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Broadcasting live from Broomfield, Colorado every Thursday at 11am PST / 12 noon MST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST on LATALKRADIO with Doré Frances, PhD.

Returning back after a 10 year break from radio, Dore Frances is returning with a new live show - All Things Considered – Every Voice Matters. We may visit the good old days or visit with friends and talk about what is happening currently.

Free-spoken true stories is what many of our guests bring.

Do you have a life story, an event, that changed your life?

We would like to hear from you. A typical episode starts with someone candidly talking about their life story leading up to the event that changed their life forever. It’s an immersive experience with heartrending episodes. I promise you—some of the stories will make you teary as you soak in the raw emotions of the guest. There are no commentaries, just the person sharing.

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Tuesday 1:00pm - 1:59pm
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All Things Considered
Dore Frances, PHD
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