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Dore Frances, PHD


Doré hosts this talk radio show where new topics are discussed as she interacts with creative and fun guests, call-ins, and your comments.

This show is meant to be a lot of fun!

You never know who’s going to show up….and Every Voice Matters.

Light, uplifting, and hope-filled!

Born in 1953 in San Francisco, California, Doré has a lifetime of adventures to share. Her work experiences have included being a veterinarian assistant, a newspaper columnist, a legal secretary, working at McCormick & Shilling, a chiropractic assistant, a car salesperson, a bank teller, an employment agency co-owner, a grant writer for the City of Pacific Grove … and then the entrepreneur part kicked in.

Dore started a company that assisted attorneys with legal personnel, until cancer came calling. The business closed and it was several years until the advocacy part of her life bloomed. That came to be in 2001.

Today Doré looks forward to the next part of her life and seeing where life will take her. Fresh starts are good for everyone. Reaching out via a radio show is the first step. Her businesses continue as she explores what may be next.

All Things Considered – Every Voice Matters is the theme.

We all have things in our past that we wish we could change... broken dreams and relationships, bad decisions and mistakes we wish we could undo. However, fresh starts don't begin with a change of circumstances; they begin with a change of heart. Let’s share the hour together with open minds and a fresh cup of coffee for a cheerful blend of good news and hope that will meet you right where you are.

There are many powerful life stories out there to be shared. Will you take a leap of faith and join us every Thursday? Today can be the start of something wonderful... All Things Considered – Every Voice Matters

To be a guest on the show – please send an email to

Show Time: 
Thursday 11:00AM - 11:59AM
Show Description: 
Broadcasting live from Broomfield, Colorado every Thursday at 11am PST / 12 noon MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST on LATALKRADIO with Doré Frances, PhD. Returning back after a 10 year break from radio, Dore Frances is returning with a new live show - All Things Considered – Every Voice Matters. We may visit the good old days or visit with friends and talk about what is happening currently. Free-spoken true stories is what many of our guests bring. Do you have a life story, an event, that changed your life? We would like to hear from you. A typical episode starts with someone candidly talking about their life story leading up to the event that changed their life forever. It’s an immersive experience with heartrending episodes. I promise you—some of the stories will make you teary as you soak in the raw emotions of the guest. There are no commentaries, just the person sharing.

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