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Simon Gowen


Simon is a expert in wellness success and creator of The Wellness Success Program.  He is passionate about living a healthy and happy life.

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Real life stories and expert opinion on how to be healthy and happy inside and out.

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March 2018


Interview with author Kurt Kamm the 75 yr old cyclist who has the biology of a 20 year old and is the subject of a research study.


Micky White's journey from the tough streets of Northern England and professional boxing to business owner and founder of Acts of Kindness which provides food, clothing and hope to homeless people.


"The Sleep Code" with sleep Gurus Pradeep and Trupti


Making Change Easy with Hypnotherapist Shaylinn Flavell and Self Sabotage Expert Jaclyn Harris


"How Difficulties in Life Shape You" with Bree Stedman and Jenny McFadden

February 2018


The Keto Diet - Antionette Falco N.D discusses her journey on the Keto Diet.


"Getting to The Core" Simon talks with Jen Oliver best selling author of The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood.