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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past seven years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Danielle Victor


Hi, I am Danielle Victor. I like long walks on the beach, lol just kidding. But I do like walking on the beach but not for long periods of time. I am a retired reality TV personality, for now. I enjoy making people laugh and also making people turn in their seats. I am happy to join Sam in the Morning for the best radio show in town. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00AM - 10:59AM
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Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning Sam and Danni bring you an entertaining and irreverent show that mixes a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart conversation. The show features a breadth of fascinating guests, bestselling authors and celebrities. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and smart humor. Call in live and chat with us.

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March 2018


February 2018


We are joined by German producer Tobias Rosen to discuss his Oscar shot-film contender, the powerful "Watu Wote" ("All of Us"). The film takes place in Kenya and tells the true story of heroism in the face of terrorism and hatred.


Our guest is missing in action, but we deliver another award-class show.


Chatting about the past weekend, Danni fends off would be fans, and Sam is invited to an Oscar gifting suite. Will his loot end up in Danni's purse? Wait till Friday to find out.


Author Michael Priv calls in to talk about his sometimes hairy situations in the Soviet Union as a young man, which led to writing his novel "The Fifth Battalion."


Producers of the TOSCARS, Craig Young and Richard Renee, tell us about their upcoming Oscar-related event, where short films compete by spoofing the Best Picture nominees.


New LA Talk Radio host Heidi Hilton joins us with her radio co-host Craig, while they're visiting from Michigan.


Real-estate guru Nili Nathan joins us and talk about how to qualify for a mortgage loan, and how to find real estate deals.


Back in the studio is Ilan Azulai, with whom we discuss meaning in life, but mainly focusing on fixing Danni's love life!


We are joined by author Christina Cigala to talk about her novel "XX vs XY" about a world dominated by women.


We are joined by the director of the feature film "The Scent of Rain & Lightning" Blake Robbins. A very powerful film and interesting guest.


It's Valentine's Day, and we don't have anybody...aww, can you feel the pain? Nonsense: We are as happy as ever!


Today we talk to author Shryans Zaveri about his fictional work "The Fuehrer's Blood." What if Hitler had NOT died in his bunker?


We are joined by Israeli-born Ilan Azulai, who introduces us to new types of healing through sound. Captivating conversation ensues.


A guest's absence ends good when we go everywere our minds take us.


We talk about, um, everything that comes to our minds. Fun for you!


The host of LA Talk Radio's "Melissa Hill: Raw Talk" joins us for interesting and entertaining conversation about being a porn star in the '90s and how her life has changed since.


The amazing "Sentimentalists" are back with more mental tricks and magic. Don't miss this one!


We can do great shows even when we don't have a guest. A chance to listen in on the candid conversation.


No guests. Lots of laughter.


Our guests are "Polished Woman" Jessica Bunevacz and her daughter, who won a modeling reality show.

January 2018


We welcome Danni to the show as the new co-host, and we have a fun-filled show getting to know her a little.


Dannielle Victor sits in and kills it. She made the audition. We're joined by musician Chef Sean, and then by BBS Radio's Doug Newsom and LA Talk Radio host Max Tucci.