Behind the Camera

Charisse Glenn


Casting since 1986,  I come to the table with a combined family’s experience of over 100 years in the commercial and film business. My many years of experience working with talented award winning directors, production companies and advertising agencies, has provided me with the expertise and confidence to support your creative vision. Having worked in front of and behind the camera… I am well rounded and understand the entire casting process, from the written word to the moving picture. I am also the writer and creator of a blog, called The Let Go, about letting go of all, that no longer serves our lives.

Joshua Rappaport


Born and raised in Los Angeles I began my professional acting career in 1975 studying with the revered teacher, Jeff Corey. I earned my SAG card in 1976. One day, in 1986, I got a call from Danny Goldman, one of the busiest commercial casting directors in Los Angeles. He asked if I had ever thought about running a casting session, I told him I hadn’t. He invited me to watch asession the next day and the day after that I was running the session. I proceeded to run casting sessions for Danny, and various other commercial casting directors, for the next 20 years. During that time I continued to grow and develop as an artist, I studied with the brilliant acting coach Roy London, I wrote for television, I directed theater. In 2009 I opened my own casting office, Casting Brothers, with Alan Kaminsky, and we’ve continued to thrive in the commercial world. I’ve been involved in the casting of thousands of commercials and conducted hundreds of thousands auditions. I still find working with actors to be the best part of my job!

Show Description: 
Behind the Camera:  Is an opened ended and frank discussion of the commercial acting process, from the casting directors point of view. Bringing over 65 years of combined experience both in front of and behind the camera, Charisse and Joshua will demystify the audition process, answering any questions regarding the pursuit of an acting career.

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