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"I am an Australian girl that grew up on a Sugar Cane farm in the Far North East Queensland in a small place called Macknade.  My father and his parents were immigrants from Ar'ten in Italy and my Mother is Maori from New Zealand.  her tribe known as the Painui.

At 17 I joined the Army.  I was a tom boy and knew how to take care of myself.  I am very grateful that I did grow up on the farm as I was able to really explore life in the simplest way.

I spent over 8 years in the Australian Military as a truck driver in the Army.

A lot of experience, leadership and successes came from the Army.  I also served in Operational Deployment Forces which focused on Combat Training and working with Infantry and other Combative Units.

I learned very quickly to survive and be strong and competitive in what was back then, a very man orientated military.   I suppose I was most affected with the involvement of Rwanda and Somalia.  Life perspective certainly changed.  Soon after, that was when I was seriously injured.

So, this is where my life changed dramatically and still is from that day on.  I have never faced so many new challenges and emotional ups and downs that really were very new to me.
During my rehabilitation, part of my process had me attend acting classes and soon got involved with Theater.  This is how it lead me to the United States.  I had a chance to study in Seattle for 2 years.  But, life once again threw me a curve ball and a fork in the road.  It lead me to move to Las Vegas to work at the Hard Rock Hotel as a Dealer, but I was still starving for my real passion to act and to perform, to effect people.  So, I moved to Los Angeles to see what life was going to throw at me again. 

It's been 2 years now.  I have worked on television and films as an Actress and also involved with a couple of different projects like the "Dealer Dolls" and "Combat Casting".

Now, I am with Sam on BBS Talk Radio and I am thrilled and excited to be part of an exploding event for the world to experience and tune into.  I hope you like it. "

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