The Grinds

Matt Miles


Matthew miles. 30 years old, full time employee for the LAUSD. I’m full of energy, love making people laugh, and I always bring a positive flow of energy to whoever I encounter. I love sports, animals, food, traveling, seeing and trying out new things, and family.

Todd Meschke


Meet Todd Meschke, an 80’s baby that grew up in Inglewood, CA in a poor neighborhood and later moved to the 562 area. Growing up in the lower class taught him valuable life lessons that has made him the man he is today. Since he was a kid he always had an interest in playing, watching, and talking about sports. Also Todd was always a fan of radio industry, calling into radio stations with his take on current sport events and always dreamed of his own radio talk show. When a close friend and him realized that they had good chemistry, they decided to try it on the air.. 

Show Time: 
Tuesday 6:00PM - 6:59PM
Show Description: 
The Grinds is a show based on different perspectives from two friends with life experiences of both faliure and success. They have accumulated enough takes to “grind” on everyday life and give advice. Listen as they talk about topics in the news, culture, relationships, sports and much more with their unique spin on things with a hilarious twist.

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