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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Stephanie Danielson


Stephanie Danielson is thrilled to be joining the LA Talk Radio family! From Pennsylvania and Maryland, Stephanie is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NYC), and a proud member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and AFTRA.
In February 2010, after spending 4 ½ years in NYC doing theatre, Stephanie moved to Los Angeles to focus on film/TV. Since then, she has Guest Starred on FEMME FATALES and THE SINNERS, and has worked on many Features and award winning Short Films. You may also recognize her from: Discovery Channel's EXTREME FORENSICS, Biography Channel's CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES, and National Commercial/Print Campaigns for- Been Verified, MICA Beauty Cosmetics, ACURA, Eibach, and ROXY, to name a few. Stephanie made her hosting debut this past year on the Lifestyle Series CLICK ON THIS, and is thrilled to now be making her Radio Hosting Debut with LA TALK RADIO.
Aside from Entertainment, Stephanie has an Online Store offering the best Vintage and Leather Bags collected from all around the world:

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
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SAM & STEPH IN THE MORNING serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (10-11AM PST), Sam and Steph bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and even some cool music. Call in live and chat with us on the air.

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December 2011


Our last show together and we're both focused on the future. Steph recounts her evening at the comedy club last night. Doing stand-up is hard but Stephanie wants to give it a shot. When people get addicted to the Internet and social networks. Sam recaps the book "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" and we talk about the famous case. Goodbye and see you on the next incarnation of the show.


The big announcement today is Howard Stern joins America's Got Talent as a judge. We are joined by friend of the show Andrea Nittoli for a fun show. Andrea was a very brief co-host on this show years ago. Andrea discusses her humor and career as a comic. Andrea acted in the film Casino but ended up on the editing room floor.


More dating talk following yesterday's interview. Steph wakes up with an itchy head. She makes the big announcement that she is leaving the show to pursue a movie opportunity overseas. The problem of bullying. A woman with 19 children has a miscarriage. Synthetic Marijuana is killing kids.


Dressing nice makes us feel good. Steph feels she thinks about dating too much. Wait till you hear how many dates she's been on in the past year! We talk to Rachel Russo and Shelli Trung of the reality dating blog "3six5dates" about how four women dated nearly 100 men each in a year. The new Two and A Half Men.


Traffic in LA gets crazy every time it rains. How would your life be if you ran over somebody? Stephanie's experience at a trade show over the weekend. Buying gifts for yourself during the holidays.


Are birthdays cool for everybody? Friends are often segmented into different activities. Sexual revelations lead to discussion of female orgasm. Can you tell when a woman fakes an orgasm? Learn the recipe for turning Steph on. Are guys in LA cheap or broke? Movie talk. More talk of Jerry Sandusky, the alleged child rapist.


We start off with Steph's drinking stories. Bowling was involved at some point. We are joined in the studio by friend of the show Reese Golchin for intellectual and funny talk. Why there are many births in September. Is Demi Moore right in her move to divorce Ashton Kutcher? Scammers on social networks.


We both take part in a Xmas tree giveaway and Toys for Tots organized by Ethan Dettenmaier of Combat Radio. Steph sits on Santa's lap. A long-lost friend of Stephanie calls in. The problem of being Jewish and liking a Xmas tree. A couple is caught having sex at a theme Poland. The most powerful people in entertainment. Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach, continues to hang himself in the media. Listen to what he has to say. Sam reports on the Casey Anthony book he is reading. What does death smell like? Herman Cain is out of the race.


Steph forgets to go to the restroom before the show so we have to take a short bathroom break. That's live radio for you. We inevitably talk about peeing. Winds in LA blow trees down and cause a lot of damage. Sushi talk. Eating Kosher? Our feelings on religion. A Kentucky church bans interracial couples. Good economic news. The Dow jumps almost 500 points in one day! Did you know that your mobile phone carrier records everything you do on the phone?


We are joined in the studio by the host of Combat Radio Ethan Dettenmaier and wife Lota Hadley for an enjoyable morning. Find out the amazing things Ethan is doing for the holidays to help the disadvantaged.

November 2011


Holiday gift buying. Herman Cain is now facing the allegation of a woman who claims she had an affair with him. Will this finish him off? Michael Jackson's doctor gets 4 years in prison. Rick Perry screws up on camera again. Sam has a suggestion on how to stimulate the economy. Relationships and the difficulty of falling in love. Sam analyzes Steph's reluctance to commit.


Black Friday horror stories. Pepper spray, altercations and mayhem in retail stores. The Occupy movement in LA is becoming a nuisance. Stephanie has a brain fart. Funny. Miley Cyrus clearly smokes pot and eats "Bob Marley" cakes. When you get stuck on the plane on the runway. Is it good to be protective of your kids? Where to do on a first date.


It's Black Friday but we're live in the studio today. Jennifer Lopez is spotted with a 24-year-old dancer. Getting out of a marriage can be difficult. Do people fall in love too quickly? A woman is suspected of killing and cooking her husband. The types of relationships Steph likes. Sam likes winter fashions.


We prepare for Thanksgiving. Volunteering for the holidays. Taking long showers. The film "The Decendents" gets a mixed review from Stephanie. Visiting the Tropics. Eating a lot on a cruise. Sushi talk leads to an embarrassing admission by Steph. Steve Jobs was not a very nice guy, but Apple is cool.


Having to pet-sit a cat Steph is not sure she would be good with a pet. We speak to Bob Pritchard, author of "Kick-Ass Business & Maketing," about how to advertise and reach customers. Learn how to differentiate your product or service. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher officially split. When does a large age difference interfere with a marriage? Toys R Us is selling a cursing doll!


A Green Card lottery? A commercial pilot gets stuck in the lavatory and causes a scare. We are joined by two authors who wrote the book "Does He Cheat?" Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart tell of thier lives and how their book came about. Learn about tattle-tale signs that your spouse may be cheating.


Porn stars are unreliable when it comes to showing up. Is it a question of lack of respect? Do they sometimes go too far in their work? The sexiest man of the year. Do you agree with People magazine's choice? Stanely Kubrick movies.


Having sex in water. Does it work? Images that burn into your brain. Eating healthy. After Perry flubs his answer at the Republican debate, Herman Cain screws up an answer to a reporter. New studies show that bright kids are more likely to experiment with drugs. The Penn State scandal.


Pornography on Facebook shocks people over the weekend. Steph is starting to dread aging. Sam doesn't want to be very old and needy. This show quickly deteriorates as Steph describes her shitting habits. But we really do like Humus. How often do you go out for fast-food? What about farting in a relationship? The Captain America movie sucks. A former porn star reads books to school children. Sexually awkward? Who might that be? Listen to a very revealing, explicit conversation following a hardcore clip Steph watched.


The planets are aligned just right for Steph on this 11-11-11 morning. The definition of a hero. Is Steve Jobs a hero? We discuss his management style. Eddie Murphy pulls out of hosting the Oscars. Find out who is replacing him. Inglourious Basterds and other Tarantino films. Rick Perry screws up on the Republican Presidential debate and we play the clip. Do you believe in spirits?


We are joined in the studio by Ghost Girls, a reality show cast of beautiful women: Tawnya, Crystle and Janet. We were later joined by the show's producer, Thomas Bond and the spiritual Frank.


Steph tells about her auditions yesterday. Director Brett Ratner steps down from producing the Oscars after he mouths off a gay slur. Dakota Fanning poses in a controversial print ad. We receive a call from Evette, a Christian Egyptian immigrant who wants to bring to light the suffering of Christians in the hands of Muslims in Egypt. Pro-life or pro-choice? Is it OK to spank your kids?


The age when your body truly changes. Stephanie is going to an audition and gets all dolled up. Michael Jackson's doctor is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. A new Herman Cain accuser goes public and tells the graphic details. Does the public rush to judge people? Is there any privacy left in today's world? Facebook tips.


Moving the clock is not cool for people who like daylight. Getting up in the morning is difficult. Herman Cain is facing sexual harassment allegations. Penn state is embroiled in a sex abuse scandal. Football talk. The most innovative cities in the US. Steve Jobs remembered. Stephanie bares a lot in her photo shoot, which she considers artistic. When you have a male gynecologist.


Is Julianne Moore a lesbian? Nah, it's just a rumor. Stephanie reveals she has never been in love. Sam analyzes Stephanie's need to keep herself very busy. Stephanie embarasses herself and the mayor of Lawndale while hosting an event. Standing in front of the camera can be challenging. We revisit the woman who released the video or her father beating the crap out of her when she was 16. A deep discussion on raising kids. Does life begin at conception?


Stephanie prepares to go to a gig but isn't sure what is involved, having been given only few details. Regis Philbin is leaving his own show. Justin Bieber is named as the father of a fan's baby. The movie Paranormal Activity 3. Stephanie does not consider herself a model despite posing in many photo shoots. The life of an actor. The art of selling and buying iPhones. Steve Jobs. A father is caught on video beating his 16-year-old daughter with a belt.


We are joined in the studio by two gorgeous women, former Miss Alabama Tara Darby and former Miss Massachusettes Cristina Nardozzi, who are also founders of Sashes and Crowns. We talk about beauty pageants and reigning as winners in national competitions.


We talk to Shelley Lubben, a former porn actress who has become an activist against the porn industry. Shelley wrote a book about her painful experience in the sex industry. She breaks some of the myths about being a porn star, and it's not as glamorous as some people may think. Haunted mansions kill people. Kim Kardashian announces her divorce after 72 days of marriage. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Steph is attracted to manly-looking women, but she is not sure she would act on it.

October 2011


What to do on Halloween? We are joined in the studio by the alluring porn star Sienna Sinclaire for a very sexual show. We talk openly about Sienna's experiences, and she promotes her upcoming book and her naughty LA tour business. Sienna won't settle down with one guy, perhaps because she's too wild for anyone to pin down.


Stephanie prepares to go to a gig but isn't sure what is involved, having been given only few details. Regis Philbin is leaving his own show. Justin Bieber is named as the father of a fan's baby. The movie Paranormal Activity 3. Stephanie does not consider herself a model despite posing in many photo shoots. The life of an actor. The art of selling and buying iPhones. Steve Jobs. A father is caught on video beating his 16-year-old daughter with a belt.


The reason why freeway traffic is stop and go. Gym stories from Stephanie. She tells of the injury that ended her dancing aspirations. Interracial dating. Is sex different when you're single? Six steps to rev up your marriage. Netlix stock falls 35% in one day.


Mexican food got Stephanie sick and she lives to tell about it. Sam tells of his day at a Los Angeles talk radio conference. NY bagels made outside of NY? Steph finds out a film gig is actually a soft porn flick, but she doesn't take off her clothes and ends up running out. Obama is coming to town and we dread the traffic. Human birth as art? We both get queasy when we think of medical prodcedures. The Human Centipede is the grossest movie of all time. Thai massage.


Halloween costumes. Stephanie tells of her strip club experience, and Sam never got a lap dance. Are escorts actually prostitiutes? Sam is competitive and Stephanie doesn't understand why. We find out from Rebecca Dakin, a former British escort who wrote "The Girlfriend Experience." Listen to her glamorous life. Are guys hunters? Sam believes it's innate. Steph won't go for cheating guys. Can cheating save a marriage?


We start off with movie talk. Find out what we recommend and what we trash. Stephanie joins the gym. It occurs to us she talks about balls a lot. Having kids at a very young age. Growing up as an only child. Foods for fall. Sam admits to having participated in aerobics. The Murray/Michael Jackson trial. Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper: what's going on there? What kind of lover are you?


We are joined in the studio by comic Melinda Hughes for a fun morning.


We discover a lot about the Japanese mafia, Yakuza, from our guest Phil Day, who produced the docomentary "The Crime Lords of Tokyo." The film debuts October 14 on the National Geographic Channel. A fascinating interview.


Going to the movies these days is pricey. Does breakfast really make your day better? Who skips breakfast most? A $36,000 backpack. The sexiest woman according to Esquire magazine. Pot brownies at a funeral. The Marijuana situation in California. Sushi talk. Israeli kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit is being released by his captors after five years. Trying to make it in Hollywood. The history of Photoshop. There are more cellphones in the US than there are people. Single women who want to have a child.


After a weekend of filming, Stephanie returns from Oakland all bruised up from apparently running from a zombie. Marriage and temptations. We play a very funny Chris Rock clip on marriage. Can relationships endure threesomes? When women have kids at a young age. One of us doesn't like oral sex. The other loves it. Suddenly, a lot of sex talk ensues and we reveal our likes and dislikes.


Surrounded by 7,500 nerds, Stephanie spends a few days at a Microsoft convention. We pay tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs who died Wednesday. Apple as an iconic company. Stephanie tells of her visit to Disneyland.

September 2011


Studio guest Bethany Ruck describes and explains a life of sexual abuse and incest. A very powerful show. Check out Bethany's page on Overcoming Sexual Abuse.


Not surprisingly, Steph feels sick after she eats McDonald's. Why do people talk about the weather? Jewish holidays. Views on religion and on gay marriage. The frequency of dating. The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor begins. Should Conrad be charged with murder? An attempt on the Pentagon by a terrorist with a model airplane?


Does chocolate cause strange dreams? When people pick their nose in the car. A gay actress gets in trouble when she kisses her lover on a plane. What's appropriate behavior on a plane? The most annoying celebrities. Steph submits herself for the "Bachelor." Are contestants on reality shows making fools of themselves? Sex enhancement pills sold at gas stations. Natural boobs or fake? A Nancy Grace nip-slip? Dating Jewish guys.


On her way to work, Stephanie gets in a car accident and tells about it. The new iPhone is coming. Michael Jackson's doctor's trail begins. We analyze why Stephanie can't slow down. Ways to relax. Negative people. Amanda Knox, the American accused of murder in Italy, gets another day in court. When women are focused on their looks.


After a week together, we are launching the show officially today. Stephanie has a boring, horrific adventure. Sam doesn't like the new Pan Am TV series. Vomiting in public. When videos go viral. The two captured Americans are released from Iran after 2 years in prison. Sam vents about the neighbors' nonstop crying toddler. Sufring dogs. Maggots as treatement for Diabetes wounds? Lady Gaga fights bullying.