Jimmy Francis Meza

Jim Francis Meza is an actor, comedian, radio personality, podcaster & sometimes limo driver. He is of Mexican descent on his fathers side and of Latin Jewish descent on his mothers side. He was born at Hoover Hospital in South L.A. and raised in Lincoln Heights, a small city just east of the L.A. River. Growing up, money was tight at home, but his loving and doting parents always figured out a way to make both Jim and his sister Liz feel the positivity and warmth, while enriching their lives with storytelling and movies. He always had big aspirations and an enormous imagination. His undying love for God is truly unparalleled. He demonstrates his altruism through giving to the less fortunate. He has a strong devotion and conviction to family and friends. You can say his story is interwoven into the L.A. fabric of folks who's dreams have become a reality.