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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Suzy Raleigh


The first thing people usually say after meeting me is, “wow, you’re CRAZY!” Personally, I think that’s arguable.  I prefer adventurous, spontaneous, and free spirited.  I’m a 26 year old who has had a long and full life already!

I was born in NY where I grew up as a Ford model and child actress until I put myself in an all girls boarding school and subsequently quit the business.

I went to Emma Willard School in upstate NY where I received a first rate education and had the time of my life*** After that I began my college career at the University of Colorado, Boulder, but life was too distracting at the time and I decided to be a ski bum for a bit!

Alas, that too got old and my ADHD got the better of me and I joined the U.S. Army Guard as a Special Intelligence Analyst on a whim!

Anyhow, we all make mistakes and that one led me to Marblehead, MA, for the next 4 years where I was a bartender at a bar world-famous for the stiffest drinks!  I was also a student at Salem State College, which is how I ended up in California!  I was accepted into an honors program that was spending last summer in Australia.  I had a 24 layover in Los Angeles, and loved L.A. so much that I ditched the Aussies and stayed here!

Today, I nanny for 2 adorable little boys, bartend for private events and attend yet another college!  I’m really excited to share my life experiences with my listeners and consider this yet another one of my “crazy” ventures!
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00am - 11:00am
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SAM & SUZY IN THE MORNING serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and even some cool music. Call in live and chat with us on the air. Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (9AM-11AM PST), SAM and SUZY bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. August 5, 2008 - February 19, 2009 The greatest morning show on Earth? Well, yeah! Suzy was one of those rare people who has a heart and a soul. While Sam tried to keep the show focused, Suzy entertained us all with her outrageous stories and carefree lifestyle. She moved to Australia, and that was the end of this hugely popular show. There will never be another Suzy.

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February 2009


Our last show. Suzy is afraid to take The Pill lest she will contaminate the ocean and change the sex of fish. She considers starring in a porn flick, and Sam asks, why not prostitute and save her from being splashed all over the Internet? Sam explains why he doesn't dig strip clubs. Lindsey Henning sits in on the show and tells us about sex chairs and other adventures. We are also joined by porn start Kayla Carrera for an interesting chat.


On the day before Suzy's last day, we're both sad yet hopeful. Is Suzy having doubts about moving? This is going to be hard, breaking up the show. Suzy's friend Rochelle calls in from Vancouver. We talk to author Mark Weinstein about his book "Habitually Great," and learn how to break destructive habits. We are joined by Kira, a fun Russian-born model and actress, who is writing an advice book for women.


An action-packed show features comedian and host Johnny Dam, and a slew of callers for many hysterical moments. We start off talking about $4,000 sex toys, suzy's imminent move, and her new sexual escapades.


Suzy wakes up disoriented in an unfamiliar place, naturally. Sam resolves not to preach to Suzy anymore a little bit late in the game. We agree Suzy is a very lucky person, and Sam comes up with some theory about brains and luck. Suzy announces she plans to become a swinger, but there is concern as to the number of swingers available where she is moving. Sam recounts his wild experience in Amsterdam's wax museum. Model-writer Ty Brenneman sits in again, this time to get a feel for the show, and discuss her book "It's Not Fat, It's Pus."


Sam bets Suzy she can't take her car out of the country because the bank owns it, but Suzy insists on a Swedish massage when she wins the bet. She continues to be stalked by a persistent guy she had met online. Our studio guest Monroe King tells us about growing up with money and fame, revealing Oprah Winfrey is her Godmother.


An unexpected, personal revelation from Suzy manages to shock Sam, which doesn't happen often. We learn about Magic Underwear and polygamy from the Suzy's new Mormon friend, who discovers Suzy may be the Antichrist. Our featured author Vicki Robin discusses our relationship with money in her bestselling book, "Your Money Or Your Life." Adult film star Sinnamon Love joins us in the studio to discuss her life and porn career.


Suzy goes out with a stunned Mormon guy and gets him drunk, and Sam wonders whether he wears Magic Underwear. Sitting in with us was Hana, a Japanese-American woman that enlightened us about Japan and growing up Asian in the American South. Author Bob Baudine introduces his very relevant book, "The Power of WHO," telling us the real way to get the job we want.


As Suzy prepares to leave for Australia, we talk about classic comedians and dead comics, then about the '80s and coke. Suzy continues to rationalize her move but Sam persists in analyzing her, to her chagrin. Suzy tells of her tantrum in a department store, and her friend Michael, whom we surprise with a phone call, confirms that and other strange incidents. Author Catherine Blyth discusses her book "The Art of Conversation" and the importance of face-to-face encounters.


We chat for the first hour with Suzy's friend Evan, who is visiting here from NYC. Then things livened up even more when our studio guest Katherin Kovin-Pacino tells us about the famous family and her new films, often interrupted by her outspoken partner, Bobby, who proves very entertaining. Sam analyzes the pain underlying Suzy's drinking while still trying to convince Suzy he had not staged an intervention.


We talk about hot male movie stars after we listen to Christian Bale's outburst on a movie set. Suzy meets with the guy she left behind when she left for Australia, and Sam begins the countdown for the next casualty.


We have a great time with LA Talk Radio hosts Candace Kita and Doug Stewart, who come in to promote their show, Hottie Help, and find themselves in the middle of an impromptu intervention on Suzy. It gets really hilarious at times.


Suzy returns from her Peru trip and lives to tell about it, then she announces that she is leaving the show to move to Australia. We spoke to author Karol Ward about her book "Find Your Inner Voice" and the body-mind connection in decision-making. Studio guest Lisa Bell, a writer and life coach, proved to be both interesting and entertaining.

January 2009


Johnny Dam and TJ McCormack join Sam for an interesting show, covering various important issues. Sex after a baby, illegal immirgrants, the homeless, vacation cruises and Suzy's extreme behavior are just some of the points we touch on, but the show is still funny as hell. Put 3 LA Talk Radio hosts in one room, and you get RADIO GOLD. We talk to author Leo Babuta about his book "The Power of Less" to help us shed the clutter and focus on the important things.


Suzy strolls in looking as though she had just been hit by a truck, and we find out she hadn't had a change of clothes for over 24 hours. Sam is puzzled by the life-changing decidsions Suzy is making while she's drunk. LA Talk Radio host Max Tucci comes in while on a visit to LA from NYC, and we virtually explode with laughter.


"Do you want to pat my beaver?" Suzy asks as the show opens, displaying her beaver fur coat. We talk about tipping, broccoli, and Brits, when Out There host Jeff Rector calls to chime in on our discussion of vampires and told of his own vampire film, "Revamped." We speak to author Neil DeGrasse Tyson about his latest book" The Pluto Files: The Rise & Fall of American's Favorite Planet" and how Pluto was downgraded from its planet status despite a great public outcry. Spiritual Intuitive Hillary Raimo called to tell us her upcoming film, "The Path." We get a visit from repeat guests Queen Bee and Miss Toy of the LA Talk Radio Show "Queen Bee and the Hive," and we laugh a lot talking about, what else, sex.


We return from the break totally energized, and begin with Suzy's latest plans for moving to Australia to be with her new beau. Suzy is determined to climb Machu Pichu later this week, and to fend off a pest she met on a dating site, which Sam views as a stalker. We talk to Candaian author Steve Kaufman about his book "The Way of the Linguist," who teaches us how to learn other languages. Sam is irritated that FaceBook has been taking down breastfeeding photos and explains how people view it as obscene. Suzy tells of Karaoke from hell in Australia.


On this day of the Presidential Inauguration, we talk very little about Obama, but we cover the basics. Suzy continues to break drinking records, takes a preganancy test, and studying in Australia. Steve Goldstein came in to tell us about his unconventional guide to Los Angeles cemeteries, "LA's Graveside Companion: Where the VIPs RIP." We also spoke to bestselling author Larry Winget about his new book, "People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It!"


Suzy returns from her extended Australia vacation and the stories abound. She got wild, fell in love, and...well, you've got to listen. We tried to reach our author Ian Stewart, who wrote an amazing book on mathematics as fun entitled "Dr. Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities." We had a great time with studio guest Lisa Marie Platske, an author and motivational speaker with a great attitude, who discussed her upcoming Leadership Success Summit in SoCal.


Once again TJ McCormack sits in for a great show. We talk about porn and the Middle East conflict, almost in the same breath. Spanish porn star Rebeca Linare, a slim, young-looking, unassuming woman who knows what she wants, comes in and describes her love for sex. And more sex. Her publicist James Bartholet tells us about the adult film industry.


TJ McCormack join Sam for a great show and confesses to being his mother. We speak to author Christopher Lane about his book "Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became A Sickness."Guest Jodi Cooley, a fascinating, fun life coach who displayed a great sense of humor and insight. New host Sheena Metal stopped by and talked about sex toys and other delights.


Sam and TJ McCormack discuss pregnancy and super-sperm, followed by a discussion about the trouble in the Middle East. We listen to a very powerful song you don't want to miss. The author of "Slient Screams from the Hamptons," Christa J Ryan, tells a story of rape, abuse and despair.


Guest co-host Linda Gildersleeve sits in for Suzy and tells us more about her days as an adult film actress at a young age, and about her projects. We speak to author Peter Benson of the Search Institute about his book "Sparks" which reveals fascinating facts about teenagers and bringing out the best in them. TJ McCormack drops in for talk about breastfeeding in public and homeless people who steal shopping carts.


Johnny Dam and TJ McCormack sit in and we talk about politics, the Middle East, SAG and unions in general. Suzy calls in from Brisbane, Australia, and drives us crazy with the naked friend in the room. Of course, she has amazing stories to tell.

December 2008


Our station's own TJ McCormack joins Sam for a fast-paced show that included a revelation of a people-finder website that knows everything about you, and studio guest Laurie Santos who enlightened us about life coaching and helping people live their dreams. We finally connect with Suzy, who is still drunk from the night (morning?) before, and who hides in her mother's closet to tell us privately about her latest shenanigans. Author Marshawn Evans discussed her book "S.K.I.R.T.S. in the Boardroom" and women in businesses.


We bid a temporary farewell to Suzy, who is taking a vacation to the East Coast and Australia, and. Sam is blown away when she proudly displays semen stains on her shirt. Neither one of us has successfully discovered the G-Spot, so Suzy found us an author who would help us. Michael Schuessler, author of The Holy G-Rail, told us everything we wanted to know about that elusive pleasure source and his "special lover," a woman who seems to have an unsatiated desire to please and be pleased.


A terribly raunchy show that leaves no stone unturned. You may want to listen to this one on an empty stomach. Relief came in the form of the adorable husband-wife writing team Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen, who told us about their book "The U.S. of Eh!" and everything we ever wanted to know about Canada.


A house is burning down in Venice while Suzy has the best time with friends on the beach. As Suzy's trip nears, the emotions fly high when Sam fears losing listeners while Suzy's away and the show is in limbo. An argument ensues and Suzy threatens to leave the studio.


The debate begins over what is going to happen when Suzy goes out of town for several weeks. Suzy gives advice on how to get out of a traffic ticket, and she has mastered the art. Sam figures Suzy must have had sex the previous night, and after several evasive moves, Suzy confesses, but is eager to discuss her choice of vibrators.


Sam questions Suzy on how she got little sleep last night, but she just giggles. Later we find out from her new beau's roomate that certain sounds came out of the adjacent room during the night. We speak to author Philip Spencer about his quest to investigate Bigfoot sightings, and the subsequent film he released, "The Wildman of Kentucky: the Mystery of Panther Rock."


Suzy is back to her old self after nursing her stomach flu and doesn't stop talking, telling one story after another. Sam hates dentists for being pushy and manipulative. Suzy's friend Chase calls in to bore us to death painfully with her evasiveness and winded stories. Then Suzy tells of almost running over an "acidic" Jew...


Sam can't stand to look at the ugly lizard Suzy brings in to the studio. We speak to author John McWhorter about his fascinating book "Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold Story of English."


Sam is furious at the headshots that came out of his photo shoot, and Suzy laughs her effing ass off. Former adult film star Linda Gildersleeve makes an entertaining guest when she tells us about her days in the adult indutry during th '70s, and how the person closest to her pushed her into porn. Today, known as Linda Krausse, she advises and counsels young women who are in similar situations.


We talk about $30K rings, like the one Michelle Obama was rumored to receive, and $40K diamond earrings Suzy lost. Author of "Hit Charade" Tyler Gray told us about a huge Ponzi scheme pulled by Lou Pearlman, the man behind "Backstreet Boys" and "*NSync." Suzy thinks he's hot. Then we call Suzy's well-to-do "friend" and find out how he and Suzy met.


More stories from Suzy, who picked up a lover at LAX, broke up with her boyfriend, then spent the night with the new lover. What the...? We tell stories of panty-crotch chewing dogs and get introduced to a twisted farting site. We debate what is considered sex and Suzy dodges the issue when Sam confronts her. Author Jonathan Engel discusses psychotherapy's history in the US, and enlightens us about Freud and addiction. You've got to read American Therapy.


The title for this show must be "Crazy Suzy and Her Crazier Friends." A long Thanksgiving in Vegas gives Suzy a playground for her endeavors. We were fascinated by Webster's New World Dictionary's Mike Agnes, who explained how words are added to the dictionary, and who kept a serious tone while Suzy insisted on injecting silly comments. Then Suzy tells the story of the year about anal forcefulness.

November 2008


Author Holly Hughes discussed the "400 Places to See Before They Disappear," her Frommer's book of fascinating facts on how we affect the environment. Guest Yasmine Vine is an Iraian-born burlesque dancer and pole dancer who proved to be a courageous woman who chose the US to express her creativity.


Suzy goes on a second date and lives to tell about it. Author Nina Burleigh told us about what has been called "the greatest archaelogical fraud of the 21st Century," a story which is told in her fascinating book, "Unholy Business." Young LA entrepreneur Ty Brennemen and her friend Tony spend an hour chatting with us.


Suzy displays her wares in black and white on FaceBook and tries to explain her motive. We speak to author Lara Honos-Webb about her book "The Gift of Adult ADD." Suzy's friends Adore and Brian visit us in the studio for a fun hour and a belly dance. We discuss bisexuality and Sam wishes Adore and Suzy would kiss. Instead, our guest performed the most awesome belly dance.


We start off with a call from Suzy's friend Chase who discusses long-distance relationships and psychics. Then we are honored by two very respectable media figures, Howard Rosenberg, former TV critic for the Los Angeles Times, and Charles Feldman, former investigative reporter for CNN, who came in to discuss their new book "No Time To Think", and proved to possess a great sense of humor.


Suzy goes on a date from hell and spends the afternoon potty training a stubborn infant. Author Liz Vaccariello promoted her new book "The Flat Belly Diet", which tells you how to reduce the size of your belly without exercise. Mini Britney Spears impersonater Terra Jole made a fasincating guest in the studio, and told us everything we ever wanted to ask about dwarfs.


The first thing you'll notice is that Sam's microphone pops the whole fucking time and totally distracts you from the show. So listen at your own risk, because Sam will kill you if you do. Damn! Sam is wearing boxers today and feels constantly horny. Suzy manipulates her professor into giving her an A. We speak to billionaire author Rich DeVos, co-founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic. His book, "Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People" helps you become a successful leader. We also talked to Karen Anderson, a self-descirbed animal communicator, who told us about the thoughts and emotions of animals and the way they communicate with us, even after they are dead.


A wild weekend party leaves Suzy passed out while her glass dildo was stolen. But that's alright, it was a "second-hand" dildo. Then Suzy feels compelled to tell us how she likes to use it. We talk to Melissa Dean, a Cleveland attorney who wrote a fascinating book, "Hi, Gorgeous," which tells the hellish life she has discovered after finding her love on an online matching site.


The lion share of the show was taken by a heated, emotional exchange between Sam and Suzy's Palestinian acquaintance. You don't want to miss this one. Then the show turned totally sexual, when adult film star and Penthouse Pet Daisy Marie came in and told us about being a young and horny Hispanic girl who rejoices in having a lot of sex and getting paid for it.


Victoria, a soft-spoken friend of Suzy sits in for the entire show and recalls an unpleasant experience of a burning desire turned nightmarishly disgusting. Sam has a heated discussion about Israel's treatment of Israeli-Arabs with author Marc Aronson, who wrote "Unsettled: The Problem of Loving Israel." Suzy somehow segues to a discussion about The Witches of Salem with the author. Victoria tells us about the art of genital waxing.


Great, sex-dominated show. On this Veterans Day, Suzy comes in wearing a military uniform. We discuss banging Iraqi women, and Sam recommends all troops should get free pussy whenever they want. Sam questions why porn starts are called porn stars if not all of them are stars. Suzy insists on keeping the conversation on squirting as we anticipate our porn "star" guest, who never shows up.


An uneventful Las Vegas trip by Suzy, and we discuss driving on the highway and how to get away with extreme speeding. Belly dancing figures into Suzy's trip and she's completely sore and spent.


Suzy declares herself a CCT, and misses her date the night before because of the demonstrations/riots in West LA protesting the passage of Proposition 8. She then tells about the weird incident she had at home. Author Tim Manners , who wrote "Relevance," discusses relevanace and the lack thereof in the market place, assaulting advertising and its effectivenss. An interesting discussion ensues about Apple, the Mac, and the iPod. New LA Talk Radio host Erin Muir sits in for some fun conversation.


Suzy, after conducting surgery on a sheep's heart, reveals she still sleeps with a stuffed lamb, Lammie, which was once kidnapped by fellow soldiers. We get a call from Adventure Girl Stefanie Michaels, who tells us about the extreme traveling she has done. Our phone guest author Benjamin Gilad talks about his book "Business War Games", and proves to be an entertaining Israeli-American full of interesting information.


We reflect on the nation's exhiliration at the triumph that is Barack Obama. Author Susan Pease Gadoua introduced us to her book "Contemplating Divorce" which helps decide on whether to choose divorce. Singer Tokeli entertained us with live jazz music with the accompaniment of guitarist John.


It's a historic election day and we talk about fitting condoms on dildos. To be fair, we do cover some politics and give our take on today's presidential race. Suzy screws around with her phone loudly while her father's girlfriend talks passionately about Obama.We speak to author David Rubel about his incredible book "Bedside Baccalureate", which clearly and succinctly discusses the major events, physical science, religion, philosophy and more.


Sara Palin gets pranked big time and we talk about it and how it'll affect the election. We speak to author KristinTillquist about her book Capitalizing on Kindness, and the way people succeed by treating others with kindness and respect. We discuss the speed and inaccuracy with which the media covers the news.

October 2008


The best show we've had? We think so. With Baywatch star Traci Bingham spending the entire show with us, the laughter and incredible chemistry contributed to a very entertaining show. We are later joined by Mick Blue, the star of the adult film, "Pirates 2," who tells us about the 1,000 films he has made.


Suzy is back and we eagerly anticpated our guest Traci Bingham who was a no-show. We cover a million topics and hear the incredible story of Michael Gates Gill, who wrote the bestseller "How Starbucks Saved My Life." Suzy thinks she was an accident, and Sam reminisces about the 70s with Chevy vans with waterbeds, 8-track tapes, platform shoes, and long hair.


Our noon man TJ McCormack sits in for Suzy again today and we discuss some serious politics. Author Stephen Mansfield told us important things about Barack and his religious side, all of which we discusses in his book "The Faith of Barack Obama." The conversation later turns to sex during pregnancy, and the effect on the father when he's present during birth.


A childhood friend of Suzy's sits in for the show and reveals a very interesting person. We learn about Suzy's career as a child actor, as Chase reminisces about their friendship over the years. Chase is extremely hot and Sam almost loses it when Suzy describes her friend's beautfiul breasts. We spoke to author Woodson Merrell about his book "The Source", which shows how to live a healthier life using a 21-day program.


Suzy returns from NY sick and partied out. We spoke to author Bob Brier about his book "The Secret of the Great Pyramid" and found the subject fascinating, with talk about mummies and groundless myths. Our next guest, author Norm Brodsky, gave us some interesting tips on starting your own business. His book "The Knack" makes complicated concepts accessible and useful.


Sam is joined by TJ McCormack while Suzy is away for a show that's both heavy and light. We discuss the traffic quagmire in LA and some politics, then we are rewarded with the fun appearance of adult film star Satine Phoenix, a very sexy, very sexual woman that will fascinate you with her frankness.


Rants about traffic in LA right off the start, but we speak to Lee Cockerell, a former Disney executive, who wrote the leadership book "Creating Magic", and learn interesting facts about the Disney parks, in addition to a few leadership skills.


We talk about radio and its origins with author Anthony Rudel, who wrote "Hello, Everybody: The Dawn of American Radio." Men in skirts, boxers and briefs become a topic of conversation. New LA Talk Radio hosts Julia and Jamee sit in and we discuss their love lives and other tribulations.


Suzy former finace Erik sits in on the show and tells how more than we ever wanted to know about Suzy. Hypnotist Tom Smith calls in to enlighten us about hypnosis as entertainment.


After Suzy tells of her weekend camping trip, we speak to author Geoff Colvin about his book "Talent Is Overrated", which reveals the secret to top performance. Fascinating, helpfull stuff. Suzy voices her rants about Sam, leading him to question what other resentment she may harbor. Chad and Jeff, two brothers who claim to read each other's minds, dazzle us with their special "gift" and provide a preview of their show "Two Brothers, One Mind". Holistic healer Heather Lounsbury dispenses very helpful advice for living healthy and conquering addiction and other ailments.


A guest-filled show: a respectable author, an adult film publicist, and a Mexican porn star make this show a classic. Suzy tells us of the Skype sex she had last night, and Sam was disappointed that gorgeous porn star Nikki Jayne showed up yesterday and there was no live show. We talk to Martin Yate, author of "Knock 'em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide," about strategies for getting the job you want. We talk to adult actor/publicist James Bartholet and find out a lot about the porn industry. You can see him in "Not Bewitched XXX" with a great lineup of veteran porn stars. Find out about upcoming adult industry parties around town. Finally, Estrella Flores, a young porn star from Mexico, calls in and we go crazy watching her movies online.


Suzy has a drinking contest with her boss and gets paid for it. In the studio she wears a fedora that's stained by semen-like spots. Her explanation is far-fetched, and Sam comments on the way Angelenos dress. Author Chris Blazina discusses his new book "The Secret Lives of Men" and provides interesting perspective on male-female relationships.


Author Adam Shepard calls in to tell us about his experiment of living as a poor man and trying to make it in the real world. His book "Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream" is fascinating in capturing the life of the homeless. Suzy keeps trying to make sense of her convoluted relationship, and Sam discusses the power of the vagina, referring to it as a revolving line of credit. Sam tells why he won't go to a prostitute. Suzy's estranged boyfriend Franz calls from NY, and tells us the truth about how Suzy is in bed.


Suzy returns from her weekend with more amazing stories of getting into trouble. Our call-in guest author Robert Wolke fascinated us with science facts about food and the kitchen, from his new book "What Einstein Told His Cook." Astrologer Holly Hall calls in from Toronto to answer some of Sam's skeptical questions, and the conversation gets interestingly spiritual. LA Talk Radio host Allen Cardoza discussed his highly relevant show Answers for the Family.


Suzy falls off the wagon after only two days of staying off the bottle, and admits to an addiction to FaceBook. Sam explains why he didn't fast on Yom Kippur. Our studio guest Gil Contreras tells us about his life as a private investigator and security expert.


Suzy has managed to get through a second day without alcohol, but may replace that habit with another. We analyze having small boobs, not knowing what awaits us only an hour later. Our guest "Queen Bee" is preceded by her breasts as she walks into the room, making our jaws drop.


Suzy's new roomate Lisa sits in on the entire show, which must be one of the funniest we have done. Sex, dating, single women and, of course, masturbation, all brought to you hot and fresh. We are joined by Jo Kimberly, a stunning Brit ex-model who also sings beautifully. Jo turned out to be not as conservative as she appeared, but her outfit was anything but conservative, and she was only too glad to join in on the sex discussion!


We are finally broadcasting live again, all settled into our new studio. Sam rants about the A/C breaking down and other landlord tales. Suzy parties hard and finds herself in bed with two naked people. Sam challenges Suzy to not drink for a week and Suzy agrees. BODY OF LIES author David Ignatius called in to discuss the upcoming Ridley Scott film, starring Russel Crow and Leonardo DiCaprio, based on his action novel. We learned about the CIA and the bad rap it gets in the US, and brought up the Mossad as well. Our Noon Man TJ McCormack dropped in for some really funny comments. A really great show.


This is our last show at the present studio. We'll miss the city view. Suzy loses her wallet and gets involved in a creepy incidence.

September 2008


Sam talks about the plans to move the station to a new studio as part of our expansion, and Suzy tells of her bike ride to Mexico over the weekend. She got a massage from a stranger who hoped to get a blowjob after Suzy had put her head on his lap. Suzy is bewildered by his roving hands. Her bus gets searched for drugs after an impromptu karaoke party breaks.


Suzy finally brings her boyfriend Franz to the studio and now we are actually more confused about their relationship than before. Franz wants cops to be nice and a big discussion about the police ensues. Our studio guest Mike Pingel entertained us with everything we ever wanted to know about Charlie's Angels. An avid fan, Mike has become a celebrity in his own right with his site


We touch on the economic crisis, used cars, and some gossip news on Clay Akin and Lindsey Lohan coming out. We discuss gay sex and lesbian techniques, facial hair and sex, online dating and more celebrity talk. A passionate listener calls in to say we're not funny today. We actually had quite a few laughs.


We are both sleep-deprived and barely get through the first half hour, but we are energized by our phone guest, author/actress Alycia Ripley, who discussed her life and her book "Traveling with An Eggplant." Then we cut it short, when Suzy was struggling to stay awake.


We return from our trips and share experiences. Our studio guest Shawn Amos introduced us to his cool site,, and we reminisced about 70s and 80s pop culture.


Special Edition: Our first remote broadcast. Well, Andy Taylor never called in, but we did a fun show on opposite ends of the country. Suzy tells about her older former lover, and Sam struggles with the temptations of hot chicks at the radio convention in Austin. A very funny show. Sam gives surprising background on Andy Taylor. TJ McCormack adds some more funny from our LA studio.


We discuss doing our show remotely Friday, so we can interview Andy Taylor of Duran Duran! So it'll be S uzy in Boston, Sam in Austin, and Andy in NY. This will be awesome! Lots of laughs today.


Our studio guest GiGi Garner, daughter of film and TV legened James Garner, talks about life as a celebrity's child, and her new book "Girl Talk."


A rushed morning makes Sam cranky, but the talk was intense when we discussed Sarah Palin's family, talking to dogs, women and hats, cheating, and much more. Suzy picks up a new kitten and Sam crowns her the Mother Teresa of animals. With countless "arrggghs" yesterday, today Suzy uses the F-word several times when addressing Sam, probably because he analyzes the shit out of her. Lots of fun.


We analyze Suzy's relationships and begin to explore her lesbian years. In the first episode...well, you've got to listen for yourself. Suzy's apartment has been invaded and she is being driven out. Our studio guest Bentley Michaels demonstrated his voice talent and voiced some funny characters.


Sam's parents are computer-phobic. Guest Brett Juilly of told us about his inventions and business endeavors.


Too many topics to list, but our guest Kelly McGrath entertained us with her music and bubbly personality.


Today's show unexpectedly turned into a sex fest, with x-rated poet Kristie LeVangie, and two very horny studio guests, Phil Varone and Yvette Marie. Listen at your own risk!


With two guests that flaked out, we had more time to discuss what's going on in our lives.


An action-filled show during which we barely got a chance to discuss our weekend, but we had awesome guests. On the phone, we spoke to Stephany Alexander, who runs WomanSavers to help women screen men's backgrounds before they get involved. Studio guests Nick Manning, the famous "Dropping Loads" porn star who has made over 2,000 adult films, and his girlfriend, porn star Mya Nichole, told us about their fascinating lives and desires.

August 2008


Our phone guest Dr. Randy Martin tells us about Chinese medicine and Suzy wants to get accupuncture for her pregnant lizard.


We discover that Suzy knows Kirstin Dunst after Sam dispenses some entertainment news. Rants aboutf traffic and driving lead Sam to suggest transportation alternatives. The cadavers at the Body World show, and flaking out. A video interview with Suzy at the Go Topless parade is available online.


Nuggests from Suzy's first day back in school abound, including a snail race in Biology class, and we talk about college and nutty professors.


We devote most of the show to stories of our weekend experience at the Go Topless parade at Venice Beach. Sam reveals the organization behind the parade, and Suzy recalling exposing her breasts for the world to admire.


A caller drops a bomb when he contends that Suzy has children somewhere! Suzy explains, and Sam is blown away by the unexpected revelation. Our studio guest, stunning Kazakhtani model Zhazira Nurkhodjaeva, returns to tell us about beauty pageants, taking a film role as a bad girl, and reveals her other, less gentle side.


Suzy brings in her friend Brian, a raw food chef, who talked about his recipe ebook "Orgasm of the Taste Buds." Our studio guest Jennifer Faubert told us all about her upcoming book "Fly on the Wall," recounting her living situation with her husband and his two buddies in a one-bedroom apartment. She learned a lot about men, and tells us all about it.


Ellen & Portia get married, Madonna turns 50 (36, according to her Kaballah priests), Red Bull is hazardous to your health, and celebrity news. Suzy's Chihuahua-on-an-airplane story is hilarious, and she plans a naked fashion show in her apartment.


We talk about givers and takers in the bedroom, objects pulled out of people's asses in emergency rooms, Suzy's new digs and allegedly gorgeous roommate, and Sam's concerns that he'll pass out or die during masturbation and be found naked with his genitals in his hand.


A yoga class turns into a chance to check out guys for Suzy, and a crazy landlord makes her flee. Her best friend Jonique calls in from Colorado and Sam questions her about her one-night stand and the scare it gave her. Sam tells about his near-death experience learnning to fly. Our studio guest Angelique brings in her sultry, soothing music and tells us about her travels.


Suzy recounts trying out a porn star's sex advice, and then we discuss various types of female orgrasm, the clitoris, and the G-spot (which is so hard for Sam to find.) Suzy plays while driving, and Sam salivates. Our phone guest, beautiful 18-year-old singer Lorelei Carlson, told us of her musical aspirations, and her music and voice mesmerized us.


A very entertaining morning with talk about chess, making up, and a thousand other topics. Our phone guest, Porn star Satine Phoenix, titillated us with her explicit photos and stories from the front lines. She told us of S&M, her love for men and women (but she won't date women), anal sex and orgies, and her erotic art. Don't miss it!


Suzy and her weekend adventures open the show, and we find out about a one-night stand (not Suzy this time), a moustache party, and a lot more. Suzy was accompanied by her friend K this morning, who told us about guys getting naked in the pool (he claims he's not gay, but Sam's not so sure.) Our studio guest Amber Lane brings in her music and tells of her journey from Tennessee to LA via Chicago. A newcomer to LA, she still retains a bit of Southern innocence.


Jonique joins us for the third day, continuing to shed light on the phenomenon that is Suzy. We talk about sex, drugs, South Africa, Russia invading Georgia, and convoluted relationships.


Suzy and Jonique get massaged by their neighbors, and Suzy continues to reveal her hunger for fresh meat. An anal sex revelation is the highlight of the show, until our studio guest Zhazira Nurkhodjaeva walked in and floored us all with her stunning beauty and good-natured demeanor. Suzy compliments her on her breasts and Sam is forced to look.


Suzy brings in her best friend Jonique, who is visiting from Colorado and told us stories about Suzy and her travails. We had great time talking to our call-in guest Nadine who, as the head of, has organized a topless walk in Venice Beach August 23, and stiumlated funny and interesting conversation. Our studio guest Melissa Skirbol sat in and we continued to discuss exposed breasts and hypnotherapy.


Our debut show is off to a wild start, with a lot of sex talk and laughs. Suzy tells of the dungeon she witnessed on her search for new digs, and of saying unbelievable things to a cop while in a drunken stupor. TJ McCormack joins us later for wild laughes. It felt like we discussed everything today, but there is so much more to come. Stay tuned!