms. Why men need to feel reassured they are able to satisfy a woman. Find out what Stephanie likes and dislikes. Do you have sex when a woman is on her period? Women need stability and men need to spread their seed. That creates a problem. Can every woman have a vaginal orgasm?


We discuss the trial of Casey Anthony at length. Nude photos of Blake Lively appear online but she calls them "fake." When teens text each other nude photos. Why people judge celebrities. LeAnn Rimes is too skinny. Long marriages in Hollywood. Women's body image. Stepahine won't have a boob job, thankfully, but she likes dorky guys. Stephanie's new episodes of Rose By Any Other Name are available online.

May 2011


Stephanie is back from Chicago and has officially become a godmother. She has a story to tell about the unfortunate incident with her dress-from-hell. Should travelers be profiled at airport security? It has just been announced that Cellphones can cause cancer. STD e-cards: would you send one? Stephanie is hot for Justin Timberlake. Nerds that go to Star Trek conventions.


The anxiety of going through airports and over packing. We are clueless about the significance of Stephanie's become a godmother. Listener Peter calls in from Canada and we learn a bit about his country. When your pet is terminally ill. When brownies make you high. Stephanie is into dance competitions on TV and explains why she no longer dances. Going back to college at a later age.


We predicted the American Idol winner correctly, but it wasn't that hard. We talk about Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osborne, both more or less fried. Pee Wee and the time he got caught masturbating in a theater. Is our elevator haunted? The "suicide" scene in the Wizard of Oz. Interesting Facebook facts.


Do women tend to lose themselves in relationships? Today is Oprah's last show and we talk about what she has achieved. Sam thinks Dr. Phil looks like a child molester. We predict who is going to win on American Idol tonight. Astrologist Fran Smith calls in from Chicago and reads our charts. Fran wrote "How to Pick A Lover" to show compatibilites between the stellar signs. Stephanie is going to be a godmother. We hear from a caller about the Wizard of Oz.


Stephanie watches The Bachelorette and lives to tell about it. Will Ashton be as funny as Charlie? The problem with the system that abuses foster children. Stephanie gets emotional. Lady Gaga releases her new album. Stephanie reveals her eating disorder earlier in life. Should cars be made of rubber? Do you remember Pee-Wee's Playhouse? The Wizard of Oz scared Sam as a child.


The CDC says we should prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. What?! Stephanie got bit by a dog...A girl is suspended from school for something she posted on Facebook. Reminscing about high school days. The reason Arnold came out now and admitted his infidelity. How models look the way they do. When Asians strive to look like westerners. Plastic surgery. Sam is enamoured with Keira Knightly. James Bond and spy movies. Stephanie is enamoured with Justin Timberlake. Cheesy 90s music is funny.


American Idol finalists are overwhelmed when they visit their home towns. Who do we want to win the competition? Stephanie recalls an experience where she laughed so hard she peed her pants. Why shitting is funny. Sam is still puzzled by Stephanie's love of India. Powerful men who don't use protection when they have affairs. What it's like to be Oprah.


Arnold's mistress's pictures are published and she's no looker. We question Arnold's judgment. Is this scandal part of his karma? San Francisco is going to vote on a ban on male circumcision. American Idol is down to the final three and we hedge our bets. Stephanie is into Country dancing. Oprah is ending her 25 year run. Musician Cheryl Nye calls in from Canada and we play her original songs. The ideal car for Stephanie. Lady Gaga's new video. Are powerful men more prone to cheat? Would your spouse be enticed by an opportunity to cheat?


The differences of how men and women view sex. We are joined by Randy Rogers, a hypnotherapist who hypontized Stephanie last Friday. We listen to a couple of clips of the actual session as Stephanie was going under. She talks about her fears. Past-life regressions. Stephanie goes back in time. Out of body experiences.


Arnold Schwartzenegger reveals he has a love child, a week after he and Maria separated. We are joined in the studio by purple-haired, beautiful Larkin Love, who just shot her first porn film. Larkin sports some awesome tattoos and has a great story to tell. We talk about lap dancing and Stephanie tells of her experience. Larkin describes her first shoot, which happened to be an interracial gangbang. Find out what "Pony Play" is all about.


On living a rock star life style. How do writers get so specific in autobiographies? How do they remember? Stephanie is crazy about Bradley Cooper. Sam was disappointed by the Hangover. Charlie Sheen reacts to the announcement that Ashton Kutcher will replace him on his former TV show. Donald Trump announces he will not run for president, and we are relieved. The IMF chief is arrested for alleged attempted rape. Cheating on a spouse. Stephanie was hypnotized over the weekend and lived to tell about it.


About getting angry and how different people handle it. Stephanie prepares to get hypnotized later today. Everybody hates the results of last night's American Idol. Stephanie's dad Tony calls in to suggest new ideas for that show. We carry an interesting discussion on contemporary music. Sam tells of raves he's been to. What kind of porn was bin Laden watching in his compound?


We start off with porn as Sam recalls events from last night's adult show Inside the Industry. We are joined by beautiful Czech actress Simona Brhlikova, who tells about living with Eskimos and African travels. Polygamy. Has Howard Stern mellowed out since he got married? Charlie Sheen.


Smoking a huka makes Stephanie feel good. Her friend Ceclie calls in to tell a funny story that embarasses Stephanie. Why is anybody using those location-based posts on Facebook? Stephanie then tells an embarassing story about herself. You won't believe it! Faebook security and privacy issues. Big or small dogs?


Today Sam celebrates his 51st birthday and we have a lot of fun, later joined by a surprise guest. Stephanie tells about a pole dancing class that taught a little more. Sam gets surprised with a cupcake, roses and a bunch of balloons in the middle of the show. A singing candle won't stop and we have to improvise. Sam reveals what he'd still like to accomplish. Stephanie's friend Megan stops by to say hi and enlighten us about her relationship with Stephanie.


Disney is an obsession with Stephanie's family, but she's not crazy about the Lakers. Scientology. Paul McCartney gets engaged again. When women talk too much. Do women enjoy porn as much as men? Sex is about exploration. Do women have to be drunk to admit their attraction to other women? With men it's, well, different. Check out Stephanie's web series "Rose by Any Other Name." The question of bisexuality and gayness. Listener Cecile calls in to give her theory on gayness (she's a lesbian.)


Mother's Day and shopping for gifts. Stephanie's friend David joins us in the studio. What would men do if they had boobs? David is a comedy writer and we talk about TV. Why are there so many TV shows on doctors, cops and lawyers? The American obsession with serial killers. Catering trucks and expensive hamburgers.


We discover that Stephanie is obsessed with the Twilight series, but Sam doesn't get it. More adult children struggle with money and fall back on their parents. Was it illegal to kill bin Laden? We speak to author Tom Sturges about his book "Grow the Tree You Got" which shows how to raise teens in a healthy way. We discuss childhood and long-term effects of discipline. Marie Osmond remarries her first husband. We ask why? Stephanie has a crush on Paul Newman.


We discover that Stephanie is obsessed with the Twilight series, but Sam doesn't get it. More adult children struggle with money and fall back on their parents. Was it illegal to kill bin Laden? We speak to author Tom Sturges about his book "Grow the Tree You Got" which shows how to raise teens in a healthy way. We discuss childhood and long-term effects of discipline. Marie Osmond remarries her first husband. We ask why? Stephanie has a crush on Paul Newman.


Osama Bin-Laden is dead and we talk about it. Is it right to celebrate? Why bury him at sea so quickly? We want to see the body! What if you're a woman and you discover your husband is a serial killer? A couple of clips of comedian Bobby Collins who will be on the show tomorrow. Stephanie goes to court. Conspiracy theories. The Royal wedding and the attack of the weird hats!

April 2011


We start off on a sad note: Stephanie's foster dog got killed by a car. The Royal wedding is the topic of the day. Stephanie dreams of marrying a prince. Sam suggests Prince Harry. Why are weddings always about the bride and her mother? Extravagant, expensive weddings are pointless. Avid listener Mario calls in and rants about the British wedding. Mario died and the doctors brought him back. You've got to hear his story. "Pigs in a blanket?"


Stephanie has a tragedy this morning, losing her dog so suddenly, and she understably did not make it to the studio. Sam is joined by Oh, Mary hosts Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek for a fun-filled show.


Does marriage make you feel like you're dead? When married people want to be single. Does Stephanie have a price at which she'd take it off for the camera? Would she do Playboy? The problem with boob jobs. An extensive discussion on breasts and lactation. Have you heard of the woman who breastfeeds her 8-year-old son? Want to tape the birth of your child? Hear Sam's take on it. Stephanie loves gay men. Alas, she and a couple of them get pulled over on Sunset. The white iPhone is finally coming out. Social-network location-based apps suck.


Stephanie dreams about rescuing horses now. Terrible Clint Eastwood movies. Monkey stories. Sam finds the Godfather films boring. Stephanie's obsession with pigs. Our favorite films of all times. A dog-rescue event is taking place this weekend.


We start off by answering a listener's question following our abuse discussion on Friday. Stephanie has been asked to be a godmother. We are joined by Amelia Jackson-Gray and Laury Prudent, stars of the new film "Deep Gold 3D." We learn about scuba diving, sharks, and other adventures the girls enjoyed during the filming. Amelia tells of acting in a film with snakes titled appropriately, Snakes on a Train. Check out Stephanie's web series, "Rose By Any Other Name."


Sam spends a morning dozing off in court. The problem with juries. Stereotypes of the French. Five boys do evil. Our feelings about the death penalty. A new toilet seat plays music. More dog stories from Stephanie. Stephanie connects with her ex. She has an important announcement for women. We go on to discuss abusive relationships. Stephanie shares personal moments and sentiments about beaten women. Listener Chris calls in to tell his abusive marriage. The case for a large-sized penis. How does Stepahie feel about it?


Stephanie picks up stray puppies off the street. We are joined in the studio by British actress Laura Waddell who took part in a new TV movie, "William & Kate." We talk about London and the upcoming royal wedding. Adopting kids in India. Woodstock.


Stephanie has a cool family. What happens when the brothers marry and women enter the family. We are joined by astrology extraordinaire/model/actress Jaime Allen and find out all about Stephanie's chart. The reason Stephanie has father issues? Nevermind that, listen to how amazing Stephanie feels about herself as Jaime unveils her personality and destiny.


Sam gets stuck in the elevator over the weekend. Passover starts tonight. Languages and accents. Stephanie has a soft spot for dogs and thinks she can rescue all of them, sort of the Mother Theresa of Canines. Sam gets irked by animal activists. We call Stephanie's father, who proves to be hilarious. Women with father issues.


Sam is disappointed at a music performance he expected more of. So he rants. Sam discovers a new show on the Science channel. Stephanie tells of her web series, Rose By Any Other Name. Stephanie's dad wants to be part of the show and we consider it. Bipolar Disorder is in the headlines again when Catherine Zeta-Jones checks into a mental clinic. Sam knows about the ailment and describes his own experience. When people don't know what to do in bed. Being fingered in the wrong hole? Ouch. We continue the story of Stephanie's first intimate experience with a woman.


New evidence of alien UFOs? Do they exist? Can people talk to the dead? Obviously, Stephanie has been exposed to some weird shit. Sam is still a skeptic, naturally. And how can we not mention the JFK assassination? Condoleeza Rice a shape-shifter? When kids grow up. Drinking in different societies. A TV trivia question. Are maketers responsible for kids growing up too fast. Having sex for the first time. American Idol.


We spend the morning with host Sophia Venable of Ask Sophie and explore our sexual fantasies and preferences. Life after divorce. Is online dating for you? Are websites that encourage people to cheat exploiting us? Surviving an abusive relationship. Do threesomes work?


In the dog park, how do you know which is your dog's shit? Sam reminisces about Vegas in the '70s. Mushrooms in all their varieties. The freedom of "Burning Man." Sam's favorite places in the world. We find out about charities Stephanie is involved with. The problem with traveling to Africa. The problem with aging men. Five Jello flavors that flopped. Movie trivia.


Stephanie wakes up weird this morning. The government is about to shut down. We are joined in the studio by the hosting duo of No Limitz, Carlton Wilborn and Tara Gray.


We start off with an obscure movie trivia question, followed by an obscure music trivia question. A man is glued to a toilet seat at Wal-Mart. We start unveiling Stephanie's experience with women. We are joined by host Ethan Dettenmaier and have a lot of laughs.


We're in a great mood today when Stephanie promises lesbian stories. We don't quite get to them today, but listen to her revelation! Interesting Beatles trivia. Charlie Sheen tries to trademark his catchphrases. The things that get us riled up. Is it alright to admit to favoring one child over another? Andrea Nittoli calls in to promote her new radio show Plugged in. Get a taste of Stephanie's sexual preferences.


It appears that Stephanie is going through a midlife crisis, but she has no idea why. We're talking panic attacks here. Why we won't ride motorcycles. A new trick to make hiccups stop. Why Sam won't own a dog and doesn't like tattoos. The problem with cats.


Stephanie returns to the show and we start off discussing dogs and their owners. Spirituality and meditation. Accupuncture works. Stephanie carries a Tiger's Eye rock around in her pocket. Sam explains the Kaballah. What God do you believe in? Charlie Sheen's show in Detroit bombs. Stephanie tells of her appearance on Two and a Half Men. The funny thing about soap operas. Tyra Banks is full of herself. How to go into an audition and feel confident. (Hint: imagine the producers sitting on the toilet.)