Reza Rifts

Keith Reza


Keith Reza is a stand up comedian based out of Orange County. At age 13 he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Never been able to make friends or explore romantic relationships Keith took his disability to the stage and started making people laugh.

He has appeared on NBC Stand Up For Diversity, Animal Planet’s Pit Boss, the pilot Terrible People, and CBS Funniest Tweets. He has opened for his comedy mentor Norm Macdonald numerous times. He also has a stand up special out called Keith Reza: You Can Hardly Tell.

Alan Lee


Alan Lee is an improvisation genius. He is also an actor. You can catch Alan Lee hanging out at the Comedy Store weekly. He appeared on Last Comic Standing and he is currently writing a movie.

Show Time: 
Tuesday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
Show Description: 

Keith Reza is back, with his partner Alan Lee, as they talk to stand up comedians and other celbrities not scripted or planned, they just rift and have fun.