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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Kara Kimbrough


Two parts comedian, three parts  original music, four parts impersonations, garnish with a guitar, and you have the 
recipe called Kara Kimbrough. 

Shaken not stirred, of course!

Kara is a Texas girl living in an L.A. world. 

Pop star impersonations and major hip replacements are the main flavors of her personality! As a stand-up comedian, she has has been entertaining a wide array of audiences from the Comedy clubs in Los Angeles to Corporate events and faith 
based functions. 

Frequenting some of Los Angeles's most acclaimed clubs from the World Famous Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv and the Laugh Factory.

She is also a singer/songwriter. Feel free to take a listen

Show Time: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
Show Description: 
Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (10-11AM PST), Sam and Kara bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. SAM & KARA IN THE MORNING serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and even some cool music. Call in live and chat with us on the air.

Show Archives

March 2011


Kara declines the offer to appear in a farting video. Christina Aguilera kind of gets busted. Charlie Sheen fires off at his employers. What's wrong with The Oscars. Being grateful to God. Discussion of heaven and hell. A truly interesting religious debate.

February 2011


Facebook security tips courtesy of Kara. The good and bad about Twitter, according to Sam. We talk about dictators and autocratic regimes, in the wake of the developments in the Middle-East. Charlie Sheen is thrown from his TV show. Dating men with money.


The different looks of Kara. How having kids changes your life and affecst your social life. Sam believes raising small children is easier for younger parents. Kara wants an older man who doesn't age. Kara's problem with clothes and laundry. We learn about the contents of Kara's purse. Misusing Summer's Eve. Are our listeners actually voyeurs? A rare candid discussion about intimate topics that we generally don't hear from Kara.


The Libyan revollution continues to develop. Will we be named again on Talkers Magazine's Frontier Fifty? We'll find out next month. Hugh Hefner and his new fiance appear on TV with his son from a previous marriage. Do women prefer men with money or men that are well-dressed? More about Kara's interesting mother.


Kara gets locked out of her house. Sam blames Starbucks for alienating their smoking customers. No midlife crisis for Sam yet. The uprising in Libya. The harrassment of women in Arab countries. The Iranians are testing the waters during Egypt's revolution. When women are objectified. The new judges of American Idol. Sam despises Donald Rumsfeld.


Do Hispanic men like to dance? Life is accelerating faster and we contemplate what the near future will be like. Kara cites the Bible, of course. Sam recounts meeting a scientist who believes we can defeat aging and delay death. Can oral sex boost cancer risks?


We are celebrating our first anniversary belatedly. Kara bings in her friends Sarah and Tracey, and we spend a fun morning together. Sam's former employer from South Africa Don Searll calls in to say hi. Learn about a website for cheaters. We figure out our porn names.


Sleeping habits. IBM's Watson computer beat human contestants on the game show Jeopardy! The great gig Vanna White has on Wheel of Fortune. Investing time in TV shows. Kara is dealing with intimacy issues. Sam tells of the first date with his would-be wife. Sam divides people into Givers and Takers. Which one are you? A bird takes a crap on Sam's jacket.


Today is our 1st anniversary and we both forgot about it. Will we be noticed again by Talkers magazine for their Frontier Fifty? Is this show something for Kara to be ashamed of? What we did on Valentine's Day. Big-breast discrimination, according to Kara.


Going to Denny's for Valentine's Day? Hosni Mubarak steps down after making a speech that he wasn't leaving. We speak to Wharton professor Stuart Diamond about his book "Getting More," in which he teaches new, tested methods of negotiation. Listener Chris B calls in to straighten Kara out about Valentine's Day. Donald Trump toys with the idea of running for president.


The problem with pantyhose. Fake tan is not all it's cracked up to be. Dealing with hair-loss and baldness. When guys who wine and dine expect reciprocation. Does Kara lead her dates on? She wants everyone to relax. Sam returns a computer to the store and pays restocking fees. Why Apple is not a wise computer choice. An enlightening discussion about computers. Lindsey Lohan gets charged with grand theft. Sam feels it's embrassing not to be famous.


Sam makes an apology to Kara for exposing her to verbal pornography. Kara talks about her date last night and learns something about herself. We analyze the situation, as usual. Does Kara have children in her future? Marijuana use can speed Psychosis. A sex IQ test.


Kara isn't sure what sport is played in the Superbowl. Sam feels his memory is going with age. Sam is irritated the Kara didn't like the sex clips he played on Friday. Kara explains her point of view and we both stay firmly within our positions. Christina Aguillera fumbles the naional anthem in the Superbowl. An IBM computer is going to compete in the TV game show "Jeopardy."


Today is LA Talk Radio's 3rd anniversary and we open the phone lines to listeners and other hosts who call in to chat. Sam discusses how he started the radio station and the mood is festive. Sam tells about his former co-hosts. Kara can't handle clips from Sam's previous shows. We got calls from hosts Rachel Gordon, Greg Rempe, Bob Newman ,Starla Faye, Russ Avison, Mary Kennedy and Erika Morrell, and listeners Chris Brown, Rose from Brooklyn, and Tracey McDonald. Dina, Sam's wife, walks in with a cupcake and a candle and surprises us.


We prepare for the station's 3rd anniversary. Sam tells about the origins of the station and how it has evolved. We continue discussing the developments in Egypt and the growing violence there. We discuss how we make choices in life with bestselling author Harry Beckwith, and talk about his new book "Unthinking." We discuss different climates and wonder how people can live in such cold weather. More about living in LA, and Kara starts making generalizations. Arguments ensue.


Kara's Vegas trip goes sour when she begins menstruating on the way. She comes back sick, and we had to take two days off. Still, we get to hear some Kara-style stories. Sam is enamoured with Keira Knightly and we argue about her body. We discuss the riots in Egypt and give an update on how the revolution is developing.

January 2011


As Kara prepares for her Vegas trip, she starts talking about roofies and going wild. The things that irritate us. Kara starts bringing up God and Satan again. Sam has enough of it and questions Kara's sanity, but she's had personal experiences on an intimate level where she felt God's presence. Mario Midnightman calls in to tells us how to maintain our computers that seem to be plagued by demons.


We start off talking about Kara's upcoming trip to Vegas. Sam is concerned about his cigarette habit. Catapulting illegal aliens across the border? Sam tells of his near-death experience during a training flight in Vegas and of his solo cross-country filght to Arizona. Popular names for boys and girls in the U.S. Erotic services for sale online. The fiery revolutions in the Arab world. Sam gets into Middle-East politics.


Obama speaks to the nation on TV, but we don't talk much politics on this show. We are joined in the studio by Courtney Zito, the producer of web series Hollywood Girl, and her producer Jon. Find out all about Prophylaxative, a condom that does a double job. We hear why Courtney was kicked out of her own band.


We start off talking about Kara's upcoming trip to Vegas. Sam is concerned about his cigarette habit. Catapulting illegal aliens across the border? Sam tells of his near-death experience during a training flight in Vegas and of his solo cross-country filght to Arizona. Popular names for boys and girls in the U.S. Erotic services for sale online. The fiery revolutions in the Arab world. Sam gets into Middle-East politics.


Listeners respond to our recent quarrels. Some enjoyed them but others winced. Kara is taking her really conservative friend to Vegas. Is Kara too wild to be tighed down in a relationship? The second night of American Idol was hilarious. We discuss the mechanics of the show and the new judges. Howard Stern goes on the new Piers Morgan show. Strange fetishes.


A group of old men at Starbucks ogle Kara. A small discussion on American Idol's premiere. We are joined in the studio by our next-door neighbors Craig and Andy, and we have a few funny moments. Like when they hear us scream at each other through the walls. Or when Kara brings up the subject of balls. We somehow get to talk about porn and Kara has something to say about it.


In the world of online dating, Kara is getting fewer calls than her friend. Does a man's voice make him more or less sexy? When prosective employers check your credit. Gambling in Vegas. Kara likes to dress outrageously. We play a clip from Piers Morgan's interview with Oprah. Ricky Gervais takes heat for his jokes on the Golden Globes. Would you tell your best friend if you knew his spouse was having an affair? We discuss the movie "The Dilemma."


As we near our one-year anniversary, we show we can overcome our differences by moving on from the loud exchanges of Friday. We review the Golden Globes after neither one of us watched it. Kara gets accosted by a homeless guy on her walk. We learn how MLK got his name. We speak to author Karen Foster about her book "No Way Baby!" and the case for not having children.


Our parking attendant is too nice for Sam's taste, who gets irritated by his doting. No chemistry for Kara again. Our opinions on tattoos and piercing. Five things one woman hates about how men fight. Guys that are grown but live with their parents. When Sam makes an observation about Kara's drinking, the temperatures rise in the studio and the air is charged. Kara then explodes and the emotions get high. Then we beat each other's self-esteem to death.


Although Kara needs a lot of attetion, she does not necessarily want a stalker. We hear about another date, this time with a millionaire. Sam has a beef with SUV drivers. Tips on how to have fun when you go out, according to Kara. How having kids keeps your grounded. Sam prefers to travel comfortably and avoids India.


We debate the movie "True Grit", after Sam is disappointed with it. We speak to Wendy Strgar, host of Love with the Loveologist and author of "Love That Works," about how to make relationships last. Wendy also sells lubrication products at When you're in love with a beautiful woman, you watch your friends. Women with father issues. Online dating tips courtesy of Kara. What's the big deal about a Verizon iPhone?


Will Kara take down her top for a price? We spend the show with three guests from Australia whom Kara met at a bar. Luke, Chris and Sam tell us of their adventurous American trip.


Kara wears clip-on hair extensions to go out and meets three Australians. Sam is blown away by a book he is reading. Does Kara drink too much? Is her personality bigger than life? The reality of doing comedy on stage.


Sam gets angry when people copy and steal his designs and ideas. Find out how LA Talk Radio was started from the man himself. Facebook takes down breast-feeding photos. We ask why. A heated argument ensues about the sexual revolution and what it represented. Now, that's entertainment. Seven reasons to have sex tonight. More loud arguments about sex. Sarah Palin's reality show is ridiculous.


We debate some of the selections on the People's Choice Awards. The homeless guy that got discovered for his radio voice. Winning the $380 Million lottery. More Kara's mom stories.


Men waxing their hair. Kara is considering changing her hair color, but when she finds it might not get her as much attention, she rescinds. Snooki releases a book. Sam is not fond of The Expendables. An update on the birds that fell out of the sky. Kara accuses Sam of being cheap. favorite vacation destinations. Sam urges Kara to find a Sugar Daddy. Top financial scams of 2010. Kara reveals she has fallen for a scam once.


The K-Y Jelly commercials. After talking to Stanley Thornton, author of "Christianity: Myths and Legends", we spend the rest of the show discussing God, religion, faith, and the Bible. With our devout Chirstian Kara and Sam the skeptic , this makes for a fascinating show.


Welcome to 2011! Sam is sporting a new goatee and we're ready for the new year. We talk about what we did over Near Year Eve. Kara finally gets her own private bedroom. Sam's car gets banged up by an SUV, so he vents. Why is Dick Clark still allowed to go on the air? Kara is training for the Marathon. Thousands of birds fall out of the sky in Arkansas. Kara prefers tall men.

December 2010


When people blame their problems on others and on LA. The weather continues to wreak havoc on some California residents. The woman who can't stop shopping and stockpiling. We reminisce over the past year on the show. Kara's friend's friend insults Kara. The most intriguing person of 2010. Kara plans to run the marathon.


Christmas was "a bust" for Kara and she missed being around family. So she dresses up like a Christmas tree and walks around The Grove. A debate about having kids around when adults try to socialize. Tales of Camel Toes. Kara feels judged yet once again and Sam gets irritated. Hugh Hefner gets engaged to a 24-year-old Playmate. Sexual virility at a later age. Elton John and his husband have a baby boy. Donating fertile eggs. If God is omnipotent, can he make a mistake? A great debate ensues, of course.


On our Christmas show, we have fun and play some pop Xmas hits and analyze it, as usual. We talk about knowing how to give as well as to receive. Mudslides abound after several days of rain. Talking about snow, we count the different types of snow. Things that make you go hmmm.


Women's shoes and how men don't care about them. We urge people to leave town so things will be a little quiet here during the holidays. Buying presents and the complexity of it all. Perfumes and colognes.


Sam is getting irritated when Kara eats her breakfast on the air. Kara makes generalizations about older men. We are joined in the studio by Off the Presses host Brendan Huffman for a very enlightening morning. Brendan explains California and Los Angeles politics, and presents interesting facts.


It's been raining in LA nonstop for three days. We speak to Aura Imbarus about growing up in Transylvania, Romania, during the oppressive times of the Soviet block. Sam feels grateful to be living in the US. What do Jewish people do on Xmas? Finding the patience and the right time to have kids. Kara thinks it's gay that Sam enjoys listening to the Carpenters. Kara gets grossed out by a masturbation scene in the film The Black Swan.


Kara is looking for a new place to live in all the wrong places. Smelling other people's shit and its adverse effects on the human psyche. The radio show hurts Kara's dating prospects, she thinks. How to pursue your passion. The taste of food around the world. We try to listen to Justin Bieber but can't stand to hear more than a few notes. How celebrities mate. The upcoming royal wedding. Larry King is leaving television.


Sam gets irritated when Kara is late again. Kara is not feeling the holiday spirit this year. Not much progress yet in her search for a mate online. The effects of Meth. The number one tweeted topic for 2010 was the movie "Inception." Kara hopes to snatch up Ryan Reynolds now that he's divorcing. Miley Cyrus is caught on tape smoking a bong. "The Biggest Loser." The hardest things for Sam to do in the morning. Pleasuring a woman orally.


Beautiful weather in LA while the Midwest is buried in snow. Kara gets snubbed at a fancy church. Kara sees Megan Fox at the store. Madoff's son commits suicide. The most overplayed song on TV in 2010. Kara tells about her most recent date. Michael Jackson's new album is released and we play the first single.


How Sam dealt with bullying when he was young. Sam is not excited about travelling to Mexico and prefers Hawaii. Age preferences in dating. Wesley Snypes is going to jail for 3 years. Oprah announces she is not a lesbian. Our funny Lady Gaga saga continues as Sam discovers another good song. Is she this generation's Madonna?


Though Kara isn't getting married any time soon, she practices saying "my husband." She is now starting to search for a mate online and shares her concerns. Sam continues his discovery of Lady Gaga. We analyze more of her songs. How music has changed since the '70s. Music reflects the generations. Growing up in divorced families.


We start talking, well, physics. Speed of light, quarks, sound. Kara finds a way to insert God into the conversation. We debate the meaning of the fig leaves worn by Adam and Eve. WikiLinks continues to spread damage through the Internet. Somehow we get to the subject of taxes and compare our economic system to others'. The new profile page design on Facebook. Privacy in the age of the Internet. Kara joined a dating site and the search is on. We enjoy some music and discuss the tunes of Lady Gaga.


We learn what "shart" is, and it's pretty gross. Sam wows Kara with his knowledge of meteorology when she dismisses some of his theories. Sam relates to Pepe Le Pew. Why Sam struggles with gift giving. We talk to husband/wife writing team whose pseudnym is C.S. Graham, about their new thriller "The Babylonian Codex." We learn from them about remote viewing and the U.S. government's involvement in this fascinating field. Finding time to read books. Kara tells of how her snug dress virtually exploded. She was not wearing undergarments at the time.


Without a warm coat, Kara wears a robe when she goes out. Sam rethinks his offer to enroll Kara in a dating site. What would Sam do if he was a woman? Kara wants to know. In the near future, we'll use our smartphones instead of credit cards. The loss of privacy online. The Entertainer of the Year, according to Entertainment Weekly. Should they repeal the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in the military? The most popular baby names this year. Kiss's Gene Simmons wants his vote for Obama back. Porn and vibrators. The difference in how men and women masturbate.


A computer can make a grown man cry, and Sam describes the frustrations of technology. Sam tells about when we was young and single and went to Chippendale's to pick up women. Sam doesn't like the wind, but Kara begs to differ. We debate which dating site Kara should join, and Kara outlines what she's looking for in a man. We take a call from a clueless would-be listener.


We're getting close to wrapping up another decade and we remember the year 2000. Retail sales rise and Sam hopes this is a sign of improving economy. The differences between Macs and Pcs, and the cool factor of the iPad. The disruption that is Craigslist. The problem with fake tan, and the revelation that Kara is really, really white. We discuss the death penalty and the new Grisham book "The Confession." Anger and how to deal with it. Jealousy and how it affects people. Kara has gotten no response to her announcement that she's available and looking.

November 2010


On stage last night, Kara finds a creative way to deal with torn fishnet stockings. The different ways to make Turkey (really relevant AFTER Thanksgiving.) Serial and mass murderers. WikiLeaks releases secret government documents and makes everyone look stupid. The loss of privacy online. Sam voices Facebook rants. Sam offers to enroll Kara on a dating site, and Kara naturally likes the idea. Sam explains "Schtooping" and Kara doesn't follow. We are now accepting applications from guys who want to date Kara.


Black Friday is for shoppers. We came in to entertain. We share some Thanksgiving stories. Are you one of those who goes shopping at 4AM on Black Friday? We have differing views of the origins of addiction. Kara forgets to feed cats she was entrusted with.


The day before Thanksgiving and we're in a good mood. We rant about bars and drinks. Kara is sick of people showing baby pictures. Why kids today seem more spoiled. Sam describes the kind of man he thinks Kara is attracted to. It's important the guy not be prettier than she is. Kara wants to prank her brother but the call fizzles without a clear plan. Five Facebook photo postings that make you look like a tool.


We start off talking about age again. Kara tells us about her maturity, running out of gas, and money challenges. The origins of Christmas trees. We're getting warmed up for the holidays. Giving and receiving gifts. The importance of touching. How about spanking? Kara tells about her brother's new life. When good-looking people date less attractive people. The Jersey Shore.


Kara is absent this morning, and Sam spends the hour with MILF adult star and Taboo Topics host Raquel Devine. A lot of sex talk and funny moments. Learn about interesting sex games. Raquel has designed the Fort Knockers bras. Find out what they are. Why people are into wild fetishes.


Kara starts weeping right before we go on the air, and Sam doesn't know what to say. Sam apologizes for commenting on Kara's body yesterday. Why is it harder for female comics to succeed? Sam observes that rock bands are overwhelmingly male. Who pays for dates? A Chinese woman is arrested for tweeting. We discuss Chinese foot binding. Japanese porn.


Sam tries to comment on the way Kara dressed last night at her performance and puts his foot in his mouth. Kara killed and the audience loved her crazy act. Sam sees a homeless man with a cell phone. How do relationships that start lovingly end up with so much hatred? Are people not working hard enough on their relationships? Oxana talks about Mel Gibson on Larry King. The sexiest men in the world for the past 20 years.


We like Australia. The new TSA pat-down and full body scan policy. Kara is concerned about what they're going to see. Listener Mario calls in and we discuss how the terrorists have won by forcing us to change our lifestyle. The types of photos that turn people on. Briefs or boxers? Why testicles are funny. We explore funny body parts.


We play the new Michael Jackson song, "Hold My Hand." Prince William gives his girlfriend Kate Middleton his mother's ring. The stress of big weddings. The seven-year itch. Kara is asked out by a black man at Starbucks. Are male models and dancers mostly gay? George Bush shows his face in the media again, this time to promote his book, and still says stupid things.


Kara turned 29 over the weekend and tells about her birthday. Kara loses interest in a guy after he texts her repeatedly but doesn't call. Sam meets a celebrity, a musician he admires. We are joined in the studio by comedian-writer Carla Collins, who is entertaining and funny. Are Kara's breasts angry? Contemporary Kabblah. Loving pets more than people.


The case for taking regular showers. We get into an argument about yesterday's guest after Kara is offended. We are joined by Lisa Fara, who is the former roommate of past co-host Suzy. Lisa is funny and we have a great time. Like talking about breast sizes, for example. How men and women are different in what they're attracted to.


Being old is relative, isn't it? The government wants to put graphic images as warnings on cigarette packs. We are joined in the studio by the eccentric Angelique Morgan ("Frenchy") and her friend Stephanie. Angelique is very original and confident, a French debutante who has descended on Hollywood. At a point during the interview, Angelique pulls down her top to show off her her fake breasts. It turns out she's a stripper and loves lots of money, driving around in her pink car. In short, a very funny show.


An anonymous fan shamelessly wants to lick Kara, who is then reminded about a flasher who masturbated only feet aways from her. Male genitalia becomes a topic. Sam wants to know if Kara has ever watched porn. The answer will surprise you. Or maybe it won't. We analyze the different looks of male and female gays. Would you stay with your partner if they became paralyzed? Suicide is a selfish act, but depression is cruel. Sam admits to a past of bouts of depression.


Computer problems get the best of Sam first thing in the morning. Kara backs off. Windows PCs vs. Macs. Kara rants about impollite customers. Sam admits to a childhood crush on his teacher, which leads to a discussion about teachers who seduce their students. Stories of playing doctor. Losing male stamina with age. San Francisco wants to ban Happy Meals. Elizabeth Smart is back in the news.


A guy she sees at Starbucks follows Kara to work. Walking in on your parents. Sam continues his fascination with Harry Loves Lisa and reports about Lisa Rina's decision to reduce her lips under the knife. Restaurants. Kara explains what type of man she needs.


After a long night at a recording studio, Kara waltzes in red-eyed and exhausted. Kid Rock comes down on Steven Tyler for joining American Idol. Critics and tabloid writers. Courtship. Alcohorexia and other eating disorders. Living under pressure in LA.


We learn more about Kara and her roommates. Sam displays his irritation toward people who have been ungrateful. Getting stuck in elevators. The devastation of losing a child. How the city is ripping off drivers by not painting the curb in front of a fire hydrant. The risk of helping someone who is hurt on the street. Sam comes clean about his guilt for not having given a beggar money.


A day after the elections, California votes for more of the same, disappointingly. We discuss the Marijuana initiative. Kara claims Sam flip-flops in his opinions, but Sam thinks that's bullshit. Kara goes into her God-talk and Sam zones out. What happens when you're too old to wipe your ass. Sam is curious at what age he is going to die. We discuss Kara's forgone relationship. Kara lands a gig imitating Lady Gaga.


Kara doesn't make it in this morning, but Sam has two great guests. In the studio, he is joined by Calista Carradine who talks about her life, singing and acting career and her famous father, David Carradine. We also talk to bestselling author Steve Berry about "Operation Thriller." We listen to some of Calista's music.


We share Halloween experiences, and Kara of course has the crazier stories. What constitues a handsome man. Dating tips for men. When men force themselves on a woman on the first date. The differences between men and women and what they want in relationships.

October 2010


With Halloween around the corner, Kara plans to dress as a rose garden...Sam refuses to wear costumes. We tell about the karaoke night we went to in a dive bar. Destructive phone pranks on the radio. Kara tells about her burger-selling experience. Charlie Sheen's latest stunt. People in the porn industry, and Sam's opinion of porn chicks may surprise you.


Sam starts the show without Kara, who is stuck in traffic on a freeway she shouldn't be on. Sam's suspicion that Kara spent the night with a man proves true, but Kara won't come clean. The new security measures in airports and the controversy. Have the terrorists won by making us change our lifestyle? A bit of California politics as we prepare for the elections. File-sharing site Limewire gets shut down.


Well, Kara is officially not leaving and Sam is not surprised. We hear an example of how Southerners talk. Kara walks away from a dire situation but her cell phone doesn't function correctly, and she can't shake it off. Science may be able to help breasts regenerate themselves. Fake-looking people in LA.


We discuss the weekend. Sam realizes that he wore his wife's jeans indavertently. Kara goes up north, and Sam goes to a costume party...without a costume. We are joined in the studio by Maria Amor. She tells us about moving here from the Phillipines and starting her own successful business, Exotifit. Sam tells about a Phillipina girl that tried to entice him online last night. We establish that Asian women are not really subservient, but responsible.


Finding ways to make easy money. Sam can't get breasts out of his mind, after a guest on another show takes her top off the previous night. Naturally, we move on to boob jobs and fake breasts. Obesity and unhealthy eating habits. We talk about our age differences and how weird it is. Kara is torn about an older man who is after her. Sam won't wear a costume to a costume party. We have to end the show abruptly due to nature's call.


Sam claims to be a cunning linguist, but Kara doesn't get it. Taking the SATs. We are joined in the studio by Lauren. Kara can't even get a job cleaning houses. The cleanliness and lack thereof of women. Preservatives that make food last forever. Mud wrestling and breasts. Selling yourself on eBay. How about Kara dressing sexy and panhandling on the freeway off-ramp? We are surprised by jail stories from Lauren.


Getting stuck in elevators. The Lovely Bones and...defacation? We are joined in the studio by Bostonian Alli who made her way to LA to pursue her dreams. Tatoos. Privacy on Facebook.


Sam arranges for his laundry to get done while his wife is away. What California will look like when marijuana is legalized through Prop 19. Kara reveals she has never tried pot. We discuss California's political candidates with the elections around the corner. We talk to Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour about the upcoming elections and negative campaigning. Sam rants about his dental insurance company when they won't cover a tooth implant. Kara is starting to think she may not ever settle down with one man.


How does Kara dress appropriaely for her new job? A heated argument ensues, probably because we're both tired. We are joined in the studio by Roxy, who resembles a beautiful Lindsey Lohan. Roxy is an actress from Ireland and has an interesting story. Jackass 3D leads the box office this weekend, and we talk about the stupid things they do. Picking up dates on Facebook.


As soon as Kara starts a new job, she gets a talk about the skimpy way she dresses. We are joined in the studio by Czech actress Simona Bhrlikova. We debate which LA freeway is the worst in the world. Simona tells of living in NY and London where she went to school and pursued creative arts. She just finished a movie named Gallow Walker with Wesley Snipes and tells us about it, but she won't discuss her personal life.


In the latest development, Kara entertains a hispanic crowd and they become her favorite audience. She also took on a babysitting gig and gets to play mom. We are joined by two beatiful guests, Caroline and Casey for a very fun and energetic show. Jersey Housewives and stereotypes. Casey talks about entrepreneurship and helping women. How women think about their ideal man. Kara's mom becomes a fascinating topic of conversation, having been married 7 times. The evolution of women's sexual desire.


A laptop is missing. Someone broke into Kara's car and stole her computer. Who is to blame? We are joined in the studio by Alli, who moved here from NY to pursue her comedy. We talk to Sarah Marr, co-founder of the SENS Foundation, about rejuvination technology, which aims to repair the damages of aging. Open relationships. Kara is infatuated with Eric Bana, whom she sighted the other night. Kara can't handle Sam talking about breasts.


We are joined in the studio by Felicity, an Australian beauty who moved to LA to pursue her dream, and Tosha, also beautiful and newly in LA. Being careful of acting schools and their claims. More stories on moving to Hollywood. A good story of a psychopathic roommate. Boys and video games are not ideal for relationships.


We start with an argument...again. We are joined by Mollie and Chelsea for a funny show. We learn about Utah and the Great Salt Lake, and, inevitably, polygamy. We debate the make up of the United Kingdom. Facebook photos.


A cozy, rainy morning in LA and we're in a good mood. Fans are writing in asking Sam not to let Kara go. Kara doesn't know what she wants and Sam analyzes her situation. Who is a celebrity you would like to meet? We reveal ours. The bedbug infestation in NY. Porn and violence. The beginning of the demise of bookstores, and the disruptive power of the Internet. Is Facebook that bad for social life? Kara admits she craves attention from men.


Now Kara is not so sure she's leaving. A heated argument begins the show where we each challenge each other to a karaoke contest. We welcome Amber and Rebecca to the show and learn about their experiences in chasing the Hollywood dream. Online dating, and men who send penis pictures to women. Are you genentically linked to someone you think is smelly? Kara continues to have issues talking about sex comfortably. The different ways people kiss. Cloning children.


We don't hear the whole truth from Kara when she tries to explain her situation. We announce Kara's departure from the show, but she's hard to follow. She got a small job and got lost on her way to the gig. We are joined by Erica, the one of two candidates who didn't flake out. We talk about age, dating, and marriage. We learn from Erica about moving to LA from Boston, where she started acting at a young age. Supporting grown kids financially. Considering a Sugar Daddy. Kara is treated to a coffee by a celebrity. Erica confesses to hanging out with a Nickelodeon star.


Is menstruation a big deal? What would it be like for Kara to be really skinny? About looks and attitude. What makes someone sexy? We talk to authors Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent about their book "Live Like A Hot Chick." How women can feel great about themselves without looking like a model. Are men insecure? Facebook implements new photo features. Kara doesn't want her ass tagged. Find out about the upcoming event where you can meet LA Talk Radio hosts and listeners.

September 2010


Putting on a Karaoake performance causes Kara to nearly break her nose. We are joined in the studio by Harper and Mary Catherine, two interesting young women who are newcomers to LA, for a fun show. Harper played for the Lingerie Football League and lived in many cities. Mary Catherine taught her brothers how to use the bathroom. We talk about Alaska and deadly jobs. Somehow Snooki comes up and Sam is clueless.


Sam cracks up as Kara describes a new electronic sensor for A/C in Texas. We are joined in the studio by Marie Monet, who thinks she may be a descendant of Claude. Sam shows off his French. Marie was a body-double once and piques our curiosity when she can't tell for whom. Kara won't do breast-doubling. We speak to Gail Martin, who wrote 30 Days to Social Media Success and learn some nuggests about Twitter and Facebook. Talk about makeup makes Sam's head spin. Speculation about heaven. A religious argument ensues.


Kara is back from Texas and tells about her high-school reunion, including wearing a smelly mascot suit. When people are focused on themselves. Kara can't get anybody to dance at the party, nor can the DJ. We talk to author Todd Jensen about his book "On Gratitude", a collection of celebrity gratitude stories, and about World Gratitude day. Sam can't get any sleep when his A/C breaks down. We get a call from host Greg Rempe and we learn about BBQ competitions.


With Kara away, Sam is joined in the studio by two lovlies, Bri and Brook, for an entertaining show. LA is overheating and the A/C is broken. Find out about our guests' early lives and their current projects. Does Craigslist work for serious dating? Both girls are into fashion, and we learn a bit about crazy roommates. More Lindsay Lohan news.


Kara is on the Master Cleanse diet as she looks forward to her school reunion, where she'll perform as a clown. We talk about our high-school days and old friendships. Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail. A woman fakes an acid attack. Parents who are not close to their kids. Sam tells of his move to the US 34 years ago. The experience of being cheated on.


The Jewish holidays are upon us, but Sam starts off irritated. Kara tells about a homeless dude who encouraged her to wash her car. We are joined by Amanda, a Yale graduate who just moved to LA to chase her dream. We debate whether You Tube pays people that post videos on the site. They say the recession ended in 2009.


Staying skinny by taking drugs. American Idol and Paula Abdul. We speak to author Roy Peter Clark about language and his book, "The Glamour of Grammar." Plastic surgery and vaginal rejuvination. Sam contemplates the meaning of Yom Kippur. Kara is going to play nanny.


Sam wears neon green and Kara reacts. We are joined in the studio by entrepreneur Eyal Feldman, who introduces his lube products and proves to be a fun guest. We hear about his childhood and being exceptionally tall. Eyal crossed the Sea of Galilee by swimming 6 miles. He also heads the company that produces Boy Butter products.


Kara goes to a burlesque audition, with costumes and all. The street performers on Hollywood Boulevard are gone. The Comic-Con convention. Kara gets a nanny gig. The future of American Idol. Elton John as a judge? Twitter launches a new interface. Kara admits to browsing the Web for big-breasted women and Sam suggests she start her own boob website. Naturally.


Keeping cars clean, something that women find hard to do. An argument ensues about Kara's use of the word "judging." The case of women taking care of their spouse. We get a surprise call from Kara's "manfriend." George Michael is jailed for a DUI. A debate on legalizing Marijuana, and Kara is curious about getting prescpritions for medicinal use.


Kara explains herself after making a remark that could have been insulting to one of our guests. An author calls in, and Sam feels like a jerk when he's not prepared for the interview. How headshots don't look like real people. How to tell on Facebook how someone really looks. Kara proves Sam is very predictable. Fake lips are not attractive. Cleavage makes a woman powerful. Kara knows most of the Top 10 songs, while Sam knows none.


Kara has a celebrity sighting at a Japanese restaurant and gets the hots for him. Why Sam doesn't pick fights with people. Kara wonders why her man-friend doesn't like her dancing with another guy. Donald Trump offers to buy the site of the controversial mosque. A short talk about Canada. Sam and his Diet Coke. He prefers to exercise with a...Segway. Not much effort required. A chat about sushi.


Kara feels like she's going to die after eating a bad pizza. We talk about orthodox Jews and their way of life. We are joined in the studio by Combat Radio host Ethan Dettenmaier, who hooks us up with NFL star Derrick Ward of the NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts, and newly of the Houston Texans. Derrick tells us the story of his successful football career. We talk about the LA riots following the Rodney King verdict 20 years ago. Why LA doesn't have a football team. Are men in LA emasculated? Mummified babies are found in an LA building.


Treating people in a special way when they don't expect it. Kara is grateful to be alive. Kara babbles about God and Sam's head spins. We talk to author and counselor James P. Krehbiel about his book "Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Lives", childhood Traumas and overcoming them for a better future. Sam is concerned about his cigarette habit after actor Michael Douglas discovers he has cancer. Kara shares stories from her childhood. Is Ladies Night illegal?


A toddler in Indonesia quits a smoking habit of 40 cigarettes a day. Kara dances her way to her hike. We're joined by friend of the show Reese Golchin and his nephew Louie for a good time. We talk about New York, horny latin guys, and Kara's effect on men. Reese appears in Cosmopolitan magazine in Sweden as a single man in LA. Who pays on dates? Feng Shui in Kara's cramped apartment? The creative process of writing. We open up a discussion about the mosque near ground zero.


Sam's theory on why the years seem to be passing by faster as you get older. We are joined in the studio by host Terry LeGrand for discussions on gay issues, the hookers in Amsterdam, and why it's hard for men to become hookers. A very funny show.

August 2010


Things men don't want to know about women. We are joined by comic Sam Tripoli for a funny morning. We manage to embarrass Kara by complimenting her. Tripoli tells of working in Afghanistan. Learn about Man-Love-Thursdays in Kabul.


Are men more predisposed to eating meat? Sam recalls the hot Salsa dancers at a Braziian restaurant. Sam comments on the Emmys. We are joined by singer Kristen Faulconer and her producer Robert. What is a music producer? Creative energy in LA. We play a couple of Kristen's tracks.


Kara went to a birthday party dressed as a "slow" stripper, and put on a performance. She makes generalizations as usual, this time about men over 50. We are joined in the studio by comedian DeMauriea. The difference between rap and hip-hop.


It's a thousand degrees outside, but Kara drives without her A/C. Drinking urine as a survival technique. Is Big Brother trash? Again, we debate who should pay for dinner? Biological hardwiring? Forgiveness. The topless parade at Venice Beach. Kara's boobs attract babies (not at the parade, silly.) Sex toys with high-tech designs. Can vibrators prevent women from experiencing pleasure by toher means?


It's 110 degrees outside. We're back from a short break, and Kara tells food stories of her trip to Texas, while she feels she's too young for marriage. Singing at Karaoke bars. Generalizations about LA lead to a debate. Talking to passengers that sit next to you on a plane. The attention attractive women receive. Relationships in LA. We react to an email from a listener in Saudi Arabia.


Kara is leaving town for a few days to take care of some perosnal business. Millions of eggs are being recalled. Free wifi at coffee shops? Starbucks has gone totally smoke-free. The case for smart women. Posers in LA. Kara likes to test the boundaries with people. Sam talks about "clicking." Dr. Laura's racial rants on her radio show. The mosque at Ground Zero debate. The new FaceBook Places feature tells the world where you are. The sex tape of Montana Fishburne and her previous arrest for prostituition.


Sam is proud of his kids, and Kara goes out with a man for money. Is she now an escort? Sam observes Kara may have issues with "judging." We're joined by musician and LA Talk Radio host Kelly McGrath for a fun show and a touch of live music. Hear Kelly's inspiring story of moving from Nashville to pursue her singing career.


Don't tune in to us for breaking news...well, sometimes. Sara (jokingly, according to her) tells Sam she is planning to elope. Comedian Jarod Cardwell joins us in the studio. We talk about the controversy of the mosque at Ground Zero. Iran is close to producing a nuclear bomb.


Kara ended up not wearing a dog costume for her comedy act. We are joined in the studio by writer Gabe Rotter, author of "The Human Bobby." Find out how to succeed in publishing your book by hearing Gabe's story. We discuss homelessness at length and examine the issue, often hilariously. It's tough living in NYC. We discuss Californication and sex addiction.


The shocking number of illegal immigrant births in the U.S. Is that a clever back door to gaining citizenship? Celebrity activists. Lady Ga-Ga. Dr. Laura apologizes for using the N-word on the air. We get a call from listener Blue and we chat about unruly passengers on airplanes. Kara's friend Elise calls in to tell about the huge vibrator she discovered at a client's house. Kara plans to wear a dog costume on stage, and Sam warns her she'll look ridiculous. Kara reveals that she views Sam as a fatherly figure.


Sam tells of the raunchiness that took place in the studio the night before. Kara gets pissed hearing about it. We are joined by Daniel Stark in the studio. We talk about gay marriage and visit both sides of the issue.


Are people really affected by the down economy? Getting stranded in your car. A JetBlue flight attendant gets into an altercation with a passenger, grabs a couple of beers and slides out the emergency chute. Four reasons women can't lose weight. Adjusting to living with someone after being single.


We are joined by comedian Dave Hanson. We talk about LA people, Seattle, San Francisco and rain, which Kara doesn't like. Girls on mechanical bulls. The fascination with other cultures. The transformation of vampire literature and films. Sex is not meant to be watched? Kara doesn't think so.


Today we are joined by Susan Schofiled and Vinny Wolf, hosts of the popular Bipolar Nation Radio. We debate Prop. 8 and the opinions fly about gay marriage. Vinny wants his own TV show and can't be bothered by repetitive talk. Susan lives a challenging life with a schizophrenic daughter. About girls making out with girls. More on differences between the sexual needs of men and women.


LA doesn't excite Sam like it used to, but Kara thinks HE is not exciting. Going out in LA gets expensive. Rosie O'Donnell gets her own show on the Oprah channel. Kara is realizing she needs a relationship and worries she won't find anyone if she waits. Fascinating facts about weight.


Sam is thinking of horseback riding. Some news items. Kara likes using props in her comedy. We listen to George Carlin's "Stuff." Kara wants to prank her brother. Interesting facts about women. Women who flirt, and the ones that pose. Those who send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.


We talk about the comedy show we went to last night, and why Kara did not sit with Sam and his wife. We talk to Joshua Lyon about his book Pill Head and discuss his addiction to painkillers while on a magazine assignment. Comparing troubled childhoods and backgrounds.


Charities and how Sam plans to take advantage of them. Silly comments about Sex slavery disgust Kara. A news item quotes an author recommending that women allow men to cheat. "Jailbreaking" the new iPhone is now easier than ever. Lindsay Lohan documents her prison stay in a journal, probably material for a book. Fascinating facts about wedding and marriage.


On make-up and fashion, we have a couple of things to say. Kara uses wigs and costumes in her comedy performance. Kara gets creepy hugs at a club. Does she attract would-be cheaters? Obama promises to end combat in Iraq by month-end. Lindsay Lohan leaves jail after only 14 days. A new condom for women is introduced. Kara wishes sometimes that she was a man and expresses feelings of unfairness.

July 2010


Comedienne Tracey MacDonald returns for a funny show. Kara goes to DC for an interview and finds everything is about, well, politics. Kara attracts an engaged guy on the plane. Tracey is put off by the word "pubes." The Master Clenase and losing weight quickly. Did Mel Gibson knock out his girlfriend's teeth? Jersey Shore, Big Brother, and Wife Swap. We get a funny call from host TJ McCormack.


Kara gets another parking ticket and describes how she ran without a bra on. Krispy Kreme donuts. Las Vegas. Apple's terrible customer service. Sam's new iPhone. We speak to Dr. Matthew Edlund about the importance of rest and why sleep is not enough. More on Apple and their successful products. Kara's upcoming comedy appearance. Alcoholism and addiction.


Sam tells of his Vegas trip, and Kara tells of her troubled friend. We talk about virgins with Kimberley Johnson, who wrote "The Virgin Diaries." We both tell of our first time having sex (not with each other, silly.) Hear one of the greatest radio segues. We are joined by radio host Rick Mizuno for stories on growing up Japanese and Black, and on his passion for writing and indie music.


We are joined in the studio by Combat Radio hosts Ethan and David for a very funny show. We talk to Chris Morales about the free assistance service to help people through foreclosures.


We are joined by Kara's friend, comic Rob Christiansen, for a fun show. Rob, who is from Brooklyn, has an interesting life and has gone from selling dope to serving in the Air Force. We talk to Intuitive Heather Green about healing with horses and connecting to healing energies.


The high prices of hotels. Living in poverty: a state of mind? We talk to bestselling author Christopher Reich about his new thriller "Rules of Betrayal." Gray hair on women. Learning to cook on TV. Winning the lottery and how it affecst winners. A man is stopped at the airport for hiding 18 monkeys in his clothes.


Do men age better? The downside of plastic surgery. We talk to consultant Rhonda Cook about making the move from the coporate cubicle to entrepreneurship. Discover your passion and turning it into a profitable business. Lindsay Logan is going to jail today. Kid celebrities and how they deal with fame.


Kara's young attorney friend Sandor sits in for a fun show, and we learn about how the two met, as Kara brought her roommate to the date. Sam tells of the new Search feature on our website. We talk to author Laurie Mintz about her book, "The Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex."


The joy of singing. Irritating roommates. The oil spill is finally capped off. Getting married in a vineyard. Paul Allen, the latest mega philanthropist. Friend of the show Noelle Nikpour, political strategist, calls in and tells us of her accidental meeting with Lindsay Lohan's father at Fox. We don't care about LeBron and where he is going. Our government is suing the governor of Arizona. The Mel Gibson incident and how people behave when they fight. Paternity law in California. More about the iPhone antenna problem and Apple's response. Kara's mom strikes.


Showers appeal to some more than others. We talk to Loa Blasucci about feeling and looking better with her regimented wellness program and her new book "All Health's Breaking Loose." Food, sex, and porn. A girl kidnapped 7 years ago is found in Arizona. Kelly Osborne breaks her engagement to a 20-year-old.


We play some clips of Mel Gibson's disgusting conversations with his former girlfriend. We talk to bestselling author Justin Cronin about his new vampire tome "The Passage" and his journey from an obscure writer to a bestselling author. More about the antics of Mel Gibson and the media reaction.


Makeup and makeovers. Kara goes running in the searing summer heat. When women get drunk and puke. Exercising vs. laziness. We talk to Wayne "The Credit Guy" Sanford about credit scores and the effects of not paying your debts.


Hollywood street performers are booted out, and Sam has chicken wings and beer at Hooters. Would Kara be a Hooters girl? High school reunions and FaceBook. Kara goes to a gig, but nobody knows about her, and gets the attention of a motorcycle gang. How men spend their conversations. Sam thinks Kara is missing it out on sex. We get a special call from listener Mario.


The problems with going out in Hollywood. Kara meets a Turkish movie star who nobody knows. Mel Gibson is in trouble again. Problems with new iPhone 4. The problem with customer service. and return policies. Sam is sucked into TV's "Big Brother." We are later joined in the studio by Nicole LaPorte who wrote the bestseller "The Men Who Would Be King." We talk about the rise and fall of DreamWorks studios and about how things work in Hollywood.


Sam is still experiencing jet lag and snaps at Kara for messing with the microphone. The importance of being "regular." A discussion on keeping the bathroom door open. Special appartus for women to urinate standing up. Hairy men and how women view them. We speak to author Irad Eyal about his book "Sex Degrees of Separation" and celebrity love connections.


We learn some cooking tips and Southern recipes (like Atomic Turd Balls) from BBQ expert Greg Rempe. Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. Kara tells about trying out for Oprah's show. A debate about how to achieve success and realize dreams. Author Nick Nolan tells us about growing up gay in a conservative family and about his two books.


Back from vacation, we are full of energy and stories from Israel and Texas. We talk to national talk radio host Bill Press about his book "Toxic Talk" where he questions the prevalence of conservative extreme talk radio. Later we are joined by author Chrisophter Rice, who tells of growing up gay in the south and raised by his famous mom, Ann Rice.

June 2010


We are joined by comic Stephanie Paul for the first hour. Skinny, young models and the bias in our culture toward youth. Interesting places in the world to visit. Taiwan confiscates Stephanie's G-strings, and Kara pees through hers. A trip to the gynecologist. An iPhone called CSpotter helps you track down celebrities, and we talk to its maker, Ryan Stoner. Later, we are joined by Lizzy for funny talk, and a creepy caller asks stupid questions.


A friend of Kara's, Zach Sherwin, comes in and raps to the beat. We talk to Alex McCord of "Real Housewives of New York" about becoming famous and exposing one's personal life. Later, we are joined by comedian and host Erik Mackenroth and Amy Albert, a NY comic who is also a tour guide for a Sex in the City tour.


Sam is told he has a sexy voice, and Kara is caught listening to a religious radio station. We are joined by Carolyn, a lively South African, for a great, funny show. Carolyn is the one who gave Kara a genital rub a couple of weeks ago. We talk about world travel, The World Cup, and a lot about South Africa, where Sam once lived.


After Kara misses the Oprah audition, then finds out she had the wrong date. We are joined by Kara's friend Elise Crocker for great conversations on everything you can imagine, especially SEX. Moving around a lot and the fear of attachment. The jobs that people take. Sex sites on the Internet and how they work. Sex tapes of the rich and famous. Masturbation, orgasms and porn. Makeup and hair removal.


Going on trips. Kara plans to go skydiving soon. A discussion on "Avatar," which Sam only now watched. Is Kara a party girl? Real Housewives of New York: is it bullshit? We are later joined by Dr. Lori Buckley and Mark Phelan, who host "Sexy Stuff", and we discuss everything sex, intimately and graphically.


We are joined by comedian Tom Clark for a fun show. We learn about the challenges of stand-up comedy. We argue about whether women like hairy chests on men. We talk to Jerzy Gregorek, a former Polish Olympic gold medalist in weightlifting who wrote the book "Happy Body." Kara dates effminate men.


Kara admits she gets nervous around some guys. Absent mother issues. How many kids is Kara going to have? What Sam would do if he only had six months to live. Could you forgive someone who cheated on you? We are joined by Nick Youssef, a comedian friend of Kara's.


An exciting and compelling guest-filled show. Kara participates in a marshmellow-eating game. Sam overhears his neighbors having sex and is not sure how he feels about it. Sam discovers Roxanna Shirazi, who was a guest on the show last week, is a Muslim Anti-Semite. This prompts a strong view from Sam on hatred and the uniqueness of the Anti-Semitic variety. We talk to author Kidder Kiper about his book "Sex is Fun", a comic-book style sex manual. Kara drops it like it's hot. A heated argument ensues. Kara's friends Gabe and Tucker come in to show us their new iPhone app, "Fart Battles." Later we are joined by Forensic Psychopathologist Cynthia Clark and her daughter for a fascinating discussion of murderous criminals.


Saying the right things can help a man get into a woman's heart. Stinky cell phone etiquette. The usefulness of breasts, according to Kara. The behavior of radio hosts. How people interpret the Bible. We debate the morality of female sexual mutilation in other cultures. We talk to bestselling novelist DALE BROWN about flying and writing, and about the dangerous near-future portrayed in his new bestseller "Executive Intent." We get the fascinating story of Dale's journey toward publishing his first novel.


We start off tooting our own horn and end up talking about farts. We discuss haters and jealousy. Body scents and odor. Kara gets hit on by a married man, again. We speak to business coach Marsha Egan about networking and developing contacts. Later, we are joined by our newest host "X" for a discussion on conspiracies, secret societies and global plots.


Kara takes an office job for a day and hates it. Sam points out Kara's gross hat, but Kara doesn't care. She then recounts the dates she went on over the weekend, but nothing special to report. We are joined in the studio by Iranian-born Roxanna Shirazi, who wrote "The Last Living Slut" about her transformation from an innocent Muslim girl to an insatiable groupie. (Note: we later discovered her to be a staunch Anti-Semite.) Roxanna gets pretty perturbed by our conversation with Iranian Nader Pourhassan about his book "God's Scripture." An argument about the Koran ensues. Great radio!

May 2010


We recap our appearance on the Sheena Metal Experience yesterday. Kara confesses that she puts on makeup while driving. Kara is slowing down her dating spree, but we hear about her upcoming dates. Jogging tips. Riding a Segway. "Sex and the City 2" and women that carry films. We are joined by hosts Rob and Justin of "Long Live America." The guys are young conservatives with a lot to say.


Kara brings in her friend Phillip, an actor from Florida, as she arrives 20 minutes late. Kara continues to struggle with men who are not enthusiastic about paying for dinner on dates. Downtown Los Angeles. Extreme sports. Later we are joined by host Simon Gowen and learn about England, human endurance and triathlons.


We are first joined by host TJ McCormack, who organized a protest at City Hall yesterday. We discuss the LA City Council's decision to boycott Arizona. Sam rants about Mexican gardeners that wake him up in the morning with their lawnmowers and blowers. Then he recounts his experience as a child watching his father get into an altercation. The worsening LA traffic.


Do men look better with age? Kara is eating on the air. TV anchors all look the same. Sam's view of Israelis. Political strategist Noelle Nikpour calls in from New York and we talk about how Obama's adminstiration is handling the oil spill, and about the global economic crisis. Later we are joined by psychologist Dr. Patti Johnson to discuss relationships and mood disorders.


Kara feels that LA has a temporary vibe to it. The "Lost" finale. Funny teeth. Sex during a woman's period. Online dating sites. Getting mad. Left-brain and right-brain thinking. Sam feels many women don't keep a neat home. New host Mary Kennedy of "Oh, Mary" sits in and tells us about being a comic and a mom. Hookers in Waikiki, and owning dogs.


No cleavage today, and Kara can't win. Yoga and attitudes in LA. An insurance company has raised premiums for women who lilve with younger men, so we talk about Cougars. Kara makes a blanket statement about the sexual performance of older men. She is curious but leary about masturbation. Stephen Shochet wrote "Hollywood Stories" and tells some fun stories of movie stars in LA. Later, we are joined by Kara's good friend Maisha.


Should females feel special because of their menstruatioion? Having children, adopting and artificial insemenation. Later we are joined by Amber, who tells us about body image.


After talking about Sam's 50th birthday party, a long argument ensues on the effect the way Kara dresses has on people. Kara dances in a birdcage, then loses her car key. Later we are joined by the great Mother Love for a lively, funny show.


Canandian comic Tracey MacDonald joins us for the first half. She won big money on Star Search but spent it all. Later we are joined by Ethan Dettenmeyer and Erik Mackenroth of Combat Radio, for a lot of laughs and stories.


Sam offers up some history of the Middle-East and why Israel encourages immigration. We mentioned the book, "Son of Hamas", about the betrayal of a Hamas leader's son, who became a spy against his own people. The roots of hatred toward the Jews. We talk to Tom Ferry about "Life by Design," his book on how to bring out the extraodinary in you. Who should pay for dinner on a date? Legalizing Marijuana in California.


Sam admits women work harder than men. Kara's friend Tanya comes in, tells us about her short film "Traffic Signals" and her life as a Russian immigrant growing up in Brooklyn. We discuss big breasts and dealing with them on the Subway. Sam explains why everyone likes boobs. Tanya writes about her sex life in LA Weekly. Advice: don't lean on towel racks during sex. Adventures in an orgy, sex positions and getting, ahem, crabs. New host Mother Love calls in.


Kara is happy and grateful today. We talk about the competitiveness in LA and the chase after success. but agree there are some great people in this town. Kara can't keep track of her dates. Host Laura Nickerson of Broad Topics sits in and we discuss a lot of, well, topics.


Kara wants to be called Bambi, as she comes in all buttoned up. Kara's friend Nick joins us for the show and showcases some of his white-rapper material. A heated debate ensues as Sam feels Nick is being idealistic, criticizing war and materialism.


Sam compliments Kara's chest but she is not interested, though she discussed it on FaceBook. Kara's friend Jerry sits in and adds a lot of fun to the show. Sam & Jerry make Kara uncomfortable with repeated sex talk, and the focus returns to her breasts.


Kara goes on a date with a guy from the Christian dating site and has fun. The costs of dating and the secret to not spending a lot of money. We talk to author Peggy McColl about her new book "Viral Explosions" and how to market your business online. The Times Square bomb-scare suspect is arrested on a flight to Pakistan. Kara's friend Alex sits in for the second half.

April 2010


We start off talking about hair color, then about meeting people in LA. Sam is getting nervous about his upcoming tooth extraction, and the winds outside irritate him. How to tell a male boss from a female boss, or rather the perceptions of them. Singer Shakira speaks on the Arizona Immigration Law and we discuss illegals. Studio guest Reese Golchin sits in for a lot of laughs.


Why Sam doesn't use a Mac. Humanity, Creation, and purpose. Viagra and erections. Kara's mother is in the hospital. Parenting, adoption, and children. Happpiness comes more easily to some people. LA Talk Radio hosts Mae Aswell and Char Marie of Going Commando join us for great laughs.


Another friend of Kara's comes in and spends the morning with us. Byron Bowers is a comedian from Atlanta that made the move to LA, living a long-distance marriage. Kara feels culture-deprived being white in America. Byron feels Jews and blacks have a connection. Kara's conduct on a Christian dating site.


Kara's friend L.D. joins us in the studio for a fun show. We hear stories about working at Starbucks and getting into trouble. A new friend of Kara's reaches over and touches Kara's vagina. Thank God it was a woman. We talk to Republican consultant Noelle Nikpour about the new controversial Arizona Immigration Law. Kara continues to celebrate her celibacy and is loath of premarital masturbation. Sam and L.D. tell her the way it is.


Kara meets a celebrity at the grocery store and gives him her phone number. Everybody's a star in this town. Running out of gas, and getting a lot of parking tickets. Smoke-free apartment buildings. We speak to Glynis McCants about her numerology book, "Love By The Numbers" and learn a lot about figuring out who you are by your numbers. Kara is skeptical about her reading, but Sam seems to relate. SEC employees are found to have watched porn on government computers. We talk about cereal that is good and not so good for you. Ovulation and conception.


Sam almost forgets his wedding anniversary. We talk about big, lavish weddings, then about choices about sex. We talk to beautiful model and actress Anya Monzikova about her gigs on "Deal Or No Deal" and "Iron Man 2" and about moving to Hollywood. Kara can't stand the word masturbation. Names for breasts. The various parts of LA. Sam's experience living in South Africa.


Are all male hairdressers gay? How about male models? Forced sex and rape, interracial marriages. We talk to Intuitive and therapist Carmen Harra about going into the subconscious mind to learn about ourselves, and about karma. People who abuse cell phones. A woman who has 200 orgasms a day!


Being single and the freedom that goes with it. But the grass is always greener, it seems. We speak to Christie Hartman about dating and finding the right man, and her book "It's Not Him, It's You."


Kara reveals interesting jobs she had taken in the past. Europe is covered with volcanic ash and all flights are grounded. Kara believes the earth is angry based on natural disasters. Sam brings up the Rodney King riots in LA. We talk to Therese Borchard about her book, "The Pocket Therapist", and mental health in everyday life. Melissa Etheridge divorces her wife. Online dating disilllusions Kara. A glowing object appears in the Midwest skies.


We are under pressure to file our taxes by tomorrow. Kara parties again for her roommate's birthdays and comes in looking exhausted. We hear of a stupid guy who tries to pick up whoever will give him the time of day. Kara is an accomplice to an unscrupulous act as she plans to meet an ex. Famous female cheaters.


Sam confesses he is starting to lean to the right politically, and Kara lands a new hostess gig. Political correctness and euphomisms. A debate ensues about child spanking. We talk to Repbulican consultant and strategist Noelle Nikpour about what's wrong with our government, the ongoing war and the problems with pulling out. A caller brings up interesting issues with the new healthcare law. Toyota gets into even deeper trouble with the Lexus SUV. Kara's photos get selected for the seedy LA Xpress newspaper, but she'll have none of that. Kara meets a much older man at a coffee shop and is suprised to feel an attraction. Kara's friend Melinda Hill comes in late and we shoot the breeze.


Kara goes out with a guy but does not see a future there. She enjoys her rooommate's birthday party, and lands a new job after being turned on by the interviewer. Sam talks about sex, but Kara turns the conversation to God. Again. Trains, frienships, and George Carlin on religion.


We spend a funny morning with Kara's roommates Claire and Sarah, and find out what it's like for three women to live together. You'll hear about some surprising and hilarious situations, like sharing worn panties. Kara's butt cheeks get burned in the sun. What it's like to live as a struggling artist in LA.


Kara is on a bacon kick and eats fast food right on the air. Kara goes on a date when the situation gets too intimate for comfort. Sam has an issue with Kara's appearance on another show. Is sex addiction an excuse or a real illness? We talk to wellness expert Susan Powter about losing 130 lbs. and her weight-loss program. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are splitting up after five years. Kara is uncomfortable eating on dates, then gets nibbled on. A mining disaster in West Virginia.


Sam's hair color continues to be an issue as he struggles to settle on a shade until his grey hair grows back. What a mess. Being approachable by keeping the makeup off, tagging photos on FaceBook, and childhood "traumas." We learn about reducing credit card debts from Michael Croix of DebtClear. Being turned on by one's own body. Kara comes clean and admits to lesbian sex early on in her life and feeling guilty afterwards. The new iPad brings up the question: who needs it?


Kara is late, again. Sam is irritated and the excuses fly. An explanation of Good Friday and Easter, then Sam questions the use of images in Christianity. Interesting questions about the Bible. We talk to Marilyn Migliore about obesity and eating disorders and her book "The Hunger Within."

March 2010


We revisit Sam's hair and the bad dye job in the search of a new look. Kara is happy to be able to eat again and talks about her new singing gig. We talk to author David Vann about his book "Legend of A Suicide." A listener calls in to complain the topic brings him down. Duh! We talk about BBQ with host Greg Rempe and get real hungry. Jesse James goes into "treatment" for cheating on his wife.


We both show up for work tired as hell and try to put together a good show. Sam tells of last night's Passover dinner. Discussion of Marijuana ensues. The case against experiencing pleasures, courtesy of Kara, but Sam will have none of that. We talk to Bounty Hunter Scott Bernstein about the work he does to bring fugitives to justice. Our studio guest Dikla tells us about her company, Salt Chalet, and Salt Rooms.


Sam shows up with his hair dyed and gets embarrassed to be seen. What would make him do such a stupid thing? How people evolve socially. Kara has a stomach flu and barely makes it through the show. We speak to Richard Nocera about his book "Women Own All The Vaginas" and what men want. Kara disagrees and a heated debate ensues. How to handle bad odors in a public restroom.


Kara brings in her beautiful friend and roommate Claire for a thorough discussion on the healthcare bill signed into law this week. We find out Kara went on a date with the guy that picked her up at the coffee shop. We talk to Intuitive Rachel Gordon about her new radio show "The Intuitive View."


We celebrate our show's selection to the Talkers Magazine's "Frontier Fifty: Outstanding Talk Media Webcasters." Kara gets hit on at a coffee shop. Host Shirley Wilson comes in and tells us about losing her boy to violence and growing up with abuse. Read her inspirational book, "Llight in the Darkest Hours."


The health care bill passes. Sam returns from NYC and is full of Big Apple stories, mostly about food. Kara sneaks into the LA Marathon and runs 17 miles. Differences between life on the opposite coasts. Differences between American and Mediterranean cultures. Differences between women in LA and those in NY.


We talk to Brit filmmaker Dan Green, producer of "The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Genocide of the Holy Bloodlline," about the Holy Grail and theories straight out of The DaVinci Code. Kara is not convinced with any of this and questions the authenticity of Green's claims. Another one of our religious debates ensues, this time on Evolution vs. Creationism. Kara dreams of an earthquake, and we have one early this morning.


Sam considers going blonde, but we both agree it's a bad idea. Kara is not sure she attracts the right guys, although she gets hit on a lot. Divorce and its effects. We talk to Susanna Barlow about growing up as the 23rd child in a 46-child polygamous family, and her book "What Peace There May Be." We hear some fascinating stories and break through some of the myths.


The problem with single men in LA, and fantasies about flight attendants. We talk to Betty Thesky, a long-time flight attendant about her new book "Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase" and hear fascinating and funny flight stories. Topless parades, birth-related deaths, being in the room during delivery. Kids, careers, and nannies. The future of American Idol. The problem with gay marriage.


Kara gets a gig lipsyncing at a Persian awards show and feels lilke an outsider. Then we find out Kara once worked at the cash register of a fast-food joint called Oinksters. We talk to Romaine Williams about his book "The Black Book" and discuss infidelity and what he calls "samplers." Kara challenges the author and his focus on cheating and secondary relationships. A heated discussion about God, religion, and suffering.


Sam goes to court and tells about how he nailed his former landlord. The Five Love Languages and the different ways people show love. We talk to Jan Hoistad about her new book "Romance Rehab" and the ways to improve relationships. Waxing private parts and the awkwardness involved. Porn in today's culture. Cleavage issues.


A story of revenge gets the show going, and Sam describes how impatient he is. Another God discussion, this time about whether He intervenes in people's lives. We talk to author Keith Thomson about his book, "Once A Spy." We discuss our love for singing and the guitar, and Kara shows off her voice. A discussion of the Oscars and some of the celebrity outfits. Waxing vs. shaving. Kara reveals a little secret about her birth mark.


Kara can't afford to be a drunk, but would take a bath in chocolate. Computers that make you look like shit, and why Sam is more content now. People who put on too much perfume, and smelling's role in romantic attraction. Kara sings and plays a human saxophone. We speak to Elle about her "man-hunting" book "Hunting Season." Later, we welcome popular LA Talk Radio host Sheena Metal for some fun conversation.


Kara sleeps in her clothes then wears them to go out. "What do guys do with big balls?" Kara asks. Sam talks about turning 50. The married guy Kara met comes clean but looks for adventures. Going to restaurants alone. Jay Leno returns to late night and beats the competition. Being obese at a young age. A hysterical clip of Chris Rock.


To start off, we start talking about bodily functions in relationships and spending a long time in the bathroom. Kara gets hit on by a guy she later finds is married, then confronts guys ogling over her. Sex for its own sake as opposed to committed sex.


We return from a weekend of earthquakes, tsunamis, and suicide. Kara brings in her friend Chrissa, a former lesbian who is now happily married, and we are joined by TJ McCormack for the first segment. The girls met working at Starbucks 8 years ago and did not particularly like each other in the beginning. Greg Rempe from Cleveland calls in to tell us they barbecue even in the snow.

February 2010


Kara walks in late but makes up for it with a deep cleavage. She is starting to realize she may not like her family listening to the show. Sam talks about being a father to two teens. Strip clubs and why they're not such a great thing. The disappearance and tragic death of actor Andrew Koenig, and a discussion on depression. We are joined by Tommy Bethel, a big fan of the show and a newly-published poet. He reads from his new book "Ramblings and Reflections of An American Poet."


Making the choice to be positive and optimistic, hiking in LA, strategy for countering the love for food, and the distinct smell of testicles. Sam does not like fake breasts, and Kara shares big boob stories. We talk to John Sedgwick about his book "Sex, Love & Money" which tells about high-stakes divorces. Later we are joined by Nance Parry who discusses sexual harassment in the workplace in her book "How to Avoid/Handle/Litigate Over Sexual harassment."


We start off discussing celibacy and virginity, and how people actually do it. Sam is surprised Kara listens to Christian radio, then Kara tells about a mixer she attended on the wrong night. Kara's recent relationship. Later, we are joined by radio host Tony Sweet and learn about growing up gay in a small town and moving to the big city.


Kara gets her period and lives to tell about it. We go into a fascinating discussion about God and religion. Is oral sex real sex? Sam is trying to figure out Kara's price to pose in Playboy but she says there is no such price. Pathetic people on reality shows. Global warming: a hoax?


We're joined by Kara's friend and roommate Sarah for a fun show that is marked by much stereotyping and generalizations. We learn about living in Canada, perforning on Broadway, making it in Hollywood, and a lot about abstinence. We talk to author Noah Boyd about his new bestselling thriller "The Bricklayer" and learn about his career in the FBI.


Sam is not concerned with cancer but talks about quitting smoking. Kara tells about a woman who owns a bar who used a taser gun to keep people out. Showing death in media images, Haiti, and the Northridge earthquake. We speak to TV star Larry Manetti about his famous role in the '80s as Tom Selleck's sidekick on Magnum P.I. He tells about his acting experience and his luck at landing his role, and about his great food receipes that can be found in h is book "Aloha Magnum."


With Kara back in the studio, we spend some time with TJ McCormack, talking about cleavages, road rage, stand-up comedy, and Texas. A passionate discussion about LA. The future of the Hollywood Sign, plastic surgery and funny-looking people,