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As a young girl, Nancy wanted to become a veterinarian, but ended up becoming an attorney.  Although, she has been successful in her profession, her affinity towards animals never faded.  Eventually, she found the perfect union between law and the animal kingdom – Animal Law.

Show Description: 
Animal News Magazine features an assortment of important issues and news pertinent to animals (including sea creatures and insects). Topics range from bumble bees in science to elephants in entertainment.  Host and animal law attorney, Nancy Di Fabio invites special guests to examine topics that raise compelling and contemplative questions that impact humans and non-humans in their everyday life. Controversial, educational, funny. Never dull.

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March 2020


Explore the compassionate world of rats.
Mark Wahlberg’s new plant-based life.
The Dolphin Protection Act introduced in the California assembly.

Our guest: Patty Spitler: host/producer of "Pet Pals TV" and "Great Day TV" - How our pets help us get us through these difficult times.


What happened to the pets left behind in Wuhan, China?
Elephant Trophy Hunt starts in Botswana in April.
In the Year of the Pig, Snoop Dogg is taking the pig out of bacon.

Our Guest: Sarah Red Laird oka the Bee Girl shares her extensive bee knowledge.


Riley’s Law to protect abused animals in criminal proceedings has made it to the California legislature.

Are Stella McCartney’s good intentions on the runway a bit foolish?

Fleather from Indian temple flowers.

Our Guest: William Wheaton co-host of Vegan Talk with William Wheaton.


How many Asians does it take to eat 1400 pounds of illegal dried shark fins?
Ben & Jerry’s admits that its supposed “happy cows” are not really happy.
A Chinese-owned pork producer sells ham to the federal government.
The USDA restores its animal welfare records database… and more

Our Guest: Professor Peter Singer, philosopher, speaker and prolific author explains speciesism, his views on animal abuse and his free e-book.
free e-book at

February 2020


Coffee cats – the new business model in Indonesia.
Sunken ship and its secret sunken sheep in Romania.
War on Drugs becomes the War on Animals…and more

Our Guest: Amy Jean Davis founder of Los Angeles Animal Save talks about Joaquin Phoenix’s attendance at the vigils, especially after the Academy Awards.


Meat and Money in the medical industry.
Fecal transplants make koalas less picky eaters.
The legal challenge to the not so modern “Modernization of Pork Slaughter” rule… and more

Our Guest: Share Bond – Director at California Animal Rescue and Education Sanctuary exposes the homeless cat and dog crisis in Lancaster, California.


This weird little fish invented a mind-boggling suction cup.

The first Ag Gag law in the US deemed unconstitutional in Kansas, 30 years later.

Unsolved Mystery: the exotic animal heist in Riverside, CA.

This dog rides the bus all by herself.

Obese owls should check in at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary.

Our Guest: Liz White, the leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada talks about critical animal and environmental issues in Canada. 


Puerto Rico is not above the law.
Joe Exotic goes from a presidential run to prison.
The disingenuous panic in N.Y. over Foie Gras… and more.

Brian Pope, Director of Lubee Bat Conservancy shares his amazing knowledge of bats.

January 2020


Nancy and William discuss the coronavirus from China, more horse deaths at Santa Anita Racetrack, Shawn Abner, former Major League Baseball player goes to prison, yummy veggies for wallabies in New South Wales… and more.

Connie Spence, Founder of Vegan Justice League explains how US federal government subsidies protect animal farmers (even the Chinese farmers) from the laws of supply and demand.


Nancy and William reveal the prosecutor’s findings on the supposed mysterious horse deaths at the Santa Anita Racetrack in California and explain what is wrong with hunting for prizes.

Our Special Guest: Rosemary Marchetto, the creator of the Pet Grooming Licensing Act in New Jersey, aka Bijou’s law, talks about the importance of requiring all dog groomers to be state licensed and supervised.


Nancy and William discuss the tragic fire situation in Australia and the current status of the dairy cartel in the U.S.

Our Special Guest: Kevin Bachhuber talks about edible insects and why we should eat them.


William and Nancy talk about the extensive damage done to German cars by martens, how a restaurant in New York city continues to defy a judge’s verdict regarding the rights of service dogs

Our Special Guest: Ingrid Newkirk Founder and President of PETA talks about the organization and her new book Animalkind.

December 2019


Nancy and William discuss Arkansas’ and Missouri’s temporary defeat in their attempt to ban plant based meat, and a Los Angeles family of evil dog breeders.

Our Special Guest: Jon Barocas, a combat veteran, talks about his dangerous and brave dog rescue work in Asia


Nancy and William talk about death by plastic for hermit crabs, the increased deregulation of the pork industry, and the lack of laws governing organic ham.

Our Special Guest: Writer, Christina Zubko returns to the show to update us on the homeless encampments and water condition at the Ormond Beach Lagoon in Oxnard, California


Nancy and William discuss the violent animal slaughter festival in Nepal and the good news regarding the Freedom of Information Act. William gets very agitated over Ontario’s proposed Ag Gag law.

Our Guest: Pat Kendall returns to the show to talk about the early stages of Ag Gag laws in Canada.


Nancy and William discuss the new Ag-Gag law in Alberta, Canada, Amazon’s new cruelty free pop up tool, and paintbrushes made with mongoose hair.

Our Guest: Danny Cervantes explains the vegan keto diet..

November 2019


Nancy and William pay homage to turkeys, talk about the new federal law P.A.C.T, and Airbnb Animal Experiences.

Our Special Guest: Biologist, Brannon Rochelle provides interesting facts about snakes.

October 2019


Nancy and William talk about Interpol’s Operation Blizzard and Operation Thunderball, a petition filed by medical doctors urging the FDA to label cheese, the new animal welfare laws in California, and more.

Pat Kendal returns to the show with an update on the campaign in Vancouver, B.C. to end animal testing at a local hospital


Nancy and William talk about the EPA’s approval of an insecticide fatal to bees, the health benefits of phytochemicals, and more.

Our guest: Gwenna Hunter from educates us on how cheese is made (from farm to table).


Nancy and William talk about Vanda Pharmceuticals, Luis Vuitton’s crocodile factory, and more

Our special guest: Pat Kendall talks about her campaign to end animal testing at a Vancouver hospital

September 2019


Nancy and William discuss raw dog food, Baylor’s College of Medicine’s horrific violations, and more.

Our special guest: AJ Albrecht from Mercy for Animals talks about AG-GAG laws.


Nancy and William discuss the damaging effects of palm oil, the Terminator’s new vegan lifestyle, and more

Our special guest: Lynn Cavanagh from World Animal Protection talks about the inadequate animal transport regulations in Canada.


Nancy and William discuss the new animal welfare law in Belgium, the barbaric tradition of bullfighting in Spain, and more.

Our special guest: Aviva Vetter from Humane Society International talks about animal testing in Canada


Nancy and William reveal interesting facts about scorpions, discuss the tragic Amazon forest fires, and the water footprint of animal agriculture.

Our special Guest: Susana Gartner, Pet Custody Attorney:

August 2019


From the best of "Animal News Magazine": Nancy and William talk about the gravity of leaving your pet in a hot car. They also talk about pet custody battles in divorce cases.

Our special guest: Emma Gingerich, author of Runaway Amish Girl: The Great Escape, talks about her great escape from Amish life.


Nancy and William discuss the new wave of plant based products, the amazing tardigrade stuck on the moon, and South Africa’s deplorable canned lion hunting.

Our special Guest: Kimberly Moore, legal counsel with Fur Free Society, returns to the show talk more about the fur industry


Nancy and William discuss the disgusting conditions of live animals in a Connecticut butcher shop, homeless people with animals, Harvard Law School’s new Animal Advocacy Program, and more.

Our special guest: Audrey Harvey, Campaign Manager with Last Chance for Animals, talks about animal circuses.


Nancy and William discuss the new animal welfare law in Russia, the brutal murder of a tiger in India and amazing crows.

Our special guest: Christina Zubko, writer and activist talks about the environmental crisis at Ormond Beach, CA and the risk to endangered birds.  For more information, contact   Click on link to see video of homeless encampments at the beach.

July 2019


Nancy and William cover the news on dying guillemots in the Netherlands, the prevention of Alzheimer’s with plants, and the UK ban on wild animals in the circus. They also continue the discussion on the production and labeling of eggs.

Our special guest: Leslie Goldstein, organizer with Compassionate Bay, talks about fur manufacturing in the U.S. and the proposed statewide fur ban California.


Nancy and William cover the news on recent attacks in Los Angeles on household dogs by homeless people. They also discuss the production and labeling of eggs.

Our special guest: Kimberly Moore, legal counsel with Fur Free Society, talks about fur manufacturing in China and its detrimental effects on the environment.


Nancy and William talk about the animal world in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Nancy clarifies her politically incorrect position regarding the proposed fur ban in New York.

Our special Guest: Gabriella Skollar, Director of Gibbons Conservation Center and Emmy winning filmmaker, Alex Azmi. We discuss the heartwarming new documentary film, Violet is Blue: A Tale of Gibbons and Guardians.

June 2019


Nancy and William talk about emotional support animals and the various laws that pertain to them. They also talk about the proposed fur ban in New York.

Our special guest: Ashley Byrne, associate director at PETA, talks about the proposed fur ban in New York and the fur industry.


Nancy and William talk about the gravity of leaving your pet in a hot car. They also talk about pet custody battles in divorce cases.

Our special guest: Emma Gingerich, author of Runaway Amish Girl: The Great Escape, talks about her great escape from Amish life.


Nancy and William talk about China’s ban on the ivory trade, astounding spiders, and animal spies in the CIA.

Our special guest: Samuel Girod, a minister with Mission to Amish People, talks about his former Amish life, his experience around animals, and his current work in the ministry.


Nancy and William talk about rats, and continue the conversation about Amish dog breeders.

Our special guest: Mindi Callison, Founder and President of Bailing Out Benji, talks about Amish dog breeders and the dog breeding industry, in


Nancy and William talk about amazing wasps, Vatican cats, and the Beluga Russian spy.

Our special guest: Dawn Karam, founder of Adopt A Boxer Rescue, talks about the horrors of puppy mills.