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What do I say about myself on my own website? Wait, I could say anything I want: it's MY website! For the sake of good radio I won't tell you my entire life story here. Instead, I invite you discover who I am and what I'm about on the air. Rather than tell you, I'll show you. What drives me is an insatiable curiosity to know and do everything. And then pass on what I have learned to other people. Does that sound like someone who ought to be in radio?


In the past twelve years I have had several co-hosts, each great in her own way. It's amazing how I have evolved on the air and the different directions I have taken over the years. I thank all of the listeners who have followed me through the various incarnations of my morning show, the reason this radio station was conceived.

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Bridgetta has made her way to the top as an International Star, and she was the 2013 Harley Davidson Cover Model. Bridgetta was widely known for her late night infomercials as the “Extenze” Spokesgirl. She had a hilarious costarring role on Showtime’s hit show, Californication,” on season 3. You can catch her most recently starring in The Ideal Husband” (GMC), Walk A Mile In My Pradas,” (won Spirit Award), and in “6 Nonsmokers.

A huge advocate for charities, Bridgetta participates in the yearly “Reality Rally” –An Amazing Race for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Charity. She placed First Place Female and 10th overall out of 713 people in Reality’s Mud Run for StandUptoCancer, and participates in the Spartan Races for police charities. She is also the spokesperson for Chicago Academy of Music” which benefits the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center for Abuse.

Her fan base has grown exponentially watching her adventures on the DirecTV hit show, “Project My World”, where Bridgetta’s escapades included skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, racing V8 cars, jumping off Kawarau Bungy Bridge, as well as a ton of other crazy stunts. Bridgetta demonstrated her survival skills in Ted Nugent’s television series, “WANTED: Ted or Alive,” forging through the wilderness; she even hunted for wild boar and deer, and killed and grilled her own live chicken!

Possessing Beauty and Brawn this experienced model, host, and actress, was also the face of AXE Bodywash online. The athletic brawn side of Bridgetta has taken her from being a former Britney Spearsback-up dancer, to Quarterback in “ The Lingerie Bowl “, she even had police and pilot training, co-piloted a WWII plane! “Good Morning America”  did a piece on her as “The Queen of Late Night TV.”
Stepping away from her busy entertainment life, Bridgetta has also gone back to school. She is now a certified Herbalist, Aromatherapist, and is finishing up for Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Instruction.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00am - 11:00am
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Live from Los Angeles every weekday morning (10-11AM PST), Sam and Bridgetta bring you the most entertaining and irreverent show on talk radio. SAM IN THE MORNING serves a variety of the day's topics with funny and smart commentary, as well as a look into our lives. The show features a breadth of amazing guests and callers to keep you entertained. Enjoy your morning at the office with spicy talk and call in live and chat with us on the air.   Show producer: Sara Hasson

Show Archives

May 2013


We talk about our families a bit, especially Bridgetta's sister. Bridgetta wakes up to a flood of toilet water and excrement. We speak to Ken Achity, who wrote the fascinating thriller, "The Messiah Matrix." The Powerball lottery grows to $600 million. We recap the past 18 months together and sign off for the last time.


Today we start off on a sad note as we announce that Bridgetta is leaving the show. She tells of her future plans and moving away from LA. We're joined by NY Post critic and columnist Linda Stasi, who wrote the historical thriller "The Sixth Station." Linda is a New Yorker on her way to China on vacation, so we discuss China, as well as the history and controversy of the book.


Today is Sam's birthday and he's flying solo with two beautiful guests, stars of the upcoming show "Pieces (of Ass)" Mia Doran and Andrea Bogart. We discuss their lives and the show.


Sam just realized his birthday is tomorrow. Bridgetta tells of her gig in Vegas at a hardware convention. We speak to Frank and Dr. Baird of Ancestry by DNA. which reveals people's roots and origins. The trial of Jodi Arias.


On an unusually rainy day, we talked about fate and past lives. Sam's eating routine and secret to looking fit. Bridgetta gets irritated by store clerks who want to have a conversation. Lesley Myers of Juice Nation calls in and tells us about her cleanse.


Apparently, some people can drink and play sports just fine. An upcoming event sparks a discussion on competitive soccer. We are joined in the studio by LA Talk Radio's new daily host Maria Sanchez, who tells us about her extensive radio career. We also speak to Michael Scott Carter, who is running for the office of Illinois State Treasurer.


Premonitions are happening in Bridgetta's life and she seems to be willing things to happen. Reconnected? She shoots a scene topless for an upcoming film. Sam thinks Amanda Knox is not guilty as her book comes out. Ironically, he has recurring dreams that offer no escape. When people buy guns as birthday gifts for their kids. We speak with Laura Kath from Solvang, CA, a Danish town north of Los Angeles. Sam reveals his surprise connection to the town.

April 2013


Working at a catered luncheon is not Bridgetta's cup of tea. We are joined in the studio by porn legend Amber Lynn, who was huge in the '80s, and who is making a comeback. Find out about her experience in the adult industry, and listen to some awesome stories. How did we end up talking about the mechanics having anal sex?


More cleansing news. bridgetta is going to model for a tool-company shoot and Sam can picture her on calendars on machine shop walls. We are joined in the studio by Emily Morwen, a yoga instructor at Moksha Yoga LA. Sweat for Change is a challenge to fundraise money for charity.


We open by enjoying cursing on the air. The curse on Bridgetta has been lifted. Accumulating junk. Apple stock is in trouble because of decllining iPhone profits. Justin Bieber's entourage gets in trouble in Sweden. We speak to Ram Moskowitz, a friend of Sam's who owns "New Look Surface Refinishing," a company that resurfaces various materials instead of demolishing old fixtures. Bill Shumar, the head of Special Olympics of Southern California. They are holding a raffle in which you can win a house!


We start blabbing about horoscopes and astrology. Is time moving faster as we get older? Bridgetta sells stuff on Craigslist and gets cursed in the process. We are joined by Brit actress Anastasia and the director of the show she stars in, Vanessa Cate. We speak to Dave Brisbin, the head of "TheEffect", a community of recovering addicts in Orange Country.


We start blabbing about horoscopes and astrology. Is time moving faster as we get older? Bridgetta sells stuff on Craigslist and gets cursed in the process. We are joined by Brit actress Anastasia and the director of the show she stars in, Vanessa Cate. We speak to Dave Brisbin, the head of "TheEffect", a community of recovering addicts in Orange Country.


Instead of her usual cleanse, Bridgetta chooses a one-day cleanse but pukes it all up. Is this shit making her bitchy? You be judge. We are joined in the studio by candy maker to the stars Frank Sheftel of the Candy Factory, and darling Olympic figure skater Tai Babilonia. They bring in their "Tai Treats" chocolates.


A car accident is part of Bridgetta's day, and she recognizes the other driver as someone famous. Find out who hit her car. When Bridgetta refers to the President as an evil man, and Sam is uncomfrotable with her Hitler references. We are joined in the studio by Eddie and Ellie, a business duo who is crowdfunding their new app. Save A Stranger can save a life by providing information and communication for people in trouble.


Are Android phones as good as the iPhone? Bridgetta is selling stuff like A/C units. We are joined by Art Torres, a friend of the show who is back for more fun. Art brought in his partner Trever Sherman, who runs a marial arts studio for kids called Academy Karate. Find how they instill discipline and hard work in the students and provide a comprehensive program.


Elevator stories. Conventions can be boring. We are joined in the studio by clothing designer Stefan of Moods of Norway, a fashion company from Norway. Listen to his story of how he met his partners in Hawaii and lives the American dream. Why are Scandivians blond?


Announcing she feels high, Bridgetta admits to taking something that was supposed to "de-magnetize" her. Talking about people who don't add anything to your life. Read, assholes. Rape and bullying lead a girl to commit suicide. We speak to author Mervin Block, a veteran TV newswriter, about his new book "Weighing Anchors"about the inaccuracies of TV news.


Some great deals you can find on Groupon. Is couponing a good idea for small businesses? We speak to Christine from Kalorik, a company that makes great designs of various household products. Check them out. Are food stamps being accepted for fast food now? A four-year-old picks up a gun and fatally shoots another kid.


Jaguars and Cadillacs. Why are they old people's cars? Some of our pet peeves when it comes to bodily functions and fluids. We speak to Jason Fox, an author from Atlanta, who wrote the diet and fitness book, "Skinny, Sexy Bride." Find out why, as a trainer, Jason prefers to work with brides. He has some surprising facts about losing weight. Stories from Reality Rally, where Bridgetta competed.


We are joined in the studio by a return favorite guest Dr. Dina, the cannabis expert who is a wealth of information. We discuss Marijuana laws, the dispensary business and the prospect of legalizing pot in the U.S. We also talk to Oliver Pearl who wrote the erotic novel "The Last Gentle Dentist."


What a hectic morning on our second day in the new building. Bringing us down to the ground are a couple of fun ladies: Ray, who is the owner of a raw cane cleanse store, and Lillian Muller, a former Norwegian model who tells us how to stay looking young. Lillian is brutally honest and has advice for Sam.


We're in our new studios and totally re-energized! Bridgetta's stalker persists. Realiity shows can be brutal. Heidi Klum saves her son from drowning and other items in the news.

March 2013


When prospective roommates become stalkers. Listen to a voicemail Bridgetta received on her phone. We talk to musician Bob Pressner, who calls in from Florida. Bob has a viral video on YouTube that has over one million views. Items in the news, like the dentist that exposed thousands of patients to HIV.


What happens to Bridgetta's tits when she's freezing. OK, we'll tell you. Her nipples hurt. She also decides to go on a cleanse. Can she do it? We are joined in the studio by Bridgetta's good friend Burgandi Phoenix, who proves to be an interesting and entertaining guest.


Windmills make Bridgetta think a Danish town is a Dutch town, but she enjoys it anyway. We are joined in the studio by beautiful singer Koryna, a transplant from Romania who is a lot of fun. We also play her song "Hot" and hear her determined life story.


Our morning starts off like shit. Bridgetta hates traffic and gets mad at her coffee cup, and Sam destroys the side of his Mustang by scratching the car against a pole. When people attack cars with a douche bottle it can get confusing. Sam recalls his photo shoot yesterday. We speak to Tamara whom Bridgetta had met in Toronto. Tamara is involved in pain therapy called Dolphin MPS, a revolutionary way to reduce chronic pain.


A weird day is full of surprises for Bridgetta. We are joined in the studio by two beautiful actresses who star in the play "Pieces (of Ass)", Betsy Cox and Tami Farrell. The women are gorgeous and we have a lot of fun. Their show opens Thursday, March 28, and involves what's going on in the heads of hot chicks.


We're back from vacation all refreshed. Bridgetta gets high on healing with John of God. We speak to Carolin Hauser, who wrote a book on childhood sexual abuse. Find out how and when Carolin remembered abuse in her own life. We are joined in the studio by Drea Bauer, an online dating expert to whom we have spoken on the phone. Drea wrote the book "Miss Match" and has a lot of great dating ideas.


We will be taking a week's break while Bridgetta goes to meet John of God in Toronto. This man is supposed to be able to heal thousands of people. Sam is skeptical about people making such statements. But apparently many people think otherwise. We speak to Colin Christopher, a hypnotist who uses his skill for therapy as well as for entertainment.


The goal for Bridgetta to participate in Reality Rally is met and she's in. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez dies. Justin Bieber is late to his own concert. We are joined in the studio by the rock band Rapscallions, a group of fun, talented musicians with diverse backgrounds: Dario, Chris and Sergio.


A shitty day for Bridgetta after her dogs tear up the house. We speak to Gillian Larson about the upcoming "Reality Rally." Gillian was on Survivor four years ago and has since developed a charity. Bridgetta tells of driving a boat in the NY harbor. She gives us tactics for winning a reality show.


We question the wisdom of living far from work. Can a man share his woman with another man like in the film "Savages"? Sam recalls times growing up in Vegas in the '70s when sex was abundant. Sam admits to reading a trashy novel by Jackie Collins, "The Power Trip." Bridgetta tells a story of slipping out the door after being accosted by a coked out maniac. Places in the world we like.


We recall yesterday's conversation with Linda Tripp's daugther, who also happens to be Bridgetta's close friend. We argue about the weather. We are joined in the studio by Suzane Northrop, who is an experienced medium who can connect with the dead. Suzane does some amazing things on the air by mentioning things to callers that ask questions, that she couldn't possibly know..

February 2013


Bridgetta is pissed after an incident at a bar and rants. She also went to the premiere of the new film Phantom. We are joined in the studio by Bridgetta's childhood friend, Allison Tripp for a fun morning. We eventually touch on the Monica Lewnisky affair and Allison's mother's role in the memorable scandal.


Find out what film Sam was eager to see for the second time. Bridgetta continues "Reconnecting" people and feels great about herself! A transgender first-grader is not allowed to use the girls' bathroom and the parents are suing the school. We are joined in the studio by the fascinating Dr. Dina, a pioneer in medical cannabis in California. We learn about marijuana and the direction legalization is taking. Dina also shares her experiences with her good friend Snoop Dog.


Getting up in the morning can be hard to do. Bridgetta explains Reconnection, which is the process she is going through these days. When she looks for a massage table, however, she gets a surprising response. We speak Sandy Nebegging about his book "Thunk" and how to reach a peace of mind. We speak to Brian from Good Times Adventures in Breckenridge, CO, where Bridgetta rode dog sleds.


Why time flies when you get older. Post-Oscar commentary. What constitues a real word? Adventures from Words with Friends. Online gambling is not for Sam. Would you give up Facebook for good for a big amount of money? We talk to Drea Bauer about her book "Missmatch" which brings together tools for online dating.


It's Oscar season, which means Bridgetta makes the rounds at gifting suites. Drinking as compared to smoking weed. We talk to the founder of GATE, John Raatz, about his organization, which transforms entertainment media. A gynecologist is accused of secretly photographing his patients. More on the Olympian who killed his girlfriend in South Africa. "Horny men do crazy shit," says Sam.


Being addicted to coffee can start at a young age. A guest doesn't show up and we get pissed. Bridgetta tells of being approached by people you don't know. Sam tells of his time away with his aging parents. What we watch when we watch TV. The perfect diamond heist in Belgium nets the robbers $50 million. A body is found in a hotel's water tank from which guests have been drinking for more than two weeks. Pre-Oscar talk.


We're back again, and this time we have no immediate plans of going anywhere. Bridgetta tells of her trip to NYC and Toronto on a spiritual journey, but she gets in trouble at the border. We are joined in the studio by the hosts of the new "Hello, Pauly!" Pauly David and Ed "Monks." These guys are a riot and the gay jokes abound.


More on Bridgetta's trip to Colorado. A Carnival cruise ship is stranded in the ocean and the passengers have had to weather terrible conditions. We talk to of Jayjay of Spyder clothing, a maker of ski or snowboarding performance outfits. Does the government control our media? Bridgetta thinks so. The Pope is stepping down.


The Casting Couch story happens to Bridgetta, and she vents. We are joined in the studio by the Kings of Swag, The Wow Brothers Mark and Matt Harris. The sleek twins organize gifting suites for Hollywood events. We also speak to author Margaret Ann Lembo about her book "Color Your Life with Crystals."


We are joined by matchmaker Marla Martenson for a fun show on relationships and dating. We also speak to Kristin Stewart of Breckenridge ski resort in Colorado.


We're back from vacation and we're really stoked to be on the air again. Recalling the Superbowl and being overjoyed that Bridgetta's team won. She ended up STREAKING down her street! Listen to the other shocking story Bridgetta brings from vacation. The difference between the food here and elsewhere. We get several cool calls from listeners to congratulate us on the 5th anniversary of LA Talk Radio. The famous Go Daddy commercials. Sam's review of "Gangster Squard."

January 2013


We start off congratulating porns stars on their anal awards. Newly-wed reality show. The curse of the Madden video game. Does anybody care about American Idol anymore? We talk to Nancy Dreyfus who wrote "Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love." Fascinating facts about how we were shaped by our childhoods. We get a mystery caller who turns out to be our friend Sandy Stotzer, host of A Comic's Life, a truly funny comic. Porn stars' protein intake from blowjobs is in question. The funniest names of disgusting sex acts. The best company to work for. And we're off to a two-week break.


Pretty in pink is the way Bridgetta is dressed this morning. Sam has finally had enough and he goes off on porn stars that don't show up for their interviews. You've got to hear this hilarious rant; it's been a long-time coming. This is RADIO GOLD. We speak to Sarah from Vail, CO. She tells us about the ski resort and how it's set up. A man was caught giving people wedgies.


Our porn star guest is a no-show. We give her the benefit of a doubt. Jody Foster's speech on the Golden Globes left a deep impact. Lindsay Lohan continues with her court encounters. We analyze why she gets into trouble. Washing hands. Why some people enjoy taking a shit. Lance Armstrong reveals his lies to Oprah.


The Ravens win and you know who is ecstatic. We speak to Jordan Carver, who has a new yoga DVD. Jordan is a hot model from Europe who also has a lingerie line coming out. You've got to check her out. Film awards are worth a lot of dough. Bridgetta goes off on Taylor Swift. Most popular names for girls this year.


Driving in the snow. Visiting Israel. Sam clarifies the Middle-East conflict, which leads to a discussion on Jews and other religions. We speak to former stipper Shelly Ramm about her book and her career after she got a boob job. We then speak to Landon, who is making a 3,000 walk across the country!


We congratulate Bridgetta on her new business, Brigid's Brew, and she dares us to like her Facebook page. We are joined by two great guests. Jeff Rector, an actor/writer/producer, joins us for a fun morning. Our star guest is Sienna Sinclaire, an adult star and sex expert who wrote "The Naughty Girl's Guide to Los Angeles," tells us about her life and career. Sienna doesn't do hardcore, but she's still popular and active in video and the web.


After a spoonful of Cannabis marshmallow, Bridgetta does crazy shit. Cop stories. Survival in the wilderness. Touching people you don't know. In Saudi Arabia, a 70 year-old-man marries a 17-year-old girl, whose parents paid him $20 Grand to unload her on him.


The differences between when and how people succeed. NFL playoffs. We speak to Hari of Miri Piri Academy, who teaches an academy in India, which also includes yoga and consciousness. He tells us about Kundalini Rising, an inspring event of the yoga and meditation community. Bridgetta makes new potions and teas. Airplane passengers duct tape an unruly passenger.


For the new year, Bridgetta is auditioning prospective roommates. We speak to Harriet Rossetto, who wrote "Sacred Housekeeping", and who also founded a residence for Jewish individuals who are rehabilitating from addictions. We discuss being in prison. LA's Downtown is no big deal. We argue about the date of the Civil War when discussing "Django Unchained."


Our first show back after the holidays, we are celebrating our first whole year together on the air! We recall our first day. Hear about Bridgetta's skiing trip and Sam's heroics over the weekend. We also discuss public bathrooms, people touching your stuff, and Hugh Hefner's marriage to the chick that once ditched and trashed him.

December 2012


Cravings for french fries as we wind down the year. Bridgetta is convinced she has lived in Medieval times. Online piracy. A controversial new app outrages American Asians. We play the Akinator game on the phone again and guess a character. New stories and wrapping up the year.


The day after Christmas and Bridgetta is completely hungover. She tells us about her crazy adventures on her birthday. We recall the little gathering with friends yesterday. The man who ambushed firefighters in NY State and other news stories. A dentist fires his assistant for being to "irresistable" to him. The court backs up his action.


The planets are lining up and we're getting ready for the end of the world, scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Sam hears screams during the night but is too tired to investigate. Bridgetta, on the other hand, investigates stuff like that. We reminisce about wearing jeans when they symbolized rebellion, which leads us to discuss fashion from the past.


We're starting to make plans for the holidays. A Jewish Disneyland? Religion can make you crazy. Bridgetta has a beef with a restaurant that treated her like crap. We are joined in the studio by life coach Kellie Nicholson, who has an interesting story and a great outlook.


We survived Bridgetta's birthday party over the weekend and we try to remember what actually happened. Listen to what happens when she gets shitfaced. We speak to Mark Tierno, the author of the epic 13-book fantasy series, "Maldene."


We start the show off with breaking news of a shooting at an elemenatary school in Connecticut. Tonight is Bridgetta's party and she promises a lot of fun. Our big fan Chris call from Denver to give Bridgetta grief about her favorite football team. We speak to Wayne Federman about his career as an entertainment and his upcoming comedy/music event. We wrap up the show with updated news about the school shooting.


When old people drive in the fast lane. We are joined by astrologer/model Jaime Allen, who does our charts for us and tells us her ghost stories. Tattoos and meaning. We also speak to author Richard Sprott who wrote "Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities." Find out how power and pain can be erotic. Jaime tells us interesting things based on our birth dates.


Welcome to 12-12-12. The world, thankfully, is not ending. Fake eye lashes can be problematic. We speak to Jim Meskimen, an actor/comedian who does some funny impressions, who also happens to be the son of Marion Ross of Happy Days. A shooting in a shopping mall in Oregon. Gun control discussion ensues.


Have you heard of energy paintings? Bridgetta has, and she's excited to have her favorite artist on the show. Is BDSM necessary when plain vanilla sex works just fine? We play a song by Matt Farley called "The Poop Song," which is utterly stupid. Teacher crushes we had. Bridgetta gets "reconnected" over the weekend. We speak to Mario about the "World of Art Showcase," an event that allows collectors to purchase art directly from the artists. We then talk to Julia Watkins, an energy artist with incredible paintings.


Pearl Harbor Day. Dog stories. The Pythons in the Everglades are taking over the wildlife ecosystem. We speak to comedian Bobby Kelton who authored the funny online-dating book, "Please Don't Let This Be Her." Bobby has some funny dating stories, and it's interesting to find out about the imbalance between men and women are those dating sites.


The pink outfit Bridgetta is wearing this morning sparks a discussion on clothes and colors. Pushing furniture around. We speak to Steve of the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach. Find out fascinating stories about the ship. Getting into the exclusive Magic Castle in Hollywood. The Royals are pregnant and the world is rejoiced.


We are joined by Kels, a New Zealand-born young and beautiful musician, who has moved around a lot in her quest to fulfill her dreams. We also speak to Eric of "Cavalia", a Cirque de Soleil-like circus that is showing in San Diego.


Some people just don't like talking on the phone. Like us, for example. Bridgetta continues to mess up her house with attempts at home improvement. We are joined by Mike Kulich of Reload, who markets an effective Male-enhancement pill, and James Bartholet, host of Inside of Industry and an actor. Bridgetta is a bit feisty, but Sam breaks up the mess before it gets out of control. Learn about work in the adult industry and the lifestyles of those who are part of porn.


We hear about Bridgetta's charity event "Babes in Toyland" this past weekend. We speak to Ashley Martin, a musician from Ohio who has an interesting tale. We play a couple of her cool songs. Bridgetta saves her friend from a "wolf."

November 2012


Feeling the need to paint her furniture, Bridgetta creates a mess. We are joined in the studio by Susan Schofield and her husband Michael, who tell us about raising their schizophrenic young daughter and the tumultous life she has spawned for her family. Susan hosts the show Bipolar Nation Radio, and Michael wrote a book on their experience, "January First."


We return from our Thanksgiving break re-energized. We start off with Bridgetta's adventures in Florida. We talk to theater and TV star Judy Norton, best known for her role as Mary Ellen on the hit show "The Waltons." Hear about her career and what she's doing now. Alas, we forgot to ask her about her Playboy spread. Damn! The young star of "Two and A Half Men" Angus Jones badmouths his show on video. Is Schizophrenia actually a connection to another dimension?


We're getting ready for a little vacation, and Bridgetta has Florida on her mind. We speak with Melinda Minton who wrote the book "Raw: Extreme Living" about her adventures in the wild. She has a fascinating story. New video games are coming out for the holidays. We speak to Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain about their incredible nature reatreat in Vermont.


Learning to live without a care and not giving a damn. Bridgetta isn't concerned about what people think. Men should be confident on the dance floor to attract women. We speak to Jeff Ullman, the World's Greatest Matchmaker, about the challenges of dating today. Jeff was the founder of "Great Expectations" video dating service. Hear what he says about how we mess up marriages. Meeting is easy. Staying together is what's difficult.


On the East Coast thousands are still without power after Superstorm Sandy. Bridgetta goes to a spiritual gathering and runs into paranormal stuff. General David Petraeus gets into hot water and admits an affair. Sam has a theory on why powerful, smart men cheat.


It's Veterans Day but we are clueless. When video games make you want to beat up people. Chicks that race cars. We speak with Tiffany Wright, The Skinny Coach, about how she lost a lot of weight avoiding sugar and flour. Check out the advice from someone who has done it. A message to thos addicted to soda.


Today we are joined in the studio by Dr. Dain Heer, a chiropractor who has become a life coach and wrote the book "Being You: Changing the World." Learn how Dain has turned childhood abuse into a winning life strategy.


A rainy morning in LA and we're pumped. Today we talk about dinosaurs with Justin Hall, a paleantologist and scientist who digs up their bones and studies their nature. You'll hear some fascinating facts about these intriguing creatures.


A day after the elections and we're discussing a sensitive but important topic: Child sex slavery. We're joined in the studio by Lindsay McGrail and Stephanie McNeal about Love Never Fails, an organization that helps fight this unspeakable crime, rampant around the world and in the U.S. An emotional show.


We spend the show talking about wine with our guest Tyler of Second Glass. His company organizes large tasting events, one of which is taking place this weekend in LA. We discuss "Wine Riot" and learn a host of interesting facts about the drink.


Weekend stories and a little football. We are joined in the studio by Marcy Miller, author of "Rebooting in Beverly Hills", a witty memoir of failed marriages and the journey to personal freedom. Find out what dating is like for those over 50 and how to become less dependent on a man. A very entertaining show.


Discover the secret about...fudge. How about "crack cookies?" Riding motorcycles and driving boats. A lesson on not caring what people think. We are joined in the studio by Shamanic healer and artist Jan Zoya. Listen to her interesting story on how she discovered her hidden abilities.


We get a recap of the West Hollywood Halloween parade when Bridgetta hits the streets. We speak to Talia and Val of Three Day Rule, an exclusive matching website that selects its applicants carefully.

October 2012


Halloween! Bridgetta has a frustrating experience at Knott's Scary Farm last night. We speak to comedian Tom Kotter, who was a runner-up on America's Got Talent, and is now fronting a show on the road. The specifics of artificial spray tan. Learn about the Halloween parade in gay West Hollywood. Disney buys the rights to the Star Wars films.


The Northeast gets hit by tropical storm Sandy. We are joined in the studio by Live LA Saturday Night host David Hernandez who is campaigning for his run for Congress. David is a man with integrity and you should consider him when casting your vote on election day. Bridgetta walks in late and in a bitchy mood. Find out about her miserable morning. We also speak to Chrystal Rose about her book "Unfaithfully Yours" and how she used to cheat in each of her relationships


A storm is brewing on the East Coast and Hawaii narrowly dodges a tsunami. We speak to author Karen Blaine about her book "Subconsciously Speaking" and about how to improve your life with hypnotherapy. More about why Sam did not get on a trike at the Harley Davidson demo. Bridgetta's business dream. She tells about the Playboy party she attended.


Are we finally closing the chapter on Bridgetta's relationship? It sounds like it. But new doors are opening. With the elections coming up, California doesn't really count. At least we have medical Marijuana here. The problems returning troops encounter back in society. Are the Republicans killing their chances with those idiotic rape remarks? Apple's cool factor makes people do crazy things. The risk Microsoft is taking with its Windows 8 and new Slate tablet. The Statue of Liberty is reopened after renovation.


We're getting some feedback on Bridgetta's abilities to heal. We are joined in the studio by Harley Davidson expert Jim Forman of Westminster Harley Davidson, who promotes their weekend event where Bridgetta is going to be featured. We find out even more about the legendary motorcycle and how to choose one. Later, we are joined by Art Torres, a real bounty hunter.


More healing stories. Halloween parties. A shooting in Wisconsin. Getting arrested. Lance Armstrong is banned from sports for life. Could you cheat in order to win? The problem with weather forcasters. Traffic like LA's reduces the quality of life. Halloween at the Playboy mansion. Apple introduces the iPad Mini. Do we really need it? Popular TV shows.


On Hump Day Bridgetta wants to be humped. A crazy dream is analyzed. A business dream is layed out for us. We speak to Mo Stegall, who is an expert on relationships. He wrote a book "From the Hands of Delilah to the Arms of Samson" claiming that men are responsible for most relationship woes. The problem with online dating.


Stories of accupuncture. The Damsel in Distress syndrome. When people suck face in your ear. The scary price of drinks. Love Commandos in India. Sex video is not wise. We're joined in the studio by Oscar of Glendale Harley Davidson to discuss the Love Ride he organizes. We find out everything we wanted to know about Halrey motorcycles.


A weekend of healing has transformed Bridgetta, but she still feels there is unfinished business. We speak to author William Mann about his new Barbra Streissand biography, "Hello, Gorgeous." The space shuttle Endeavour makes its way to its final destination through LA streets. Political posts on Facebook can lead to animosity.


Sam tells about his appearance on a panel at a talk radio conference. We are joined by healer Zarathustra and learn about spiritual practices, healing and everything related, just the way Bridgetta likes it. Learn about the 5th Dimension and quantum healing.


More relationship tribulations. We are joined in the studio by Christie Stevens, a cute porn star who is a lot of fun, a California native with the innocence of the girl-next-door. And she's smart, too! We find out more about the inner workings of the industry. So how does a girl from a well-off family end up in porn?


Spriitually charged, Bridgetta tells about her weekend among equals and magical healing. Jerry Sandusky gets 30 years in jail. We talk to Jennifer of Knotts Scary Farm about their Halloween events. A man is about to parachute from 128,000 feet and reach the speed of sound during his freefall. A mother glues her little daughter to a wall.


After her turtle gets thrown away, Bridgetta flips out and goes nuts. Halloween and horror nights. Today we are joined in the studio by Guy Talk Radio host Joey Olson and adult film star Brandy Aniston for an entertaining and sexy morning. Listen to Brandy's story and learn about life as a porn star. She feels if you don't do real hardcore, it's not porn.


Bad news continues to follow Bridgetta as she gets into a car accident. We speak to Dr. Hall of Pillo 1 about his innovative pillow. Is everybody in Hollywood rich? Think again. We briefly review the presidential debate. Apple apologizes for its flawed maps app.


What a way for a morning to start. We both are challenged as we try to put a show together. But this turned out to be an incredible show with two special guests, the stars of "Big Brother 13" Porsche Briggs and winner Rachel Reilly. Rachel arrives late with her large dog in tow, and the show is increasingly funny.


For the first time, Sam goes to a Dodger game and gets invited to a VIP suite. Bridgetta has a thing or two to say about Dodger Stadium. We are joined in the studio by sexy fetish star Larkin Love and discover how her career has progressed since she was on the show a year and a half ago. Find about things like "Small Penis Humiliation" and the wild side of fetish sex.


New hair color for Bridgetta as she goes red. The drama continues in her personal life and she feels beat up. So we analyze her struggling relationship. We speak to Debbie Durkin about her talent agency and learn about the entertainment business and product placement. More about celebrity gifting suites. Arnold Schwartzenegger is all over the media promoting his new autobiography.


After a week off, Bridgetta returns to tell us about her Harley riding accident, in which she broke her ankle. Costume talk as we get closer to Halloween. Sam brings up geniune lesbian sex as oppose to acting. A Hong Kong father will pay a lot of money to the person who would marry his gay daughter. Social media involves a lot of bullshit. We remind you to visit our Facebook page and see pictures of our guests as well as announcements and links.

September 2012


We are joined in the studio by writer Rich Tola and discuss his new book, which chronicles his life and his move from Wall Street to Hollywood.


Today we are joined by porn star Alia Janine, who tells us about her road into porn from a small town in Wisconsin. Not only does she sport an FF bust, but she's smart too!


Our studio guest is missing in action. Bridgetta is going to an Emmy gifting suite and Sam is curious. Different behaviors on Facebook. Relationship growing pains are causing turmoil. Lindsey Lohan hits a pedestrian and drives on. Spanking children can be a mistake. India is having a problem with public defecation. How can you get fat in prison?


Tuesday morning football. Romney is caught on tape commenting on Obama followers, which involves 47% of something. Did he make a mistake? Sam is irritated with the redesign of USA Today. New judges on familiar music competition shows. The problem with labor unions. A teacher breasfeeds her baby in class.


iPads, clouds, and other tech stuff. Some new names for the penis, such as "DNA Rifle." A lot of sex talk after Bridgetta attends a Pleasure Chest party. Sexual domination: is it your flavor? Topless pictures of Kate Middelton surface.


When you burn the shit out of your breast in the morning, what can you expect your day to be like? Sam is questiioning Bridgetta's sanity in going on a pathetic local TV show with Kato Kaelin. We welcome fledgling porn star Teal Conrad to the studio and find out how an 18-year-old goes from the girl-next-door to a horny sex performer.


When men get distracted by pretty women. Some may even crash their cars looking. Bridgetta thinks she should stay single when she's stressed with her relationship. Is she ready to do what it takes? We talk to Ken Weelan about Santa Moncia's "Give Back Day." The U.S. embassies are being attacked in the Middle East. A man kills the woman that gave him HIV. Are sharks mammals?


The day that has changed our lives forever. We remember where we were when the U.S. came under attack on that fateful morning in 2001. Next we move to football and cover the first weekend. More Bridgetta stories from the bar, then more relationship difficulties. How will she do on a TV show she will guest on tomorrow with the infamous Kato Kaelin? The iPhone 5 is coming.


Our musical tastes couldn't be more different bur we have a big star on the show this morning. We speak to musical star Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles about her amazing career and her new solo album. Find out the amazing story of how The Bangels was started in LA.


More football talk to start off the morning. What's the story with the Cleveland Browns? The job outlook is dim according to new reports. Different sex pursuits in the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey. The Pentagon is trying to stop the publishing of a new book that reveals the attack on Osama Bin-Laden.


The neighbors wake up Bridgetta banging on the walls early in the morning. And she is irritated. Sam is getting tired of negativity when politics is discussed on Facebook. We reminisce about Clinton's era. We speak to Boo Friedman of Sportie LA about the upcoming FAME event on Melrose Avenue. McDonald's is opening up vegetarian restaurants in India. Can you lose fat by being connected to a machine?


Going to the beach cost Sam $80 and he's pissed. Bridgetta gets caught up in a situation with a DJ. We analyze a relationship. How men think. The NFL season starts and we talk football. Will LA ever get another football team? Bridgetta appears on huge posters in Harley Davidson stores.

August 2012


Technological challenges ensue for Sam, so he now preaches about data backup. Are extended warranties worth the money? We play the Clint Eastwood clip from his speech at the RNC and outtakes from Mitt Romney's speech. Bridgetta goes off about some NFL fans. More politics, in the spirit of the upcoming elections. Polyamourous, as opposed to polygamy. Swinging lifestyle.


Paying it forward as a way to fight bullying? With the Republican National Convention going strong in Tampa, we talk politics. Listen to what sexologist Dr. Ruth has to say about a woman's need to show her lover how to satisfy her. We talk to Anthony "Sully" Sullivan, a famous pitchman who was featured in some famous infomercials.


Breathalyzers on cellphones to lock your phone so you can't text drunk? A discussion on jealousy. Women in Africa have declared a sex strike. Sam deletes haters on Facebook and finds relief. Our scheduled guest does not call in and we get irritated. Fifty Shades of Grey. The Amanda Knox murder case is on Sam's mind as he reads the new book about the American college girl accused of murder in Italy. Apple wins its case against Samsung.


There is thought behind dressing in a certain way, and Bridgetta explains hers. Tropical storm Isaac is wreaking havoc in the South East. We are joined in the studio by Bridgetta's friend Becky Simmons and learn about her plans to move to LA.


Adventures from Bridgetta's weekend, and the difference between East and West Coast. When women pee outdoors. We are joined by the German musical duo "JOHNA", Nadine and Kolje for a fun morning. Listen to their experience touring the West Coast.


Tampa is an odd choice for the Republican National Convention, since it is the lapdance capital. Why has Bridgetta been to strip clubs? The porn industry is shut down because of a Syphilis scare. We speak to Troy of EcoPlanet Bamboo about providing an alternative to cutting down trees. Next we speak to TV star Dennis Franz ("NYPD Blue") about his career and his project "The Design House & Gardens." The upcoming election and its implications.


Find out how to gain energy in the morning, provided you like rigorous workouts and Eminem music. Prince Harry in the nude photos were taken in Vegas. We talk to Lance Manion who is funny but doesn't have a specific angle. So we fish for things to talk about, which is pretty funny. The date is near when the City of Los Angeles closes down all dispensaries. Should circumcision be outlawed? Breastfeeding laws in NYC? How prevalent is sexting?


Someone realizes they have serious commitment issues. Find out who and why. We speak to Cheryl of WineAway, a company that makes stain removers that tackle wine stains. The NFL season is starting soon. Bottled water taste tests. Sam prefers Diet Coke.


A dirty proposition takes Bridgetta by surprise but she is not biting. Would she ever pose for Playboy? Sam reflects on his role as a father as his kids turn older. When parents get high with their grown children. Going to the gym is not for everyone. The controversy over the "legitimate rape" statement of Rep. Akin. We discuss abortion and its implications. Director Tony Scott jumps off a bridge.


An innovative idea for a website. Dating sites: do they work? Speed dating. We speak to the Kings of Swag, who are busy organizing gifting suites for upcoming events. Tattoos and piercings: how old should you be? Teens are engaging in less oral sex. The Russian rock group Pussy Riot is jailed for ridiculing Putin.


The guest is running late and Sam is not sure whether to get pissed yet. "Who the hell is Paul Ryan?" Bridgetta asks. Are you better off than you were four years ago? Hear what we have to say. The mobile revolution and the end of paper as we know it. Should employers be allowed to ask for Facebook passwords? We are finally joined in the studio by Israeli-American singer Hayla, who is not only fun but sings great.


After a tearful weekend, Bridgetta has changed her path. Trusting people. Bridgetta goes on a bounty with our former guest Art Torres. We speak Peter McCarthy who wrote "Adrenaline Nation." Find out how about the state of stress in the this country. What to do when all else fails. Pre-election discussion.


Adventures at the beach. And perhaps more adventures by the pool in Vegas. Bridgetta appears to be extra horny this morning. We are joined by famous male porn star Lexington Steele, who tells us what it's like to be the proud owner of an oversized member. Hear about the porn industry from a male perspective. Lexington hosts Size Matters Radio on this station.


A/C problems during the insane heat outside. Sam sees a nip slip on a Facebook photo of Bridgetta. Hear her describe the circumstances. We are joined in the studio by Ayurveda specialist Stacey Wiren and learn about this spiritual lifestyle.


Is Mercury Retrograde for real? Sam thinks it's bullshit and claims to have had the best couple of weeks. We are joined by Dr. Eric Pearl who is a world-renown healer who wrote "The Reconnection." Find out about his life and how he became able to heal.


Full-moon hikes can get weird. Sam tells of a near tragedy at the beach. We are joined in the studio by the friend of the show Joey Olson who hosts Guy Talk Radio on our station. It's always fun when Joey is in, and we have a lively, funny show.


The spread of Ebola in Africa is frightening. A "Kiss Day" is organized to protest Chick Fil-A restaurants. Do boys grow up faster when they join the military? We talk to Holly Reville of Gratiae, an anti-aging skincare line made from minerals from Israel. Mitt Romney promises to create 12 million jobs in four years. USPS is hurting financially and closing down offices. LA City Council votes to shut down dispensaries in the city.


Not only does Mercury cause problems, now the full moon is dangerous. Is it true what they say about the moon? We talk to Rachel Ginther, who lives on a farm and makes herbal products. The controversy of Chic Fil-A and its CEO's remark about same-sex marriage. Apple is suing Samsung over theft of iPhone features. The Hollywood affair of the week.


Does Mercury Retrograde affect you? That depends on who you are! Police speed traps now use laser, which makes radar dectectors obsolete. Scandal at the Olympics. We are joined in the studio by Howard Leonhardt who plans to run for governor of California. He is also a successful inventor who is now active in helping businesses.

July 2012


We are back from vacaction and Bridgetta tells about her Mexico trip, which was filled with hassles. Listen to the story of her dune buggying and learn what not to do in the desert. We recall the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics. Our first chance to discuss the Colorado shootings. We are joined briefly by Logan Clark, an international detective, who is full of fascinating stories. Hear the shocking statistics about sex slavery in the US. Logan is crowd-sourcing his new project "The Teardrop Tree."


Sam is joined by host Ethan Dettenmaier of Combat Radio for discussions on the Penn State sanctions and other issues. We talk to bestselling author, James Rollins, about his new thriller, "Bloodline," a tightly-weaved story that mixes history and science to answer the question of immortality.


The show starts without Bridgetta, but we are joined by her friend Dennis Luciani, who is an actor that has also starred in the reality show "Average Joe."


We begin with a story about weed. We are joined in the studio by the star of the new Discovery Channel show "Bounty Wars", Art Torres, for a very entertaining show. We learn about chasing down fugitives and other adventures.


While the rest of the country is sweltering we are having awesome weather. Sylvester Stallone's 36-year-old son died Friday. Is it easier or harder to have famous parents? The Olympics are right around the corner. Find out why Sam loves the Games and why Bridgetta doesn't. We speak to author Kimberley Johnson about the cause she is promoting, "Rock the Slut Vote," which aims to give a greater voice for women. We talk about some recent movies we enjoyed.


It's Friday the 13th but we're feeling lucky. Mercury goes into retrograde. Again? A White House astrologer? We get into politics and Obamacare. We speak to Michelle and Jennifer from NYC about "Get Your Voice On", an event that brings people together to speak up, and which is a celebration of women. Sam confesses he bought a Kindle, after he had been advocating for real books. Find out why.


Back from vacation we are not really rested but had a good time. We tell some vacation stories and are then joined by Mike, Shay, and Christian, members of the rock group Love Darling. We play their music and find out how they got together and how they collaborate.

June 2012


Today we're planning our vacation. There are so many reality shows! Sam doesn't have patience for handy work. Legoland is a cool place for adults as well as kids. Girls dating girls. bridgetta surprisingly reveals she's actually a loner. We take a call from BBQ Central host Greg Rempe who gives us valuable tips on successful holiday grilling and BBQ. Kelly Osbourne is seen getting drunk on a plane, which is a shocker considering she's been battling alcoholism.


Vision issues and contact lenses. With Fourth of July coming up, we talk about fireworks and the upcoming vacation. Circumcision is outlawed in Germany. We are joined in the studio by Bridgetta's friend Christina Dam, who is a hot healer and a medium. Christina is collecting votes to qualify her business for a grant. Toward the end of the show, we discover Bridgetta and Christina have carried on more than a friendship!


Find out why Bridgetta feels bugs are crawling up her dress. When women battle eating disorders. Is it true that many women get fat after they get married? The way we eat. Great beaches around the country and around the world.


The entire country is sweltering but we have excellent weather. Jenny McCarthy is back in Playboy. Find out who else posed at a later age. A child prostituition ring is busted. The Octomom is back in the news with a masturbation tape. Facebook stories. Were the Founding Fathers into God? Are Mac users more willing to spend more money on hotels? Find out what Orbitz is saying.


Complaining about California weather? Admittedly, our beaches suck. Bad girls and what they're about. Listen to the woman who claims she "borrows husbands." We delve into the topic of extramarital relationship. We talk to Dr. Carole Lieberman about her book "Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them..." Bridgetta identifies herself in some of the bad-girl examples Carole brings up.


Hear about Bridgetta's new pilot, which involves pools of spaghetti, etc. The people on Facebook who always give advice and inspirations. People that check in to places with apps. Who is Jerry Sandusky? Bridgetta forgets for a brief moment. Johnny Depp breaks up. The swinging lifestyle and what it does to relationships.


We return after a few days off. Bridgetta injured herself doing bootcamp. Learn about Reiki and it works. Sam remains skeptical but seems curious about all this spiritual stuff. Sam spends the weekend in Vegas. The erotic novels of Fifity Shades of Grey sweep the country. Tom Cruise in a musical? How girls get into porn. We talk to Jeffery Michelson about his spicy book "Laura Meets Jeffery."


Despite abundant roadwork during rush hour, we make it in time for the show. A father kills a man caught raping his daughter. A shocking statistic about females and molestations. Ironically, the Sandusky sex abuse trial begins. We talk to Lisa Foster about the plastic bag ban in LA and its rampifications. Lisa carries a line of bags to replace plastic.


More psychic readings for Bridgetta make her totally confused, it seems. Are women in general more bisexual than men? The influx of Lesbian-themed TV shows. The promiscuity of gay men. Crazy dating apps. Madonna exposes her nipple during a concert in Turkey. Madonna accuses Lady Gaga of ripping off her song. Do you think the two songs sound alike? Naming your genitals. The book craze that's sweeping America: "Fifty Shades of Grey."


Sam's head spins from all the angel talk Bridgetta brings up. At least the angels had some helpful things to say. It's all about focus. Is she getting too spiritual for her own good? We are joined in the studio by Yoga teacher Mas Vidal. We learn a lot about yoga, healing, spirtuality, etc. Sam voices his growing concern about troops returning home and getting lost in society.


We talk to former porn star and Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson about her escapades and how she moved to LA as a young Indiana girl to discover porn. You can now talk to Bree directly by using the service she is a spokesperson for, Verified Call.


In Canada they're still seeing body parts shipped to public offices. The dilemma with rescuing an injured stranger. We speak to coach and author Tina Marie Jones who launches a program and a trilogy entitled "Hi Sexy." Bridgetta teaches us about Reiki and healing. Charlie Sheen is on the cover of Rolling Stone with a cigarette dangling from his lips. Bridgetta finds it difficlut to book commercials because of her past work.


Original ways to heal yourself, and how to get undrunk. Why do people get so drunk and behave like fools? Yoga and losing weight. When you run a marathon and die. Cycling. Hugh Hefner's runaway bride is back in his arms. New summer movies. Bath salts are being used to get high and screw people up.


After spending time at the MTV Movie Awards gifting suites, Bridgetta is all partied out but is pleased with all the free stuff she got. The economy is tanking again after optimism in the past few months. We are joined in the studio by Diana Smith of Complete Trinity Colon Hydrotherapy to discuss colonics and keeping your intestines clean.

May 2012


The importance of staying fit in the summer. What happens when a woman drinks a male-enhancement beverage? We talk to Emily Andrews, who shares guidance with angels. Bridgetta met her in Florida and feels Emily is very talented. Check out her book "Connecting with Your Angels." NY mayor Bloomberg wants to ban large soda drinks. Sam is furious over government involvement.


Losing her voice over a Vegas weekend, Bridgetta lives to tell about it. We talk to the Kings of Swag, AKA the WOW Brothers, about their gifting suites for the MTV Movie Awards, and their upcoming appearance on "Storage Wars." We then talk to Anne Marie Chiasson of, who markets shirts that provide energy healing. How to beat the bordeom while working out.


It's frustratingly expensive to travel on the holidays, but we're looking forward to a long weekend. Sam is planning his workout schedule. The case for backing up your computer. Vacationing in Mexico. Taking a cruise is a great way to travel. Flying small planes. Facebook's lousy IPO has lost people money. We talk about angels with psychic-medium Sunny Dawn Johnston, who wrote "Invoking The Archangels." Sam is being skeptical, of course, but Bridgetta has evidence. A very interesting discussion about religion, nature and morality.


After a few days in NYC, Bridgetta comes back and tells about her trip. Sam has finally joined a gym after talking about it for a long time. Will he actually go? Find out more about Bridgetta's health drink that looks like mud. We bring up porn star Lexington Steele, who is famous for his anatomy, and who is hosting his own show on LA Talk Radio. Do men view their penis as a weapon?


We start off with silly talk and some nonsensical stuff. A new website impresses Bridgetta. Facebook launches its IPO today and fizzles later in the day. We talk to David Nadham, who predicts earthquakes based on geological phenomena like ocean tides. THe end of the world? Another tragedy hits the Kennedy family. Is there a conspiracy? Does Obama have a gay lover? Voodoo.


The misconception about hard nipples. We discuss yesterday's guest and his tales of life in the mob. We are joined by James, who makes and sells edibles to dispensaries. We discuss marijuana for medical and recreational use.


We start off with Bridgetta's rants about her gym. We are joined in the studio by Kenji Gallo, a former mobster that turned informant. You're going to be floored by his story. Drug dealing, porn and all the good stuff. Read Kenji's book "Breakshot."


The Shakti Fest, a spiritual yoga and meditation gathering took place over the weekend and Bridgetta tells of her experience. It wasn't all pleasant...We are joined in the studio by singer songwriter Brittney Bouchard for a very fun show.


Saving a dog this morning makes Bridgetta late for the show. We are joined in the studio by Steve Owens, a young-looking amazing magician who is making his way up. Steve tells us about magic and famous magicians, and of course does some breathtaking tricks for us.


It's Sam's birthday, but Bridgetta puts him on the spot about B-Day sex. There's a theory around the 2012 London Olympics. Find out what it's about. Do you respond to every birthday wish on Facebook? We are joined by UFO expert Stephen Bassett, who is a political advocate working to address the ET issue politically. Fascinating stuff about government and media cover-ups.


Tomorrow is Sam's birthday, but he doesn't want any presents. Bridgetta saw the Avengers, which is looking like the biggest film of all time. Comic book discussion. Two separate men are accusing John Travolta of sexual battery. Bridgetta is certain he is bisexual. In the studio we are joined by Dr. Theo Kousouli, a chiropactor and healer. We learn a lot about the nervous system and the holistic approach he takes to health.


We talk to Sridhar Silberfein, the organizer of the Shakti Fest, a spiritual get together in Joshua Tree for yogis and their followers. A new "Tan Mom" action figure is being sold online. This woman, who would take her daughter in the tanning room with her, has caused a stir in the news. We also talk to Liberty Larson, whose family founded the Magic Castle, a mecca for magicians and magic lovers. The Castle celebrates women magicians this week.


Big career plans for Bridgetta. We are joined in the studio by spiritual healer Gail Thackray. Gail holds Reiki and healing classes. Listen to how Gail moved from England to LA and found her calling after dabbling in movies and modeling. Gail tries to make Sam overcome his use of glasses but it doesn't work. Gail tells us about the famous healer "John of God."


The mother that took her daughter into a tanning booth creates controversy and may face time in jail. We are joined by Kristine Ovsepian, a hypnotherapist and healer that found her calling after pursuing other careers.


The loss of a necklace stresses Bridgetta out. We are joined in the studio by Lucia, host of The Art of Love and relationship expert. Lucia is a self-described Cougar and she tells us all we want to know about older women and sex. What are some dating mistakes? Lucia has the answers.


It rains only on Bridgetta's house. Ashton Kutcher gets $700 grand per episode for Two and A Half Men. We play the Akinator again. Octomom is talking about doing porn to support her family. Things you can do with a stretched out vagina. The problem with cheating and how to break up the right way. Using men for sex when you've been hurt by them.


We hear more of Bridgetta's shenanigans. Was she attacked by an Incubus? We are joined by Tom Adams of Krome Vodka. Learn about the process of making vodka and other spirits.

April 2012


Looking for a new roommate involves going through many people. Doing too many things at once can be overwhelming. Bridgetta meets the mayor at an event over the weekend. When you don't move your bowels for days. We introduce the "Akinator" app, which is a cool game, and we get a little history lesson. Going dining by yourself.


A good trick to get away with driving alone in the car pool lane. Cool places to see in LA. Two new football teams for LA? We don't even have one! Different types of friends, and ones that disappoint. Google pulls out an Easter Egg. Celebrity cosplay? Being nostalgic about video games. Distractions while driving. Which is legal and which is OK?


Wine tasting can be an adventure. Sam introduces the hugely popular app "The Ugly Meter" and evaluates Bridgetta's face, albeit not so great score. We receive a call from the host of Cannabis Nation Mike Boutin and discuss Marijuana laws with him. Find out why weed is safer than alcohol. Listen to Bridgetta's story of international intrigue.


Soccer proves challenging for Bridgetta as she plays for the first time. We are joined by Laura Nickerson and Lauren Kelly, hosts of Broad Topics for a very funny show.


A lesson to start off the week: get your brakes fixed if they get noisy. Bridgetta didn't. Long-distance relationships; do they work? Adam Kornblum calls in about "Who's Got Game?" a board game he designed with pickup artist Neil Strauss. Drawing sex pictures. A discussion of the Marijuana laws.


Without Bridgetta in the studio, Sam welcomes author Mark Haskell Smith to talk about his book "Heart of Dankness" which discusses the Marijuana industry. On this day, known as "420," we touch on every aspect of medical Marijuana, growers, users and activists. What is the likelihood that the plant will become legalized?


We start off with a call from host Max Tucci who is promoting a charity, SOS Children's Village. Check it out and help out. We are joined by famous director James Cameron's brother, John Cameron, who is promoting his e-cigarette The Safe Cig, which he claims can save millions of lives. We spend the show discussing smoking and innovation.


Tax Day follows the weekend of Reality Rally in which Bridgetta took part. We are joined in the studio by LA Talk Radio host Anthony Smith of Trending Topics, a comedian you'll agree is very funny. The conversation gets pretty hot at times.


Sam is baffled by Bridgetta's mixed messages, after she spots two hot guys, right after she spent an hour on the show pontificating about how looks don't matter. This is funny stuff! The reality Rally is coming up this weekend and Bridgetta predicts there'll be a lot of screwing going on. We are joined by Kimberly Dreidger of "Kim Does Vegas." Her website offers great deals on Vegas vacation.


A rainy day in LA and everyone is driving like crazy. Rick Santorum drops out of the race. We are joined in the studio by JT, a rocket scientist who became a pickup artist, and Sarah, who works with JT as a "wingwoman." Learn about what our guests have learned about picking up women and dating successfully.


We're a few days before Tax Day and we talk taxes. Parking tickets are bombarding Bridgetta. We talk to actor/director Cliffton Collins, who discusses a new video music he directed with Slash. The video aims to help homeless kids in LA. National healthcare is still controversial. Millionaire Matchmaker.


We're back from vacation, and we tell of our experiences in Israel and Florida, respectively. Bridgetta joins a Sugar Daddy website but not for the reason you think. She feels if she changes her energies, she'll find Mr. Right. When friends sleep with friends. Photographing tattoos requires a release from the artist?

March 2012


We're getting ready for our vacation and we talk about cool places, like South Africa. Flying is not as fun as it used to be. Sam's story of his near-death experience, and other flying experiences. Whitney Houston's autopsy results are released. Haunted hotels? Bridgetta thinks so. The Hunger Games film gets lots of hype. Copyrighting tattoos. Employers are asking job applicants for their Facebook passwords.


We start off with a funny call from LA Talk Radio host Greg Rempe from Cleveland. Greg has hosted his BBQ show for four years, and explains what he has to talk about for so long. Bridgetta tells us about her naked shoot with David Duchovny on Californication. We talk to Rose Marie Boyd, an author from Arizona who wrote a novel on American-Italian families "The Spaghetti Set." Reality shows and the upcoming "Reality Run" that gathers dozens of contestants.


The muddy drink Bridgetta drinks every morning looks disgusting but she says it's good for her. In Hollywood you can watch shows in a cemetery. We are joined by Shirley and Brian who are "Card-Counting Christians." Their story is fascinating and they tell about how they stuck it to the casinos. They document their experiences in their movie "Holy Rollers."


Is Mercury in Retrograde screwing up Bridgettta's life? Perhaps it's making her seek psychic assistance. How to change a habit. We talk to psychic Medium Michael Mapes about his abilities and work. The difference between alcohol and weed.


We are joined in the studio by adult-film star Gen Padova, who proves to be smart, beautiful and fun-loving. Find out how an innocent, inexperienced virgin winds up as a sexual goddess who is the object of many men's fantasies.


The terrible week Bridgetta has been having comes to a head this morning. Listen to the traumatic experience she went through right before the show. We talk to Aaron Smith, who is known as The Craigslist Conqueror and who wrote a book about how to get laid using Craigslist. As you'll see, Aaron has analyzed the website and learned all the tricks to cut through the spam and actually meet real women.


The week keeps getting worse for Bridgetta. We somehow wind up talking about breast cancer. We speak to author Shaun Webb about his books, which deal with disturbing and sensitive subjects. We learn about the process of writing a book, and hear about Shaun's difficult experiences.


A terrbile day for Bridgetta yesterday, and we get to hear about it. Sam tries to explain how she should deal with adversity. We are joined by Lou Pizzaro, who stars in Operation Repo, a reality show that highlights reposessions of cars, and his friend Randy.


It's a "proven" fact that a sneeze is 1/8 of an orgasm. Bridgetta is accused by her neighbors of throwing shit into their yard. Can men and women be friends? Scott Levitan of Google calls to discuss his program "California Get Your Business Online," where his company and its partners offer small business build an online presence for free! Are you good at the silent treatment? We both are.


Are solar storms threatening Earth? Is the end of the world coming? Bridgetta thinks so. We speak to psychic Sherrie Dillard about her super abilities. A little situation ensues when Bridgetta feels Sam cut off the guest just as it was getting good. Listen to the drama in Bridgetta's house. Aren't you glad you don't have roommates?


Dressed to kill, Bridgetta is going on a callback for a Harley Davidson project. Leather, stilletos, the works. A girl she has the hots for apparently listens to the show, and Bridgetta gets embarrassed when she realizes the girl knows she likes her. We are joined in the studio by Bridgetta's friend Nuzzy.


We are joined by Marlene, Jessica and Chris of the Alliance for Children's Rights. Learn about how they help underprivileged children and hear Jessica's heartbreaking story of survival and triumph.


Sam comes back from Vegas with absolutely no hot stories. We are joined by LA Talk Radio hosts of Jackson Truth Radio Siggy Jackson and Peter Marine for a very funny morning. Siggy grew up in the famous Jackson family and has many stories.


Getting up early. Lady Luck schemes in Las Vegas are something Bridgetta is familiar with. We speak to Melissa Braverman, a blogger who is looking to go on as many dates as possible. Find out about her adventures on the dating scenes and check out her blog Single Gal in the City. Do single people have more fun? Sam finally watches Bridgetta's appearance on Californication. She recalls the experience.


Public transporation in LA is pathetic. Bridgetta refuses to get on the bus to get her car from being impounded, so she walks for miles. More about the stalker. We are joined in the studio by actress Kate Linder, who is a star on The Young & The Restless. After 30 years on the successful soap opera, Kate received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A deep discussion on unions.

February 2012


It's Leap Day and some people are happy to be able to celebrate their 2/29 birthday. Daylight Saving Time: why do we need the hassle? We explain. Romney wins in Michigan and Arizona. We discuss Obama's track record. We speak to Lori Deschne of Tiny Buddha about her hugely successful blog and large Twitter following. The saga of Bridgetta's stalker continues.


Is there anything worthwhile to watch on TV? When you get bored easily. Finding spirituality and creating inner peace. We speak to Dennis Luciani who was an "Average Joe" on the short-lived reality show. When life puts you in your place. The new lineup of celebrities is announced for DWTS.


Healers who perform miracles. Bridgetta takes advantage of the Pre-Oscar gifting lounges. The stalker shows up again! The Academy Awards show review. How do Hollywood women get back in shape after pregnancy? Playing doctor in childhood.


Both of us are impatient in traffic. Bridgetta makes off with many free gifts from all those Oscar gifting lounges. When people lie. When older men hang out in clubs. Is that creepy? Online dating is not for everyone. The problem with celebrity relationships. Prices of gas are skyrocketing. Bridgetta predicts the end of the world.


After only two days, Bridgetta raised the $1,000 she needs for her charity. We spend an hour with artist Anji Craun, learn about her art and discuss various topics.


Someone needs money and knows how to get it. Bridgetta raises funds for charity and plans to run a marathon for support. We give our Oscar predictions. We talk to the owner of fashion company Atria owner Fred Masjedi about his incredible line of affordable glamorous gown. When friends have sex. Learning silent treatment at a young age. Find out about Bridgetta's taste in women.


Find out about Bridgetta's magic concoction. She recollects the events of last night, when she felt she was being stalked. We are joined by Matt and Mark Harris, twins who call themselves "Kings of Swag." The brothers organize pre-Oscar gifting lounges.


It's Presidents Day and no one is working, but we are here to entertain you. Bridgetta has figured out how to get everything for free. We are joined in the studio by LA Talk Radio host Joey Olson of Guy Talk Radio. What do guys talk about? What do women talk about? Dating and sex. Lots of it. Shaving down below.


No drinking for two weeks for Bridgetta. Can she do it? Sam's uncle dies and we discuss aging and dying. We are joined in the studio by our mutual friends, filmmakers David Tillman and Duane Journey. The guys tell us about the making and production of their new film, Black Forest: Hansel & Gretel and the 420 Witch. A pretty funny show.


We are joined by dance legend Debbie Allen in the studio. Debbie tells us about her childhood and how she's found success in dancing, including the popular "Fame." Debbie also discusses the cause she is promoting and introduced us to revolutionary pacemakers.


Valentine's Day and Bridgetta is throwing an Anti-Valentine's Day party. Last night, though, she went to a strip club. We are joined in the studio by dream expert Michael Lennox, who explains to us the mysteries of dreams, talks about being gay, and describes his work with psychotherapy.


A pre-Grammy event is organized for celebrities by Bridgetta over the weekend. We speak to author, pick-up artist Richard LaRuina about his new book, "The Natural: How to Effortlessly Attract The Women You Want." We learn some tips and discover new truths about dating. The rest of the show we talk about the art of approaching women.


On the possibility of a big earthquake in LA. Our subway system is small but cool. Where is the rain? Surfing and the ocean. When you have a terrible experience on a reality show. Sam figures out the best way to meet women! The highlights and disadvantages of owning a dog. Bridgetta's snake is 17 years old.


Valentine's Day is around the corner and we have our passionate opinions. We are joined in the studio by talent agent Phil Brock, who explains how Hollywood works, and reveals that people here are narcissistic.


We dedicate most of the show to dating and how men should approach women. First, we mention Rick Santorum's wins in 3 states, and debate whether Facebook should remove breastfeeding photos. The frustrating new design of Facebook pages. We talk to author Christie Hartman about her new book, "Changing Your Game: A Man's Guide to Success with Women." Find out effective ways to approach women.


Is karaoke different in LA, where everybody wants to be a singer? Learn what an Irish Car Bomb is. An LA elementary school fires its entire staff after allegations of child sex abuse. We are joined in the studio by Michael Earl who is a puppeteer that spent several years on Sesame Street. Learn about the fascinating world of working with puppets and marionettes. Check out his puppet school.


How we feel about Mondays. We inevitably talk about what everyone is talking about: The Superbowl and the commercials. Was Madonna lipsynching? Planning a family and the issue of intentional single-parenting. Unusual body treatments.


Find out what made Bridgetta cry. We devote most of the show to discussions of friendship. We talk to author Rachel Bertsche about her book "MWF SEEKING BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend." Find out how to make new friends as an adult.


It was party time last night when Bridgetta went on the Guy Talk Radio show, drinking away. Today we are joined in the studio by tattoo artist Niz Carillo and his friend Melissa, and we learn everything we wanted to know about inking. A very funny show.


February promises a lot of events this year. "Sould Train" host Don Cornelius is found dead. Our phone guest actor Rick Lenz tells us about some of the famous actors he has worked with, and his upcoming book, "North of Hollywood." Facebook is preparing its IPO.

January 2012


When you get drunk, you do crazy shit. Listen to what Bridgetta has done now with her phone. A discussion of marijuana ensues. What's your poison? Cocaine? We talk about that too. Meth? Bad. "No" means "Yes"? Find out who piloted a boat around NYC. The "Cameltoe" song focuses your visual on a woman's reproductive organ. We play the clip of Demi Moore calling 911.


We interview our phone guest Dawn Schiller about her ordeal with former porn king John Holmes. It's a terrifying story of a young girl who got involved with the wrong crowd. Her character was portrayed in the movie "Wonderland." Get her book "The Road Through Wonderland."


Another disasterous day for Bridgetta as the universe tries to tell her something. We are joined by members of the band Rapscallions and find out about their international success, living in Hollywood and meeting hot chicks.


Bridgetta shows up with a split upper lip and stitches after she gets clawed by a cat. The band Suddyn joins us in the studio for a fun morning. We play some of their music and have a lot of laughs.


We are joined in the studio by Ms. Texas 2012, Shanna Olson, who is actually from California. Find out why she finds it hard to meet good men in LA. Could it be all the dogs in her life?


Do you pull over when you get a flat tire? Bridgetta prefers not to and continues driving. Snow skiing stories. We receive a funny phone call from a woman who isn't sure whom she is calling. Disney now permits facial hair for its park employees. Where do women find men.


After a Ravens loss Bridgetta comes in bummed out and does not want to hear about it. She ends up deleting and blocking people who made comments on Facebook. Heidi Klum and Seal are splitting up. We are joined in the studio by Tiffany and Kate of Gorgeous Ladies of Production (G.L.O.P.) and talk about their unique calendar which they produce to raise funds for charity.


Sam has been raving about Maya Medical Center where he witnessed his wrinkles disappear, so we invited two women of the staff, Jessy and Jessica.


Bridgetta's sister Samantha joins us again and tells us about being a Team USA skater. Hauntings and ghosts. We also discover energy jewelry and find out about its power to bring on prosperity when we talk to Heather, founder of Energy Muse Jewelry.


Joining us today are Bridgetta's sister Samantha and photographer James O'Keefe for a fun morning.


Reality shows: Bridgetta knows all about them. We talk to Jenn Hoffman, who was a contestant on The Apprentice. Find out what it's like to be in front of the Donald.


We are joined in the studio by Joey Olson of LA Talk Radio's Guy Talk Radio. We drink "breakfast beer" that Joey brought in and have some great laughs.


NASCAR driver Kevin Conway joins us in the studio and tells us everything we ever wanted to know about car racing.


Fomer porn star Mary Carey tells us about her fasicnating life and her bid for governor of California.


Sam is shocked when Bridgetta describes her lyme disease, caused by a friggin' tick! That doesn't stop her from wanting her own organic cafe. Bridgetta arranges for Sam to get a full spa treatment at Maya Medical Center, and she tells about what to expect. Bridgetta is nominated as a favorite Californication girl. Vote for her here. Find out what magazines Bridgetta wants to be in. Secrets of the Playboy Mansion.


We are joined in the studio by famous MILF, adult film star Lisa Ann for a wildly sexual but enlightening conversation. Guess what city in the US is considered the "gayest." Lisa Ann is hosting the XBiz convention tonight. She is known as the star of the film "Nailin' Paylin," and has been in the industry for 20 years.


On Bridgetta's first official day as co-host, she is under the weather and feeling down after an unusual experience. Not only that, but she got a basketball in her face! But wait till you hear about finding her car locked in at a parking lot. NYC has an "underpants day." Boxers or briefs? Lingerie footbal League. We go on about football for a while.


The LA arsonist has been captured following over 50 fires over a few days. Beavis & Butthead return to TV. You shouldn't drink too much milk: find out why. Brigetta goes to see Boyz II Men at a private concert.


Bridgetta is back for another great show. The Iowa Caucuses results are in, and they are surprising. Michele Bachmann drops out of the race. Listen to the insane story Bridgetta has to tell about her birthday party. You won't believe your ears. We discuss fetishes and ponder the attraction of feet for some men. Reality shows and lingerie football.


I'm joined in the studio by Bridgetta Tomarchio for a very fun show. We find out about her adventures and experiences. Like when she danced with Brittney Spears or when she jumped off buildings and planes in NZ and Australia. Bridgetta happens to own a pet snake and nothing seems to faze her. And she loves to "plank." But wait till you find out what Bridgetta promotes on late-night TV.