Pat Allen

The WANT® INSTITUTE offers group instruction on the principles of communicating with personal integrity to help individuals to achieve goals of economic success, to enrich their personal and professional relationships, and to create win/win situations in every one of their day-to-day activities. Success in life is not an accident…rather, it results from the application of a learnable set of skills applied to the various economic and relationship transactions we all engage in every day. The Institute was founded to promote and teach these skills, with the goal of helping people to live authentic, successful lives, using the technique of WANT® TRAINING as developed by Dr. Pat Allen. The WANT® TRAINING system works by helping you to avoid negative and self-destructive thought and speech patterns that create emotional bottlenecks in your personal and business relationships. It teaches you to recognize and potently deal with gaming, intimidation and seduction patterns of manipulation used on you by others. It also empowers you to achieve your life goals through the simple but powerful technique of consistently and simply asking for what you want, and saying “No” to what you don’t want. The WANT Institute’s facilitators train and coach participants with techniques to achieve their personal and financial goals in life and to create successful interpersonal relationships by using the innovative, proven and patented WANT® TRAINING principles that allow you to “Speak Rationally, Decide Rationally, and Disagree Rationally.” Established in 1976, the WANT® INSTITUTE is a nonprofit California Corporation operating for educational, scientific and charitable purposes.