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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Charlotte Broadbent


Charlotte was always the performer in her young years. Dancing, singing and performing was what she did until sports caught her eye and she began to pursue her swimming career. Charlotte traveled overseas to almost every European country, representing both her club team and Great Britain and competed in the 2004 Olympics Trials and made the finals at the Trials in 2008.

At 17, the traveling continued and she moved across the pond to Florida on a swimming scholarship. After many sporting successes including breaking numerous school records, medaling at the ACC Championships and competing in the NCAA Championship, Charlotte decided to try something new.. interning at a TV station. She fell in love with being on camera and went on to be the 2012 Olympic Correspondent for ESPN 97.9 Tallahassee Sports Monster and a reporter for Florida State University’s Athletic website.

Charlotte recently moved to Los Angeles after graduating from FSU in Editing, Writing and Media with a minor in business and communications and quickly found her energetic, charismatic personality and drive for success fits in well here. Along with co-hosting Sam In The Morning, Charlotte is a host for Afterbuzz TV, a reporter for DaftStar, and blogs for her website:

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
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SAM IN THE MORNING with CHARLOTTE serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (10-11AM PST), Sam and Charlotte bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and call in live and chat with us on the air.

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December 2014


November 2014


October 2014


Why Southern Califronia is the main testing ground for new cars. We speak to Jodi Ambrose, who called in from Scottsdale to talk about the three books she's written on sex and food.


It's Columbus Day but we didn't realize it till now. Ebola continues to scare people in the U.S. We're joined in the studio by the entertaining Chef TK Kyle, who has entered the cooking competition show "Chopped" on the Food Network.


It is finally starting to feel like Fall, as cooler weather rolls in. But no rain in sight. We're joined by Nicole Smith and Lanisha Smith, the hosts of our new show Smith Custom Elite Radio. Find out about their inpiring friendship and their ambitions in LA.


After a guest cancellation yesterday, our late guest has us worried. Famous TV star is being accused of sex abuse. First death from Ebola in the US. Our guest does show up and we're excited to be joined by actor Adrian Paul, who started PEACE Fund to help children around the world. Adrian also hosts the radio show of the same name.


Charlotte is back from Hawaii and tells us stories of Paradise. Our guest cancelled last minute so we cover the day's news.

September 2014


As September winds down, we start talking Halloween. Find out why Sam hates to wear costumes. How not to get pulled over in LA traffic. We're joined by Heidi Clements, a film producer who wrote her memoir "Welcome to Heidi."


Talking about timing zones, we get a bit philosophitcal about whether we're alone in the universe. Have you heard of Dallas Raines? A caricature of a weatherman on LA TV. The cutest video you've ever seen. We talk to Natalie Norcross who has started a niche business to help companies establish their brands.


Apparently the new iPhone 6 Plus is subject to bending by users. iOS problems too. We are joined in the studio by Jesse Macht, a singer and songwriter who visits for the second time, this time to promote his new album.


The US begins air strikes on ISIS in Syria in what promises to be a long struggle. Apple sells 10 million iPhones over the weekend. We are joined by LA Talk Radio host Traci Lynn, a fitness guru and life coach who is out to help people be their best, and her friend Christine Horton, also a fitness nut, who is visiting from Vancouver. We also mentioned Traci's co-host Tanya Brown and her work with mental health. Check out their show Life Angelz.


Lots of fun stuff to talk about, plus weekend and football talk.


Today's news and relevant topics.


We're joined in the stuio by documenatary filmmaker Bryan Storkel and discuss his movies "Holy Rollers" and the new "Fight Church." Fascinating stuff about people of faith.


Los Angeles is pounded by extreme heat and there is no relief in sight from the 100+ degree weather. Not everyone is happy with Apple's automatic download of the new U2 single. We are joined by Andrea Kelly, a long-time friend of the show, a funny lady, and a talent agent for actors who need help getting into the film industry. Unlimited Talent Agency also conduct seminars to show new actors the business side of the industry.


The president outlines his plan for defeating ISIS. The nation remembers 9/11/01. We talk to career and personal coach Kellan Fluckiger, who is the host of Results on A Rampage, about being a successful entrepreneur.


More on Raven player Ray Rice and his beating of his wife. Apple's new iPhones and Apple Watch. Will it take off? We talk to LA Talk Radio host Max Tucci about his Southern Florida TV show "Eye on the People" and about the full life he's living.


Some outrageous items in the news and cover them. We speak to Christian Rudder, co-founder of OK Cupid, who wrote a book titled "Dataclysm: Who We Are When No One Is Looking." The book shows how companies use big data to learn about our habits and actions online.


Charlotte's back with the story of how her car got hit by two colliding cars while stopped at a light. We're joined in the studio by new LA Talk Radio host Rich Tola, an interesting and entertaining Yoga and fitness coach who made the move from Wall Street to Hollywood.


With Charlotte out this week, Sam invites former co-host Bridgetta Tomarchio to guest-host. We are joined in the studio by The Reconnection founder Dr. Eric Pearl and talk about healing and energy, as well as his inspiring books.

August 2014


Why is the world only now waking up to the threat from ISIS? Does public breastfeeding offend you? We talk to Ms. Hellen Chen about relationships and meeting the right partner. Hellen is a seasoned matchmaker who travels the world helping lonely hearts connect.


Unspeakable crimes against children have gone unreported for decades in the U.K. Brangelina get married. We talk to comic Jimmy Dore about the sorry state of our media and his new book "Your Country Is Just Not That Into You."


A 9-year-old girl who was trained to shoot an Uzi loses control and kills her trainer by accident. A WTF moment? We're joined in the studio by singer-songwriter Anna Chase and her partner Leandro. Check out their gig at the House of Blues Sept. 12.


Our scheduled guest for today forgot she had a radio appearance today, so we covered topics of the day, including the Emmys. Are there zoos in England? You better believe it!


Why does MTV host the Video Music Awards if they haven't played any music videos in decades? The best city in the world to live in. We speak to writer Stefany Holmes about her experiences living in Las Vegas and the book she wrote about them: Gone with the Whim.


The Ice Bucket craze catches on, but can California afford to waste the water? We're joined in the studio by Tantra Devi, who describes the multitude of ways to enjoy sexuality.


With our call-in guest not calling in, we cover topics of the day after Sam rants.


After catching up on some sleep, Sam is refreshed and ready to go. We are joined by two talented guys, Nikhil Korula and Eddie Pence, a musician and a comic who host Wake Up Hollywood on our station.


Robin Williams takes his own life after a bout with depression. No guest today, so we cover various topics of the day.


When your back hurts, you ain't going anywhere. Tricks for keeping your laundry from wrinkling. We speak to Keith Liddell, who claims to have won a world record for the fastest punch. Further inquiry reveals this man does a lot of crazy things, somewhat like the Jackass shows.


Our guests are a no-show so we put together a great, interesting show with a miryad of topics.


The upcoming new iPhone is going to have larger screens. After a huge theft of passwords, other forms of identification online are necessary. We're joined in the studio by verteran Production Designer Peter Wooley, who has great tales of working in Hollywood on some of the greatest movies. Peter also wrote "You Only Go 'Round Once."


Taking a bike to the beach just to get rained on. Sam tells about a cool evening our host Sheena Metal threw to mark her career accomplishments. We're joined in the studio by Walter Dominguez and Shelley Morrison, filmmakers who have some great stories. Check out their new film "Weaving the Past."


Without a guest today, we touch on quite a bit. Sam discusses people that are difficult to work with. Using cleanses to detox.

July 2014


UCLA gets flooded when a pipe breaks, creating a traffic nightmare. When you really like the food you serve working at a restaurant. We are joined by Wendy Meyers, a Texas transplant who promotes health and living right. Her website LiveTo100 has a wealth of great information.


Freak thunderstorms hit LA over the weekend. We are joined in the studio by two handsome guests, Jerod Zavistoski and Zach Jazek, hosts of Modern Male Radio. We discuss ways to attract women and being a cool man.


Check out the really cool jewelry that Charlotte makes. Find them on Instgram @ Lottie Rose Jewelry. We are joined by Payman Danielpour, a doctor that started a unique service which is an alternative choice to an emergency room. Their service is called, and it offers an easier way and better care for patients.


Unprecedented heat in LA, and of course no rain in sight and a worsening drought. Sam sheds some Facebook "friends" that irritate him. We are joined by May Hui and Katie Chen of Catch Matchmaking to talk about how they connect singles for serious relationships.


The war in the Middle East would be much worse had Israel not deployed the Iron Dome missile defense system. We invite dating and sex expert Laurel House back to the show and we discuss everything you can think of realting to finding the right partner.


Sam highlights to Charlotte the benefit of working on the show, like taking days off. Zoos are probably not a good destination for people who sympathize with animals. Find out how to get the service you deserve from a retail store. We are joined in the studio by hip hop artist Vada Hedgeman.


Sam gets all the gear necessary to enjoy his new bike. We speak to Dr. Sheri Meyers, who wasn't sure whom she was calling, about relationships and dating. Sheri wrote "Chatting or Cheating" about getting pulled into social media and technology.


Charlotte is up on all the awards shows. We are joined by dating expert Laurel House and matchmaker May Hui who came in to promote The Great Love Debate about to take place in LA this week.


The World Cup is over and can move on. Sam buys a new bike. We are joined by Australian music artist Ash Grunwald who sports dreadlocks and brings us great music.


The many TV shows we never watched. Reviewing our sexual show from last Wednesday. Our guest Shanna Ferrigno could not make it to the studio, so she phones in to tell us about the workout event she holds with her father, Lou Ferrigno, at the Santa Monica Pier.


Another parent leaves her child in the car. Pamela Anderson gets divorced for the millionth time. We are joined in the studio by Glenn King and Aiden Starr, adult film makers who enlighten us about the adult entertainment industry. They also premiere their new radio show on Radio Temptation. A pretty racy show!


A rollercoaster at Magic Mountain goes off the rail killing one person. Check fraud hits home. We are joined by two cute guests we connected with on FaceBook, Tina and Kate. The girls are from Europe and have lots of stories to tell. A very FUNNY show.


Music is a great way to start the day, but does anyone listen to music radio anymore? Joan Rivers gets offeneded by a CNN anchor. We are joined by Cristy Parave and her husband Dean who are visiting from Florida to sponsor Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach competition. They are also professed swingers who started a dating site for fit people called Fitness Swingers.


CDs and CD-ROMS: Nobody uses them anymore, but at one time they were the ultimate dream for computer users. Video is now practical to watch online, but it wasn't always this elegant. We talk to Sarah Romine, who had a stint in LA for a couple of years, and who has learned about the entertainment industry. Read her novel "Ghost Light."


The U.S. soccer team loses its game against Belguim and their chance at the World Cup. Sam longs to be young and is struggling with aging. But he's fascinated with the porn stars on his new radio station. Constant stimulation? Some people need it. We speak to Farrah Abraham, whose "Celebrity Sex" trilogy is getting published. Farrah starred in Teen Mom and Sixteen & Pregnant.


Today we have more than a full-house with four great guests who work on a noble cause. Rock Against Trafficking (R.A.T.) is an organization created to fight human trafficking and we're joined by those who are advancing the cause. Ilona Europa introduces us to Heather Gunn, Gary Miller, and Peter White.

June 2014


Getting ready for a long weekend, but this past weekend wasn't bad. One thing learned: dating is expensive. Second thing learned: watch what you say. Texting is not a great way to communicate. We speak to Tricia Nelson, who speaks on behalf of her husband Roy Nelson, who has created a program to help addicts.


A joke-generating machine. Hustled in Las Vegas. We are joined by Laurie Burton, who helps people find their original self. Laurie enlightens us with wisdom about life and energy. She trains people to be confident in communicating and speaking.


Soccer craze continues as the World Cup unfolds. Donut sandwiches? Way overrated. A man leaves his kid in the car to die in the heat. North Korea makes threats when an American movie spoofs their government.


Rants about dentists. Cancer facts. What does one do when breasts are clogged and can't produce milk? No guest means covering events in the news today.


Cleaning and other chores when there is no maid to do it. Dating experiences that work and those that don't. We speak to Simon Donato, who searches for missing airplanes. Check out his show "Boundless."


Interesting weekend stories and things that are happening today. First impressions are all that matters. Accents and languages. More World Cup soccer.


Our guest is a no-show but we have a fun show with items in the news. Sam decides to take accent-reduction classes, and people ask why.


When people do careless things Sam gets irritated. Charlotte gets locked out of her apartment. Sam recounts his own lockout stories. We are joined by Kathryn Cicoletti, an entrepreneur who left a high-paying career to start Making Sense Babe.


Does legal drinking age affect how much young people drink? Old favorite TV shows are shown on MeTV. We speak to Fanci Nanci, who founded Profile Wingman to help singles create successful profiles online.


A new radio with 16,000 stations. Do we really need one? The World Cup kicks off and soccermania appears in the U.S. Ideas to get fit. We speak to Vanessa Bond who is involved with The Taste, a food show with professional chefs, and invites our listeners to be considered for casting.


Friday the 13th and the full moon frighten Charlotte. Michael Jackson has a new posthumous album. We are joined by transgendered adult film star Venus Lux, who tells us her fascinating story growing up in San Francisco and making a big change in her life.


Keeping up with social media can make your crazy. Charlotte meets some large oysters. Texas governor Rick Perry compares homosexuality to alcoholism. We are joined in the studio by entrepreneur Michael Gluck and learn about his market research firm VGMarket and his rise to riches from his love for video games.


Can Yoga help Sam go to sleep eariler? We are joined by two amazing comics, Fia Perera and Dava Krause. The women have a new web series and provide great laughs.


Charlotte tells of her trip up north for a wedding. Sam is on his fourth wind, following a short night of sleep. Let's talk about a popular radio host who was pissed at his listeners and ended his show early. First dates get expensive. Flight delays. We are joined by singer Alisha Zalkin, who today releases her new EP, and we listen to her cool music.


Eating habits can affect your health. Duh. Hoarding or collecting. Wha't the difference? The impact of the Internet and technology on our generation.


Sam recounts his smashing evening at the Barry Gibb concert at the Hollywood Bowl. We spend some time talking about the Bee Gees, Sam's all-time favorite musicians. Having kids is optimal earlier in life.


Divorce really sucks. Sam discovers his identity is stolen, and we invite the woman who found out about it. Her name is Mili, and we discuss how she discovered Sam's Facebook photos on a dating site, posted by an imposter.


Characteristics of rich people. Sam plans to start riding a bike. We'll see about that. Earthquake talk again. We talk to Kristal McKerrington and Joe E Legend, both of whom live in Europe. Kristal wrote "Marie's World" and Joe is an active wrestler who has been involved in the book too.

May 2014


We salivate as Charlotte describes the food she serves at the restaurant she works at. We are joined in the studio by husband-wife team Bayou Bennet and Daniel Lir who tell us about their fateful meeting, and about their work together producing films. A very fun couple!


The process of writing a novel. The problem with bad customer service provided by the cable TV companies. The new Amazon Fire TV is the newest cool gadget. What do you do when your gadget doesn't understand our accent? We speak to Robin Reinach who calls from NYC about her erotic romance "Broken Open."


Why it seems like time flies faster as you get older. College football. When a famous person posts on FB, the response is huge. Our fascination with celebrity weddings. Maya Angelou dies. We speak to bestselling Greg Iles about his new novel "Natchez Burning."


Sam recounts an '80s party he went to over the Memorial Day weekend. How do you measure friendships? Charlotte tells about the wedding she went to in San Francisco. People killed doing the things they love. Wax museums.


Everyone is scrambling to leave town for the long weekend and all the roads are already jammed. Old photos that take you back in time. Going to an '80s party is on Sam's mind. We are joined by musician Jesse Macht and enjoy his music.


Lots of dead of fish washed out on the beach because of crazy ocean tides. Las Vegas. Adventures of snow and drugs in Sam's past. What's an addiction? We speak to Nicole Kosanke "Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change." This is no twelve-step program, but an original way to fight addiction.


So much for winter. It looks like we're in for a long summer. Domestic violence ends in murder. The one thing that many Americans cannot do! We are joined today by the awesome LA Talk Radio host Sheena Metal for an entertaining show.


Another actor is being accused of shooting his wife. Cheating on your spouse. We're joined by Kayla-Jane Danger, a fetish actress and producer, who is as smart as she is sexy.


Charlotte lands a new gig on a spear-fishing show. Today we're joined by the legendary comedian Gallagher for a challenging morning, a funny and fascinating show. Gallagher proves to be very productive, with man interests beyond comedy. Check out this unpredictable celebrity interview.


Fires are raging in Southern California. The saga of Donald Sterling continues, and he's in total denial. We speak to Carl Russo, who calls in from San Francisco to discuss his book about the Sicilan mafia "The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide.


We're starting our week late full of energy. Sleeping habits come up when Sam admits to going to bed late. We're joined in the studio by Erika Icon, an adult industry publicist, and her client Bianca Breeze, who is the co-host of Sex Scandals on Radio Tempation. Hold on to your seat and get ready for a very racy show with these hilarious guests.


Should birthdays be a big deal? Sam explains some unanswered questions about traffic. We speak to the famous thriller author Dale Brown about his new techno-military novel "Starfire," and how he has written a book a year for over 20 years!


A hilarious show that will leave you gaping for air. We are joined in the studio by two porn stars, and Charlotte is speechless! First, though, we make the case for drinking a ton of Diet Coke. We analyze why Charlotte eats not exactly healthy stuff. Our guests, who are hosts of "Cocktails" on the new Radio Temptation, Allison Moore and Jenna J Ross, have a thing or two to teach all of us about sex and the freedom to express yourself.


Find out what the best time is for pickup in the supermarket. We talk about what must be the largest grocery store in the country, which was opened in Sherman Oaks. Finding talented kids that can be good actors. Choosing good clothes and the shopping experience. Charlotte recalls from the days she was a regimented swimmer. Dr. Adi Jaffe calls in to discuss Alternatives Brain Institute, a system that uses scientific, non-invasive methods to treat mental and sleep issues, as well as addictive behavior.


The cast of the new Star Wars is announced. Jennifer Lawrence is named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM. Toronto's mayor finally succumbs and seeks addiction therapy. We are joined by genuine biker Foster Kinn, who has taken cross-country rides and wrote about them in "Freedom's Rush." We also speak to Mistress Marilyn, a dominatrix who wrote "Confessions of A Secret Dominatrix."


The Clippers owner Sterling continues to lead the news after making his racist remarks. We speak to Colin of, a leading fetish website that caters to BDSM crowds. Angie created an erotic website for women called

April 2014


A famous FSU athlete shoplifts crab legs. Men like women with less makeup, according to a study published today. We are joined by Elizabeth Winkler, a celebrity therapist who also stars in a reality show. Listen to her interesting story and her therapy methods.


The case for always dressing up and looking nice before leaving the house. Charlotte owns many shoes. Find out how many. Is British food as bad as people say? Not according to Charlotte. We speak to author Tom Wilde about his debut novel "The Blood of Alexander", and Indiana Jones-like adventure wrapped into a historic thriller.


Aging is not something Sam wants to deal with as his birthday approaches. Torandoes in the east. Preferred ways to die? The Clippers owner Donald Sterling makes racist remarks and seals his fate. What's the difference between Burlesque and strippers? We speak to Annie Brook who introduces us to Somatic Therapy.


Today's date is actually hilarious as Charlotte recalls a quote from "Miss Congeniality." A unique new app that has revolutionized how we share photos. We are joined by two beautiful Burlesque dancers Donna Hood and Miss Miranda, who perform in LA in Donna's show "Tease If You Please." Find out about the art of striptease and how these women discovered their calling. We also talk to Suzanna McQueen, who wrote "4 Seasons in 4 weeks" about the cycles that women go through.


Sam recounts the launch of his new radio station last night and talks about host Allison Moore, who is a mother of four and an adult film actress. Charlotte interviews on the red carpet. Sam hilariously tells of eating something really spicy. We are joined in the studio by Monica Parker, who wrote "Getting Waisted" to inspire overweight people.


The excitement of getting her new iPad is showing on Charlotte, and the conversation turns to tech and gadgets. Sam announces the launch of his new adult radio station, Radio Temptation. He rips into the junk sex radio on satellite radio and explains the uniqueness of the new station. We are joined Sarah Horne, a beautiful and smart jewelry designer who started her own company to market her creations.


While the world celebrated Easter, some also celebrated 420 and smoked up a storm. We speak to Amir Aczel, the author of "Why Science Does Not Disprove God." Very stimulating conversation about science and religion, and a refutation of Atheists.


Easter, Good Friday and Passover. Find out why they happen at the same time every year. Remembering your dreams. Sam dreams about snakes. We hope to speak to Maria Menounos and her long-time mate Kevin Undergaro from the set of TV's Extra. Maria turns out to be busy on set, but Kevin does call in and tells us about the interesting things they are doing.


A bad hair day starts off the day for Charlotte, after a late night at a baseball game. She also shares with us her habit of waking up during the night and eating chocolate. Sam discusses his first impression of My Pillow, which we received from our guest earlier this week. Go and get My Pillow and use the discount code LA TALK RADIO to receive substantial price break. We are joined by Paul Osborne, a young filmmaker who is launching a full-feature film called "Favor."


Did you file your taxes yesterday? Thankfully, Tax Day is behind us. Charlotte reports using the My Pillow pillow we received from our guest yesterday. This pillow sounds promising, and Sam plans to use it tonight and test it himself. We speak to author Sonya Rhodes, who wrote the book "The Alpha Woman," discussing high-achieving professional women and how they can find the right partner.


Tax Day, but no one wants to think about it. Charlotte recalls an interesting evening attending a Jewish Seder dinner. We are joined in the studio by the colorful CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell, who patented an amazing pillow that he sells through major newspaper and infomercials. Check out his interesting story, and find out how to achieve better sleep.


Happy Passover. The new Ralphs grocery store down the street from us has a Kosher department that takes up half the store. Obviously, a lot of Jewish people live here. Will Charlotte experience culture shock when she attends a Seder dinner tonight? We are joined by LA Talk Radio host Cheryl Lubin, an education professional who proves to be a very interesting and entertaining guest. Check out her radio show In Our Times for more.


Disney studios leave a great impression on Charlotte and start her day off great. But she's apprehensive about going camping this weekend. We speak to David Barczyk who wrote "Wellness Wake-Up Calls" about how to avoid having to go to doctors.


Stand up comedy seems like a difficult thing to do. Our porn star guest is missing in action and Sam ponders why porn stars are flaky. The problem with landlords and lots more interesting, fun stuff.


All the earthquake talk is making us feel, well, shaky. A Pakistani baby is arrested for murder. We are joined in the studio by Kevin Stea, a filmmaker who has documented his Chinese roots with his father in the film "Great Walls."


Another shooting at Fort Hood by a soldier who had been undergoing therapy for PTSD. A husband is found dead in a rented house after years of being missing. We're joined by author Alan Fox and talk about his new book "People Tools" and his life in real-estate, as well as the thousand of other things he has done.


Do we talk too much about the weather? Well, we can't help it. We have a great window view and we just notice the beautiful California climate. A strong earthquake in Chile. We are not that into comic book hero movies. We are joined in the studio by Jessica Baker, who found Aligned Signs, a match site that joins people based on their personanlity tests and the Chinese Zodiac.


April Fools jokes on Facebook are mostly lame. Terrible celebrity plastic surgeries.We are joined by Chris "Bear" Brosnan, a Brit who has devoted his life to protecting children from abuse, and pursues a project called "Wild Nobility."

March 2014


Our annual contribution to the IRS is coming up soon, but we don't have it as bad as citizens of some other countries. Earthquake talk again. We talk to Jordan Pease, who calls himself a gay comedian and proves to be funny and fun.


Have you heard about the Instagram Millionaire? We are joined in the studio by Gabrielle Lewis, the publisher of Thrifty Hunter magazine. Gabrielle promotes finding great buys for a lot less than what you'd spend at the store. We also speak to Ryan Nicodemus, co-creator of "The Minimalists," where they promote simple living and forgoing conspicuous consumption.


The Simpsons is still going strong, but we don't really get it. Being young is cool, and Sam misses it. The case for staying together with someone forever. We speak to Internet privacy advocate Mark Weinstein, who explains how to maintain some privacy at a time when we feel we don't have any.


Spectator sports are not for everyone. The mystery of the missing Air Malaysia plane continues. We are joined by author Reginia McKinney, who has driven into town from Fresno, CA. She comes from a large family, founded a foster-home agency, and has a lot to tell.


Yet another aftershock shakes LA and people are starting to prepare for future earthquakes. The happiest places in the world to live. We are joined by Corey Leland, a musician and a self-styled spiritual teacher. Corey is cool and has a lot to say.


Is Global Warming a real phenonmenon? We receive a sincere-sounding compliment from an ad-hoc caller. We talk to actress Joan Benedict Steiger, who played key roles opposite some of Hollywood's greatest leading men, and married Rod Steiger many years back. We also talk to Max Tucci about his upcoming interview with ultra-famous author Jackie Collins.


The lifestyle differences between when you're in your '20s and the '50s. YouTube success stories. We are joined in the studio by Mariela I'V, a Bolivian who grew up in Denver, then on to LA to be a model and actress.


Another shaker this morning is causing frayed nerves in LA. We are joined by John Mikaelian who wrote a book to help out new college students. The plane that disappeared continues to dominate the news.


Today is St. Patrick's Day and Charlotte and her BFF Sarah Ashley have plans to go out on the town. The girls go wine tasting in Malibu and live to tell about it. A funny morning following a strong earthquake in LA a few hours earlier that shook a lot of nerves.


We are joined by Charlotte's visiting friend Sarah Ashley and have a fun morning. The two share some college memories and have great chemistry. But, they got themselves into trouble already wen they go hiking. We speak to Eric Maisel, a life coach and a writer who inspires and teaches the way to happiness.


We are looking forward to the arrival of Charlotte's friend from Florida. We'll find out more about her when she arrives. The case for going back to college at a later age. We speak to Kit Summers, a motivational speaker who tells a story of survival and courage.


The burn on Charlotte's face turns into a tan. Incredible. Pistorius' trial in South Africa continues to fascinate. The city is starting to close down medical Marijuana dispensaries. We are joined in the studio by the super-fun actress Sharon Farrell, who tells us of stories in Hollywood's golden days, including starring next to Steve McQueen.


Charlotte is completely burned from spending time in the sun. Without a guest today, we touch on many great topics.


Although Charlotte could walk to work, Sam suggests that she doesn't since she would attract too much attention. We review our photo shoot. We discuss Charlotte's attractiveness and Sam gives her career advice. Sam gets a Kabbalah reading from our recent guest Siona Thacker and tells about it. Contact Siona for your own fascinating reading at 818-471-2271. We are joined by Saren Stiegel, an awesome woman who has transformed herself into a very happy and fullfilled person after coming up with The Glow Effect.


Find out about the TV shows Charlotte co-hosts at night. Upskirt photos are declared legal by a federal judge. Today we are joined in the studio by radio host Ethan Dettenmaier, who tells us about all the noble acts he does to help the needy.


We recall our photo shoot yesterday and a few funny moments. The best parts of Hawaii. How to improve your libido. We are joined by the Cleanse Chick Melissa Freedman, who tells us how to live healthy and fit.


We are getting ready for our photo shoot today. We are joined in the studio by David Freedman, a talented producer and movie critic. David reviews TV at Just Seen It.


A day after the Oscars, we kind of review the show. We are joined by Israeli Siona Thacker, an impressive Kabbalah student and teacher. We learn about the meaning of life and spirituality according to Judaism. Siona is also a talented painter who is inspired by the Kabbalah, and an author.

February 2014


A rare rainy day in SoCal energizes us on this last day of the month. Our photo shoot had to be postponed because of the clouds. We are joined in the studio by author and former law officer Zach Fortier, who has a very intersting story. Zach has written five books based on his experience on the force.


Does time go as fast in the UK as it does in the US? We each has a theory of why time seems to move faster as you get older. Driving in the rain. The car culture in LA. Sam recounts the Amanda Knox story after she returns to the headlines. We talk to Michael Dwyer, who has plans to resurrect the USFL, which was a new football league in the early '80s.


We start off with the wrong intro...Southern California is expecting a couple of rainstorms, which is a blessing for the drought-stricken state. Will the Oscars be a drenched ordeal? Charlotte visualizes red-carpet correspondence in her future. Our guest is missing in action, but we have fun with some of today's new stories.


Charlotte goes to a party where tons of snow were brought in from who knows where. A lot of rich people in LA. Tips to consider when you want to start a business. Piers Morgan is taken off his CNN show, and we are not surprised. We are joined by musical duo LNA, Anna and Leandro, who play and sing their original music.


The few shows we watch on TV. Drinking in college. The legalization of pot. We talk to the creator of the documentary "Lion Ark" Tim Phillips. The film is about the rescue of absued circus lions in Bolivia.


The Winter Olympics are at full throttle, and we theorize that the cold countries do best at the competitions and win the most medals. An accident on the Hollywood freeway stops the traffic completely for hours. We talk to New York author Tim Peterson about his book series "Men Talk."


Sam gets a new Mustang and is freaked out when he sees a Mustang logo projected on the ground. Charlotte informs us that her alma mater FSU is one of the biggest party colleges. We are joined in the studio by Michelle McCloskey, who founded a personal-assistant service called "Run Around Betties." Very cool!


On her first day on the show as the regular co-host, Charlotte tells us a little more about herself, and Sam tells about his trip to Vegas and lthe ove/hate relationship he has with the video poker machines. We talk to author Toni Rae, who wrote "I Dated This Guy Once," about dating and relationships.


I'm joined by co-host contender Charlotte Broadbent, a beautiful Brit who joined the swimming team at FSU. Find out about swimming competitions and this grueling sport from an insider. I tell of my weekend experience at the LA Cannabis Cup, which was surreal with everybody smoking weed in the open. We're joined in the studio by Jeff and Cindy Ullman, relationship experts who are quite interesting and entertaining. The couple runs Twoology, an informative advice site.