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Annette Ortiz Mata


I am a proud Latina. I am Puerto Rican from The Bronx, NY (which makes me a United States Citizen - wink!) My experience being bi-coastal has brought a lot of range to my life and has expanded my vision on how Latinas are perceived on both coasts.
With the desires to be informed, educated and entertained, I pursued a career in Communications. I am passionate about the truth. I am a news junkie and love to learn something new. Blogger (writer) for Soul of a, with articles featured on and Co-Host on Table for 5 - Video Podcast on I am CEO of Matafied Productions, Inc., an entertainment company.
My hobbies are reading and singing and dancing...I love to laugh out loud. Married to a fantastic man and mother of two incredible sons.

Felicia Grigsby


A proud native of Los Angeles, I was born in Santa Monica, raised in Gardena and the South Bay and LOVE everything about LA and the Golden State!
I AM....
AN ACTIVIST - I believe in standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I will use my very loud voice for them.
A WIFE - I love being married and being married to my husband. We have been a couple for 21yrs and married going on 17! We are writing the book of our life together with many unique chapters. It's a work in progress!
A MOTHER - A dream that I am so very blessed to have come true. Being able to stay at home with my two boys for the past 11 years has been the best and hardest thing I have EVER done! It has been the hardest job I never interviewed for.
AN IDEALIST - I love all things positive and bright! I love white puffy clouds, rainbows, and Hello Kitty. I believe good will always win out over evil. I believe we can all live together even if we don't all agree! I am a glass 1/2 full kinda girl.
EVER EVOLVING - I am not the same person I was in my 20's or my 30's. I don't have all the answers and I am ok with that, sometimes. I want to know and see lots of different points of view. I look forward to broadening my perspective with this new venture of meeting all of you.

Show Description: 

Table for 5 with Annette Ortiz Mata and Felicia Grigsby is a live talk show where you will be informed, educated and entertained. It is where you will hear many points of view. We will have two additional guest and our fifth guests will be our listening audience. It's where the everyday man and woman will be discussing everyday issues. Hot button topics, current events, personal opinions, an hour full of lots to hear! We will chat it up, mix it up, blend it up. It will be our journey and your voice. Real women, talking about real life topics. You will always have a seat at our table. So join in on the conversation...WE ARE Table for 5.

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June 2017


The Law and our Current Climate - Special Guest - Law Professor of Loyola Law School Kim West Faulcon shares her views on the current legal climate.  Honest and relatable understanding of the Law.


It’s Here!  The Little Black Book of Fitness is released and rises to be #1 on Amazon - Special Guests and authors Jeanette Ortega and Jason Scott Johnson share their fitness stories.


Kids Menu  w/Special Guests - Dominik Grigsby, Zachary Grigsby, Jaden Baker - Our guests share their views on all the latest kids craze. Quick and unpredictable conversation.


Preteen and Teens Mental Health - Aftermath of 13 Reasons Why w/Special Guests - Nancy Rodas and Meredith Hatch - Clinical Social Workers - Both guests work in Child and Family Guidance Center specializing in Therapeutic Behavioral Services.  They share the challenges our youth face with the perils of social media.

May 2017


Philanthropy and Heart w/ Special Guests - Alina Peralta - CoFounder of Global Gift Foundation USA and Linda B. Hall - Founder and CEO of Inclusion Club House.  Our guests share the updates on the upcoming Global Gift Gala.


Health and Fitness w/ Special Guests - Jeanette Ortega and Biggest Loser Winner Mike Messina.  Authors of The Little Black Book of Fitness - Their new book features 27 authors each sharing their health journey.


Getting Ready for Summer - Natural Beauty Care


Special guests - Angela Lark - CEO/Owner of The Sweetest Skin Co - shares the importance and difference between waxing and sugaring. Victoria Pavia - Owner of Two Brown Eyed Girls - Nail Art Studio shares why we need to pay attention to the salons we go to get our manicures and pedicures…Things to watch out for. Fun and entertaining topics.


Curing Cancer 


Special guests - Lourdes Colon and husband Chris Laboy share their story on curing Cancer.  Their documentary Create Option C depicts Lourdes journey through Stage 4 Cancer and how 

she beat it against all odds. An incredibly compelling story.

April 2017


Health and Fitness Gadgets


Guests - Jeanette Ortega and Lydia Castenada discuss gadgets  and holist treatments




Musical guest - Oskar Cartaya joins us and share the release of his latest CD “Bajo Mundo” His musical journey around the world.


When Philanthropy meets Passion and Purpose


Today Special guests Alina Peralta Co-Founder of Global Gift Foundation USA and Linda B. Hall  - Founder and CEO of Inclusion ClubHouse, Djanais Angels, Angel Awareness Project and Special Needs Prom share their stories of philanthropyand their heart projects.

March 2017


Fitness and Hormones


Today Jeanette Ortega of joins us to discuss Fitness during Menopause. Navigating theturmoil that goes on in our bodies

Jeanette Ortega -



The Woman's March 
World Issues 
Civil Unrest - Immigration
Kathryn Schotthoeffer - President of Heavenspot 
Laura Ceron - Actress & Activist 
Listen in on today's conversation as the ladies welcome back past guests. They discuss the feelings that Laura & Kathryn have about the current administration and their feelings on the Travel Ban, immigration issues and refugee ban. Get more information related to immigration help by following the link below


Guest: Cozette M. White 
Money Coach 
On Today's show the ladies are joined by the money coach to discuss her upcoming book release "Attracting the Best". Listen in as Cozette M. White gives listeners tips on prepping for the sometimes dreaded tax season. From regular returns to small business return tips. Get informed and stay in the know. 
They also discuss the woman's movement and the Day Without A Woman march, as well as "fake news" and other hot topics.


"Turning the Tables"
Guest: Sam Hasson 
On this episode the Ladies invite Sam Hasson, founder and co-owner of LA Talk Radio to have a seat at the table. They discuss his early life growing up in Israel and the story behind how the station came about. As LA Talk Radio celebrates its 9th Anniversary they talk about the future and what Sam has in store for the station. 
Get more information on hosting your own show from the LA Talk Radio's home page.

February 2017


"Soul Music"
Special Guests - Janice Freeman and Matthew Grant
Independent music artist share their musical journey as soul/retrosoul artists and what's next for them.
Instagram - @janicefreeman2015
Instagram - @_matthew_grant


Black History Month: Blacks in Gaming 
Brandon Cox 
Mark Grigsby 
Joining the Ladies at the Table today are Brandon Cox of 505 Games and Mark Grigsby of Respawn Ent. Listen in as they discuss being Men of color in the video gaming industry today. They also discuss their opinion on the lack of diversity in video games and behind the scenes.


"Self Love/Self Care"
Special Guest - Jeanette Ortega
Jeanette joined the ladies to have an honest conversation on why woman put themselves last and the importance to take care of themselves in all aspects of life.

January 2017


Women's March - What's next?
Special Guests - Magda Rivera Cartaya and Ms. Claudette McGhee
The ladies talk with both guests and what it meant for them to participate in the Women's March.  Why was it important to show up and what to do next.


"New Year, New Finances"
Special Guest - Cozette M. White - Money Coach and Financial Advisor
The ladies welcome Cozette White in studio and discuss how we can start the new year with a new attitude towards our finances.


Health & Fitness: New Year New you
Jeannette Ortega
DR. Lori Shemek 
Have a seat at the table as the ladies discuss health and fitness. In studio guest Jeanette Ortega, owner/personal trainer at Extreme Results Fitness, WBFF Pro Bikini Model, & creator of Bootoga, discusses great ways to jump start your workouts with just 15 min 2-3 days a week! She also talks about her soon to be released book. 
They are also joined by Dr. Lori Shemek CNC. She holds a Doctorate in Psycology, is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, and a Certified Life Coach.  DR Lori calls in to let us know how understanding your diet and more importantly how inflammation in your body plays a part in your weight. They also discuss her book FATflammation and the psychology behind weight gain. 
To get more information on the topics and guest above follow the links below.

December 2016


"Book Review" - How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims
The ladies discuss the effects this books has had on how they approach parenting and how much it exposes our involvement with our children's education and how oftentimes we are dong them a disservice.

November 2016


The ladies discuss the temperament of our country the day before the election. They discuss the documentaries 13th Amendment and Class Divide and how we need to live lives informed and engaged.

October 2016


"The State of our Country in Color"
Guest - Laura Ceron and Sheila Baker
Actress Laura Ceron and businesswoman Sheila Baker share their opinions on politics in our nation as a hispanic woman and an African American woman and mom. Their definitions have changed with the possibility of a new administration.


"Long Story Short" - The Pat Morita Story
Special Guest - Evelyn Guerrero Morita
The ladies welcome the widow of Pat Morita to discuss the documentary that is being produced in his honor.  It's a passion project told from the heart by those how who knew him well and worked alongside him.  She shares stories and anecdotes that not very many folks ever

September 2016


"Your Money, Your Life"
Special Guest - Cozette M. White - Money Coach and Financial Advisor
Author - Smart Finances for Smart People
Cozette discusses with the ladies how to stop going from "po' check to po' check" and where we can find money around us. She shares simple steps that can help us get out of debt and poverty.


"Syrian Refugees Crisis - What is driving this crisis?"
 Guests - Kathryn Schotthoefer and Heidi Bonito
 An honest and open discussion on the crisis in Syria-the status of the refugees and how can we help.


"Can Men and Women just be friends?"
Guests - Oskar Cartaya and Magda Rivera Cartaya
The ladies have a candid conversation whether men and women can just be friends and how does that translate into their marriages.

August 2016


"The Men behind the Ladies"
Guests - Robert Mata and Mark Grigsby
The ladies welcome their spouses and have a candid interview on their careers -- Mark as lead Animator and Robert Mata as Designer for film and television.


"Catch up Show"
After a brief hiatus the ladies catch up with their audience. School, vacations and current events. Honest opinions, honest answers.

July 2016


"Kids Menu"
Special Guest - Paul Mata, Dominik Grigsby and Zachary Grigsby.
The ladies welcomed their sons to the table.  Honest conversation from a kids perspective on current events.

June 2016


Parent Shaming
On today's show Table For 5 welcomes guest Karen Zambroni a recent CSUN graduate with a Masters in Social Work and new mother to a 16 week old baby boy! They discuss the very popular ever growing issue of Parent Shaming. How it is done in person and with this generation, on the Internet and through Social Media. They also offer their opinions on the recently aired 2016 BET Awards.


Guns, are they out of control? 

On today's show Table for 5 welcomes guest Karla Barritt, gun owner and enthusiast, to discuss the different views people have on gun control and reform issues. This discussion comes very soon after the terribly tragic mass shootings in Orlando, Fl.


State of Education in America

On today's show Table For 5 welcomes guest Magda Rivera Cartaya to discuss education in America.  Guest and hosts share their views on private school vs. public schools. The need of parent involvement and how truly big is the problem of education reform.

May 2016


Teaching girls to be Brave, not Perfect

On today's show Table For 5 welcomes guest Jeff, a freelance writer working from home, and a full time Dad, raising his 2 daughters, 11 & 13 years old.
They discuss a very moving TED talk entitled "Teaching Girls to be Brave not Perfect" 
The effect of a society that has NOT encouraged woman to GO FOR IT.


The temperament of politics
Special Guests - Heidi Bonito and Robert Burns
The ladies get into a passionate discussion of the state of politics and why our country is so divided


Stay at home moms, Single Moms and Working Moms
Special Guests:  Fatin Patris and Darlene Douglas
Guests discuss the choices they had to make in the name of  "motherhood".  The transition and the choices moms make for the health  and welfare of their family.  How to stay relevant in both womanhood and  mommy-hood.


Special guests - Actress, filmmaker Roe Moore and Melissa Clarke. Roe discusses with the ladies her passion project - "Hardly Easlie" - a movie that tells the story of bullying from the perspective of the aggressor.
Twitter - @roe_moore

April 2016


Listen in on Table For 5's second show! Taking a seat at the Table this week is Emmy nominated Costume Designer and stylist Rita McGhee. They talk about the very sudden death of the world renowned artist Prince. The discussion then heats up as they talk about the popular new book called "The Wait" by Devon Franklin & his wife Meagan  Good. Find out why & how Rita is in full practice of "waiting"! 
Don't forget to check out their social media links to see pictures and join in on the continued conversations! 
Check out Rita's website: 


On today's show Table For 5 welcomed their first guest and former Table host, Heidi Bonito. You will find out what the ladies have been up to since the last taping of our talk show. Then listen in as they begin the conversation about the controversial foster care custody case of Lexi, out of Santa Clarita.