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Jaime Bronstein is a relationship therapist, coach and host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio. For the past 20 years, Jaime has guided people from around the world as they navigate the peaks and troughs of dating and relationships. On her website and in her in-person and video conferencing sessions, Jaime teaches her clients how to heal their past, love themselves unconditionally, how to be vulnerable, tap into their inner strengths and intuition, and live more authentically to achieve their relationship goals. Jaime is highly sought-after to share her relationship advice on various media outlets such as KTLA, ABC, NBC, and CBS News, YahooFinance, Reader's Digest, The Week, and Positively Positive. Jaime empowers her clients to become aware of the fact that they were born to have love in their lives – not just any love –the right love for them. Her book on manifesting love is currently in the works. Jaime has a BA in psychology from Boston University, a master’s degree from New York University and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica; enabling her to help her clients change their perspective; seeing each challenge in life as an opportunity to evolve as an individual. Jaime is fulfilling her mission of creating a positive impact while changing lives throughout the world. For inspirational content, follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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Monday 2:00PM - 2:59PM
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Love Talk Live, hosted by The Relationship Expert, Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, is a show all about relationships- from "Singlehood" to couples to divorces/breakups, anything and everything will be discussed. Jaime is joined each week by various co-hosts and guests. Thought-provoking questions will be raised and discussed.  Life-changing content will be shared and viewers will be inspired. This refreshing and light-hearted show will leave you feeling alive and ready to manifest the love you deserve or simply inspire you to enhance the relationship you're already in. Tune in each week for an enlightened, eye-opening and fun show!

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June 2023

May 2023

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interviewed Nadia Carta. Nadia is Google’s Head of Industry in the US. She is responsible for driving sales strategy & business development for data & tech services with WPP agencies. Since joining Google in 2009, Nadia has led transformative multicultural global programs focused on designing and launching new products & sales strategies across the US and EMEA. In her current role, Nadia spearheaded Google’s Digital Transformation program, which focused on pivoting WPP’s data & tech services go-to-market, resulting in the recent relaunch of a new global central operating company, Acceleration, as a dedicated Google consulting center of excellence, servicing Uber, Dell, Office Depot and all of WPP’s client book of business. Nadia is a trusted advisor of WPP’s GroupM ExCo for Data & Tech related decisions, including M&As, Talents Acquisition & Organizational Strategy. Nadia is a successful executive coach, TedX, motivational event speaker, mentor, and sponsor for underrepresented groups and young talents. Passionate about leadership, with Jeff Lakusta, she created 99 Humans: a multimedia platform centered on humanizing leadership across industries. Nadia is also the founder of "Spark Your Zeal" which radically evolves your attitudes, invigorates your spirits, and inspires people how to bring the fire back into their life and work and turn obstacles into the fuel that achieves a richer internal and external state. She has two daughters (Lavinia & Olimpia) and lives in Manhattan, New York with her life Partner Fabio. Some topics covered are as follows: -Nadia's story of overcoming hardships to living her dream life (personally and professionally) - Nadia's tips on how to have a successful relationship/marriage based on her marriage with her adoring husband, Fabio -How to change intergenerational negative communication patterns - The importance of vulnerability - How to get as much out of life as possible

April 2023

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Keni Silva. Keni Silva is a former model and OC Socialite, working in real estate while moonlighting as a “friend of” on the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County.’ Keni has become a red-carpet notable, including this year's LACMA Gala, and is quickly growing as a press favorite, being featured in Guest of A Guest, Teen Vogue, Page Six and Daily Mail. Keni is currently working on a book about her high-profile divorce. She wants to help empower women and disrupt the scary one-sided divorce process by writing a guidebook on everything you need to know to break up successfully. Some topics discussed are as follows: • Keni's advice for women going through a divorce • What Keni has learned from her divorce • What motivated her to write her book • What readers can expect from her book • How to have a light-hearted attitude about the journey of divorce

February 2023

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Radio Show host, Danny DeCreszenzo. At 88.7 FM WRHU, Danny sits on the Executive Board as the Program Director of Talk. Last year, he served as the director of the "Morning Wake-Up Call," the station’s two-hour morning drive talk show. In addition, Danny works in commercial radio at WABC in New York City as a weekend news anchor. Topics discussed are as follow: - How the dating landscape has changed over the year and how the dating apps affect young people today - Danny's dating and relationship advice - How the "Me Too" movement has affected young daters today -Danny's journey into radio and what he wants to create for his future as he continues his media career
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview celebrity groomer and host of I Heart Radio's "Velvet's Edge Podcast." Kelly Henderson began her career in the Nashville country music scene over 15 years ago, orchestrating her impressive ascent from the ground up. Working closely grooming and styling for country music heavy-hitters Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Riley Green, and Jordan Davis, as well as media giants CMT, Billboard, and more, Henderson has established herself as a go-to resource within the industry. Henderson began offering an intimate insight into her work via her highly successful lifestyle blog, “Velvet’s Edge,” which started as a place her audience could find tips on fashion, travel, fitness, health, and more. Henderson has now launched an extension of her blog in the form of a podcast of the same name via iHeartMedia. The Velvet’s Edge Podcast normalizes hard conversations, “taboo” topics, and people’s ever-evolving journeys while promoting healing, inner peace, and the road to a happy and fulfilling life experience. Topics discussed are: -What Kelly has learned on her dating journey - The best relationship tips - The benefits of working with men all day long - How her career has informed her life - How to manifest what you want
In this episode I interview Rebecca Weininger. Rebecca Weininger is the first full time Director of the Domestic Violence Law Practice at North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic where she oversees programs and services that support access to justice for domestic violence survivors. Rebecca helps build NSLAC’s strategic partnerships and works to identify emerging issues and trends in the field to develop intersectional solutions to support survivors and improve the legal system and community response to domestic violence to provide holistic paths for survivors to independence from abuse. Prior to joining NSLAC, Rebecca spent over 20 years as a litigator in federal and state trial and appellate courts. She began her career representing undocumented survivors of domestic violence and torture and political asylum seekers from Central America. Rebecca served as a law clerk for the Honorable Robert L. Eastaugh of the Alaskan Supreme Court. Topics discussed are as follows: • Trends in domestic violence: during and “after” the pandemic; • The relationship between DV and gun violence; • How overturning Roe v. Wade has affected DV; • What DV looks like in different communities: age, ethnicity, socioeconomics; • How Rebecca's team has been creative and innovative to reach DV survivors where they are to get them information and end cycles of violence.
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Gabrielle Stone. Gabrielle Stone is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Growing up on set with her legendary scream-queen mother, Dee Wallace (Cujo, E.T.), she had days of licking off mommy’s fake blood and watching behind-the-scenes movie magic. Seeing the world with mom and dad gave her the travel bug at an early age—until Gabrielle experienced a real-life horror when she lost her father suddenly at age seven. After many years in the industry herself, Stone transitioned from meaty acting roles to writing and directing. Her award-winning films It Happened Again Last Night and After Emma gained her awards for writing, directing, and acting—but she had a bigger role in life that would soon present itself: freaking badass. After the rug was vigorously pulled out from under her when her husband’s affair came to light, she found herself falling into the arms of another man. After a second failed attempt at love and a massive heartbreak, she decided that instead of landing flat on her ass—she’d make a career out of it. And so came the birth of the book Eat, Pray, #FML, where she shared all the mistakes, all the lessons, and most importantly, how she became a fearless leader from it all. When fans around the world demanded more, the highly anticipated sequel, The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl, and the podcast FML Talk we’re born—and Gabrielle soon realized that her broken heart had bloomed a movement. Gabrielle shares her vulnerable story and how she didn't let her hardships in life stop her from moving on with her life! She shares her inspirational nuggets of wisdom from her two books as well!

January 2023

In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interviewed @stacyigel Global clothing brand founder/CCO of BOY MEETS GIRL ® and author of “Embracing the Calm in the Chaos (@harpercollins). @boymeetsgirlusa is known for its iconic double-silhouette logo and purposeful, edgy, contemporary athleisure wear. Stacy and BOY MEETS GIRL® seek to promote the message that confidence and courage are trends that never go out of style. Stacy and BOY MEETS GIRL® have been featured in In Style Magazine, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Allure, People, Womens Wear Daily, The New York Times, and dozens more. She is the co-creator and co-host of the podcast #MOMSGOTTHIS. Stacy lives in New York City with her husband Brian and their son Dylan. Topics discussed are as follows: -Stacy’s journey as an entrepreneur -How to balance work and relationships -Why community and connection and crucial -How Stacy’s philanthropic nature has played a major role in her business. BOY MEETS GIRL® isn’t just a clothing line. It is changing the world and giving back on the daily!
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Rohan Dixit. Rohan is the founder and CEO of Lief Therapeutics (, a digital mental health company built around a breakthrough wearable device. He is also the founder of The Internet Party (, a nonprofit that supports grassroots politics through direct, technology-enabled democracy. Formerly a Harvard and Stanford neuroscientist, Rohan's work has been featured on The Today Show, CNBC, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, NBC, CBS, and Forbes magazine. Topics discussed are: How Heart Rate Variability can be improved by wearing the "Lief" device. How biofeedback can improve your relationship, and how learning to calm your nervous system can prevent you from overreacting.

December 2022

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview married couple, Elise and Gregg Jaffe. Elise Jaffe is the “Spokesteeth” and Executive Producer of Big Teeth Productions. Aside from managing much of the business she is also the lead Producer and one of the company’s Directors, focusing on documentary style and animated projects. Her advertising, TV and new media production experience includes agency producing: JWT, Grey New York, DraftFCB, MatchMG and Edelman and post/design producing: VSA Partners, Vitamin Pictures and Foundation Content. She also created, produced and directed the kids web series “Fooditude,” which taught tweens about life through food. Gregg Jaffe co-founded Big Teeth Productions, a Chicago based creative production studio, in 2005 with his business/life partner Elise. He acts as Creative Director overseeing all the work that goes out the door. On any given day he is a writer, editor, director, and petter of dogs. In addition to client work, Gregg has written and directed several short films that play at festivals around the world and occasionally even win awards. Topics discussed are: -How the couple met and knew they wanted to get married -How the couple manages work and family and relationship balance -How both Elise and Gregg find time to have their individual interests, hobbies, and projects. - Big Teeth's short film festival - A discussion about the documentary they are creating called "Unscarred" and how they are bringing awareness to it. - The couple's tips for a long-lasting "forever" marriage
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interviewed Laura West. Laura is a Registered Nurse, energy healer, psychic medium, author, and podcast host of A Guided Life Podcast. She has participated in multiple international spiritual summits, taught about intuition on several virtual platforms to students from all over the world, contributed to both national and international journals and magazines, and has been invited as a guest on several podcasts, both nationally and internationally. She has also authored her book titled Guided. She is dedicated to spreading the word of love and teaching others how to communicate with their spirit guides through intuition. Topics Discussed: -How to connect with your spirit guides -How to strengthen and listen to your intuition - What it's like being a medium and how Laura helps people connect with their loved ones who have passed on.
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interviewed Jacqui Rubinoff. Jacqui Rubinoff is a southern California based entrepreneur and the Vice President of @EyeofLove, a rapidly growing pheromone brand specializing in products to enhance your every day life. She is also a Certified Love Coach & Relationship Expert focusing on helping people live their best life. Topics discussed in this episode are as follows: 1. Pheromones: what they are / how they work. 2. Eye of love, what type of products are available etc. and Jacqui's role in the company 3. Relationship advice with kids, how to keep your relationship strong with kids and relationship advice for parents in general. 4. Eye of Love working with Patti Stanger on their fragrance "Matchmaker"

November 2022

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Aresnii and Olga Moroz, a mother and son who escaped from Ukraine. They tell their incredible story of triumph. They had to endure a great deal of fear on a daily basis during the attacks, but their love for one another and their family kept them going. They have been blessed to be helped by good semaritians, friends and family along the way that have helped them get to where they are now, residing in Los Angeles. The father and grandmother are still in Ukraine and they hopefully will be able to join their family soon. Arsenii (@ars.mzz) is an award-winning dancer and Olga (@olga11333) is an award-winning fashion designer.
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview viral TikToker and New York Post contributor Gina DeStefano. Gina's story of how she was more heartbroken after a "situationship" than a long-term relationship really pulled on the heartstrings of social media, and she gained a lot of recognition and validation that this was a real concept, and many agreed with the phenomenon. In this episode, we discussed: - Why "situationships" can be so difficult - How to be intentional when entering into a "situationship" - How to feel empowered when a "situationship" ends in order to find real love - Gina's inspirational story of healing and then finding her now boyfriend
In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interview the author of “My Thirty-First Year (and Other Calamities),” Emily Wolf. Emily is an ardent feminist, U2 fan, and native Chicagoan. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Emily now lives in Houston with her husband, children, and dogs. Emily has published several essays in the Houston Chronicle and on In this episode, we talked about: - What Zoe took away from her "failed" marriage and what she learned and how she grew - The stigma surrounding divorce - The book’s highlights of the many relationship pressures and social expectations young women still face - The importance of timing when it comes to finding love - What women need in order to find a romantic relationship - Why Zoe’s soon-to-be ex, Rob did not attend the abortion and why Zoe was ok with it I highly recommend reading this book! Head to Emily’s website or Amazon to purchase. It’s an inspirational book and a wonderful story. My Thirty-First Year (and Other Calamities): A Novel

October 2022

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Forbes Columnist, author and host of "The You Turn" podcast. Ashley is a counterterrorism professional turned career coach, international bestselling author, Fortune 500 spokesperson, and expert on intuition, personal branding, and fulfillment. Daymond John, star of Shark Tank, references Ashley’s bestselling book You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career, as “the ultimate guide to discovering your path in the workforce.” With nearly 7 million views, her TED talk on intuition and fulfillment is ranked among the top 100 TED talks on the Internet. Between her online courses, subscribers, and show “The You Turn Podcast” (with 2M downloads); she’s been able to support clients in 78 countries in self-discovery, upgrading their confidence, and finding career fulfillment. -Intuition: what it is, how to listen to your intuition and use it -Confidence: how to heal your limiting beliefs and become your most confident self - Lessons Ashley has learned from love -How to discover your natural gift and effectively harness it in your career -How to create your career vision -How to create a personal brand that catapults your career path -How to talk about yourself in a way that translates into opportunities -The roadmap to making a “YOU Turn” – or pivoting– into your dream career
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview dating app photographer, Lisa Damico. Lisa Damico is an award-winning, full-service online dating photographer based in the Washington, D.C., area. She combines a background in marketing with her photography skills to strategically create images that help take her clients’ confidence and love lives to the next level. For each photoshoot, her goal is to create the best photos clients have ever seen of themselves to improve their lives, show them what their "best self" looks like, and in the process, create an enjoyable, encouraging experience focused on them. Some topics discussed in this episode are: How Lisa helps her clients feel confident about working with a dating app photographer Examples of Lisa's clients' success stories How Lisa makes her clients show up as authentically as possible in the photos and show off different sides of their personalities. How dating app photos can make or break the whole progression of a relationship What people should look for when hiring an online dating photographer?
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Immy Tariq. Immy is the CEO of Webmetrix Group and the #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling Author of "The Pyramid of Trust." He specializes in helping people build brands that can be monetized whilst building trust. Topics discussed are: - How to build trust in your relationship and in your career - The surprising relationship tip you've never thought of before - How to balance your business and your relationship - How to be the best entrepreneur you can be

September 2022

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interviewed @bachelordata's Suzana Summers. Topics that we discussed are as follows: - Tino and Rachel's relationship demise- what really went wrong? - Gabby and Erich's sweet engagement - The controversy surrounding Erich's past - Data regarding Instagram followers increases and decreases depending on what happened on the show - Will Aven and Rachel end up together? - Data on how much someone was shown kissing correlated with their success or lack of success on the show - Data on dress color for the engagement day versus past seasons
In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview matchmaker Gabriella Aratow. Within a few months of joining Tawkify, America’s fastest-growing matchmaking firm, Gabriella became their most successful matchmaker, with the highest number ever of engagements and marriages. She is now the owner of KIS, Keeper Introduction Services, a boutique matchmaking firm with international clients. She was a featured presenter at the Matchmaking Institute's London 2018 summit, speaking on ‘Matchmaking as a Collaborative Process.’ You can also see Gabriella matchmaking in action on The Learning Channel’s hit 2022 show, “I Am Shauna Rae.” The singles who seek out Gabriella range from blue-collar workers to billionaires, college students to those in their golden years, and the whole rainbow of races and religions under the sun. Gabriella believes their desire to love and be loved is the universal tie to humanity and the very invitation to leading an exemplary life. Topics discussed in this episode: -How to not let geography stand in the way of love - The importance of being open to an age difference - The importance of being aligned on financial views - Meeting as soon as possible versus spending weeks on the phone - Having a sense of humor and trusting you will end up happy and in love
I interviewed Dr. Kylie Burton on this week's episode of "Love Talk Live." Dr. Kylie is a DC, CFMP, is an international best-seller with her book “Why are My Labs Normal?” She specializes in functional medicine helping thousands of individuals with seemingly impossible health struggles, find answers, healing, and hope, even if they've been told their blood work is normal. Besides helping patients, she teaches practitioners (of all backgrounds), how they can level up their patient results using her techniques inside her Mastermind. Dr. Kylie hosts the top-rated podcast Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie and has been featured on 5 international radio shows. On TV, she has been a guest on Good Morning Utah and FOX26Houston, and The List (national TV). Topics discussed are as follows: -How Dr. Kylie helps people figure out what is going on beneath the surface versus just putting a "band-aid" on their ailments - How Dr. Kylie empowers her patients to look closely at their bloodwork to see underlying issues - Dr. Kylie's book, "Why are my Labs Normal?" - Dr. Kylie's marriage story with her husband - What Dr. Kylie recommends to have a successful marriage

August 2022

In this episode of "Love Talk Live" I interview Natasha McCrea. Natasha is a love and life coach who guides Alpha Females into designing the life they want with grace and ease, so they can attract what their heart desires in both career and love. "I believe women are the gatekeepers to love. You have more power than society has led you to believe and when you tap into that love power you can create the life and relationships you deserve. So, I coach smart women, who want to put down stress and overwhelm how to tap into their love power to live happier more successful lives. They shift from Love Employee to Love CEO and make loving their lives a lifestyle." Topics discussed: -More Confidence in relationships - Healthy & Thriving Relationships - Unlimited Love Success in Your Career and relationship - Overall Happiness - Work/life Balance

In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Dr. Tola T'Sarumi. Dr. Tola completed her residency at Columbia University/NYC and her fellowship in addiction psychiatry at Harvard. She serves on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and an Attending at Mass General Brigham/ Mclean hospital. She is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
Dr. Tola received an award from the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and has also received an award from Columbia University/ NYC for her work on physician suicide. She has been featured in Medscape, the Canadian Medical Journal, the American Association of Publishing Leadership, The American Journal on Addiction, Health eCareers; The Washington Post, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, List TV, and on podcasts and radio shows. 


The topics discussed are as follows: 


-Abuse and Narcissistic personality disorder

-How do you recognize abusive behavior 

-Common signs of abusive behavior 

-Signs of gaslighting

July 2022


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview matchmaker Abby Rosenblum. 

Abby is the founder and head matchmaker of The Social: Modern Matchmaking, the premiere matchmaking service for Colorado singles. She works with people who are relationship-minded, growth-oriented, and just too busy to spend hours swiping and looking for their person. Her passion is for connection, and her mission is to spread more love into the world. She's a 5th generation Coloradan, an avid skier, loves to cook, and just got married last year!

Some topics discussed are: 

  • What it's like to work with a matchmaker
  • How to find a matchmaker that's a good fit for you
  • When do you know if you're ready to hire a matchmaker
  • Why it's so important to use all avenues in dating -- online, meetups, matchmakers, your circle etc.
  • How to approach dating more intentionally/mindfully

You don't want to miss this episode! 

June 2022


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview the EXTRAORDINARY Michael Unbroken. From homeless to hero, Michael Unbroken, is the Founder of Think Unbroken, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, podcast host, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood trauma. Since 2016, Michael has empowered over 100,000 trauma survivors to get out of The Vortex, learn to love themselves, and become the hero of their own stories. Michael has spoken in over 80 countries, won investments from Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone, and is on a mission to end Generational Trauma in his lifetime. 

Topics Discussed:

-How to Think Unbroken

-How to understand your inner strength 

-Why Community, Connection, and Commitment are so important in healing

-The first step in healing

-What it means to get out of The Vortex

-Why does trauma steal your identity, and how to get it back

-Why letting go is the real secret 

May 2022


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Celia Arias. Celia Arias is a growth strategist and fractional COO that helps small businesses implement the key fundamentals and simple systems they need to break through their revenue plateau. Celia holds an MBA and several multi-disciplinary degrees that support her love of learning and teaching. She started and sold her own global fashion line, developed the marketing for a manufacturer, learned about sales through her experience in the luxury sector, yet kept being drawn to what makes a business work or fall apart

The topics discussed are as follows:

- How your work/life balance can affect your romantic relationship

- How to make systems work for you, so you can take at least 4 vacations per year.

- How to build authentic relationships with your team so your business can be as successful as possible

And much more!


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Daniel Herrold. Daniel is one of the Co-Founders of Divorced Over Forty (“DO40”), a group that provides community to divorced men & women across the United States who are ages 40+. The DO40 community has enabled Daniel to pursue his passion for writing, where he writes on several topics including his own personal divorce journey, dating over 40, and being a dad to three daughters.  


This led him to create the Intentional Dating Club, an online dating community created that provides techniques & tips on how to create a safer and more positive dating experience.  He also hosts 2 podcasts, is on the Board of Directors for an advocacy group to fight romance scamming, and is currently advising several new & emerging dating apps.

You can find Daniel most prominently on Instagram at @daniel.herrold or on TikTok at @danielherrold.

A few topics (among many) discussed in this episode are: 

-Intentional Dating

-Romance Scamming

-How to be discerning when dating

-Why being selfish on your dating journey Is healthy

-The importance of healing after a breakup or divorce before jumping into another relationship.

March 2022


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview the on-air talent and producers of an award-winning radio show called "The Morning Buzz" which can be found on IHeartRadio. Kenny Horn and Lara Ziccardi are not only the hosts, but they are also a couple. In this episode we discuss the following topics:

-Their story; how they went from business partners to significant others, especially after Lara had been in a long-term relationship

-Their nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to anyone who is searching for their soulmate

-How they work together professionally and personally

- How being vulnerable got them to where they are today; beyond happy in their relationship.


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview best-selling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Kathrine Woodward Thomas is the New York Times bestselling author of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After and Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attracting the Love of Your Life, as well as an award-winning marriage and family psychotherapist. Over the past two decades, Katherine has had the honor of teaching hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the globe to create conscious, loving relationships and to realize the higher potentials all their connections hold for health and happiness. Katherine also trains and certifies people to become Certified Calling in “The One” Coaches , and/or Conscious Uncoupling Coaches and provides ongoing supervision and development to a vibrant community of her coaches from around the world.  

His wife Varly i= I Billboard charting, #1 iTunes jazz artist with her CD, Lucky in Love, which was co-written and co-produced with The Brothers Koren.

In this episode the following topics are discussed: 

-What exactly "conscious uncoupling" is

-The 5 steps to conscious uncouple

- How to share your true self and why it's so important

-How to be a magnet for love

-How to heal the past and not let it be a predictor of your future

- How to live as if you are already your future self; living "as if."




February 2022


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview the incredible Alex Weber.

ALEX WEBER is an International Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Host for NBC, competitor on the Emmy-nominated series, American Ninja Warrior, and Author of the upcoming book, Fail Proof: Become The Unstoppable You

But Alex also knows what it feels like to hit challenges, self-doubt, uncertainty, and failures— and how you can overcome them. Alex gives you his system to be a leader in your life, realize your fullest self, and accomplish your biggest goals in your career, your relationships, and your life!

Some topics discussed in this episode are:

-Alex's journey to where he is today

-What Alex has learned about relationships and he shares some nuggets of inspirational wisdom

-How he believes that there has been a purpose to everything in his life and how you can find yours too!

-What it was like to compete in American Ninja Warrior

-Why he loves being a public speaker

-What you can learn from reading his book, Fail Proof


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview relationship coach Antia Boyd. Through the "Magnetize Your Man" method, Antia attracted her amazing, handsome and supportive husband, Brody! She has now been helping thousands of high-value women all over the world for over a decade to attract their men to share their life with & have a loving, long-term relationship without loneliness, frustration, or rejection! She studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, and is NLP and Dream Coaching certified. She has spoken on hundreds of stages and radio shows all over the world including Google, the Harvard University Faculty Club, and Good Morning San Diego.


She now lives with her loving, strong & committed hubby of 7 1/2 years, and she looks forward to helping YOU to feel fully loved, safe, and cherished by your ideal man without sadness, insecurity, or an unhealthy relationship!

Topics discussed in this episode are:

- Antia and Brody's soulmate story and why

your soulmate is already orbiting around you.

- How to increase your perspective quotient.

- Failure alchemy and why you need that in order

to express your needs

- The concept of "queen-tensity:"
 embracing all the emotions inside of yourself that you have

charge around.


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview author, speaker, and relationship expert, Arielle Ford. Arielle is a leading personality in the personal growth and contemporary spirituality movement. For the past 25 years, she has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media.

Her mission is to help people find love, keep love and most importantly, be love.

Arielle is a gifted writer and the author of 11 books including the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction.

She is also the author of Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate devoted to exploring a simple, fun, and effective way to attain groundbreaking shifts in perception so that you can embrace and find the beauty and perfection in yourself and your mate.

She has been called "The Cupid of Consciousness" and "The Fairy Godmother of Love." She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband/soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends. Join her newsletter at

Topics discussed in this episode are as follows: 

-What is a soulmate?

-Does everyone have a soulmate and how many can you have in a lifetime?

-The Universal Law that can be used to find your soulmate.

-The necessary attitude and key steps to manifesting a soulmate.

-The unknown secret to relationship success everyone needs to know?

- Why couples should wear "rose-colored glasses" when it comes to seeing each other.

-The health benefits of marriage?


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview soulmate couple, Joree Rose and Dr. John Shinerer.

Joree Rose, MA, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher, coach, author, speaker, and she also leads mindfulness retreats around the world. Joree is host of the podcast ‘Journey Forward® with Joree Rose’ and has been featured in prominent media outlets such as,, Business Insider, KTLA News, and many more!

Dr. John Schinnerer coaches men to greater success and happiness at work and at home.  Dr. John graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a Ph.D. in psychology.  He was an expert consultant for Pixar’s Inside Out. Dr. John recently received the award for Best Executive Coach in Danville for 2020.  Dr. John hosts The Evolved Caveman Podcast to coach men to find success and happiness. 

Topics covered in this episode are:

- How Joree and John know they were soulmates

-The journey that brought the couple together

-How Joree and John get through conflict with love

-The secret to making their relationship last

And MUCH more!!


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Robert Mack, one of the world's leading experts on the relationship between happiness and success. He helps individuals and organizations achieve an energizing balance of authentic personal happiness and effortless professional success, based on time-tested, face-valid, empirical data and timeless, transcendental wisdom.

Robert's work has been endorsed by Oprah, Vanessa Williams, and many others, and he has been seen on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E!, OWNGQ, Self, Health, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour.

Robert's first book, Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment, is celebrity-endorsed and critically acclaimed.

Some topics that are covered are:

-How happiness is an inside job

-How to bring in your "person," by working with positive psychology

-How to not suffer and to be able to rise above your problems to see the bigger picture

-How to change your thoughts to change your life

January 2022


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Laura Lang-Ree. Laura is a childhood cancer parent who is dedicated to helping couples and families work through the stress that cancer can cause. and she helps people find a way to stay in love! Laura is a voice for these parents in the trenches, providing resources and education to help them navigate their own health crises and come out stronger than ever. 

Laura is also the Director of Performing Arts at an independent K-12 school in California. She’s a teacher, performer and works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation as the voice for their national training program. She writes articles and creates podcasts to empower parents of kids in crisis for Elephants and Tea, Fear to Freedom, and Curtco Media. Her three daughters - including Cecilia - are grown and thriving and she and her husband are loving their second honeymoon. Laura is currently shopping for agents for her groundbreaking book, THRU THE FIRE: A Compassionate Guide for Surviving Your Child’s Terrifying, Life-Threatening Illness with Your Identity, Your Family, and Your Relationships in Tact.

Topics Discussed:

  • Inspiration for keeping relationships healthy
  • Concrete strategies for becoming strong advocates for their child’s treatment plan and new family routines amidst crisis
  • Salient and relatable examples of what works, what doesn't, and why

Permission to put yourself first on the never-ending to-do list


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview author, news reporter, and divorce expert, Jackie Pilosossoph. Jackie is the creator and editor-in-chief of Divorced Girl Smiling, a website, podcast, mobile app, and community for those facing divorce. A former broadcast and newspaper reporter, Pilossoph is also the creator of the syndicated Chicago Tribune column, Love Essentially, which was published weekly for 8 years. Pilossoph holds a Masters's degree in journalism from Boston University and lives in Chicago with her fiance, her kids (when they're home), and her beloved dog. Learn more:

The topics that we discuss are Jackie's very helpful list of 8 great things divorce does for a woman, Inspirational is an understatement when it comes to Jackie! This episode will leave you smiling and knowing that if you happen to be going through a divorce, not only is there the light at the end of the tunnel but there's light all the way through if you allow it! 


In this week’s episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interview a couple with an incredible story who have beat the odds and are an example of how you can have difficulties in life but yet still have a loving and fun relationship filled with magic. Divorced and Co-Parenting since 2015, Gabby Gast met Paul Gast while ill in 2017 and then married her amazingly supportive love and co-blending teammate, on May 22, 2021.  Gabby Gast Is a Certified Divorce Specialist(TM) and Co-Parenting and Blending Families Coach for parents who have been in, or are in, a toxic relationship. She empowers parents to create peace and happiness with their partner, kids, and even the ex (if there is one), without guilt and anxiety attached. Gabby is passionate about sharing her personal journey through a double-lung transplant while co-parenting, blending her family, and living an authentic life with vulnerability, as she navigates the many challenges and excitements of all things, co-blending. Gabby and Paul have three kids; 2 from Gabby's first marriage and one from Paul's first marriage. Paul is a Contractor and Real Estate Investor with a Master's in Engineering. He established his contracting business in 2020; Gast Contracting and in September of 2021, he quit his day job and his business took off, and that's the power of manifestation and it just proves that when you are happy in life, you can manifest anything. 

Topics discussed in this episode are as follows:

-What is the secret to Gabby and Paul's relationship success

-How to communicate when conflict comes up

- How to listen and validate so each person feels seen and heard

- How the couple has gotten through rough times and have persevered and are thriving! 

December 2021


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Dr. Julie Shafer. Dr. Shafer is a psychologist and award-winning author who focuses on helping her clients get the life they aspire to by getting the connection with others they want and deserve. She is the author of Loved: Relationship Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules. 


Some of the topics discussed in this episode are as follows:

  • Why it's important to talk about honesty
  • Do you have to say whatever you think in order, to be honest?
  • What is people-pleasing and why is it a bad thing?
  • What's the connection between people-pleasing and being honest?

November 2021


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview speaker, coach, and podcast host, Amy Schadt.

Amy is a keynote speaker and women's empowerment coach who reconnects women with their passions, helps them break free from the stories that keep them stuck, and awakens their inner genius and confidence so they can live an unstoppable life. 

Amy is the host and producer of The Unstoppable YOU, a monthly live event where she gathers an eclectic group of experts to speak into how to get unstuck, so you can reclaim your power, and have happy loving relationships.

Topics discussed in this inspiration episode are: 

-How to Release your Stories for a More Loving Connected Life.

-How Radical Acceptance can Improve your Relationships.

-How to Create More Happiness and Connection by being the Assessor of Your Life.

-How to Become the Visionary of Your Life! - Live in Freedom and Create Connected Relationships with Understanding Your Stories.

October 2021

September 2021


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview the Best-Selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, Dr, John Gray. It was truly an honor to interview him. Dr. Gray has written over 20 books including his latest book, Beyond Mars and Venus. Dr. Gray’s books are translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries and continues to be a bestseller.

In this episode we cover the following topics:

-Dr. Gray's keys to having a successful marriage

-Tools to utilize when in conflict

- Healthy nutritional choices that create the brain and body chemistry for lasting health, happiness, and romance

-Natural solutions for overcoming depression, anxiety, and stress

This is a must-see episode as Dr. Gray delivers content full of wisdom and his vast experience. This amazing man is a genius, so tune in to watch this epic episode! 

Dr. John Gray's Free Gift: 

“How to Get Everything You Want in Relationships For Women, Men, Couples, and Singles”


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Laura Michelle Powers.

Laura is an entertainer, celebrity psychic, actress, model, host, singer, writer, and speaker. She is the host of the popular film and television podcast, “Behind the Scenes with Laura Powers,” She is the author of 8 books. Laura has been featured on several television channels and networks including BuzzFeed, NBC, CBS, FOX, and The CW.


Topics that are covered are as follows:

-Surprising ways to manifest your dream life and love life

- How to use your intuition to follow your passion

-How to live life from your authentic self and trust yourself

- The importance of acceptance in life vs. resistance 

- How to tune into your creativity

August 2021


This week on "Love Talk Live" I interview coach, Cam Kashani; a four-time Award-Nominated Sacred Queen Embodiment Guide, Awakened Leadership Expert, and Inspirational Speaker, leading women to their true, authentic, core power — allowing them to embody their inner Queen. She hosts a popular podcast called “The Cam Kashani Show”, focused on ‘Redefining Beauty, Body, and Self. Cam is also known as the "Godmother of Silicon Beach" as she was the first one to start a co-working space in Los Angeles.

Topics that are discussed in this inspirational episode are as follows:

-How to connect with your inner goddess

-Cam's "Sacred Queen Community" and how to join

-How to love yourself, so you can manifest love

-Cam's journey through divorce and dating again

-How to shift your negative narrative into a positive one

-The best places to go to meet quality men 

July 2021


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I Interview Brian Davis, a financial planner who works with couples to help them keep the integrity of their relationship. As we all know, finances can cause a lot of stress on a relationship, so Brian is there to help couples navigate through any difficulties that finances may bring up in a relationship and help them make important financial decisions together. 

Brian is not your typical financial advisor as he works hard at forming personal relationships with his clients so they trust him and enjoy working with him.

Topics discussed in this episode are as follows: 

  • Why a couple should be on the same page for their financial planning, which includes;
  • How financial planning can save a marriage
    • Transparency
    • Setting goals and holding each other accountable
  • Why an open dialogue about family finances is important for a healthy relationship      
  • How hiding financial information from each other can lead to unhealthy relationships and how to avoid the need to hide information. 

June 2021


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live, I interview guest, Angela Holton. Angela is the founder of "Love Sanctuary," an online spiritual and personal development site centered on helping women create the relationship and love they desire from the inside-out. She is the Creator of The Conscious Love & Dating Method, a modern and revolutionary approach toward dating and relationships and the author of The Secret Method To Conscious Love Workbook Journal: Deepen Understanding of Yourself & Improve Your Dating & Relationships.

Topics discussed are as follows:
-Angela's secret to manifesting love
-Her client's success stories
-What she has learned are the most important aspects of successful relationships
-Letting go of control- owning vs. blaming


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview relationship expert, Cheyenne Bostock. Cheyenne Bostock is a life & relationship expert, author, and motivational speaker. He is best known for his provocative content catered to helping single women attract their ideal mates, including self-help books Food, Sex & Peace Of Mind, and Dating Manual For Single Women. He has helped thousands of single women worldwide learn how to attract their ideal mates through his social media, books, coaching programs, and live events. 


Cheyenne has been featured on ABC's Here & Now, Good Day Fox 4, Arise TV, The Bill Cunningham Show, WBLS The Quiet Storm w/Lenny Green, Bossip, Essence Live, and many other media publications and broadcasts.


Topics discussed in this episode: 

-What do men really want?

-What is the purpose of dating?

-How can someone attract their ideal mate?

-What is an ideal first date?

-Best places to find a quality guy


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview dating coach, Mike Goldstein, a 1-on-1 Dating and Relationship Expert and founder of EZ Dating. Mike helps men and women make dating and relationships EZ. He has been featured on the Today Show, The Star-Ledger, Reader's Digest, and Shape Magazine. Mike's clients usually get into a relationship within 3-4 months of working with him and then in months 5-6 they learn how to understand the opposite sex, set sexy boundaries, and fight fair when arguing with their partner.


In this episode, Mike reveals the 5 ways that men try and test women to see if they have the potential to be in a relationship with or possibly marry. Tune in to find out these surprising tests so you can be sure to be aware of them when dating!!

May 2021


In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interview a holistic celebrity doctor, and  "Raising Amazing” podcast host, Dr. Joel Warsh. Topics discussed in this episode:

- How to restore balance in your romantic relationship
- The importance of taking care of yourself so you can show up in life and your relationships as your best self. 

- How we truly are what we eat 

- How connecting with nature can benefit your life and relationships 

- How to keep your kids healthy, and balance parenting and marriage


In this week's episode of "Love Talk Live," I interview Emmy Award winner, Robyn Miller Brecker. Robyn, a spiritual coach, launched and then worked for Oprah for twenty years. 


After a series of spiritual synchronicities in 2018, Robyn’s life was transformed. “Seeking with Robyn" was imagined. She began what will be a life-long journey to understand who we are as souls. She is an intuitive, and a Spiritual Medium in the making! In addition, she established her Spiritual Life Coaching practice, so that she could help others get back on track with their soul’s plan. In March 2020, she launched her YouTube show which later became a podcast, "Seeking with Robyn." 


Some topics discussed in this episode: 

-How Ekart Tolle and a synchronistic session with a medium changed Robyn's life

-How a voice in her head when she saw her husband for the first time told her she was going to marry him

- How to listen, trust and strengthen your intuition regarding life and love

-How taking a risk in her career, going from Oprah to starting her own podcast, has turned into a major success

April 2021


In this episode of "Love Talk Live," Jaime interviews Joanna Hakimi, the CEO of; a website filled with practitioners who change lives just waiting to help you! Joanna has been a practicing psychotherapist for 20 years and is also a trained yoga instructor. Joanna and Jaime discuss many topics in this episode including:

  • How to change your lens of perception to enhance the law of attraction when manifesting love or within a relationship.
  • Mindfulness and being present in a relationship
  • Co-dependency and respecting Vs devaluing your SO's opinion
  • The importance of empathy in a relationship
  • Love addiction
  • Infidelity