Shameless Feminine Speaks

Rebecca Haywood


At the age of twenty, Rebecca received an undeniable calling to step away from her psychology degree and find a spiritual teacher. This led to a ten-year apprenticeship with a family of Toltec shamans and a profound awakening. Living and working with Madre Sarita and her son, best-selling author don Miguel Ruiz, Rebecca was named as Sarita’s spiritual granddaughter and the one to carry on her lineage.  She mastered the ancient healing traditions along with don Miguel’s esoteric teachings, garnering intimate insight into the mind-body-spirit connection. Certified as an herbalist, a massage therapist, and a holistic health practitioner, she opened her private practice in 2001 and has been working as a healer and spiritual mentor ever since. She facilitates retreats and workshops worldwide and recently contributed to the best-selling books, Dancing in the Unknown and Shamanism in the New Millennium. With her blend of ancient and modern wisdom and her loving, down-to-earth candor, Rebecca embodies the essence of ‘Shaman Sister’— with the eyes of a shaman and the heart of a sister.

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Tuesday 7:00PM - 7:59PM
Show Description: 

Shameless Feminine Speaks is for all the shamelessly shameless women, men, ladies and miss-fits who are ready for the feminine re-evolution!

Shamelessly shameless is the woman who embraces herself without a doubt, embodies herself without apology, and empowers herself without blame— no victim, no villain.

Shamelessly shameless is the man who seeks to heal the guilt he carries on behalf of women and from women, and who reaches for a deeper relationship with the feminine—within himself and in his life. 

Together, we move beyond our wounded inheritance, not by sword or push of pendulum, but by healing the battle between the sexes and between sisters.

This show does more than just talk about re-evolution; it brings it straight to your heart, and awakens your Shameless Feminine and all her superpowers— from her intuitive emotions and sacred sensuality to her childlike surrender and mothering nature.

Are you ready for your re-evolution? Then join Rebecca Haywood, modern-day Shaman and Sister to all, with her irreverent co-host, Sheena Metal, and other shamelessly shameless guests! 

And you get a voice too! They’ll be taking your questions, stories and real life struggles that need a dose of their shameless medicine. Just email prior to each show or join the convo live in her Facebook group: ShamelessFeminineSpeaks

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August 2019


The Superpower of Emotion
Rebecca shares why Emotion is her favorite feminine superpower, noting it as one of her most reliable senses that allows her to directly perceive the world within her and around her. And beyond perception, it offers a connection and a communication with her body and with others. She describes them as “messengers of healing” that, much like physical pain, tell us where and what medicine to bring. Sheena goes a step further in comparing her emotional body to a water filtration system that helps her to clear herself and her clients.

Yet, today’s society minimizes Emotion as impractical, weak, unintelligent, and merely reactionary. We repress, bypass, override or otherwise distort our emotions into experiences that are socially acceptable. And those societal standards vary based on gender. The ladies dive into some personal examples of emotions they had once repressed but since empowered, naming anger, grief, and the emotional cocktail of the victim.

Rebecca offers some tools to “befriend” each of our emotions and to begin to develop what she calls “Emotional Presence”. For more in-depth tools and practices, please visit her video series:

And stay tuned for next week in which the ladies will dive even deeper into the watery reflection of emotions!


Shameless Feminine Speaks from Teotihuacan, Mexico!
Sheena interviews Rebecca who is in Teotihuacan, Mexico--the city of pyramids--on her Shameless Heart retreat which turned into a Shameless Feminine retreat with all women! Hear about the magic of this special place and how it led these women on a journey of breaking from the patriarchy, healing their lineage, and empowering the feminine to "rise from its hiding place."

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July 2019


"Painting Our White Flag Red"
In this episode of Shameless Feminine Speaks, titled “Painting Our White Flag Red (with nuthin but love)”, the ladies continue their convo from last week’s show “Sorry Not Sorry” and bring on the medicine. The medicine is that feminine superpower of surrender, but instead of using it against ourselves, Rebecca shows us how to use it for ourselves.

Rebecca walks us through the acronym of our S-O-R-R-Y she introduced last week with a new set of words that use the medicine of surrender to help us transform the shame of our “Sorry Not Sorry” into a shameless place.

Shame becomes Shameless by identifying and embracing the shame with love.

Obligation becomes Ownership when we re-write the “laws” dictating that shame.

Responsibility becomes Reverence by offering mutual respect, beginning with ourself.

Repentance becomes Revocation when we break the secret contracts made by our “Sorry Not Sorry”.

Yield becomes “Yes to you!” by loving and honoring thyself first and foremost.

The ladies dive into each of these and so much more on surrender and the shame that causes us to use it against ourselves, our sisters and our relationships. So tune-in for all the juicy medicine!

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"Sorry Not Sorry"

In this second broadcast of Shameless Feminine Speaks, “Sorry Not Sorry”, Rebecca invites you to explore the why’s of your disempowered “Sorry”: When your apology goes against yourself, your power, your truth… When it is for them, to make them feel better or right, or to win their love... When you are “sorry, not sorry” but you say it anyway.

Rebecca presents an acronym to bring awareness to your “sorry”:

Shame: What is the underlying shame; is it theirs or yours?

Obligation: What does that shame obligate you to be?

Responsibility: Where does your responsibility begin and end?

Repentance: What are you agreeing to never do again?

Yield: To whom are you yielding; what is the gain or loss?

Sharing personal stories, the ladies explore the “too too’s” that the wounded world asks us to “dim down”—too beautiful, too sexy, too powerful, too feminine, too masculine. And for every “too too”, there is a “not enough”. It is this “not enough” that is the shame behind our “sorry not sorry”. It festers in the broken heart of humanity, causing the judge to point her finger and the accused to accept her scarlet letter.

But the ladies declare that enough is enough, and encourage you to stop apologizing for yourself and your feminine superpowers. It is time for a surrender of a different kind in which we voice our truth in an honest dialogue that offers a bridge of understanding so that our power can be seen for what it is rather than through the lens of that ancient feminine shame which continues to cast Eve out of the garden.

Harnessing surrender as a superpower is where the conversation shall continue next week. So stay tuned as Rebecca will be walking that acronym of “s-o-r-r-y” into the medicine that empowers rather than cowers.

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This premiere show dives into the vision behind the Shameless Feminine...

What is the shame we are lessening?

How do both women and men carry feminine shame?

What does it mean to be shamelessly shameless?

Why is this not just another revolution, but a re-evolution?

Rebecca reads from her collaborative book, Shamanism in the New Millennium, illuminating the ancient feminine shame which we all have inherited epigenetically and now hold within our cellular memory. The discussion takes off from there, diving into how men and women continue to shame the feminine today and marginalize her superpowers.

Referencing David Deida's teachings, Rebecca notes that though we attribute certain characteristics to be "feminine" or "masculine", they are merely energies of yin and yang that any gender can possess. Sheena testifies to this with her personal experience as an intersex individual: gender differences are nominal biologically but vastly seeded into our enculturation.

Rebecca encourages us to dissolve these differences in a “shamelessly shameless” way: without shame and without blame. “The feminine is on the rise, and yet how will we rise this time? Let us not merely displace the shame onto men and the power onto women, or flex our muscles against our feminine gifts.” The ladies denounce radical feminism and call for the pendulum to finally come to rest by means of a re-evolution: healing our lineage of feminine shame and elevating the gender experience.