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Jim had approximately 20 years in law enforcement including working as a terrorist investigator. Since 2010, he has created violence in the workplace programs that have included conducting site assessments, writing workplace security plans, procedures and protocols for workplace events, and active shooter training. His team members include prior law enforcement and military backgrounds.
Jim's weekly show will consist of everything from an historical perspective on domestic terrorism up to and including current events. Call ins or email senders can get questions answered to the best of Jim's ability, which also may include many different types of safety tips for going to the mall, restaurants, movie theatres, office buildings or simply walking down the street.
Jim will also discuss everyday workplace related issues that are creating nightmares for the work environment by managers & employees. This could include handling conflict, hostile work environment and hiring & firing practices.
Our Company
Potts & Associates is a broad-based employment consulting firm practiced in unemployment cost control, human resources management, manager & supervisor training, and other critical labor relations areas. Potts represents his clients before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement on wage & hour issues, and, in discrimination claims, before the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, and in Unemployment Insurance Appeals Hearings.
James W. Potts, has represented and assisted employers in a variety of areas involving employer-employee relations for over thirty years, at first as an employee and then as a business partner and owner. He is a native New Yorker who earned a BA degree in history from California State University at Los Angeles and a Juris Doctorate from the University of West Los Angeles Law School.
Throughout his professional years Potts has also attained his Real Estate Brokers License, has facilitated lectures as a Master Teacher for the University of Phoenix for 13 years, is a former Reserve Captain working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and is currently a certified mediator through the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and a published author (Right to Counsel, July 2008) and (Walking on Eggshells, August 2013).

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Sunday 3:00PM - 3:59PM
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ListenUP!, with Jim Potts. A talk show host who is committed to bringing businesses and the general public into a heightened awareness of the issues surrounding the workplace.
Jim includes discussions about Violence in the workplace caused by disgruntled current and former employees, irate customers, and domestic violence issues. The show will also focus on domestic and international terrorism that has not only crept to our shores, but has even impacted our youth. You can call us, or email us, to get your questions or comments on the air.
Workplace issues you want to discuss? Feel free to call!

Show Archives

September 2019


Listen in as Jim talks about targeted violence, virtual terrorism, and gives an historical perspective of mass attacks when the attacker used explosives as opposed to AR's. 


Listen up as Jim gives 26 safety tips to help prevent child abductions. Jim also discussed statistical data regarding the choice of weapons for mass shooters! Ar's may not be the answer. Finally,  in remembrance of 9/11 Jim recaps the  sad statistical information regarding the number of people killed that day and continue to die as a result of toxic fumes people inhaled that day.


August 2019


Listen up as Jim does a deeper dive into "How the internet is used for Terrorism" including its impact on children. Propaganda such as cartoons and video games are all used to indoctrinate children by terrorist organizations world wide. Don't miss this one!


Listen up as Jim discusses drugs and children with Los County Sheriff's Department Detective William Velek. Jim and William discuss how and where children hide their drugs. This is a powerful show, don't miss it!


Listen Up as Jim discusses a number of hot recent topics including "White Supremacy, White Nationalism, Black Nationalism and Black separatism". Jim finished up the hour with how to recognize disgruntled employees.


Listen Up as Jim discusses the Mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, Dayton., Ohio and the Garlic Festival in California with an impassioned caller who feels control is the only way.

July 2019


Listen in as Jim gives safety tips for traveling, State Department warnings, and 13 places not to travel to! Jim also talks about how to prepare for international travel and provides key telephone numbers for international pre-travel warnings.  


Listen up to this all important broadcast as Jim takes his listeners into a very sensitive area: "Children and drugs". Jim methodically covers the main classification of drugs, their symptoms, and what the drugs look like to help parents identify if their children are on drugs. This is a powerful edition. Do not pass it by!


Listen up as Jim discusses "Antifa" a domestic terrorist group that operates in violence to instill their ideologies on others. Jim also talks about another hot issue-"Anti-abortion" that results in violence. Finally Jim discusses several road rage incidents that resulted in death. 


From the best of "Listen UP": In his first show Jim talked about domestic terrorism and its impact on America as well as the workplace. Jim began by discussing that Americans have a tendency to be too complacent because they have a tendency to forget an incident unless personally touched by the event itself.

From an historical standpoint Jim mentioned the 1910 bombing of the LA Times building as well as the bombing of Wall Street approximately 10 years later and pointed out the 8 warning signs of a potential active shooter.
Rounding off his discussion, Jim spoke about school shootings especially Columbine and Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Florida) and whether teachers should be armed.

June 2019


Listen up as Jim talks about personal safety tips while in crowded places and mass gatherings. Jim's insights gives his listeners a certain comfort level so they can enjoy themselves in these types of venues. Don't miss out!


Listen up as Jim discusses the top 10 domestic terrorism groups in the U.S. as well as safety tips for mass gatherings. Jim also talks about how to spot terrorist activity in your community and how to report it without being identified!


Listen up as Jim discusses "Gun Violence Against Sexual & Gender Minorities." In addition, Jim gives valuable "Tips on crime prevention and personal safety tips." Don't miss out!


Listen Up as Jim discusses the psychological traits common to active shooters. Jim also talks about the different types of terrorism and about the recent foiled terrorist plot at New York's Times Square. Rounding off Jim's show he gives his opinion about the arrested police officer who failed to go in at the Parkland Florida school shooting. Times Square. Rounding off Jim's show he gives his opinion about the arrested police officer who failed to go in at the Parkland Florida school shooting.


Listen up and in as Jim discusses the recent Virginia Beach active shooter event. In addition Jim takes the listeners through a very careful approach as to why police officers do not respond to 911 calls as quickly as the caller may like. In addition, Jim gives the average police response times for 4 major cities with one of them being as high as 58 minutes!

May 2019


Listen up as Jim discusses "The Day of the Children." Jim takes a look at statistical data since 1970 to present as to the leading states that have school shooters up to and including when they act most often. Jim also discusses awareness and prevention of child abductions and who is most likely to engage in this horrific behavior! Finally Jim gives some great tips on how to prevent and protect children.


Listen up as Jim interviews former Los Angeles County District Attorney the Honorable Steve Cooley! Jim and Steve do an excellent job discussing a variety of public concerns including the shooting of police offices. Steve also talks about his book "Blue Lives Matter." listen up as Steve talks about the capture of a cop killer who had killed two El Segundo police officers way back in 1957. It's a very exciting narrative between Jim and Steve!

You can visually view the show at: Listen Up with Jim Potts --


April 2019


Listen up as Jim gives Active Shooter tips, advice, and safety measures to help you survive an active shooter event.


March 2019


Listen Up as Jim discusses "Virtual Kidnappings" and the top ten schemes and frauds for 2019. Jim also explains the difference between "semi-automatic" weapons and "automatic Rifles."


Listen Up as Jim gives the "Tips to help you prevent identity theft!" Jim also talks about "Medical Identity Theft" and "Wage Theft." Don't miss this one, your identity depends on it!


Listen up as Jim discusses workplace safety tips and also does an analysis of the differences between Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Jim also discusses attack dogs being used for school security.


Listen Up as Jim discussed "The Mafia" and their impact on domestic terrorism and how they caught hold in the US. Listen to a caller who called in and asked if Jim "owned a horse" as a possible threat to his safety! Another thrilling show by Jim!

February 2019


Jim discusses the ten most notorious female active shooters as well as male active shooters who were among the deadliest.


Listen in as Jim takes on a very tough subject--the psychology of serial killers! But before bracing that subject Jim discusses the last 8 mass shootings over the last 12 months. Tune in as Jim also gives safety tips for women to help protects form these sexual predators.


Listen to Jim as he discussed Human Trafficking and sex trafficking. He and a caller also talk about the Super Bowls past & present have typically attracted sex trafficking victims (male & female) for exploitation.


From the best of "ListenUp with Jim Potts" : This was the show of all shows! Great caller discussing cyber attacks on home computers as well as hackers at Starbucks and during hotel stays! Listen in as Jim and the caller give out safety tips in this troublesome area!

January 2019


Jim discusses 9 tips for effective school lockdowns, and the reasons why inner city schools do not experience mass shootings.


Listen Up as JI discusses part 2 of "Surviving the Threat!" Jim gives more safety tips for different scenarios including talking to your children about safety. Jim also discussed the "Zebra Murders" and also satisfied a number of "myths" regarding carrying a concealed weapon!


Jim, unexpectedly had two callers giving two different passionate opinions on the "Wall!" Both made valid points. Listen in and see how your opinion compares to the two different views. Jim also discussed "Situational Awareness" and emphasized how citizens need to be aware of their surroundings whether at work, school, or at leisure. Jim also gave safety tips. As usual, Don't miss this one!


Listen up as Jim discusses the well known concept of "Run Hide, Fight" as applied to everyday life as well as the school environment. Jim also gives stats from 2015 to 2018 on the shooting of African-Americans, Whites, and other minorities. Finally, Jim discusses how barriers, such as the "wall" can actually have a negative impact not only on the environment but on "gene flow" as well.

December 2018


Jim discusses "The year in review" with the statistics on active shooter incidents in 2018, home invasions, and police officer deaths.


Listen in as Jim discusses key elements and safeguards regarding child trafficking and online predators. Jim gives the listeners detailed circumstances to watch out for to make sure your child does not become vulnerable to these predators.


Jim discussed a very sensitive issue. Violent crimes against children and child abuse were the primary areas of discussion. If you are a parent, grandparent, or even thinking about having children, do not miss this episode. It is very enlightening.


JIm discusses Sandy Hook, the 10 most common holiday crimes, and violent crimes against children.


This show was amazing! Listen in how Jim read some emails from both men & women about domestic violence and the impact on each of their lives! Jim also gave out workplace safety tips for active shooters. Finally, Jim wrapped it up with a discussion on mass shooters. Some interesting stats for sure.

November 2018


Domestic Violence? Jim covered this subject from top to bottom. Statistics, incidents, warning signs, and the impact of this topic on the workplace. The information is astounding! Don't miss this one.


Listen Up! Jim broke it down regarding carrying a concealed weapon. This was the second of two parts so if you missed show #23 go back and listen to it. This week Jim asked the question "Do you have what it takes to actually pull the trigger once you are confronted by an active shooter?" Jim also discussed what to say to police officers if you had pulled and shot your gun and the possible criminal and civil repercussions for doing so. It was also mentioned which handgun might be a good concealed weapon to carry.


As promised Jim discussed the pros and cons of carrying concealed weapons! State and Federal requirements to secure a permit was discussed as well as the responsibilities associated therewith.


Jim discusses "Detecting & disrupting homegrown terrorism" and the pros nd cons of the death penalty.

October 2018


Another great show! Jim discusses the recent church shooting in Pittsburgh and the shooting in Kentucky both this past week. Jim also discusses what to do if you receive a "strange package or letter." Jim also posed a question to his listeners, "Should active shooters get the death penalty?" Tue in to hear a great discussion between Jim and a caller from New Jersey!


Jim discusses the history of the NRA as well as how and why the KKK was formed. Jim also discussed the characteristics of Lone-wolves. Another great show! Don't miss this one!


Jim's topics included self-defense techniques, violence in the workplace statistics, risk factors to look out for in the workplace, and a discussion on an African-American active shooter from 1973 that shot 9 and wounded 14 police officers.


Listen Up as Jim discusses the final segment on "Why Kids Kill!" Jim discusses the two Columbine shooters and why they committed such an horrific act. It wasn't because of their being bullied. Tune in to get the back story. Jim also discusses "Female Active Shooters" and gives the top 9 events where women engaged in mass killings over the last 10 years. Don't miss this one. Get into the archives and listen to this show and the ones before.

September 2018


Jim was at his usual best when he presented part 2 of "Why Kids Kill!" Listen to how an 11 year old boy, ruthlessly killed and the reasoning behind it. Jim also gives statistical on the 2016 & 2017 active shooter incidents as well as the statistical ethnic background of active shooters between 2000 and 2017. Tune in, you won't be disappointed!


Jim discusses the "Youth Hand gun safety act, America's only "Coup D'etat", "Why kids Kill, part 1).


Listen in as Jim talks about the Earth Liberation front (ELF) who are "Eco-Terrorists"! Their destructive acts to preserve the environment has put them on the top of the list by the FBI as a terrorist organization. Jim also discusses "PETA" the animal rights advocates and he gives statistics on the number of hate groups in the country along with the top ten states with the most groups. Can you guess which state is number 1? Finally Jim discusses "Lone Wolves" and the difficulty law enforcement as with curtailing their acts of terror. Don't miss out! Tune in as soon as you have a moment.


Jim discusses animal activist as domestic terrorist and how to handle irate customers


Jim discusses cyber security, school shootings, and road rage

August 2018


Jim discusses Part two of the 2nd Amendment along with the pros and cons of bot sides.


Listen in as Jim discusses valuable tips and statistics on home invasions! He also talks about the number of police officers killed this year and gives statistical information going back to 1791. Jim wrapped up the show by discussing MS-13 and gave an intro into the 2nd Amendment. Next week he will be discussing part two "The Pros & Cons" of the 2nd Amendment debate.


Jim discusses 2nd  Amendment Right to bear arms (part 1) and Home invasion prevention tips


This was the show of all shows! Great caller discussing cyber attacks on home computers as well as hackers at Starbucks and during hotel stays! Listen in as Jim and the caller give out safety tips in this troublesome area!

July 2018


Listen in as Jim talks about the Second Amendment right to carry a gun openly as determined by the 9th Court Circuit of Appeals. Jim also discusses   "Cyber attacks" and the different methods used. Listen in as Jim takes on two callers, one regarding cyber attacks and the other regarding terrorist acts against the LGBTQ community. This show is very insightful and you are not going to want to miss a word!


Listen in as Jim thoroughly discusses the second of a two part series on "Murder & Extremism." In this second taping Jim talks about the left wing & right wing groups who bring terror down upon their innocent victims.


Jim is at his best as he discusses the first of two discussions regarding "Murder & Extremism" in the US. He gives alarming statistics and gut wrenching stories including the recent shootout at Trader Joe's.


Listen in as Jim discusses the bombing of the LA Times building, and analyzes the capture of an Al Queda radical who was caught trying to distribute explosive remote controlled cars to children of Vets this past 4th of July. Jim also discusses one captured bomber who attempted to distribute explosive "dildos" to his former girlfriends as Christmas gifts. Finally, Jim takes a caller who describes how to build an AR off the internet.


Listen in as Jim discusses road rage. He will give you tips on how to avoid road rage, the color and make of vehicles normally involved in road rage incidents, the profile of individuals involved, the day of the week, time, and month that these incidents are likely to occur! Don't miss this one!

June 2018


Listen in to Jim discussing part 2 of "Preventing School Shootings". He discusses that family, relatives, teachers, and other students are usually tipped off before an incident takes place. According to Jim, it is the failure to listen to the desperate cries for help that leads these your shooters to commit their acts. Of note, Jim points out that these young shooters can range in age from 11-21 and can be of any ethnic background or income level.


Rounding out the show, Jim discusses what employers need to do to prevent workplace shootings. Disgruntled current and former employees, irate customers, and domestic violence situations are all addressed by Jim. Listen in as he gives tips to prevent these type of incidents from happening. Listen to one caller who explains how he used Jim's company to establish their procedures and protocols for workplace safety and how those procedures were tested.


Tune in next week when Jim discusses and gives tips on "Road Rage" and how to avoid it.


Listen in on Jim discussing “How to Prevent School Shootings Part 1”! Jim emphasizes the importance of paying attention and listening to the young people and how parents, teachers, school administrators, counselors and coaches can help to make a difference. Be sure to Listen in on this week’s final part of this important subject matter.


In his first show Jim talked about domestic terrorism and its impact on America as well as the workplace. Jim began by discussing that Americans have a tendency to be too complacent because they have a tendency to forget an incident unless personally touched by the event itself.

From an historical standpoint Jim mentioned the 1910 bombing of the LA Times building as well as the bombing of Wall Street approximately 10 years later and pointed out the 8 warning signs of a potential active shooter.
Rounding off his discussion, Jim spoke about school shootings especially Columbine and Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, Florida) and whether teachers should be armed.