Love in Education

Linn Angell


Linn Angell is a Teacher, Wayshower for new earth, and mother, who is passionate about education for the New Generation and New Earth.

She has worked as a professional teacher for adults and youth, and have several years of experience in consultancy & career consultancy for private and state companies in Norway. Her spiritual journey started early, and she always knew that she had a purpose of shifting energy into love, and be part of higher consciouss shifts in education! She's the visionary of 144 new earth education, and Sunya Ngo with the project Love in Education.

Show Description: 

Love in Education - Discussing relevant topics with guests, about how we can solve the challenges that the New Generation is experiencing in education today!

Linn wants to create a bridge from Love between science, spirituality, and emotional & physical health, for finding solutions on how we can create more harmony, compassion and Love in education! Initially, this will create more peace in the classroom and also a learning environment where students can thrive!

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December 2019


In episode 6 of Love in education, Linn Angell connects with guest Arayeh Norouzi, a conscious parenting coach and public speaker. They are discussing tools for conscious parenting & teaching, addressing the importance of connection as the most important skill to learn both at home and in education.
Arayeh’s website:


In episode 5 of Love in education, Linn Angell connects with guest Matthew Solomon, a campus consultant, coach, author and filmmaker. They are discussing the importance of communication for youth. Do you believe that we should learn this important skill already in education? Compassionate listening and creating space are some of the tools shared in this podcast. Tune in and listen! Matthew's website:


Why we need an education for our soul
In episode 4 of Love in education, Linn Angell connects with guest Anna Grace Taylor, a spiritual mentor and songwriter. They are discussing why we need an education for our soul, sensitive children, and how we can support these children in education. If education would be more soulbased, how different would our life's be? Tune in and listen.
Anna's website:


In episode 3 of Love in education, Linn Angell connects with guest Nathan Hoo, a teacher from Australia. Linn and Nathan discusses intuitive teaching & inspiration for teachers, on how to connect with themselves and their students on a deeper level. In addition to being a teacher, Nathan is also a spiritual healer, and Linn & Nathan is also looking for solutions on how to bridge spirituality and science in education! Do you also believe we should teach for life, rather than teaching about life...? Tune in and listen!
Nathan's website:


Parenting the New Generation
In episode 2 of Love in education, Linn Angell connects with guest Sue DeCaro, a parenting coach living in Pennsylvania. Linn and Sue discusses the importance of being conscious as a parent and as a teacher. Together, they are discussing cooperation between the school and the home, and how to ultimately give the power of learning back to the child. They are also sharing self-care tools for teachers!
Sue's website:

November 2019


Youth dropping out of school
In episode 1 of Love in Education, Linn Angell connects with guest Kerry Holzschuh, discussing factors for youth dropping out of school and how we can solve them from Love. Kerry is a  Youth & Camp coordinator for the Continuing & Professional Education Department at Ocean County College, and together they are finding solutions on how to prevent bullying and build more compassion in education.
Kerry's website: