Alex Martinez


Alex Martinez has been a caregiver to his older brother Joe for the past forty-plus years. However, this is only one of many roles Alex has held in his life. Most notably, he is an accomplished professional boxing manager and trainer who has been instrumental in developing leading boxers such as: Fidel Avendaño, Sergio Mora, Sammy Stewart, current Featherweight title holder, Leo Santa Cruz, and his latest pugilistic discovery, powerhouse, phenomenal middleweight protégée, Kewon The Beast Harris, making his professional debut in 2019.

Alex is no stranger to the entertainment business. In radio, he has been a radio disc jockey before... at Sonido 103FM , spinning top forty, reading the leading news stories of the day and providing his own brand of humor and humanity to grateful audiences.

In television and film, he has served as a technical advisor in numerous productions including: Million Dollar Baby, Annapolis, Play it to the Bone and It Came From The Sky, as well as a personal trainer to A-Listers like: Robert Davy, Chris Penn, Christopher Lloyd, James Franco and John Ritter to name a few.

In addition, Alex has written, produced and worked on projects such as: Kris Kringle The Movie, Beyond Sunken City, Cabañas and Freedom 2 Roll, The Joe Martinez Story.

When brother Joe suffered a spinal cord injury and had to learn how to navigate his new life with disability, Alex was there, along with his family, to not only assist Joe, but witness firsthand the day-to-day difficulties people with disabilities face. Ever since, Alex has searched for opportunities to increase awareness about the needs, challenges and rights for people living with disabilities.

Alex relishes his return to radio to combine an old passion with an old, yet important, mission as he takes to the mic once again.