Ayo Shittu


Nigerian American fashion designer/ multimedia editor Ayo Shittu speaks her mind about the entertainment industry and trending topics in our world. She is a 10 year industry personelle since 2009 starting as a magazine intern meeting celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Spike Lee, and Gweneth Paltrow to name a few. Ayo talks about the all areas of the music/ fashion/ and television industry from an insider's point of view and more.

Show Time: 
Wednesday 1:00PM - 1:59PM
Show Description: 

Hollywood entertainment, controversy and society moral through the eyes of Nigerian American industry personelle 
(Ayo Shittu).  Show guests will include musicians, realityshow stars, models, influencers and audience commentary.

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October 2018


Young musical millenials Tyler Murphy and Dani Cohn are the guitarist and the social media sensation. 2 completely different artists but are rocking the L.A. cultural scene. Their brains are picked by Ayyo84 about their personal lives, music, haters in the industry and upcoming projects.


Ayo Shittu sits down with Rudy Love Jr. After the American Music Awards to talk about his music, experience in the industry and future endeavors. Fans can check out Rudy Love Jr on instagram, youtube and via Soulfulofnoise.com website.