What Does The Bible Say?

Rev Dev


Truth Lover!
Servant, Pastor, Teacher, Community Activist, Counselor, Husband, Father, Son and Brother
Devin spent years working in the music industry, writing and producing music for some of today's biggest artists. With many successful albums to his credit, including a project that was nominated for a Grammy in 2005, he left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to work in the trenches of inner city Los Angeles and has dedicated his life to service.
Devin is the executive director and founder of a nonprofit organization that offers mentoring and programs to youth across Los Angeles. He's overseen voter registration projects, as well as organizes meetings and campaigns in support of bills and proposed legislation that affect minority youth. He has volunteered countless hours on community clean-ups, tree plantings, and worked with a Women's food distribution program that feeds hundreds monthly.
He received a call to ministry in 2010. He studied the Bible intensely for 2 years at LABTS and studied pastoral leadership, community development and civic engagement at USC, School of Religion and Civic Culture (PTM Alumni). He is now a Pastor/Teacher in Los Angeles, CA with a heart for the truth of God's Word.

Pastor Dee


One of the founding pastors of B.A.S.I.C, LA a new church plant serving Los Angeles & The Southbay. Pastor D loves God and lives for Him. He is passionate about apologetics & defending the "Once for all delivered to The Saints gospel".

He teaches the Bible in a way that's fun, engaging & effective. His heart to see people who are just "church-GOERS" really become genuine devoted followers of Jesus Christ comes across in every message he preaches. He says way too many people just go to church & way too many people just claim to be Christian but God doesn't ask us for lip service - He commands Life service.

He has a heart for people in the inner city of Los Angeles and wants to plant more sound, biblical churches there and in other great cities of the U.S.
He is available to speak at your church event or conference.



Pastor Charlton L. Davis is affectionately referred to as "BIGG" by "The Twins." The moniker began as a joke, but now he graciously accepts it as an acronym: "Biblically Inspired by God's Grace."
Pastor Charlton was the producer and host of the former "To Tell the Truth" and "The Pastors Forum" radio broadcasts in Los Angeles. He was also a guest host on the former "Love in the Spirit" radio program, on which he debated some of the most popular television pastors. During these debates, he lovingly, successfully and accurately challenged and dispelled several of the biblically inaccurate doctrines taught by these men, including tithing being the "covenant connector" and the "gospel of inclusion." In addition, he is producer and host of the YouTube channel, "J34 Contenders,"youtube.com based on Jude 3-4.
His objective then, as it is now, is to obey the biblical admonition to accurately interpret the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15) as well as properly represent the Church of the Living God, which is (or at least should be) the "pillar and the ground of truth" (2 Timothy 3:16).
Last but not least, he is the husband of The Reluctant First Ladywww.reluctantfirstlady.com, and the proud father of four wonderful grown children and one amazing grandchild, all of whom have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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Today it's more important than ever for folks to know what the Bible says, because every man will ultimately experience what it says whether he believes or knows what it says, or not.  The goal of What Does the Bible Say? is to make simple and plain what the Bible says in proper context about all subject matters, current events, personal opinions, ideas, beliefs and prophecies. What Does the Bible Say? is, in its simplest form, all about What Does God Say? And What God says is what really matters. For all mankind. For today. And for eternity.

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