Jackie Padgette-Baird


Jackie Padgette-Baird is a California native, growing up in North Hollywood, student and product of music and the arts. Jackie had many achievements in the entertainment field especially as a professional musician. She cut albums and had a top billed band on the Nevada circuit in Las Vegas for 7 years. During this time she became ill and when no one could help her, she reflected back on her father’s teaching and influence. He was the first bio analyst and pathologist in the state of California. Jackie took her health in her own hands because she did not receive any answers. It was nutrition that saved her life and became her second love. Working as an assistant with Dr. Vicky Arcadi, Jackie learned about nutritional application in a clinical setting, and ran the nutritional department and organized Dr. Vicky’s seminars. Flush Your Fat 4Good was given divinely to Jackie when once again she was in need, but this time to restore her health from excess weight gain as a result of family crisis. Jackie has made this her mission and her legacy to help people restore their health as she did and help bring awareness to the obesity epidemic all around the globe.