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Christina R. Silva, founder of CRS Productions & Camies#2Civies (501c3) is a United States Marine Corps Disabled American Veteran Advocate and Meritorious Mast Recipient. Christina serves as a CA Real Estate Broker #01260394, Resiliency Speaker and Federal SBE Contractor with a focal mission of promoting multi-cultural diversity and inclusion with the best quality life during and after service.

CRS delights in partnering with helping agencies and is a proud board member of key veteran service organizations concentrated on the importance of total comprehensive fitness for families. Christina is honored to serve as a Voice of Resiliency by raising funds and awareness in local communities and worldwide aboard her Motorcycle as a Military Safety Advocate.

Christina demonstrates Clean Riding Style In & Out of Uniform as an "Always Faithful" role model and mentor to Women in Business, and engages others to become registered and certified as a licensed Federal and State Contract Consultant. CRS considers Spiritual Resiliency and Faith as the number one, centrifugal force of Power behind her success and journey. CRS Productions are committed to the mission of Educating Our Veterans and Educating Our Voters about the latest advancements and programs in legislation, housing, health, employment and education for all to "Bee Safe".

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Wednesday 2:00PM - 2:59PM
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Christina R. Silva is committed to Educating Our Veterans  by "Giving Back in the Way of Safety and Education.  The Christina Silva Show is the charitable voice of the greater good, advocacy for the underrepresented, and serves as a platform of camaraderie to fellow service members and their families.  We offer resourceful and legislative updates while we develop assistance with compassionate empathy and Esprit De Corps.  We offer a respectful "hand-up" to others and we shed hopeful light onto global issues with a listening ear to the people's needs which demonstrates "Clean Riding Style".  As a Brand Ambassador, it is an honor help you Transform, Adapt and Overcome throughout the many phases in life. From, #CRSOnAir is Saving Homes and Saving Lives of the millions of Men and Women Who Have Served our Great Nation; just by sharing our life experience and testimonies. Once transitioning out of our military uniforms into corporate attire occurs, the whole world becomes responsible for Educating Our Veterans because of the sacrifice of our service.  Passing the baton of shared knowledge is powerful enough to truly save lives.   Sometimes a single affirmation, hug or smile and touch of hope to a fellow comrade or person in need is all we need to discover how to safely persevere within the various transitions in our lives. Our families and our core values from a military lifestyle play a huge role in the successful transformation with mindful, emergency preparedness.  Tune in to be #BEESAFE, motivated,and empowered by Creative Resiliency Solutions 365!  Fall In and #MERCHForAwarD with

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February 2019


It is quite inspiring to hear the remarkable story of Country Star Heather Victorino. Special thanks to Heather as she pours her heart out and writes meaningful songs that make fans worldwide cling to her lovable transparency.  With her own style and authenticity, she prides herself with spiritually infused branding, self empowerment and joy from above when she performs. Heather will share her triumphs, the day we met in Austin and while on tour why she remembers the heritage and inspiration of Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. You’ll be delighted to hear about her #CREATIVERESILIENCYSOLUTIONS in her high heels, how she crafts her artsy bling and perfect stage makeup and wardrobe. You’ll be moved by the reason why she appreciates the talent of her own band of brothers that sticks close by on live instruments during each show in the heart of Texas and around the globe. America is Greater America with a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem and a full set of original good ole Country Music by Heather Victorino for the Troops! #BEESAFE @CRSONAIR


This Valentines Day episode of The Christina Silva Show will allow you to fall in love with your aspirations, your own voice and your calling on the planet through the courageous storytelling voice of Mrs. Quyenzi Dang Juel of Quyenzi  is the approachable leader ready to uplift others and recently began her public speaking adventure through partnering with APEX.  At QR8 Group brand identity and messaging involves culture, diversity, and originality. With 19 years of expertise, the QR8 Group global clients are served with top tier concierge and relationship services.  Meet the lovely “Group Head Assasinista”, killing the game in Creation, Curation and Communication.
GET READY TO REBOOT LA! Meet Maurice Wilson, Executive Director of Reboot, the program that changes lives through scientifically proven thought patterns.  Live from the tour aboard the USS IOWA, February 6, 2019, this CRS Exclusive visit revealed great news about future opportunities men and women that have served in our US Armed Forces can discover in 3 weeks with REBOOT.  Be enlightened, empowered and motivated to register to Change Your MINDSET today.


January 2019


The meaning of service and living by example is the commitment to community enrichment and empowerment toward others for the greater good. Sharing life experience, overcoming  tribulation, and celebrating triumphs leads others to perseverance and to fin unique, Creative Resiliency Soultions. Storytelling is key and finding a pathway toward our earned benefits and befitting careers is a great process that proves our individual and collective purpose. Camaraderie is the energy that connects us with belonging and specialty skills require elite training whereby we can accomplish missions.  The rewarding place to gain and fulfill a total comprehensive plan in life that provides elite  training, global travel, happy housing, gainful employment, Higher Education and optimal health is the military. Growth comes by mentorship and to live a full life is in service. Meet the Honorable DnMario A. Guerra, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Former Mayor of Downey, Businessman, and Author as he expounds and reflects upon his many life lessons and  accomplishments. Be richly uplifted by a faithful and courageous set of testimonies.  Feel the passion, compassion and empathy for our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and First Responder families that are selflessly serving and rememberr everyone deployed. Glean from  the communication between Host Christina R. Silva, US Marine Corps Veteran and Mario Guerra as they share about their humbling honor of “Giving Back in the Way of Safety and Education” with the US Army Rough Riders, Los Angeles Recruiting Battalion under the leadership of Lt Col Patrick Flood and Command Sergeant Major James Nuelles.  Get connected to your community and o learn more visit: and to #BEESAFE.


Today we are committed to Creative Resiliency Solutions live with your Host, Christina R. Silva, United States Marine Corps Veteran Ambassador and CCME Individual Member.  Tune in live  featuring our special guests from the 2019 Symposium in the beautiful JW Marriott at Austin, Texas.  You can be sure that Higher Education is key to our members on behalf of military and veteran students worldwide to provide the best supportive ears, resources, and helpful educational tips about earned benefits with Council of College and Military Educators (CCME)​.  Be inspired by Mr. Patrick J. Murphy's testimonial of United States Army Service and in his Past Secretary of the US Army term coupled with some of his Greatest accomplishments including but not limited to being the First Post 9/11 Warrior to serve in US Legislative responsibility to helping to activate the Post 9/11 GI Bill a and state-of-the-art free education can be received at  Patrick J. Murphy was introduced on the Christina Silva Show by our amazingly dedicated Vice President of CCME, Michael Midura, committed to the core values of Service before Self, Integrity, and the Spirit of Voluntarism.  Michael Midura is a respected member of CCME he is the Director Military Strategy/Relations & Patriot Scholarship with Colorado Technical University and a native of Massachusetts. He has been working in the military VOLED system for 14 years and is a past President of the VA ACME. He has served on various VA ACME committees including the Conference Planning Chairman for the 2011 conference where VA ACME partnered with the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program to host its first benefit golf tournament as shown on  Thank you for your listening ears and soft hearts with the will to join us as we continue Educating Our Veterans with integrity and Esprit De Corps.  We Salute all whom have, will, and serving to keep our Great Nation free.  #BeeSafe #SemperFidelis #GoArmy #AimHigh


It's time to "Fall In and #MerchForAWarD" promotes New Americanism. We "Give Back in the Way of Safety and Education" through our private label of products and professional services. Safety and Awareness, Emergency Preparedness, and Human Touch is important in today's' world. To learn more about Merchandising Forward, is to embrace your skills gained in service from your  The interviews and testimonials of our military, law enforcement, and subject matter experts impart messages of hope, how to cope, and ways to survive in times of natural disaster and in times of celebration.  We aim to prepare, motivate, empower and encourage families while we appreciate the dedication of our first responders and our beloved Armed Forces service members around the world. Today, we are reporting live from PPAI Expo, the place that showcases the hottest, quality promotional products we consume, wear, and use to enjoy the outdoors, plan an event, guard and protect our nation, and to brand ourselves on our mission.

Thank you to our generous sponsors at,, and the honorable​ for sponsoring The Christina Silva Show because "Educating Our Veterans is a Community Responsibility".


@CRSOnAir Educating Our Veterans LIVE is our service storytelling platform to showcase the accomplishments of service members.  Today, we honor and salute Mr. Marc Jefferson, Major, USAF (Ret.).  Marc Jefferson is proud to inspire you with his m military service qualifications and talent in Football, Faith, and Family Fitness.  Marc Jefferson has founded a special Spiritually-Empowered organization to help youth and industry professionals that want to play and perform in the professional sports arena. With over twenty years of US Air Force service, leadership training, mentorship, and empathy  for dependent families, Marc shares his triumphs on air to uplift and inspire you.  J We promote HOPE and we make Touch Downs with #JESUS.  Educating Our Veterans is a  CRS Productions exclusive with No Federal Endorsement Intended Nor Implied. CR, Founder of Camies 2 Civies Foundation helps to engage, educate, entertain, and enhance your pathway through life, before, during, and after service.  The opinions and testimonies of others and our sponsors are not necessarily the beliefs of the content broadcast on our show and we are an inspirational media outlet. Special thanks to our supportive partners, Webster.Edu/LAAFB.​  We support the charitable mission of a 501c3, assisting  military, law enforcement and first responders who receive recognition, honor, and respect for their contributions to our Great Nation.


Be infused with P.I.E., that’s Positive Interactive Energy, an intellectual property created by Inventor, Engineer, and Entrepreneur Derek Gable. Derek shares his expertise as the former 16 year veteran of Mattel, Inc., West Coast Inventions Founder, and father to twin sons, Darren and Steve Gable of DSG International, LLC. With a family, an inspiration to help others in both England and the land of the American Dream, our United States, Derek Gable is passionate most about appreciating Patriotism, giving back to the community with speaking engagements and through the Young Entrepreneurs Academy by creating and helping young men and women manifest their businesses form the initial idea to the trademarking, licensing, marketing and sales of their consumable and functional engineering masterpieces in commerce.  Learn how to save and utilize your own finances to create your own business, protect your ideas, and support the troops in your community all in one show!  A delightful broadcast brought to you in part by: and a CRS Production for the benefit of​ with Host, Ceo, and Founder Christina R. Silva, United States Marine Corps Veteran, Federal and State Contractor with Small, Woman-Owned, Minority, DVBE licensed and certified classifications including CA BRE Broker #01260394. #BeeSafe and Semper Fidelis. Be encouraged.

December 2018


As the Host of The Christina Silva Show, I can do anything, because I truly believe, and you can too! It's time to "Fall In and #MERCHFORAWARD with us in 2019!!" Choose @CRSOnAir and CRS Multimedia, Branded Products and Special Event Services to attach your BRAND to our military and paramilitary causes! Commit yourself and your brand to celebrate and empower our troops by a deposit your time, talent and treasures toward their welfare. It's a righteous exchange for your cost of the Freedoms you enjoy because of the service and sacrifice the men and women who are serving deserve and it's a piece of New Americanism you own when you decide to "Give Back in the Way of Safety and Education" with CRS today! #YourContributionMatters and it's easy to be a part of our Community for Change, visit: and place an order plus tune in to the show to be inspired by our subject matter experts and special guests each week. Today we highlighted the outstanding feats and accomplishments of US Army, CWO2 Promotable Tashana Coleman and the goals of our returning Co-Host, F.E.T. Leader, US Army SFC Tasha Israel. We reviewed the amazing win and broadcast exclusive player interviews that were recognized by the the US Army Westpoint, Black Knights football team versus the Houston Cougars at the Armed Forces Bowl with title sponsor, Lockheed Martin and additional sponsors: and the Armed Forces Insurance Company and more. Be moved to attain your goals and employ mentors, comrades, fellow leaders and confidantes that can push you the extra miles to your great exploits. You can do it! Gain a platform. #BeeSafe and here’s to a Happier NEW Year filled with Social, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Excellence and remember our Service Men and Women serving in our US Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, First Responders Stations all around the world and Be of Good Cheer!


Our broadcast so designed to make Educating Our Veterans a community responsibility and CRS Clean Riding Style Productions offer Creative Resiliency Solutions with purpose and patriotism. The show is made possible by the generosity of corporations that care about every military member or our past, present and future and their families. Special thanks to, and for support and commitment to First Responders, Disabled and Wounded American Veterans, and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation’s Freedom for all to #BeeSafe -CRS​


We are honored to debut the all new and powerful meaning of The Christina Silva Show through our relationship with and C3 Entertainment’s.  We remember the Three Stooges comic relief and we learn about the history of our Nation from the wealthy collection of films and shows on the Valorous Tv platform available to continue Educating Our Veterans while highlighting our First Responders and Military Heroes., along with a bitter sweet tribute to fellow US Navy Veteran, comrade and photographer, Angela Elisabeth, whom we celebrate and remember with pride and empathy and remembrance. #CRSC2C created a campaign to honor, elevate and display the pain, happiness and somber phases of life and we want the world to know that all of us, service members especially, live and breathe yet #DRESSUPTHIERWOUNDS and the @CRSOnAir we Stand Up the EFAC today to bring a stop to senseless Suicides and to rise with the @USARECFemaleEngagementTeams to make a difference #WETHYME. We will also salute the for accepting CRS as a member of the private portal that changes lives for all to #BEESAFE. During the holiday season, we lose the most Soldiers, but history proves we are #CreativeResiliencySolutions that make the world go round. The team and CEO Founder @JoeDeSena understands how through the #TRIFECTA we can achieve Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Fitness goals by registering for our first 3.8 mile race and I believe in the Impossible made Possible as your Host, Christina R Silva, USMC Veteran Ambassador. So be inspired to became a Spartan Warrior with CRS! #MerchForAWarD is a vehicle, a charitable contributory collaborative, grass-roots movement that is activated by the voice of CRS, DSG Gables, and families with military relatives.  Transition in any phase of life requires riding the waves and demonstrating Clean Riding Style.  “It’s All About Heart” is a slogan that all can relate to that are survivors of this thing called life.  Here’s to decreasing suicide, curing anxiety and PTS, MST and Oppressions. -Christina R. Silva, USMC Veteran Advocate & Global, Mobile Ambassador (a Certified DVBE,SBE,LBE Woman Owned Veteran, Minority Business Enterprise.  CRS has been professionally serving troops for over 20 years of Voluntarism and Special Events, Trade shows and promotions Housing, Health, Employment, and Education in the most renowned Veteran Service Organizations by her Signature Creative Resiliency Solutions. CABRE #01260394. No Federal Endorsement Intended.

12/05/2018​ laughter is a silent property that God gave to the Three Stooges and they shared their hilarious talents on film during a legacy period in the entertainment industry  we all know and cherish.  

Laughing off our pain is a temporary cure to the issues in life we face that are mentally, physically, emotionally and socially upon us as a Nation and a people.  But there is living proof that natural healing in the elements is the Power we need to recognize is inside each and every one of us. Yet it is most difficult to realize how to help oneself if we don't have someone else to banter with or to help us make sense of our most difficult lows in life but where two or more are gathered, storytelling give us the light in the tunnel and a good cry is cleansing when you can relate to someone's victorious survival skills and adaptation to mega-change and transformation.  Especially our fallen, wounded or lost Soldiers. We Salute our Heroes everyday that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and are grateful to the NFL LA Chargers and we offer a hand-up to our neighbors, the underrepresented minority and the homeless in order to accept social and economic responsibility in this digital age to end homelessness through unselfish donations to the Christmas Kettle and all year long. Welcome C3 Entertainment and be moved by the generosity of Earl Benjamin and the testimonies of special guests that believe Doing the Most Good in 2018 is a must.  If you are a veteran, an active duty military service member, a daughter, son or parent, a law enforcement professional and clergy person, we salute you on The National Day of Mourning andie remember and care for every human being today because as a Joint Task Force and One Nation Under God we are all accountable for Educating Our Veterans this Christmas.  Thank you for your Service to our honorable Former President Bush as we Remember Everyone Deployed and everyone in need.  You can change your life by planting seeds of hope in someone else's life if you Believe and you can shed wisdom through your story of travail unto triumph like those that have discovered how to Do The Most Good.  Visit SalvationArmy.Org​ today and get connected to your own Spirit of Resiliency.  Safety is No Laughing Matter so it is time to #BeeSafe this Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas and in God We Trust.  God Bless America, Land that I love,

America's P.I.E., a Derek Gable intellectual property is on sale at DSG 360 Brand Elevation Today.  Contact @CRSOnAir for a Critical Rush Quote. Semper Fidelis


November 2018


October 2018


Discover the essence of and enjoy highlights from Salute Magazine as we welcome Associate Publisher, Joe Mugnai, IV to The Christina Silva Show. From recipes with cooking tricks to ingredients needed to bake sweet treats, Family Media engages the commissary shoppers with valuable tips since 1958. The Mugnai Family legacy also includes the Salute Magazine that highlights the stories of men and women that serve in our branches of the military. Hundreds of thousands of copies of the Family Media book are distributed to military bases (free of charge) around the globe while ensuring a commitment to excellence.  Family Media matters and was the passion project of Joe's late Grandfather Mugnai who served in the US Army. Serving in the family business that is purely dedicated to the troops and their families was a dream for Joe.  Please visit to subscribe and stay informed of what's coming up next issue! Also joining us on the show to add  signature New Americanism and CRS Clean Riding Style​ to the show is our  dear friend to many, Ms. Joyce Isles​.  Joyce was born in Ohio and lives and performs in LA from the heart. A singing talent is a natural talent that Joyce shares to enlighten and encourage others. "Joycie" treasures that she grew up alongside the original O'Jays legend, Bill Isles that demonstrated the industry backbone and love for performance she also owns. Joyce is proud of her involvement in a new singing Trio that delivers delightful performances including cover songs we all know under the name "MAJ". The female, sensational group aspires to create original songs and Joyce performed a special rendition of our US National Anthem LIVE.Tune in to rise to the sound of Amazing Grace and to salute the Flag.  We love our Home of the Brave an extend our appreciation to our service members worldwide on the Christina Silva Show each week. Semper Fi and #BeeSafe


Today, on The Christina Silva Show, we shared the honor of Educating Our Veterans with saffety and awareness spotlight on USAR, CWO4 Cameron of Macon, Georgia a Master Resiliency Trainer and a pinnacle testimonial with in-studio guest: SFC Fernando Sanjurjo, USAR, Retired. Be inspired and inquisitive about a life-changing and most rewarding career in the US Army and US Army Reserve. To #BEESAFE, keep listening to The Christina Silva Show because we believe in the consistent Camaraderie!  By every means necessary,  we commit to living a best quality. New Americanism, breeds Creative Resiliency Solutions including art, photography, film and media, live comedic entertainment and social media, family-fun, military, support and retired relationships while Educating Our Veterans.


Welcome to the New Season! Our guests are Subject Matter Experts that will enlighten us with positivity and compassion with a sincere salute to our troops. From their heart warming and powerful testimonials, to professionally historical services through state-of-the-art resources and life lessons. We will be inspired to serve.  Joining us on The Christina Silva Show Educating Our Veterans Live will be Mr. Bobby Newman, Executive Vice President of J.C. Newman Cigar Company and Co-Founder of Southeastern Guide Dogs alongside Mr. Derek Gable, Inventor, Mentor and our former Mattel, Inc., Director of Preliminary Design. It is an honor and pleasure to give back in the way of Safety and Education on the airwaves as your Host, Christina R. Silva.  Our sponsors believe that "Educating Our Veterans is a Community Responsibility. We humbly thank our premiere partners Camies2Civies C2C, @DSG360, and Jimmy Ramirez - State Farm Agent for the opportunity to be the Voice of the Greater Good in 2018 for all to #BEESAFE. The Christina Christina Crs SilvaShow is a CRS Production. Semper Fidelis​ #MERCHFORAWARD