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Kathy Lee Parker


Kathy Lee Parker she been broadcast LIVE every Wednesday since 2010.  It is heard throughout the USA, and into Canada, Europe as well as South America and Japan. The Kathy Lee Parker Show is broadcast LIVE from Los Angles.

While the show primarily spotlights conversations between its panelists, it also  regularly features interview segments with prominent figures, such as celebrities, politicians, business owners, and many others.

Kathy Lee Parker's success is in helping her guests bring the highest levels of business, entertainment & enlightenment to intrigue her listeners. Today's media advancements provide listeners and advertisers with more choices than ever before.    

Kathy believes in a more positive outlook on the airwaves. People will listen outside the box when it comes to her Guests.  “It's about being everywhere the people are and having a global internet radio show makes it easy for them to listen anytime”.

Jeremy Zon


Jeremy Zon has many years in the industry of Television and Radio, he has appeared as a extra on TV show Ever Wood and Day Time Show Studio C.  In Radio has years growing up as a Radio Talk Host in High School and College plus as a guest on many local stations through Utah.

Known for his writing Jeremy Zon is the author of Treat Her Right. Topics in this book Include: Roles of Men and Women, Families, Chivalry, Role Models, Social Media, What Women Don't Want, Listening to our Wives our Partners.

Jeremy Zon married to his wife Mindy and they have beautiful daughter.

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Wednesday 5:00PM - 5:59PM
Show Description: 
The show is all about how we see the world and how we have a connection with our culture, music, people, place and so much more..

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December 2018


Adrian Escalante grew up in Argentina watching his mother cook every meal from scratch using fresh and healthy ingredients.  From his mother he learn the art of home made pastas and from his father the techniques of open-fire grilling. He has been cooking lean and tasty meals for over 30 years now.  His style of cooking resembles a combination of flavors from Latin America and the Mediterranean Sea.

His company, Gaucho's BBQ & Catering, prepares and delivers delicious and healthy dishes to parties and events across the Wasatch Front and Park City. Some people have been lucky enough to have him in their homes as a personal Chef.  

November 2018


Tom Lambert is a Utah native. He is the current owner of a successful shop Shadetree Automotive in Layton, Utah that was started by his father in 1994. Tom has been working there from day 1. Started out as a helper in Junior high, a technician in High school, and a manager during college. He has recently bought his father completely out of the business as of 2016 and has implemented several improvements.

Tom prides himself on Leadership and Management. He is proud of the fun positive culture at his shop and is proud to own one of the friendliest and clean repair shops in the area.

Tom enjoys traveling and spending time with family. Dirt bikes, snorkeling and golfing top his list of things he enjoys the most.


Jason Teichner CHHP, CN, CHT is a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Hypnotherapist, who has been studying various forms of alternative medicine & healing for over 20 years. People have often stated the best way to describe me is a broad-spectrum Holistic Medicine Consultant & Practitioner. Jason has been officially seeing clients since 2003. As someone who has had to overcome my own health issues, with no legitimate help from anyone else, I fully understand firsthand how frustrating it is when you can't seem to get the right answers from anyone, no matter how hard you try.


Jeremy Zon - Known for his writing the author of Treat Her Right. Topics in this book Include: Roles of Men and Women, Families, Chivalry, Role Models, Social Media, What Women Don't Want, Listening to our Wives our Partners. His focus is to help men treat women right and have a successful relationship that will last. We need to focus more on them and less on ourselves. Jeremy Zon married with wife Mindi and they have beautiful daughter name Savannah.