Tracey Casey-Arnold


Whatever It Takes Consulting was founded in Houston, Texas in 1996 when Tracey was a single mom who wanted to make a difference in the lives of others starting with her own.

WIT Consulting's mission was to provide a wellness network of speakers, educators, experts and professionals who could bring a proactive message of "living life to your full potential" into the
community, workplace and in the homes of families. By 1998 WIT Consulting grew to become one of the largest minority owned wellness networks in South-Central Texas. WIT Consulting has now become one of the fastest growing networking franchises to expand in 6 different regions to include San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas and Central-Texas.

The "Whatever It Takes Show" is live, hip, informative and edgy in taking the same message to the streets of the global online network!
Through our panel of renowned and riveting guest speakers, our goal is to IGNITE the hearts of many and to EQUIP the mind and body with the tools to THRIVE inside out thru HIM!

The “Whatever It Takes Show!” has featured guest from the NFL, the NBA, from governing officials, world accredited experts in the field of medicine, the United States Military, community services, and day to day average people with inspiring testimonies and stories! WIT believes everyone has the “key within” to live life “beyond” in relationships, health, finances, career, and family!

The "Whatever It Takes Show" will EMPOWER the soul to dream big, elevate the mind to believe all is possible and create an uncontrollable desire to…ACT NOW!

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