Anita Martirosian


Anita Martirosian was born in Armenia in the year 1982. At age eight she moved to the U.S. with her mother. In her earlier years, Anita was noted for her talent in writing, singing, and the performing arts. Her visionary and creative abilities in dance, painting, and theater prompted her to live a high-energy dynamic life. Her passion for expression and human interaction lead her to complete her BA in Communication at Woodbury University in California.
In 2013, Anita made a bold move by quitting her corporate job and launching her own marketing agency, known as Rapid Marketing. Her willingness to learn new forms of technology and communication marked her success in the evolving arena of advertising. Using this talent as a springboard, Anita plunged into yet another innovative venture in 2017, by launching an online radio show entitled Grateful Hour Show,with her spouse.
Taking everything she has learned from all of her life experiences, Anita’s newest and most exciting venture yet is GRACE! An online radio show featuring invigorating talk with enlightened guests with plenty of FUN to go around for everyone!